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Back Support Mattresses VS Orthopedic Mattresses. Why these are Different from one another?

Mattress buying can be a hectic exercise. With so many options, technologies, and your own specific needs it becomes hard to pick the mattress that is best suited to you. Then there are terminologies that add to the confusion, making mattress buying even more challenging.

Given the kind of long-term commitment a mattress is, you would want your mattress to be a perfect fit for you. Hence, spending some time researching the available options and figuring out your specific needs can be extremely rewarding in the long-run.
Once you steer through all the confusion, you can be assured to find the mattress that fills in all your requirements and delivers a lot more. In fact, when you couldn’t find a suitable product for yourself amongst the existing ones, you can get in touch with a best mattress company like King Koil to customize your mattress for you.

The Question:
One of the most pressing questions potential mattress buyers have in mind is the difference between back support mattresses and orthopedic mattresses. At the outset, they don’t sound much different. One would assume that the back support mattress is a product for people with back issues and an orthopedic mattress might just be a technical fulfillment to your back support needs.
However, there is a bubble bursting surprise that awaits if you think that way. In the mattress parlance, back support mattresses provide optimum support to your body, keeping your spine aligned and preventing your body from developing back pain and other medical conditions. On the other hand, Orthopedic mattresses, are best for people who have existing back pain and medical conditions.
This post explains the basic difference between these two kinds of mattresses and a host of other confusion related to back support mattresses, orthopedic mattresses, firm mattresses, and soft mattresses.

Back Support vs Orthopedic Mattress
Mattresses can make a whole lot of difference in your well being. A bad or unsuitable mattress ends up providing sub-optimal support to your spine, leading to a number of problems that have the potential to become chronic long-term conditions.

While both back support and orthopedic mattress do the basic job of keeping your spine aligned, they are different in many respects and are designed to suit the need for a different set of sleepers.

Why a Back Support Mattress?
Back support mattresses may be firm and medium-firm based on the preference of the sleeper. A wide accepted myth amongst the mattress buyers is the firmer the mattress the better it is, which is not really the case. Even when you choose the most firm mattress and it does not provide proper support to your spine and is uncomfortable to lie on, you will have disrupted sleep and an unrested body.

Back support mattresses are built to provide full-body support while rendering optimum body contouring. These mattresses can be built of memory foam, latex, springs, and also some proprietary fusion materials developed by mattress companies.
The mattress is specifically built to provide optimum support to your body after a hectic and tiring day by keeping your spine aligned and automatically contouring to your body to enhance your quality of sleep. The mattress helps relieve the pressure points by holding up lighter parts of the body like the lumbar and neck. The comfort layer of the back support mattresses further helps in pressure relief and redistribution of body weight while sleeping.
On the level of firmness, the mattresses can be medium-firm to firm based on the preferences and individual body requirements. Medium-firm mattresses are a little better at support functions like pressure relief and weight redistribution than firm mattresses, while firm mattresses are better in keeping your spine aligned.
The level of firmness also depends on individual requirements. A medium-firm mattress will suit you if you are a side sleeper, you are average weight or you have arthritis and joint pain. On the other hand, a firm mattress will be suitable for you if you are a back or stomach sleeper, or you have a heavy-weight body type.

Why an Orthopaedic Mattress?
Orthopedic mattresses are firm mattresses that are helpful in relieving joint pain, back pain, and other medical conditions. These mattresses are built using high-density foam as its core material with comfort layers made of other materials. Some of these mattresses are also double-sided with extra-firm and medium-firm options.

An orthopedic mattress is a great fit for people with back pain as it supports the healthy alignment of body posture while sleeping. Apart from great spinal alignment, orthopedic mattresses also provide optimum support by redistributing the bodyweight evenly. With the firmness of the mattress, the lungs also expand freely leading to better blood flow in the body while sleeping. However, the extra firm feel of the orthopedic mattress is not for everyone. You might take some time to adjust to the orthopedic mattress if you are used to sleeping on soft or medium-firm mattresses.
There is also a need to tread with caution while buying an orthopedic mattress, as many mattress dealers sell firm mattresses as orthopedic mattresses. There is also no standard material designated for orthopedic mattresses and manufacturers use their proprietary designs (mostly using high-density foams) to build mattresses that can provide the greatest orthopedic benefits while sleeping.
Orthopedic mattresses do not give a sinking feel due to their firm surface and also provide for better air circulation, reducing the heat while you sleep.

Choosing between Back Support and Orthopedic Mattress
Both back support and orthopedic mattress can significantly improve your quality of sleep. However, when the choice is one or the other, you will have to look at your own needs and preferences to make the best selection.

The difference between the two kinds of mattresses lies mainly in the purpose they serve. If you have no back or shoulder pain issues and you are looking for a mattress that will provide the best support and keep your spinal alignment just right, go for the back support mattress. You can also choose between firm and medium-firm options while picking a back support mattress, which is an added advantage if you are not used to firm mattresses.

On the other hand, orthopedic mattresses can be a perfect fit if your sole purpose is to defeat back, neck, and shoulder paid. With its pain-alleviating and posture improving properties you can be assured to be not bothered by pain while sleeping. With added benefits like improved blood flow, less heat, and no sinking feel, you can get your everyday good night’s sleep with orthopedic mattresses.

Sometimes when people are diagnosed with back issues or potential chronic back problems, doctors also suggest patients to change their mattresses and pillows. Especially people who suffer from lower back pain, upper back pain, and cervical spondylosis are recommended special mattresses and pillows to get a good night’s rest and also bring their back and neck to a better shape. In such cases, orthopedic mattresses become a must-have for patients.

Your Mattress Buying Guide
While all the information above can be helpful in picking the right product, it is still advisable to get a good understanding of the kind of materials used in each of these types of mattresses to make an informed choice. When your hard-earned money is at stake and the commitment you are going to make is fairly long-term, you must do rigorous due diligence.

It is always better to gravitate towards established brands because you can be sure to know the kind and quality of materials they are using in their mattresses. Large brands are quite transparent in divulging the make of their mattress and the materials they have used in every layer of the mattress.

Some of the mattress designs are proprietary to specific manufacturers, which you can’t get from all companies. If you are sure that the best mattress for your sleep is available with only one company, you must buy from that company.

You must also lay special emphasis on the density of the foam used in the mattress to avoid being overcharged for an unfit product. Also, remember that all firm mattresses are not orthopedic mattresses.

If you are unsure of the suitable mattress for yourself, you can use tools like King Koil’s SleepID, that can help you figure out the right mattress for you by analyzing your sleep pattern and your body type. All you would need to do is answer some basic questions and the tool will suggest the best mattress for you.

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