Date : 2021-07-31 08:13:12

Best Mattress Topper for Back Pain Relief in India

Back pain is one thing that ruins the lives and mental peace of a majority of people. But what hurts the most is not being able to do much about it after a certain age, except take measures to be pain-free. If you have back pain, have been to countless orthopedics, and even have a back support mattress, it might help take your sleep a bit further. Mattress toppers, in general, are less looked into for support, as back-support orthopedic mattresses usually work for most people. However, with the help of a back support mattress topper, you can both accentuate your mattress's supportive capabilities or even add it to a not-as-supportive mattress.

Factors to consider when buying a mattress topper for back pain in India:
Apart from back pain, a mattress topper can help with several benefits, and you should consider the overall advantages. The ideal mattress topper for back pain would not only enhance support but help comfort you and relieve pressure from your paining muscles and joints. Here is what to look for in mattress toppers for back pain in India:

  1. Contouring: Mattress toppers help enhance your mattress's features and act as a comfortable addition to your sleeping experience as a whole. While it enhances support, a mattress topper can help relieve back pain and pain from heavier body parts in general by offering more contouring. As a result, your mattress's plushness and comfort would rely entirely on the topper's contouring. It would allow heavier body parts to sink to some level as a way of offering pressure relief while still aligning your back and body in a neutral position. Because of this, you should look at thicker mattress toppers, especially if your body weight is on the heavier side. Because of this alignment and pressure-relieving balance, the mattress topper's contouring helps keep you pain-free and sleep quicker.
  2. Sleeping posture: Your sleeping posture, body weight, and painful areas together make up for how your pressure points react with either the mattress or the topper. Because of how your pressure points need support and comfort, the mattress topper should have adequate support and plushness to it and help you sleep pain-free. With regards to back pain, the mattress topper not only needs to have adequate contouring and comfort but firmness and density too. While the mattress is responsible for most of the back support from its core/base, the mattress topper helps enhance support and relieve pressure from your back, leading to back pain relief. So, when you sleep on your side, the pressure points in your shoulder need the maximum comfort/freedom to sink in, but your spine needs adequate support and contouring to prevent back pain. Similarly, when you sleep on your back, the entire pressure is on your back and spine and needs adequate comfort and support to let it rest in its natural S position.
  3. Material quality: The firmness and density of your mattress topper for back pain should be ideally higher than the mattress's comfort layer. This helps in not only protecting your back but preventing excessive sinking in combination with the mattress. As a result, the ideal mattress topper should have high-density and proper thickness that helps keep your back in proper alignment and offers adequate support. A mattress topper cannot be solely responsible for your back pain issues, and it largely depends on your mattress quality and support. However, a mattress topper does provide a mechanism or an additional layer for your body to feel at ease and feel more supported in different positions. So, whether you choose a memory foam topper or other types of toppers, the one thing you should keep in focus on is its density and material quality.
  4. Firmness: Although your mattress does most of the heavy lifting when we talk about support and general firmness, the mattress topper lends a hand too. You may have an innerspring mattress or an ortho foam core mattress, but in the end, the support is usually a factor because of the base/supportive elements in the mattress. A mattress topper can also help you with support and firmness for your back pain, especially if you have a softer mattress comfort layer. If you're seeking relief from back pain, a firm surface to rest is quintessential for pain relief and something that is more of a necessity than a luxury. That is why, if you have chosen a relatively soft mattress, say medium-soft, and have episodes of sharp back pain, a mattress topper can help. The mattress's support system is adequate enough to help you relax and stay pain-free; however, a mattress topper does more. With a mattress topper for back pain, you can be sure of having a firm surface to relax on, especially on your bad days. The firmness in your topper not only ensures protection for your back pain but the mattress also. Higher quality materials are less prone to abrasion, developing body impressions, or breaking off.
  5. Thickness: The thickness of your mattress topper is a factor that plays a significant role in how long it lasts and protects. They should be ideally in the one to four inches thickness range, as the mattress thickness is already enough to ensure a balance of support and comfort. A thicker mattress topper would be ideal for back pain, as it would offer better pressure relief and contouring, where a thinner mattress topper would rely on the mattress's support. The thickness in your mattress topper also helps ensure a better sleeping experience and protection in your mattress.
  6. Pressure relief: The pressure-relieving capability is one of the main features to look into for your mattress topper for back pain. This pressure relief is necessary to look after in a mattress topper because you need your muscles to relax too. Your orthopedic or back-support mattress may offer excellent support to align your posture, but a mattress topper helps relieve pain from your tired muscles. This is possible with a few materials, and mostly memory foam is ideal to use in a mattress topper, making it easier for you to fall asleep pain-free. This pressure-relieving capability is also essential in a mattress topper as people may prefer to sleep in different postures. As a result, it leads to pain-free sleep irrespective of the position you sleep in.
  7. Price: The price is another factor you may want to consider, as usually, some mattress toppers can cost more depending upon thickness and density. Although it is ideal to use a mattress protector from the beginning, after your new mattress purchase, it can also help enhance your mattress life to some extent. Used from the beginning, your mattress protector would enhance your mattress's life significantly, making this additional investment worth all it demands. However, some people may replace/ use a mattress protector in their aging mattress to enhance its life. This doesn't always work as the mattress's support system may have aged or lapsed completely to function normally. The price of your mattress topper then would only be to enhance your mattress's life. If you're looking for a mattress protector for back pain relief, it would be best to include it within the first or first few months or the beginning of your journey with the mattress. The price isn't as significant as a new mattress but helps enhance your mattress life and significantly reduce back pain.
  8. Maintenance: Your mattress topper is an extension of your mattress and an additional structure that shouldn't need more care than usual or even more than your mattress. The primary function of the mattress protector may vary as per requirement, but its core lies in protecting your mattress from external agents. Therefore, your mattress toppers should require negligible to no maintenance as you don't want to add another list of worries to your sleeping environment. This low maintenance is possible only with high-quality materials and high-density configurations in the mattress topper of your choice.

Best mattress toppers for back pain in India:
The best material to use for back pain in mattress toppers is memory foam because of the different ways it helps relieve back pain. From the memory foam's pressure-relieving capabilities to the soft yet support enhancing experience, these memory foam mattress toppers (and HR foam) are the best mattress toppers in India:

  1. Topper Comforto: The Topper Comforto is an HR foam mattress topper for people who want both comforts and enhanced support in one package. This topper has 32D High-resiliency foam (HR foam) and has a luxurious Jacquard fabric quilting on its exteriors. As a result of its 32D and 2 inches HR foam thickness, the Topper Comforto mattress topper offers a medium-firm sleeping experience. Since it is HR foam, you would feel less sinking and more support and contouring from the material. The Topper Comforto is a robust mattress topper that you can use on any mattress you want with high-quality protection and ease of attachment. It has straps that make it stay in place on the top of your mattress and prevent bedsheets from slipping because of the quilting pattern.
  2. Topper Visco Memory: The Visco Memory is one of the best orthopedic memory foam mattress toppers you can find. It uses 50D memory foam that helps enhance the comfort and support of your mattress with the unique experience of the memory foam. The 2-inch thick mattress topper uses quilted Jacquard to offer a medium-firm sleeping experience. This medium-firm sleeping experience is necessary for people who prefer an orthopedic mattress or using the Topper Visco memory on a medium-soft or soft mattress with support. Owing to the memory foam material, the Topper Visco memory offers a slightly warmer sleeping experience, that feels right and not excessive. It enhances support and helps contour your body differently as per your sleeping position, owing to the material configuration.
  3. Topper Gel HD memory: The Topper Gel HD memory is another excellent memory foam mattress topper with the benefit of enhances cooling. If you tend to sleep hot at night or sweat excessively, this mattress topper is ideal for you. Measuring 2 inches in thickness, it has 60D memory foam that helps enhance support and comfort to offer back pain relief. The high-density material with Jacquard quilting helps keep your mattress protector cool and comfortable for your body while protecting your mattress. It is a high-density memory foam topper. It also enjoys all the benefits of high-density like hypoallergenic protection, support, and pressure relief boost, among many others. The Topper Gel HD memory is ideal for overweight or older people and people suffering from extreme back pain, as it boosts your mattress surface firmness significantly.

A mattress topper is an ideal solution to prolonging your mattress life and relieve back pain. Although it is not a one-stop solution to offer a healthy balance of comfort and support to a mattress that lacks either or both, it can help significantly. Memory foam mattress toppers are primarily ideal for use in mattress toppers as they help keep your body in necessary contouring comfort and relieve pressure. Since the mattress provides most of the support for your back pain and proper back and spine alignment, it is adequate for most back pain issues.

However, in extreme cases of back pain or modification to how you want to sleep in your new mattress, a memory foam topper or back pain relief mattress topper would be ideal. Most soft mattress toppers are suitable for other requirements, and a high-density mattress topper is essential for back pain relief. Moreover, you should always consult a doctor or physician/orthopedic before going for any new mattress or mattress addition to sleep pain-free without worrying about long-term issues. You can use SleepID to choose the right mattress for back pain and choose your mattress topper in-store or with an in-home demo as per your experience.


  1. Are mattress toppers waterproof/sweatproof?
    Unless expressly stated, most memory foam or mattress toppers aren't waterproof. However, a mattress protector is usually waterproof and can help with sweating and liquid spills. While you may not want any liquid spills to reach your mattress, a mattress topper is for enhancing support and plushness as per requirement. Mattress protectors do not have additional padding, whereas mattress toppers can be thick as an additional foam layer for your mattress.
  2. Is a mattress topper an excellent solution to a non-supportive mattress?
    No, a mattress topper isn't the solution to a mattress with no or minimum support. Be it an aging mattress where it has lost its supportive function or a new mattress with little support, and a mattress topper can enhance support but not provide it standalone. So, if you're looking for back pain relief from your older mattress, the solution can be a new mattress (orthopedic or back-support focused) and a mattress topper. The latter of these two is ideal only when you use it with a mattress with its own support system still functioning, but not in plush mattresses with little support.
  3. Can you buy a mattress topper for my mattress to prevent aging issues?
    Yes, you can buy a mattress topper for your mattress to prevent aging issues right from the beginning. However, there is a time limit to when they're the ideal addition to your mattress. The mattress topper is best placed when you buy a new mattress, and it can prevent your mattress from accumulating environmental allergens, issues like moisture accumulation, among many other benefits. When your mattress is showing signs of aging, then there it wouldn't make sense to add a mattress topper on it in hopes of elongating its life, as the issues would still be there, although separated by a barrier.
  4. Can a memory foam or back-support topper restrict motion?
    Yes, a memory foam or back-support mattress topper would ideally have a medium-soft density configuration. It can help restrict motion across the topper's surface and in between the mattress too. If your mattress doesn't have any motion isolation, it would still add a degree of motion isolation to your mattress. This motion isolation is dependent on your mattress's restriction too, as the topper would enhance your motion isolation.
  5. Is a back support mattress topper helpful in letting me sleep on my side?
    - Yes, a back support mattress would also allow you to sleep on your side and sleep pain-free. Your back pain results from injuries, improper posture, or other chronic issues, leading to your muscles and spine not resting in the proper posture. A back support mattress and topper would align your spine whether you choose to sleep on your back or on your side. Your spine needs to rest in a neutral position, which your mattress's support takes care of. The mattress topper enhances this support and helps take care of any muscle pain you may have.