Date : 2020-03-09 10:41:19

4 Dumbest Mistakes You are Making and Not able to Sleep Better

4 Reasons You are Not Able to Sleep and How a Good Quality Mattress can Help You with Sound Sleep?

You switch the lights off, hit the bed, and tuck yourself in.

Five minutes later, you are still awake, recounting the events of the day or having imaginary conversations in your head.

Your hand moves towards your smartphone on its own account. “A quick session on the social media never hurt anyone,” you reason. That quick session turns into a long social media marathon lasting an hour or two.

You wake up the next morning sleep-deprived, in an irate mood, and reprimanding yourself for having zero self-control. But it wasn’t the first time this has happened, was it? Deep in your heart, you know that it won’t be the last time either.

Well, the good news is that you are not alone in this. The bad news is that 93% of the Indians are going through the same problem. That’s right, 93% of the Indians are sleep-deprived, although the underlying factors for their state are several and complex.

What is truly shocking is that a majority of us simply do not care about our loss of sleep, the mistakes that are causing it, or the remedies that can help them. Here’s why.

1. Ignorance About Impact on Health:
Most of us assign a low priority to sleep. We do not understand its importance to our long-term health. More importantly, we do not know that sleep deprivation could be a symptom of a bigger health problem, or it could lead to more severe sleep disorders like Sleep Apnea and Insomnia. This low awareness translates to low priority towards sleep until we suffer from a major health scare and rush to the hospital.

2. False Sense of Confidence in Exercise
66% of Indians feel that exercise is more important that adequate sleep for better health. They believe that regular exercise nullifies any adverse effects of sleep deprivation. This is grossly untrue. While it is true that regular exercise offers terrific benefits, adequate sleep is critical too. Even a disturbance to our circadian rhythm can be harmful to our health.

3. Poor Time Management
We are arguably the most overworked generation of humans. In our pursuit of surviving the rat race and achieving self-imposed life goals, we sacrifice sleep. We rationalize, “There will always be more time to sleep once we achieve this goal.” When our health starts acting up on account of sleep deprivation in the form of headaches and other symptoms, we pop an OTC pill and manage the day. Many of us do not have the emotional and intellectual bandwidth to balance our health goals with our life and career goals.

4. Lastly, We Just Love Distraction
The constant scrolling on Facebook, the frenzied chatting on WhatsApp, binge-watching TV shows, and catching up on trending content on YouTube have become a daily ritual for us. They offer a much-needed distraction from the many things that we could be doing to improve our lives.
The feeling of missing out on these things and not being a part of the social conversation on these topics is unacceptable to us and becomes another factor contributing to our addiction to instant-gratification entertainment. Sleep does not figure out among the things that matter.

Sound sleep is a product of many things – a good bed mattress, a good sleep routine, food habits, lifestyle habits, work habits, and so much more.
Putting those things in order takes proactive effort. Most of us simply lack the motivation to make these positive changes in our life. If you wish to live a long, healthy, and fulfilling life, then this must change and change soon. Time, as they say, is running out fast.

Do you think buying a good quality mattress will help you improve the sleep quality?
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