Date : 2020-03-28 11:09:39

India under #21DayLockDown Coronavirus Pandemic: 21 Tips to Reset Your Habits and be more Productive.

Your Work from Home Pass just got extended for another 21 days as PM Narendra Modi Ji declares 21 days lockdown in India to stop the spread of the infectious Coronavirus.

Coronavirus has hit the world and took the entire human race by a storm. It uprooted all the development or progress mankind has made to date and affected the lives of all the people on this planet. Covid-19 has caused mass destruction to the world’s economy and it might take some time to bounce back. It showed us how vulnerable we are to the things we can’t even see or feel and the progress we have to make to ensure that this doesn’t affect our future.

We can take this Coronavirus Pandemic as a setback (which is indeed a setback) or consider this as an opportunity to reset our lives and all the bad habits we wanted to quit. It is said that it takes 21 days to become habitual to things. So, use these 21 days to reset your life.

We think this list of 21 tips will help you quit some bad habits and make you more productive and the person you always wanted to become.

Day 1 – Create a 21 Day Bucket List
Why create a bucket list for 21 days only? When you can create one for life! The reason we are suggesting to work on a 21 day bucket list is that you will be able to track your efforts and habits pretty quickly and easily at the end of this lockdown period.

A Pro Tip, be sure to add only those things which can be done in these 21 days, the second thing to consider is that you would be staying at home and not going out of the house to work on the list.

For example; I always wanted to maintain a personal journal of my entire day. You can do it the old way or use the apps which are available on the app stores. Examine/revisit all the things I entered during the day. Things that made me happy, sad, frustrated or angry.

Day 2 – Adopt a Better Sleeping Pattern
If you are the one who likes to binge-watch Netflix shows before hitting the bed, sleeping late and starting your day late; then you have these golden 21 days to redo your entire sleep cycle. Use this time to tweak your sleep cycle so that you sleep early, start your day early and be more productive. Have noticed your mom or the woman in your life how she wakes up early and gets all the household chores done before you wake up on a Sunday morning.

Starting your day early gives you an extra edge over the people who start their day late. You do things without disturbance and with 100% focus.

Day 3 – Follow a Strict Schedule
When you work from home for a couple of days, it's okay to wake up late or get lazy while starting your day or taking a shower late or having breakfast without taking a shower. However, when you know you would be working from home for the next 21 days straight you can’t allow this laid-back attitude to mess with your productivity. Create a strict schedule print it on a paper, stick it on the wall and make sure you follow everything on time and as per schedule.

Pro Tip: Set an alarm of the same time for every day for the next 21 days. Start your day at a set time, exercise or stretch a little bit, have a breakfast, set time for a coffee break, lunch and evening snack and a set time to sign-off from the office work. This will help you get your life on track and eventually you won’t have the temptation to sleep late and start the day late.

Day 4 – Utilize the Travel Time
Almost all of us travel to work every day and depending on the distance and traffic, it takes anywhere between 30 mins to 2 hours to reach the office. During this 21 day lockdown you have extra time on your hands, which you can utilize and so, don’t just waste this time in sleeping!

Pro Tip: Start a workout routine or do meditation or yoga this will help you release the corona stress and anxiety along with burning those extra calories that you might have started consuming.

Day 5 – Bad Habit is Like an Infection, So Quit It!
We know we are not perfect and have certain habits we always wanted to quit or change for good. We should use this isolation period of 21 days to quit these habits which are not good for ourselves and the world around us. It can be an addiction to something which is not good your health or it can be simply going late to bed. Listing down all the habits which you wanted to change or quit and start working on the list.

Pro Tip: Start with something small as it will give you a sense of achievement and boost your confidence.

Day 6 – Curb Your Cravings
By now you might have decided to start a workout routine to improve your health. However, healthier eating is the key to that beach body; after all we are what we eat. Also, the second reason is that we know when we are at home, we tend to start eating extra, especially when we are bored!

So, why we need to reduce or control the calorie intake?
We will be at home for at least 21 days without much physical activity or exertion, hence, we would not be able to burn those ‘extra’ calories. If you start taking extra calories it will only increase the size of your waist; and imagine after 21 days you are not able to button up the slim shirt you regularly wore to the office.

Day 7 – Watch your Morning Energy Level
Have you ever noticed whenever you wake up, you are in a different mood before sipping your first cup of coffee? Keep a check or better yet keep a note of your energy level and mood. This will help you analyze a couple of things, first, your mindset before you went to sleep and the quality of sleep. Sometimes you would feel the energy but would not be in a mood to do things and sometimes it would be bang opposite i.e. you would be mentally energized and would want to do things but the energy level would not support you. This could be because of insufficient sleep or poor sleep quality.

Pro Tip: Try to do as many things as possible before taking any external stimulants like coffee.

Day 8 – No Pain. No Gain. Shut up and Train.
Summer is coming; wait wasn’t it “winter is coming”? Yes we know it’s later but in a matter of days the mercury will start rising and everyone will be in their shots, t-shirts or shirts without any upper layer to hide the love handles covering your Gucci belt. This is the perfect time to start a workout routine or yoga and sculpt your beach body. Utilize the additional time you save by not traveling to work.

Pro Tip: if you are blank about how and where to start then subscribe to any online subscriptions, you will find plenty of free or paid resources.

Day 9 – Distil What’s Important & What’s Not, Keep a Journal!
We always take notes while learning things at school or in online classes, so, why not maintain a journal to learn things about yourself. If you start noting all the things you do throughout a day and associate a feeling with everything you did during the day. You will learn a lot about yourself that is what made you happy, sad, frustrated or angry. These notes will guide you to avoid mistakes you do day to day life, however, when going through your journal you would have to analyze the same from a third-person perspective so that your ego doesn’t cloud your judgment.

Pro Tip: Use a mobile app instead as it is the only thing that is literally with you all the time. Add only those things which are noteworthy and triggered your emotions.

Day 10 – Let Today be the Start of Something New
Find a new hobby which is good for your mental wellbeing and the world around you. Finding and doing something meaningful gives you peace and would help you fight stress and anxiety.

Pro Tip: Start meditation or start drawing or start a DIY project. It will keep you busy, teaches you patience as when you do the things you love it gives you more joy and keeps you satisfied.

Day 11 – Pick a DIY Project
We heard, you have started following a strict schedule, you are an early riser now and have learned Surya Namaskar or doing a few pushups more than you used to do. But you are still left with extra hours which you can and you should utilize by picking up a DIY project.

Picking a DIY project should be based on the things you like and it boils down to your personal choice. It can be a masterpiece that you wanted to create or it can be the next cybertruck. Pick something which you like and can be done in 21 days.

Day 12 – Help the Woman of the House
Most of us are living with our families and we being at home adds more work for your mom or your wife. Before this lockdown your mom or your wife had a maid to help them out, but, with this Coronavirus spread they are not there to help with the household chores. Moreover, you being at home means more work for her. You have your list ready for things you like to eat, drink or do and in most of the things it involves woman of the house doing additional work for you.

Help her with household chores, cleaning the house or your room at least. If you are married and have kids then take up the responsibility and help the woman in your life.

Day 13 – Spend Time with Those Who Matter the Most
With our hectic schedules, we leave for work early and come home late. Sometimes we have dinner alone and go to bed. It doesn’t leave us with enough time to share moments with our family. This lifestyle is affecting relationships with our family; be it our parents, kids, siblings or life partner. In any relationship communication is the key and because of the limited time we fail to communicate with our family and have a meaningful discussion.

We all know there’s a generation gap and sometimes we and our parents aren’t on the same page and it creates resistance in the relationship. However, your family will be the one support you always even after the differences. This particular change will make you a more accommodating, loving and a caring person.

Day 14 – Plan an Evening with the Family
You must be thinking why we have made this as a separate tip. The reason we kept this as a separate tip because during these tough times when everyone is stressed out and anxious about this coronavirus pandemic and financial issue which has disrupted the entire world. Making this a habit will help you show your family that you care and love them. It will also distract them from this chaos.

Watch a movie on your on-demand subscription account, have a couple of drinks and a dinner which should have favorite dishes of the family members.

Pro Tip: Control the lights, decorate your garden and the living room, light some candles with a mild fragrance.

Day 15 – Get a Better Understanding of Yourself
As humans, we tend to blame other people for all the problems in our life. Now, it is a perfect time, to sit an analyze what matters to you, what makes you angry and how to enhance your way of living. As soon as you get a grip on your emotions, you’ll start to see clearly, why certain things did not work out.

Pro Tip: Maintaining a journal would help.

Day 16 – Stop Talking and Start Listening
When was the last time you contributed to a conversation by staying quiet? Most of us tend to prove our point and in turn we don’t even try and listen to what the other person might want to say. If you won't listen, you won't learn.

Pro Tip: Not just in conversations, you can also listen to books, lectures online, this will not only increase your knowledge, but will make you a better listener.

Day 17 – Stop Mind Chattering and Start Meditating
We have all heard this a million times already, but have you tried meditation? Some, say it does not work; we say give it time! Start small, start with 5 minutes a day, a simple breathe in, breathe out, by the end of 21 days, I can guarantee you will be able to sit calmly for good 20 mins.

Pro Tip: Music helps! Get a good meditation app, with calming music, this would make a huge difference in your meditative practice.

Day 18 – Go Out onto the Balcony
With this Covid-19 pandemic and 3 billion people around the world under lockdown, we have come to a standstill. There are almost no vehicles on the road or active industries, manufacturing plants or factories operating and emitting harmful gases. Some of us are lucky and have access to a garden or a balcony that opens to a park. With almost no humans littering things, you can now enjoy nature at its best.

Day 19 – Treat Yourself
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! Don’t let all your efforts go in vain, appreciate the tiniest of progress you’ve made, this will keep you motivated and give you the nudge to go the extra mile. Pro Tip: Treat yourself with a cheat meal after a week of disciplined diet and workout.

Day 20 – Appreciate the Little Things in Life
When was the last time you said thank you? Simply thank you, for nothing? Try being grateful for all the little things you have; your family, a roof over your head, food to eat, clean clothes, the list goes on. Take this time to reflect and be grateful for all that you took for granted.

Pro Tip: Say thank you when your mother makes your favorite dish, and see the difference this shall bring about in your relationship and life.

Day 21 – Don’t Take Life For-Granted
We, humans, have taken things way for-granted and think that we have everything under control and we control everything including life. We have to understand that we are not the creator and nor the destroyer, we are just here for a certain period to perform the duties we are assigned to do. We don’t know what would happen the next second and the biggest example is the coronavirus disrupting the life of every human being on this planet. We never saw it coming our way.

Pro Tip: No one is an expert in this field except the Yogis or the enlightened souls. So, we can’t give you any tips. BUT just consider this, life is a precious gift and you have limited time on this planet. So, live every moment and enjoy your life to the fullest.

You might have heard or read these tips somewhere already but you never got a chance to implement this in your life. Some of these tips will make you productive, some will help you stick to good things in life and some will make you a Good Person in life.

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