Date : 2021-08-16 15:00:37

Affordable Online Mattress vs Premium Mattresses

When you plan to buy a new mattress, the first thing you probably fixate on is the budget. Most people buy their mattresses based on their budgetary constraints. As a result of this budget-first thinking, the number of people that get a suitable mattress for themselves is too low. The result of this budget-first thinking leads to high dissatisfaction, poor sleep quality, and most of all, the regret of your buying decision. Either of these factors happens sooner or later, and there is no way around it than to change the way you think to change the way you sleep.

The idea of buying a new mattress is appealing for the most part as it's not too expensive, it'll do just fine, and you can buy one without a lot of hassle. But this attitude will only lead to regret in the end because many factors come into play when purchasing your new mattress: quality, comfortability, durability., and the list goes on and on. The primary difference between high-end mattresses and lower-priced options is how long they last (lifespan) and what type of materials were used to make them up (quality). A good rule of thumb would be that if you spend more money upfront on a high-quality product, you'll save money in the long run by having fewer issues with your mattress and a better night's sleep.

The truth is that the budget should be last on your list of priorities when you are shopping for a new mattress because it will ultimately lead to regret in the long run. If you do not fixate on quality, then you'll have to go through buying another one sooner or later, so what does it matter if that purchase ends up being less expensive? You're still going to spend more money than necessary, which leads us to our original point: high satisfaction with mattresses leads to better sleep.

The reality of Cheap online mattresses:
"Affordable" is a relative term. It would help if you always compared the value of what you're getting for your money before making any purchase decision. If it sounds too good to be true, then there's probably a reason why that particular product offers such an attractive price point. Keep this in mind when deciding on which mattress brand or type to invest in! Here are some factors to consider for cheaper/affordable online mattresses:

  1. Durability and material quality: Affordable Online Mattresses may have lower quality because the manufacturers did not spend as much time or effort into making them up. This quality of materials can also come at a higher price. These mattresses may not be as durable, so they break or tear much easier than more expensive mattresses. If the mattress is destroyed before it was time to replace it due to inferior quality materials, then you would have spent less money in the short term but will need to spend more on a new mattress later on. The high-end luxury brands might be more expensive, but they are also more durable and last longer.
  2. Body and back pain: Affordable Online Mattresses may not support your body and lead to back pain or other physical complaints. Body and back pain usually starts when your body doesn't get the support necessary to help with posture alignment in sleep. You are also more likely to develop sleep disorders due to a lack of high-quality sleep. When using aging or cheap online mattresses, your body and back pain might be a major warning sign to worry about.
  3. Discomfort: Affordable Online Mattresses may not be as comfortable and will lead to a poor night's sleep. The cheaper materials can also cause the mattress to heat up, which causes more sweating during your sleep cycle. Higher quality materials and better construction also equal a higher quality sleep experience. Your body doesn't slip into a proper deep sleep or doesn't go through all four stages of sleep.
  4. Guarantees and policies: Affordable Online Mattresses are less likely than Premium Quality mattresses to have warranties or guarantees of any sort, so if you find a defect in the mattress, you will not be able to get help from the manufacturer. Online mattresses often have low costs, and there are also shady policies behind the reason.

Affordable mattresses are less durable, which means you will need to replace them more often. Online affordable brands usually save customers money upfront but cost a lot in the long term due to the constant replacement costs. You should still consider the extra costs that come with buying an expensive mattress, like delivery costs. You should also consider the health issues that cheap mattresses bring along with them.

The pricing structure of cheap online mattresses in India:
Factors aside, there is a particular structure that mattress manufacturers in India follow. From marketing costs to shipping costs, CSP (Customer Selling Point), and profit, affordable mattresses have a lower margin/cost that goes into manufacturing and research. Here is what the pricing structure of an affordable online mattress looks like:

  1. Marketing cost: INR 3,000 per customer. Marketing costs for online mattresses go towards paid marketing advertisements, coupons, special discounts, loyalty discounts, and many more.
  2. Shipping cost: INR 1500-2500 per customer. The shipping cost varies depending upon the manufacturer and the platform the mattresses are selling on. Shipping cost tends to be as low as possible if a manufacturer has tie-ups with vendors or third-parties in direct business with them. It can vary depending upon weight and product category on e-commerce websites like Amazon India.
  3. Vendor commission: E-commerce sites and other platforms holding inventory and selling the manufacturer's mattresses often charge up to 25% of the total product cost displayed in commissions.

These are the general costs associated with online mattresses. Depending upon this, the costs associated with mattress selling and production amount to 80-90% of the customer's selling price. In the end, companies or manufacturers are left with only 10-20% of the CSP, out of which they have to make some profit and manufacture the product. Additionally, if the mattress company starts taking up marketing schemes like the 100-nights trial or 30-nights trial, in addition to over-the-top marketing strategies, it would start taking losses.

What makes a mattress affordable or in-expensive?
In most cases, a mattress that costs more can be a good value, but many people want to know what makes a mattress "inexpensive." Many people think they can judge a mattress by its feel when they try it at the store. Others are worried about getting stuck in an uncomfortable bed for years and then find themselves unable to replace their old mattress because they cannot afford a new one. On other occasions, people wind up sleeping on uncomfortable beds because of the cost and effort required to return them. It's not surprising that some manufacturers would jump at the chance to offer a mattress that costs less but still seems luxurious enough for the discerning customer. These are some things to consider when shopping for such mattresses and for all other beds:

  1. Fabric Quality: There are different types of fabrics that you can find in mattresses. First of all, the fabric has a direct impact on the lifespan of your mattress. Most high-quality mattresses will come with long-lasting materials. Secondly, even though it might cost more upfront, a good quality fabric will make for a better night's sleep and keep you from tossing and turning when you lay down. These fabrics will also be hypoallergenic, meaning it is less likely that you will experience allergy symptoms like sneezing, stuffy nose, or watery eyes due to sleeping on the mattress. Lastly, these fabrics also breathe well so air can flow through the mattress and keep you from becoming too hot or sweaty while asleep. However, in affordable online mattresses, the fabric quality may or may not be high-density or soft to touch, to begin with.
  2. Foam Quality: One of the first things people notice when shopping for a mattress is foam quality. The most important thing to consider here is where the foam came from and its type. The quality of the foam determines a lot about what kind of sleep you will have and how long the mattress will last. Some common types of foam include Dunlop, polyurethane, and latex. Some manufacturers also use specific materials that can deteriorate over time if they get wet or too warm. For this reason, most mattresses either have waterproof covers or protectants to keep moisture away from the actual mattress itself. For example, there are three main types of foam: memory, polyurethane, and latex. Memory foam has a slow response rate and retains its shape even after pressure is applied. So, it will eventually return to its original form if you stand up on it or push down on it. Polyurethane is different in the sense that it recovers very quickly when pressure is applied. Latex supports a person's natural sleeping position better than other types of foams because the cells are elastic and allow it to change shape to conform to a person's body. It also recovers its original shape faster than the other types of foam do.
  3. Bonding Agents/Adhesives: For the mattress to stand up against everyday use, there must be an adhesive keeping all parts together. It also has to remain strong enough to support heavy bodies and the mattress weight. Bonding agents and adhesives not only have to stay in the right places but also strong enough to support stitching, the weight of the mattress itself. Additionally, bodyweight, movement, how strong the bonding allows picking up the mattress often are more factors. As most online mattress manufacturers do
  4. No research and development: One of the biggest mistakes that manufacturers can make is to skimp on research and development to produce a product as fast as possible. While it might be tempting for some companies to cut corners here to lower production costs, the end result will hurt their business in the long run. It's best to look for brands that are willing to use better materials and technology because they believe that their customers deserve the highest quality products out there. Such an approach also shows that these companies have confidence in their ability to do what other companies aren't even capable of doing- making mattresses that last longer than most people expect them to. That's why it pays to invest in a mattress with a good manufacturer reputation that invests time and resources for quality analysis and research. Online mattress manufacturers usually have tie-ups with manufacturers that roll out mattresses without any research and development.
  5. Limited Customer Support and service: Aside from the brand reputation and company history, it is also essential to look at the kind of customer support companies offer. A good mattress manufacturer should be willing to handle any concerns or issues that their customers might have with products within a specific time frame. The best manufacturers will even keep in touch with their customers to let them know about the improvements made to their products. This allows them to better cater to the needs of these people and provide better customer service for future products. It is also beneficial if companies are willing to offer a warranty on their mattresses so that customers can get replacements if there are any issues with the mattress itself after being used extensively by one person. Sellers and manufacturers that sell online usually have negligible or non-existent customer care policies apart from the upfront attractive schemes. If you're unsatisfied, it could take days or weeks to get a response.

What makes a mattress premium or expensive:

  1. High GSM Fabric: High GSM (grams per square meter) or high-density fabric is what gives a luxury mattress its looks and superficial experience. It feels soft yet durable, lasts longer, and has many benefits. The fabric not only feels smooth but also helps provide an excellent surface on the mattress. It is easy to maintain and comes in many colors. Jacquard fabric is often seen as an expensive fabric which is a trend nowadays because it is soft to the touch and provides a cool surface on the mattress. On the other hand, Damask fabric has usually been used for wall coverings, but its use on mattresses has become common as well. It provides a luxurious feel on the bed and finishes off nicely with two layers of fabric. Viscose, also known as rayon fabric, is another example that provides a luxurious feel on the bed and also helps in providing good cooling properties. Viscose has been used for mattresses for a long time.
  2. Foam quality: Another factor that makes mattresses premium or expensive is foam quality which should be 100% sleep grade pure foam to ensure superior comfort and support. These foams should be not only high density but also have appropriate resilience (moderate firmness). A mattress with poor quality foams can be uncomfortable and also unhealthy. This is because they are usually made with low-quality raw material and do not provide proper support that decreases over time.
  3. Appropriate materials in Comfort and Support Layer: For example, using HR Foam in the middle support layer for support. A premium mattress has appropriate materials in both comfort and support layers because of research and product design. It is common nowadays that mattresses have different densities in different layers (generally three layers). The top layer on a mattress is always meant to provide comfort, while the bottom one or two should be able to provide support without a significant compromise of comfort. With this combination, you can get comfortable sleep throughout the night by reducing reactive pressure on your pressure points during sleep and allowing your body to relax and sink in the right places. The foam used at the top should be made of higher density than that used in the support layer so that it doesn't collapse too much under pressure points created by other body parts. Also, keep in mind that it shouldn't be too firm or soft either (for example, one type of material may work best at different densities in terms of comfort). You should choose the material that is most appropriate for your needs.
  4. Research and development: A good mattress can also be a premium product if it has been made with some research and development behind it (for example, as seen in PhysioPedic). Luxury mattress manufacturers invest significantly to ensure that they have the best materials, design, and technology to ensure great sleep. The products are tested rigorously before release into the market so that customers get a quality product that provides excellent sleep every night. This shows their investment levels in the industry and makes them one of the top players.
  5. Global Collaboration: One of the other factors that determine whether a mattress is premium or not is its manufacturing standards and the materials used. Collaboration between global manufacturers is very important to ensure customer satisfaction and consumer confidence in every product released at high-quality standards in today's world. Manufacturing units should have international quality standards for providing a better sleep experience through proper sleep support and comfort that keeps you comfortable throughout the night.
  6. Dedicated support and retain network: Another factor behind a brand's success is its active customer support and retail presence. A mattress with dedicated customer support and retail presence can reach out to more customers ensuring their awareness of the product. This network expanse also enhances the brand image as well as sales numbers significantly. The company should be able to explain why their product is worth the price and convince you about its quality and benefits. The retail network also increases brand visibility and promotes awareness of the product, especially among new customers who do not want to research extensively/cannot research on the internet.
  7. Use of Technology: Do you ever wake up feeling like your body was put through the wringer? We've all been there, but we can finally get that good night's sleep with SleepID's revolutionary technology and research-based algorithm. The software considers what type of mattress is best for a person by taking their height, weight, sex, existing pains in their body. This biometric analysis helps recommend the perfect bedding solution for customers, so they don't have to worry about waking up sore anymore! Moreover, SleepID also has an impressive 94% satisfaction rate in our customer feedback survey.
  8. International certifications: The ICA and FCER are organizations with rigid standards in place for the certification of mattresses. They ensure that only mattresses that are manufactured according to these standards get their certification. A mattress that carries this certification must be able to withstand extreme pressures such as those generated during manufacturing or transportation of the mattresses. This ensures uniformity of the products, thereby guaranteeing a better sleep experience.
  9. Warranty: We offer up to 12-year warranty on most mattresses that we sell. All our mattresses pass through stringent international quality processes to ensure their long-lasting existence and sturdiness. A mattress company that has been in the business for almost 125 years, has a dedicated support team to answer questions about its products. They also have a network of retailers who are more than happy to answer any queries related to the product. Premium mattresses also have an edge when it comes to service. This is because they provide a warranty along with their products, unlike some of the inexpensive ones. Warranty information should also have policies and care instructions to help customers use their mattresses with trust and ensure high-quality sleep for years.

Advantages of buying a cheap mattress online:

  1. Short-term viability: There are many mattresses that you can find online and by going for a cheaper one.  Most online mattresses are affordable, and it can be a good thing too. Online mattresses are your best bet if you're out to buy a mattress for short-term use in a guest room or in the office. As long as you're not using it for long-term use to sleep on it, it should be fine. If you're short on cash and don't want to spend a lot of it on mattresses, then going for a cheap online mattress can be the best option. All sorts of deals are available online, and you just have to take your time and look around.

  2. Brand variety and ease of shopping: Many online mattress stores have an excellent variety of brands which is great as it helps in making the selection process easier. This is especially useful if you know what type of mattress suits your needs best but are not sure of the brand to go ahead with. Another advantage of online mattress stores is that they can save you from an uncomfortable shopping experience. If you don't like/or have time at the moment to go shopping for mattresses, this could be a big plus for you. Since using online mattress stores or e-commerce shopping eliminates the need to head out and shop. You're also not limited by the number of shops in your city, which is a definite plus.

  3. Affordability and availability: One of the main benefits of buying a cheap mattress online is that you can purchase it for a reasonable price. This makes it more affordable for the general public and allows people to purchase them more easily. Several different stores offer cheaper mattresses online, which gives consumers more choice. The best way to avoid any possible disappointment is to be sure that you're purchasing from a reputable website with an excellent return policy, which will "help" you if something goes wrong with your order. It would help if you always thought about these points when buying new mattresses through an online retailer or anywhere else.

Disadvantages of buying a cheap mattress online:

  1. Not getting to try out the mattress beforehand: Whether you're buying something expensive or not, nobody likes taking a gamble with their hard-earned cash. Mentioned above was how comfort is one of the main benefits of picking an online shop instead of the store nearby, so all you can do is hope for a good night's sleep once it arrives at your doorstep. However, if you were going to buy offline, there's no doubt that before making many payments, you'd want to test out the mattress your money will be spent on.
  2. Often cheaply made with low-quality materials: The idea of getting a good night's sleep on a cheap mattress isn't too hard to imagine. But if you think that this also means it must be built with quality materials, you better think again. Some are made with decent substances such as latex foam or memory foam, or even pocket spring coils, though many cheaper models are only filled with low-grade polyfoam, which doesn't last nearly as long, and worst of all provides minimal comfort.
  3. You must be comfortable ordering from an unknown manufacturer over the internet: This can cause a lot of anxiety for some people. Mattress sizes vary widely among manufacturers. You may not know if it'll fit on your bed frame or with your sheets until it arrives at your door. Cheap brands tend to use lower-quality foam that doesn't last long without getting saggy. So, you'll end up replacing this mattress sooner than paying more money upfront for better quality. Not all cheap mattresses come with free shipping! Be prepared to pay more money for a mattress that isn't worth it.
  4. Getting stuck with a warranty that's hard to get benefits from: Sometimes, you don't know what the product will look like or feel like until after it arrives at your door. Sometimes, even if you see pictures of what the mattress looks like on the website, you can still be shocked when it shows up because sometimes manufacturers try to hide defects by taking professional photographs that look as good as possible.
  5. Mattress in a box shipping: To keep costs down, some manufacturers ship their products in cheap boxes without paying to insure them during transit. This will leave it up to you as the customer whether or not your mattress arrives safely and in good condition. If for any reason something happens, you may feel like it's your own fault for not paying to have it shipped with shipping insurance.
  6. Shady warranties and policies: You may need to deal with poor customer service from the manufacturers. If you're having problems with your mattress, you may spend a lot of time trying to figure things out through email or phone conversations before they even try and help you get a replacement or repair. It may be challenging to return something you bought from a company with an official return policy. You're pretty much stuck with the warranty they provide you with because manufacturers often exclude local pickup of the mattress for transportation when it comes to their warranty. This means if anything happens and your mattress needs replacement or repair, you won't get help.

The ideas of benefits and disadvantages of buying a cheap mattress online are apparent. The main concerns with this type of purchase are the unknown quality of the manufacturer, how comfortable you are ordering from an unknown company, shipping availability and security, return policies, warranty coverage, and the price of the mattress. These concerns can end up costing you a lot of time, money, and headache if you're not careful. It would help if you used our SleepID tool online or in our store kiosks to see the mattresses suitable for your body best. This helps avoid the hassle of online shopping and dissatisfaction and ensures high-quality sleep for years to come.

If you're looking for faster delivery or custom sizes, at KingKoil India, we can also help with high-quality service in the same. Moreover, if you want to buy a mattress from your home, you can also try our safe and sanitized home-demo testing procedure before finalizing your new mattress.