Energy Sleep Pad

₹ 4,399 Onwords

Recharge provides a clinically proven safe haven, for sound sleep

Made with
Celliant Fibres
FDA Determined
Sleep Technology
Elastic Strap
High Quality
Jacquard Fabric
3 Years

Get Recharged, Surely

Sleep Better, Feel Energized

Sleeping on CELLIANT powered recharge energy sleep pad will improve your sleep quality, surely!

Celliant recycles energy

  • While you sleep on RECHARGE, its inner Celliant fibres recycle energy.
  • Your body heat is converted into infrared energy by the thermo-reactive minerals in the fibre.
  • infrared light penetrated deep into the muscles tissues, resulting in more energy, increased performance and quicker recovery.

Key Features of Recharge

  • Recharge

    comes with Waterproof Lining

    Recharge comes durable waterproof lining below, which protects your mattress.

  • Recharge

    No need to buy a new mattress!!

    Comes for your existing mattress

    Comes with many standard sizes or get customised size according to your existing mattress.

    Comes in a attractive gym bag..
  • FDA Determined' Celliant Fibers '

    Visit the link below to find how 'Celliant Fibers' will improve your sleep

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How Celliant Works?