Date : 2021-02-08 10:43:00

Best Mattresses for Senior Citizens or Elderly People

The age might be a number and not something to consider when leading a healthy and active lifestyle. However, for most older people worldwide, age also brings physiological weakness, weaker muscles, and bones, among other issues. The biological impact of age does more than impact one's energy, and when it comes to sleep quality and environment, it is essential to consider age and other factors. Older people tend to sleep less, but the sleeping position and environment are critical for relief from pains and any chronic issues. Even in the case of a healthy body frame with average body weight, one needs to consider that bones and muscles wouldn't be in as good a shape as they used to be.

That is why senior citizens need more than an everyday generic mattress, especially over the age of 60. While some people may still be active until their late 50s, age starts to show its bitter impact in the 60s. The spine and overall posture need more care because of increased fragility, and the most important personal care is a mattress. A good quality mattress helps older people get out of bed quickly, sleep in different sleeping positions, and relax without any pain. Moreover, orthopedic mattresses might also be necessary where older people would need dedicated support for their physiological issues.

Best mattress type for older people:
There are several personal and mattress-related factors that one may need to consider, but few types of mattresses are suitable for senior citizens. Because of muscle and bone fragility, most senior citizens would also need higher maintenance for their spine, shoulders, especially body issues. So weaker muscles and bones would need to relax and recover in a neutral, supportive position that doesn't cause additional strain. For this reason, an overly soft/plush or tough mattress wouldn't suit the purpose. The best mattress for senior citizens lies in these scenarios' middle ground- that is, a medium-firm mattress. An orthopedic medium-firm mattress or different medium-firm mattress variations as per requirement is suitable for older people.

Benefits of medium-firm mattresses or medium-firm orthopedic mattresses for senior citizens:

  1. Freedom of sleeping orientation: While most people may be settled into a sleeping pattern on the side or back, getting a mattress that allows space for both is essential. That is why a medium-firm mattress is an excellent choice for people that want to sleep on the side or the back. Irrespective of muscle and bone strength, sleeping on the side can be hard on the spine, especially if a mattress doesn't leave room to turn comfortably. In medium-firm mattresses, the shoulders can turn without excessive strain or discomfort because of blood circulation when sleeping on the side. In case of medical diagnosis of issues like cervical, shoulder issues, arthritis, and others, one needs support and comfort in a balance. Excess of either side isn't the right choice, and the softer comfort layer in a medium-firm mattress helps one sleep with ease, and the support layer works to support adequately.
  2. Body support: Full body or specific support is necessary, especially in the case of weaker bones, muscle injuries, or inflammatory conditions. Upgrading from a softer mattress is also more comfortable if you choose a medium-firm mattress because the surface offers much-needed comfort whereas, the mattress as a whole provides a supportive sleeping experience. An innerspring pocket coil medium-firm mattress is the best choice for issues with a broken hip or pelvic injuries. This is because it offers the perfect amount of reactive pressure to provide support without causing pain or additional posture problems.
  3. Relieving chronic pain: Old age can show some conditions and disorders to manifest that can make going to sleep a challenge. A medium-firm mattress checks all the spots, from offering a high-quality sleep environment to a soothing, supportive, and calming sleeping experience. Moreover, most chronic pain or muscle pain issues need lying in a supportive yet plush or comfortable environment. Because of this, a medium-firm orthopedic mattress or any medium-firm yet supportive mattress would be suitable.

Best mattresses for senior citizens:

  1. Gravity: As a purely foam-based mattress, Gravity is one of the best options to choose from as a medium-firm orthopedic mattress. The mattress looks, comfort, and overall sleeping experience are nothing short of elegant. To offer a more comforting experience, both the topmost comfort layer and the support layer are made from different memory foam density layers. The top 1 inch takes care of the immediate experience of sleeping on this mattress, and the support layer is a high-density memory foam offering freedom to sleep on the side. The cellular memory foam present on top also offers air and temperature regulation to avoid sleeping 'hot.' Moreover, this mattress's core comprises a high-density HR foam that offers enough support to align your posture but not overstrain it. As a medium-firm mattress, its support and comfort come from its high-quality HR foam and memory foam that works together to remove all the pressure and strain from your body. Additionally, this mattress offers uniform body support, so it is an excellent choice for senior citizens in general without severe body issues.
  2. Euro HR: When it comes to comfort, some people may find it difficult to move on from their previous softer mattress, especially after a diagnosis or injury. As a senior citizen, whether you're looking for health-maintenance or recovery, your support shouldn't compromise on any comfort. A firm or extra-firm mattress might not be the best option, so a mattress with excellent body support can 'soften the blow.' Sporting an uber-luxurious design, the Euro HR mattress has a Euro Top design that cushions and keeps your body floating. As a medium-firm orthopedic mattress, the Euro HR is an excellent pressure-relieving mattress offering support and leaving no stone unturned in comfort. The topmost Euro-top layer has an open-cell memory foam layer, which helps in quilting and offering comfort in all the right places. Whereas the HR foam support layer makes sure that your comfort layer and body stay afloat with this premium mattress. The Euro HR uses a high-density mattress core made from the rebonded core and offers full-body uniform support. The Euro HR is an excellent choice for people looking for relief from spinal issues. As a medium-firm luxury orthopedic mattress, it helps orient your spine in both back and side sleeping positions.
  3. Orthomatic DY: The Orthomatic DY is the best option for older people who want variety and value in one mattress. It is a dual-comfort mattress with one side medium-soft and the other medium-firm. This makes the Orthomatic DY an excellent orthopedic medium-firm and medium-soft mattress. It is excellent as a mattress because it supports them in their rough days and comforts in others. This dual-mattress caresses your body and supports the weak points with a uniform full-body supportive sleeping experience. The rebonded foam core layer ensures that both sides get uniform support. The different sides of the mattress offer a varying sleeping experience, although supportive. On bad days with more pain, one can choose the medium-firm side and the others a comforting yet supportive medium-soft. The Jacquard fabric and high-density memory foam layers also hug and relieve pressure from any injured areas and help one sleep with ease. Both sides of the Orthomatic DY are suitable for senior citizens, and it's lightweight enough to flip without any strain. As a foam-based mattress, it is a high-quality luxury mattress that delivers a cool sleeping experience and low maintenance. People looking for explicit back support would find this mattress the best option for chronic pain as it offers an excellent side-sleeping experience. The medium-soft side would be a good option for side sleeping, and the other side would be excellent for back-sleeping. As an orthopedic mattress, the Orthomatic DY is unparalleled in the healthy balance of comfort and support it offers with either side.
  4. Orthomatic DX: The Orthomatic DX is a mattress that addresses the most middle-aged concerns to senior citizens with severe body issues. It is a dual-comfort mattress with one side extra firm and the other medium-firm. So, where one side would be a good option for people looking for a calming, supportive experience for most days, the other side is perfect for when the back pain is unbearable. The Orthomatic DX offers uniform full-body support and is an excellent option for people looking for a suitable mattress addressing back and lower back pain. The core is a high-density rebonded foam that supports both sides. On one side, you have a high-density HR foam support layer, and the softer side has a high-density pure foam support layer. Both sides have pure foam quilting on both sides, which helps keep this mattress cool and comforting to the touch. Overall, the Orthomatic DX is an excellent mattress for senior citizens, mainly when focusing on back-pain related delicate and extreme matters. The Orthomatic DX is more suitable for people who prefer to sleep on the back and have lower back or other back-issues needing uniform support throughout.
  5. Chiropedic 10000: Extreme comfort with a medium-firm supportive experience, the Chiropedic 10000 is an excellent mattress for uniform body support. The mattress offers unparalleled body support and comfort with its Bonnell spring system, making this mattress an excellent choice for overweight senior citizens. The Euro top mattress design further helps make this extra-supportive mattress the best companion for years to come. As it is a Bonnell spring mattress, the Chiropedic 10000 also helps make your sleep non-disruptive with its motion isolation. If you're looking for a medium-firm mattress that is as good for orthopedic use as it is for everyday luxurious sleep, Chiropedic 10000 is the right choice. As one of the most recommended mattress by physio doctors worldwide, this mattress also has a latex foam support layer. That means you can rely on Chiropedic 10000 to retain its shape as good as new for years to come and deliver the same supportive sleeping experience without any compromise. Both latex foam and the Bonnell coil ensure that the Chiropedic 10000 doesn't disturb your partner or affect your body when moving about. Another significant advantage of the Chiropedic 10000 is its Euro-top mattress, which contours and comforts your vulnerable body areas. So, if you're upgrading from a softer mattress to this orthopedic mattress, you can rest assured your sleeping preference stays the same. The insulation layers present inside also give this mattress a longer life and low maintenance. As a latex foam mattress, it is also an all-season mattress that feels full of natural elements down to the outer Jacquard fabric's touch.
  6. PhysioPedic: Offering full-body support that comforts and supports all parts of one's body differently, the PhysioPedic is a doctor recommended innerspring mattress. For senior citizens, the PhysioPedic ensures they get full body support without any compromise on taking their pressure and pains away. The memory foam comfort layer hugs and contours without giving that sinking feeling and the innerspring pocket coils ensure each part of their body feels caressed. The mattress is ultra-durable because its internal structure is encapsulated between a rigid outer casing. This outer casing not only gives the mattress an extra-large durability factor but edge protection too. So, it makes getting out of bed super comfortable with a rigid edge offering a lending hand to seniors with back issues. A two-inch-thick NewSupport thick and high-density layer acts as a support layer, adding an element of assistive support. The mattress allows seniors to sleep on either sad and in the back-sleeping position. The PhysioPedic is especially beneficial for people with back support issues and people with delicate bodies or recovering from injuries. This luxury orthopedic mattress offers spinal alignment and proper support without leading to excessive depressing into or reactive pressure.

Factors to look out for buying a mattress for/as a senior citizen:
All mattresses aren't created equal and for every purpose, and neither are they suitable for every person. In other words, there are factors one should consider when looking for mattresses for senior citizens:

  1. Mattress maintenance: The essential factor to look out for when choosing a mattress for senior citizens is its maintenance guidelines. The mattress should regulate air and temperature and have high-density materials and high-GSM fabric that doesn't wear and tear off easily. Seniors might not always be able to flip their mattresses and ventilate it, and in the case of innerspring mattresses shouldn't need to do so. So irrespective of foam or innerspring mattress, the mattress should be as minimum maintenance as possible. A simple wipe, occasional dusting, and a lightweight form factor for foam mattresses are factors to look out for.
  2. Body suitability: Depending upon the factors that disturb sleep, seniors should have a comfortable mattress that supports their bodies no matter what. By the age of 60 or above, most people wouldn't want to sleep any other way than they usually have been. So, in case of a doctor's prescription for injury or chronic pain, the mattress should be comfortable and favor their sleeping orientation too. Once this factor is settled, you can look for the kind of support they need to address their body issues. Weight, age, and body diagnoses are essential factors to consider before choosing a mattress. In case of confusion, it is always a good idea to choose our SleepID algorithm, which helps shortlist a range of compatible mattresses for seniors considering several factors. This way, you satisfy the doctor, the body, and their preferences without any compromises.
  3. Durability: The mattress should be durable enough to possibly recover or maintain any body issues they have without the need to switch manufacturers or mattresses. Your mattress has high-quality materials, construction, and proper research that offers the same top-notch quality for years to come. Settling into a specific sleep environment is essential, and the mattress should be as minimum maintenance and durable as possible. It would help if you always went for mattresses that have a high-density foam composition and high-GSM fabric. These choices make the mattress low maintenance and durable.
  4. Support system: Since the main issue that differentiates mattresses for senior citizens is their care and support; support is a crucial factor. If they have chronic pains in the entire body like inflammation, weak muscles, or any other diagnosis, a comfortable mattress with an innerspring pocket coil system is best. Whereas, if one has a healthier body and doesn't need that level of overall delicate support, uniform body support, especially for the back and lower back, should be the main factor. In such cases, it is best to go for either a Bonnell coil (in case of overweight individuals) or orthopedic rebonded core support. Most importantly, the mattress should allow spinal alignment and offer a medium-firm to the firm sleeping experience. So both the support and comfort systems should be chosen with care and preferences.