Date : 2020-03-27 16:35:46

An Introduction to SleepID: How it Can Help You Prevent Back Pain Issues?

Have you ever wondered why some people can sleep like a log once they lay on their bed while others cannot enjoy a good sleep no matter what? It is important to choose the correct mattress for your body type. Otherwise, you can suffer from discomfort, sleeping issues, and even back pain. Many people wonder how to choose the right mattress in India. Usually, people buy a mattress based on their reviews and ratings. However, it is not the correct approach to buy a mattress as it doesn’t help you to identify the mattresses that would be the best for you.

Simply, choosing a firmer or softer mattress with better reviews is not the best solution as everybody has a different body structure, needs, and issues. You need to physically sleep on them to test them out before buying. However, it can be overwhelming to determine which mattresses to check out from so many products available online.

KingKoil SleepID Software can help you to narrow your search and choose the best mattress for your body type. All you need to do is enter some details about yourself and your preferences. Let’s look at why knowing your SleepID is important and how it can cure the symptoms of low-quality sleep including back pain.

What is SleepID?
SleepID is a research-based Body-Match technology developed by KingKoil USA with the International Chiropractors Association (ICA). It’s a Body-Match technology software that has been developed by a team of researchers to help you choose a mattress that would be the most suitable for your body and needs.

To understand the needs of different human bodies, analysts from the ICA and KingKoil have conducted real-time pressure mapping tests on different types of bodies using sophisticated tools. Plus, they have also taken into consideration the sleeping habits of different types of people, their sleeping postures, body composition, body aches, sleeping patterns, and many more factors.

This was the largest study of this type ever conducted to figure out how postural alignment influences the comfort of your sleep. In fact, Body-Match technology has been created by incorporating over 3 lakh data parameters.

Some of the key data parameters include:
● Posture Analysis
● Pressure Mapping
● Body Composition
● Sleep Discomfort
● Spinal Alignment
● Sleep Tracker.

The goal of this research was to develop different mattresses for specific body types and needs using the information obtained from the research. Based on the information gathered from the research, 6 types of SleepID have been created by KingKoil for the Indian Demographic. Every mattress that is on sale by KingKoil has been created according to a specific SleepID.

Thus, once you know your SleepID number it would become easier for you to choose the correct mattress for your body type and its needs. You don’t have to learn how to determine mattress firmness or how to choose the best mattress for your body type as the SleepID software will find the best mattress online for you.

How to check your SleepID?
To check your SleepID, you have to use the SleepID software on the KingKoil website. The SleepID software will assign you a SleepID number based on some information that you have to feed the software. The information that you have to provide includes your gender, your age, the quality of your current mattress, your preferences for the next mattress that you want to buy, your sleeping posture, data related to sleep discomfort (if any), weight, and silhouette. Additionally, you have to enter some contact details.

Once you feed all the basic information into the SleepID software, it will assign a primary and secondary SleepID number to you with an accuracy of 94%. The primary SleepID is the best representation of the type of mattresses that is most suitable for you. You can use it to browse mattresses that correspond to that SleepID.

However, if you don’t like any of the mattresses corresponding to the primary SleepID, you can browse mattresses corresponding to the secondary SleepID as it is the best alternative. The best part is that you can figure out the SleepID for both yourself and your partner if you choose the ‘For Both’ option.

Thus, purchasing the perfect mattress is now easy for both singles and couples using the SleepID software and Body-Match technology.

How can SleepID prevent Back Pain Issues?
Back pain or lower back pain can be caused due to several reasons including old age or some underlying diseases. However, if your back pain diminishes once you get up from your bed and walk around for a few minutes, it’s a clear indication that your mattress is doing you more harm than good.

Apart from back pain, a bad mattress can also cause pain in the pelvic region, your shoulders, and your neck. It can also prevent you from achieving good quality sleep due to the discomfort. So, it’s a good idea to replace your old mattress with a new one if you suspect that your old mattress is responsible for your back pain and other problems.

However, simply purchasing a new mattress won’t do you any good as everyone has a unique body and different sleeping habits. If you choose a mattress that is not a good match for your requirements, it can cause the same problem or even exaggerate it.

A good mattress should support your whole body when you are lying on your back and encourage proper spinal alignment. It should not be too soft or firm. According to research, medium-firm mattresses are the best for back pain. If you choose a mattress that is too firm, it can push against the main pressure points of your spine. And, if it is too soft it would not be able to properly support your pressure points and create a spinal curvature.

Manually inspecting tens of mattresses by lying on them to figure out what works for you is time-consuming, and in some cases, impossible. The fact that salesmen have no idea about the different types of mattresses suitable for the needs of different people does not help either. There is a 70% chance that the result would make you unhappy and filled with buyer’s remorse.

That’s why knowing your SleepID is the best solution if you want to purchase a mattress for back pain relief. Since the SleepID software suggests you the most suitable mattress types for your requirements, it can help you ease or even get rid of your back pain over time. However, you should consider consulting with a doctor if you suspect the cause of your back pain to be an underlying disease or any other factor.

Things to consider when shopping for a new mattress
Once you learn the SleepID number of yourself and your partner, shopping for a new mattress would become much easier as you will be presented with the most suitable options. However, it is good to have a basic idea about the subject so that you can make better decisions. Now, let us dive into some more details about the type of mattress suitable for different types of people below:

1. Best mattress for heavy people - Body weight is an important factor that you have to consider when buying a new mattress. If you are slightly heavier than the average individual, you need to buy a mattress that can provide you extra back support and cushion areas such as your hips and abdomen as your weight is concentrated around these regions when sleeping.

Back support mattresses are perfect for heavy people who sleep on their backs. A good back support mattress will be made with high-resilient foam, chiropedic coil, spinal alignment, and orthobond core to relieve pain from the back.

2. Best mattress for old people online - The elderly have tender joints and are sensitive to allergens. Latex foam mattresses are a great option for them as these are firm mattresses that also provide body and back support. Plus, since these are made with 100% natural foam, latex foam mattresses are resistant to allergens and smell. Another great option to consider is a Memory foam mattress as these are specially designed to relieve pressure.

3. Best mattress for side sleepers - Memory foam mattresses are the best solution for side sleepers as these are made with body contouring technology to relieve pressure and provide the best spinal alignment. These types of mattresses have a high density but they accommodate your sleeping posture and provide you the perfect balance between comfort and support.

4. The best type of mattress for a bad back - People who suffer from a bad back should consider investing in an Orthopedic mattress or Back support mattress as these are specially designed to help you find relief from back and shoulder pain.

5. Best mattress for lower back pain - People who suffer from lower back pain would benefit from sleeping on back support or orthopedic mattress. If you have lower back pain, you should avoid sleeping on a soft bed mattress as it cannot support your weight and increase the pain.

Keep in mind that the above recommendations are just suggestions listed based on a single criteria. The quality, characteristics, and functions of a mattress can vary even if they belong to the same category of mattresses. The best method to choose the most suitable mattress for your personal needs and requirements is to learn about your SleepID number.

Why you should know your SleepID number even if you medically fit
Some people assume that only people with sleep problems or body aches are required to research when buying a new mattress. However, that is not the case. If you sleep well at night and don’t suffer from back pain or pain in other parts of your body due to your mattress, your mattress is probably a good fit for your body.

However, if you buy a new mattress without researching properly, you might end up with a mattress that is not suitable for your body type. As a result, you will start to suffer from all the problems listed in this article. Thus, it is a good idea to know your SleepID whenever you are shopping for a new mattress to make better decisions and remain on the safe side.
If your budget allows it, you may consider purchasing an expensive designer mattress like a luxury mattress that comes with damask fabric and pressure sense foam. Or, if you want the best money can buy, you may look into ultra-luxury mattresses that come with 5Z FirmTech, BodyFloat technology, and even UltraFusion foam to get the best sleeping experience. These are made with the highest quality fabric and material and will undoubtedly provide you a great sleeping experience and last your longer.

However, these may not be the perfect mattress for your body type and you may not need to spend so much to achieve a good night’s sleep. Thus, using SleepID can help you to save money and choose the perfect product for your sleeping needs.

SleepID is incredibly helpful for people of various age groups and different sleeping requirements. However, it is not a substitute for medical advice or a solution for severe medical cases. If you suffer from chronic insomnia, pain on any part of your body due to surgery or any other health condition you should consult a medical professional and seek their help. For everything else, the SleepID software would allow you and your partner to find the best mattress for you so that you can sleep well every night without any issues.

While you can learn the details of a mattress online, it is always better to find the mattress retailers near your location so that you can physically examine the product before purchasing it. This would allow you to inspect the mattress that you want to buy in more detail and prevent the dreadful buyer’s remorse.