Date : 2020-03-13 10:22:50

4 Top Reasons for Investing in your SLEEP

Good sleep is critical for your overall health and longevity. You know it. We know it. Science knows it!

So, when sleep is such a crucial factor, does it not make sense to invest in it? You see, when you are investing in your sleep, you are investing in your life. That’s common sense. But, if you need more reasons than that, then there are a dime a dozen. Here are the top 4 of them.

Keep Your Body Intact
The trinity of good health is – diet, exercise, and sleep. So, you have to get your sleep right to maintain your good health. A good night’s sleep can keep away problems related to the heart, blood pressure, weight, and more. It will also help you with the day-to-day issues of anxiety, stress, and so on. Once you start getting proper sleep, you can keep at bay numerous lifestyle diseases that our generation simply cannot seem to shake off – diabetes, stroke, obesity, depression, and many others.

That is a worthy reason for you to start taking sleep more seriously right away.

1. Making Memories
That’s right! Your brain’s ability to create fresh memories is heavily dependent on the quality of sleep you get. After all, like any efficient machine, your brain too requires downtime. A professor of psychology and neuroscience at the University of California, Berkley (UC Berkley) has published a book that dives into the importance of sleep. In the book, he notes that a lack of sleep can actually prevent the brain from making fresh memories. So, if you do not sleep, you will not be able to enjoy new experiences. Let alone remember them.

2. Stay Sharp
Lack of sleep over a prolonged period can come back to trouble you in the old age. Reduced sleep promotes the production of a brain toxin called beta-amyloid. While you sleep, this toxin is flushed out of your system. However, when you do not give your body the rest it needs, you are effectively stopping the body from flushing out a toxic protein from your brain. This is the same toxin that is known to cause Alzheimer’s in your sunset years. So, sleeping well today can lead to better health tomorrow, when you need your health to be at its best.

3. Sleep Equals Money
This may sound counterintuitive to workaholics. People tend to compromise their sleep for work. They have a promotion due, a big order in the works, a client who cannot wait, or some other urgent commitment that MUST be made. What’s shocking is that this seems to be the story of every employee in every industry. This has left our country’s workforce overworked, always tired, and sleep-deprived. As we continue to obsess with the hours we put in, rather than emphasize our productivity, a growing amount of research indicates that this behavior is bad for our health as well as our work. According to an America study, insomnia costs $63.2 billion in lost productivity to that country. So, while you may be able to clock in more hours by sacrificing sleep, you are actually losing money by not sleeping.


4. Be Smart and Sleep
Well In the rushed life that we live today, we have reduced sleeping to an after-thought. We sleep when we have ensured that we have completed everything ‘important’. We couldn’t be more wrong. Sleep is critical, and we should take it seriously. We should invest in a comfortable mattress, pillow, bed, and any other enabler that will help us get better sleep – sufficient, uninterrupted, and sound sleep.

Given the benefits of just sleeping well, it is, without a doubt, the smart thing to do.

Your Sleep is our priority, we make sure that you get a quality sleep night after night.