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How to Choose the Best Mattress in India?

Finding the best mattress for your partner and yourself can be a very tough situation given the fact that there are a lot of products
available in the market and claiming to be the best. Also, buying a mattress just by its firmness or softness might give you body aches
and sleepless nights. So, how to find a mattress that suits a couple, and what would happen if you buy an incompatible mattress?

Back Pain

A good mattress supports your body; a wrong mattress will not let your muscles relax and causes body pain....


One feels difficult to sleep or keeps waking up because body is not able to adapt to the mattress....

Weight Problem

Changes in hormones make you eat more and gain weight just because of sleep deprivation....


Anxiety is a common problem with people who experience poor sleep as the mind is not rested properly....

Comfort Issue

Not knowing whether a softer or a firmer mattress is suitable for your body type leads to sleep discomfort....


They don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing. A quality sleep will let your body & mind restore....


Lack of sleep is a major cause of all health problems. It will result in non recovery and one feels tiered....


Root cause of Depression is lack of quality sleep and comfort which doesn't let your brain revitalize....

Sleep Discomfort is a thing of the PAST!

We find the best mattress for you. With SleepID, all you need to do is enter basic data and our software
will populate the best match that works for you and your partner's body, to an accuracy of 94%.

Technology to Make Your
Sleep Better

Our research-based technology allows you to find the right mattresses for your body type. Our software takes various focal points into consideration before making a recommendation. Some factors we take into consideration before populating a mattress to meet your requirements. Just enter these basic details and leave your sleeping vows behind.

Body Match Technology - sleepID

Over the years our team research and development team, worked extensively taking various key parameters into
consideration to understand the needs of the human body.

Posture Analysis
Body Composition
Sleep Tracker
Pressure Mapping
Sleep Discomfort
Spinal Alignment

How sleepID Relieved Our Customers

Once critical body parameters of single/couples are analysed, the mapping of this data is done on the MOST
SUITABLE sleep id of mattress from entire range is done, with the input of critical questions by customer at SLEEP ID

Back Sleeper

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Kingkoil Mattress

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