Date : 2020-09-28 12:11:15

Best Mattresses of 2022

With everyone staying indoors and realizing the value of sleep and good quality mattresses, it is essential to see what works for you. There is not one single mattress that suits all, but yes, a variety of mattresses that can suit a majority of people. The most crucial factor in determining the best mattress for you is your body requirements first and mattress second. However, there are more factors at play in deciding which mattress is right for you, and which mattress is a good quality in general.

The current pandemic is giving us a moment to reconsider our lifestyle choices, and mattresses are the backbone of our lifestyle. That is, by improving our sleep, they, directly and indirectly, help us become better. It only makes sense to know how, why and which mattresses are the best options to choose in 2020.
Before we get into which mattresses are the best, let us guide you into a more detailed package of everything you need to make your decision:

Why and when do you need a new mattress?
Before getting into which mattress you would need and suit your body, you must be reassessing your current mattress. Reassessing if there is anything wrong with it, and how long it would last in its current state. Well, this question also depends on the mattress quality and its life. If you have a foam mattress (PU Foam or memory foam), and it has been over 5-10 years, seeing it sag or accumulate dust is a sign. PU Foam mattresses are not supposed to last over 3-4 years, as they tend to accumulate a bit too much dust and other allergens. But with proper maintenance, you can carry on using them as long as 5-7 years provided, they do not lose their form and shape, or accumulate too much dust.

In the case of memory foams, their longevity and ability to withstand the test of years depends on their density and quality overall, especially the kind of memory foam. If you have a traditional or gel memory foam, there is bound to be some deformation or loss in shape (if not comfort), over 4-5 years. Memory foam mattresses do not collect dust or allergens, which makes it easy to clean and maintain, but their life depends on your body weight and mattress quality. Overweight people might see their memory foam mattresses lose shape quickly and easily than others, and this is especially true with traditional memory foams.

Innerspring mattresses tend to last long if they are cleaned regularly. Their life is only as long as the mattress layers that surround and support the mattress. That is, it depends on the composition of the support and comfort layers as to how much dust and allergens gather inside and if it is accessible enough to clean. All in all, your mattress will give you telltale signs like springs creaking, or seeing too much deformation, collecting dust and no longer in usable shape.

The 2020 lifestyle and mattresses
In the current global scene, with the pandemic raging on with no clear end in sight, most of us are restricted to the boundary of our homes or rooms in most cases. That means more time on the bed and more time on your work desk. While most people might be following a workout regime or able to go out into nature or some sense of normal, it is not the case with everyone. People living in metro cities across the world are confined to their bed and table for the majority of the day.
The global pandemic is forcing us to a more sedentary lifestyle where we are sitting on the couch or bed, leave apart the time you might be working out. This means our backs, shoulders, and the entire body spends most of the times in a crooked or relaxed position, and at the end of the day, it counts. Your mattress is what takes on and relieves the stress that accumulates in your body. This, in turn, affects your physical being and indirectly, even mental well-being. Your mattress is one of the core parts of self-care that everyone should be paying attention to in these times without any compromise on quality.
That is the main reason why getting a mattress that suits your body requirements and lets you sleep with the extra care that you need these days. Your mattress not only caresses and relieves your back, but the effect that it has on your sleep impacts your entire body. In addition to the pain points like your shoulders and lower back, your mattress is quintessential in ensuring your overall well-being. Given the current lifestyle, the best decision making needs some support, and so does your back.
The current lifestyle makes it essential for you to get some indoor exercise, where going to the gym is not a good idea. But for most of the day, your back and body are at rest, and it needs a comfortable yet supportive mattress. These factors, along with your body type, determine which mattress works best for your body. Here is a list of mattress types and specific products to look into for 2020:

Memory foam mattresses: Since most of us are living a sedentary lifestyle in 2020, the comfort of memory foam mattresses, as well as support in some variants, is critical. Memory foam mattresses have a slow responsive rate (tend to hold on to pressure). Because of this property, they're able to snuggle out bodies and pressure points like no other kind of mattresses, and which makes them a must for these times. Memory foam mattresses help cushion your weak points and also support your pressure points.
Memory foam mattresses are exceptionally comfortable for people with average body weight and a sedentary lifestyle because, in addition to your pressure points, they also comfort your spine and shoulders. A good quality memory foam mattress is also able to help your spine align and take care of your shoulders and other body areas that need rest at the end of the day. Your memory foam mattress has to be high density to last long, provide adequate support without excessive sinking, and provide exceptional comfort. If you are looking for a memory foam mattress in 2020, the best choices are to go for these options:

- Gravity mattress: The Gravity Mattress range addresses the most common complaint with memory foam mattresses- causing your body to heat up. Your memory foam mattress should not only distribute pressure, but the heat also. Sleeping hot can lead to bad-quality sleep where you tend to wake up too much. Gravity mattress is the perfect mattress for people looking for comfort, and has a very high-density memory foam that lasts long, supports your body and gives a plushy feel. It helps adapt your body to the softness and comfort that you need, and contours your body's pressure points. The best part about Gravity mattress is that it uses a combination of memory foam types to serve multiple purposes.
It has a plushy memory foam comfort layer which welcomes your body to the comfortable experience, and an HR foam in the core. These multi-layers help the memory foam retain its shape for years to come without any compromise on the quality and form. Your body feels relaxed the moment you lay down on this luxury mattress and feels secure with the hugging feeling of the comfort layer and support from the high-quality HR foam in the upholstery.

- iMattress: The iMattress is an ultra-comfortable memory foam variant that used high-density memory foam to give you an uber comfortable sleeping experience. The open cell memory foam used in iMattress helps it regulate the temperature in addition to the design benefits that make this one of the best memory foam mattresses of 2020. It contours around your body and helps your muscles and tired parts relax with exceptional comfort. The iMattress is perfect for people with average body weight (normal BMI) and helps align your spine in its natural position as well.

Latex mattresses: Latex mattresses are also a great option and can last much longer and provide more bounce to your mattress needs. Like memory foam mattresses, latex mattresses are very soft, but much more responsive, which gives them a spring like ability. A high-quality mattress works to contour your body and provide similar, if not superior support and comfort for your spine. However, they are best for people without severe body issues, as latex mattresses are bouncy and elastic instead of sinking like memory foam. Yes, there is a sinking feeling, but with opposition from the mattress, which gives it its supportive factor.
Moreover, latex mattresses are also eco-friendlier and more last longer, as well as feel better than a memory foam mattress. Again, it depends entirely on your BMI, body issues and personal preferences, but latex memory foam mattresses are overall one of the best options to choose. Here are the best latex mattresses to choose from in 2020:

Paradise mattress: The Paradise mattress is a hybrid latex mattress that consists of different layers to give a complete package. That is, it uses a layer of HR foam to support and comfort in the middle upholstery. In contrast, a latex memory foam layer serves the primary function in the comfort layer. Additionally, this mattress comes with a high-quality quilted look, and the high-resiliency factor helps support and provide a comfortable sleeping experience that doesn't let you sink in it beyond comfort. The Paradise mattress is exceptionally comforting because of all of these parts built together to help you sleep in unparalleled comfort that lasts more than ten years.

Natura Bond: The Natura Bond mattress makes use of a rebonded foam mattress to help support more than a rigid latex core would. This Orthobond core (made up of rebonded foam mattress), helps support and provide high-resiliency to your latex foam. The Natura Bond's main feature is its support which makes it perfect for people that do not like the sinking feeling of memory foam. The 100% organic latex foam mattress also guarantees that your mattress stays hypoallergenic throughout its lifetime. It also acts as an orthopedic since its top layer is made up of high-quality latex and a quilt layer that comforts you as you lie on the mattress.

Pocket spring mattress: A pocket spring mattress is one of the best innerspring mattresses to choose because of the exceptional support and comfort that they give. If you need comfort in a mattress that supports and contours your body, innerspring mattresses can help as well. Mostly you can get innerspring coil mattresses in a variety of designs and different construction options. However, pocket spring mattresses have a higher number of innerspring coils that guarantee better support as well as generous support in contouring. This also helps restrict the motion transfer in such mattresses, and an excellent option for couples as a result. Here are the best pocket spring mattresses to choose from in 2020:

Signature mattress: The Signature mattress is our Westin-bed style luxury mattress that is built for comfort. Along with a comfortable mattress quilt layer that comforts you on the first touch of your body, as well as the superior foam comfort layer, it is the best option in our innerspring coil options. The small pocket springs enclosed in their little enclosures provide generous support, and the comfort layer helps your body sink into the mattress. The entire mechanism works in sync to provide as much comfort as support for your body. The designer mattress looks and uber comfortable sleep also make it an excellent option for the hospitality industry and a must-have luxury mattress in 2020.

The Palace Bed: Our innerspring coil mattresses are one of the finest mattresses to opt for, especially if you are looking for designer mattresses. And the pocket spring coil mattresses define luxury with the help of unique construction options and superior comfort layers. The springs work to support and contour your body with minimum cross-movement. It has our 5-Zone FirmTech pocket spring system to support different areas of your body with different pressure reaction. The PressureSense foam is orthopedic as well as luxurious for people looking for comfort in general without compromise on support and the overall experience.

Bonnell Spring/Chiropractic Coil: A Bonnell spring system mattress is an excellent option if you have above-average or excellent body weight and BMI. This mattress kind helps support and can come with a great variety of comfort layers. If you are looking for support and foam mattresses have failed you, a Bonnell Spring would be an inexpensive option to choose. You can check out the best Bonnell and chiropractic coil options here:

Chiropedic 10000: With the help of a high-quality comfort layer of latex memory foam, this Bonnell spring or Chiropractic coil mattress is the next step for supportive mattresses. The natural latex, along with rigid foam, makes this mattress a must for people looking for more support and do not want to compromise on quality either. This mattress is bound to have some cross-movement because of internal construction. However, the rigid foam, as well as latex foam, make sure that your support doesn't damage your body or the mattress, and it lasts a long time. With approval from the ICA (International Chiropractic Association), this mattress is also suitable for people with existing ailments as a result of considerable body weight. The BodySink foam layer further helps you feel comfortable without feeling like you're not sleeping on anything but comfortable experience. The Chiropedic 10000 mattress is perfect for people with above-average BMI as well as existing ailments and one of our best Bonnell spring mattresses in 2020.

Chiropedic 5000: The Chiropedic mattress is an excellent option for people looking for generous support as well as comfort with a firmer surface. This mattress is perfect for athletic people that workout and have no issues sleeping on a relatively firmer mattress. The Chiropedic 5000 is built for athletic people keeping the need for a relatively firmer mattress in mind with no compromise on comfort either way. That is, with the help of a relatively firmer comfort layer, and a supportive backbone of the Bonnell spring system, the Chiropedic 5000 is perfect for active people. Since there is no degradation of muscles or the need to sink or support delicately, a Bonnell spring system with these configurations is one of the best options to choose.

Hybrid use mattresses: If you are the kind of person who sees into the future and cannot see yourself sticking to one type of mattress, a hybrid mattress is a great option. Not only would it be more useful in serving multiple functions and adapting to different body types, but different preferences as well. Hybrid mattresses are a combination of different mattress types built into one package for either a single or multiple purpose and increase suitability for more people. Here are the best hybrid mattress options to choose from in 2020:

Physiopedic (memory foam and pocket coil):  The Physiopedic mattress helps with overall body support and comfort with the memory foam comfort layer. The pocket coil base is equipped with our double heat-tempered metal springs and helps your body take a natural shape without any compromise on the comfort. The memory foam naturally contours your body and allows it to sink without losing your comfort. This mattress's primary function is to support your weak points and your entire body and cushion everything with a high-quality memory foam padding. Additionally, the designer mattress looks as well as high-quality materials throughout make this Physiopedic mattress one of the best options to choose.

Posture Sense 3D Memory: This is a traditional pocket spring system that has excellent memory foam to comfort and support at the same time. The Posture Sense 3D memory comes with a Flanger Top design that is not only aesthetic but has a heavily knitted layer to increase the durability of the foam. Moreover, this mattress has an equal balance of support and comfort that go along with its luxurious aesthetics. This hybrid mattress is suitable for a significant number of people and very useful for side sleepers as it helps with the spinal alignment too.

Flippable mattress: Getting a mattress that you can flip has its advantages. Most people prefer flappable mattresses because they tend to be lightweight, easy to clean and maintain and of course, customize its use. It can have rigid foam on one side, and soft on the other and still function as a single mattress. The dual usability makes such mattresses affordable and provides excellent value as well as help people who are not sure if they prefer either configuration. The best way in case of a dilemma in this instance is to get both of your preferences in one package. Here are the best flippable mattresses from 2020:

- You Bed: The You Bed lives up to its name and shows how a personalized and high-quality mattress should look like. The You Bed has a denim side mattress look and is a flippable mattress equipped with our Sleep Grade 100% Pure Foam Mattress. The mattress is equipped with HR foam on one side and memory foam on the other. This helps the mattress stay in shape, support your body with the HR foam, as well as provide revitalizing comfort for your body. All this on one package that you can flip and use as per your comfort. Moreover, the You Bed also has a unique denim look that goes well with the overall mattress construction and the Damask Fabric.

Posture Sense Sure Sleep: It is hard to imagine an innerspring coil mattress that you can flip. But the Posture Sense Sure Sleep mattress achieves this with the help of proper foam to withstand the dual pressure of the spring system at the core. This mattress is perfect for people who want support, but also customize their mattress experience by flipping it. You get one side firmer, and one side softer for the dual comfort experience and no compromise on support. The mattress helps align your pressure points as well as allows your body to feel comfortable in both directions.

Orthopedic mattresses:

- Orthomatic DX:
The Orthomatic DX is a reversible mattress that focuses on providing a firmer mattress experience for better support. This mattress comes with two levels of firmness, and you can flip to either side for different firmness levels. This product is suitable for people who prefer not to sink into the mattress and need a firmer mattress to sleep. Moreover, the two levels of firmness ensure that neither side is one which you might prefer for the long term. That is, if you want to go for a softer yet firm experience, all you need to do is flip this mattress. It is a rebonded foam mattress and helps with back support too.

Orthomatic DY: This mattress is also a double-sided mattress that works to give you even more support because of its high-density foam. The best part about this mattress is it comes with both soft and firm surfaces. One side offers a medium-soft experience, while the other one offers a medium-firm experience. At the same time, this mattress also offers your body adequate support and comfort. The Jacquard fabric, as well as rebonded foam, ensure that the Orthomatic DY mattress stays new for years to come.

Euro HR: The Euro HR mattress is one of the best options to choose if you are looking for unparalleled support. The HR foam composition helps the mattress provide natural support and comfort. The mattress composition includes three different layers which act together to give you support without settling for low comfort. The mattress is also able to relieve pressure from your body by distributing the physical stress from your body. The cellular memory foam further helps regulate temperature and pressure, and the other layers work together to support every part of your body. It is ideal for side and back sleepers, and the Orthobond layer also ensures that it's an excellent option for people wanting support for medical reasons.

Euro Back: The Euro Back mattress is a hybrid mattress that works as an orthopedic mattress as well. That is, with the help of combined firm and uber soft surfaces, it is not only able to provide support but luxurious comfort. The soft orthopedic memory foam helps contour your body and spine while the high-density rebonded foam provides support and spring-like movement. This mattress is especially useful for back problems because of its ability to provide spinal alignment and support with the rebonded foam core. The designer mattress, along with the support make this one of the best Orthopedic mattresses for people with back problems.

Factors to consider and mattresses to buy as per your issues:
In 2020, the global situation is already forcing the majority of us to stay away from hospitals, and taking care of ourselves becomes more important than ever. The only way we can take care of ourselves is by eating right, getting exercise in the right conditions, as well as take care of our environment and home. Your mattress lies at the core of it all, and taking care of yourself also means taking care of your mattress and your physical fitness through it. Your mattress not only maintains your body's fitness but also takes care of existing issues if any. Here are the factors to consider and issues that your mattress can address:

Factors to consider when buying your mattress in 2020:
Your lifestyle in 2020 and the upcoming year is most likely to be sedentary unless you take out a decent portion of your day for working out safely. In this case, you are still going to end up at the couch or bed sooner or later and remain so for the majority of the day. Most of the people in the current global environment aren't going to the office or gyms, and that means that without proper discipline and exercise your back and shoulders need a lot of attention.
Taking care of your physical fitness is one of the main reasons you should be having gym equipment and just as important-the right mattress and pillow for your resting time. If you work out, your body needs rest and repair, and if you do not, it needs to be maintained from degrading further. Here are the factors that influence which mattress you should be opting for:

Physical fitness: Most people have lost access to gyms or not going for personal safety issues. This means all of your workout is strictly either home-based or lesser than the time you'd get from your gym, office gym or just general calorie burn from the activity of your lifestyle. Your muscles are bound to degrade unless you get some decent workout at least 3-5 days per week. And to address this cause of concern, changing your sedentary lifestyle and mattress type is quintessential.
People who tend to work out more need a good night's sleep for proper muscle recovery, and tend to go for firmer mattresses, since softer mattresses cause unnecessary sinking and extra caressing which can lead to issues. For athletic and physically active people, the best mattresses to choose would be Orthomatic DX, Orthomatic DY, Posture Sense Sure Sleep, and Chiropedic 5000, among others. Firmer mattresses or comfortable mattresses that do not cause muscles to stretch uncomfortably in sleep are a great option.
On the other hand, relatively physically inactive people would prefer comfort and support and Orthopedics and comfortable mattresses are better. If you fall into this category, you can look at our Orthopedic range as well as innerspring mattresses that support and provide comfort at the same time. These mattresses help keep your shoulders and back naturally aligned and therefore prevent from further degradation.

BMI and existing issues: Your BMI (Body Mass Index) or weight distribution in general also needs attention if you are taking care of your body. This case applies especially if you already know that some parts of your body are not in as much use as others (shoulder muscles, for example, tend to be weakest in people with no strength training). Your fat distribution and existing muscle and medically diagnosed conditions make it critical for you to get Orthopedic mattresses. Ideally, most of our Orthopedic range takes care of sensitive body areas and diagnosed physical issues and approved by the ICA for medical care. But in case you are concerned for your well-being and can sense these issues rising in these times, lifestyle changes are necessary as well as a good mattress. You need to support these weaker regions in your body and take care of overall well-being with our mattresses.
The 5-Zone FirmTech pocket spring mattress takes care of each part of your body with the medically recommended pressure. The best part about this mattress is also how it doesn't cause further issues because of different pressures because of different spring systems in place. Getting the orthopedic range of mattresses like Orthomatic DX and Orthomatic DY, Euro HR and Euro Back mattresses take care of one part or another in their ways.

Medical and other issues which affect your mattress buying decision:
There are more factors to consider than just physical issues as mattresses take care of your overall well-being and not just physical. You might be going through a tough time or celebrating the birth of your new child, and face complicated issues in your old mattress which didn't affect you before. In such cases, it is best to use our SleepID for data-based recommendations that help you decide what's best for you and your family's health. Here are some factors to pay attention to and invest in a new mattress accordingly:

Sleep disorders: If you have not been taking care of your lifestyle and your body, your warning signs or diagnoses are not the only ones who would keep you up at night. Sleep disorders are one of the leading causes that disturb the mental and physical well-being of people around the world. This makes sleep all the more important and something you should value and improve along with your lifestyle. A high-quality mattress that works to comfort and supports your sensitive or existing body issues becomes the must-have necessity in such a time.
Opting for orthopedic mattresses or comfortable mattresses as per your doctor's prescription can help take care of your body and physical ailments. Sleep disorders like sleep apnea, snoring, restless leg syndrome, among others, seriously inhibit sleep quality and the number of hours you need to sleep. A good quality mattress, along with your prescriptions and lifestyle changes, completes the set you need to maintain your health and possibly reverse it.

Childbirth and pregnancy: Pregnancy and post-natal care is one of the most testing times for the female body and taking care of yourself not only helps you but your newborn child too. Your body needs to recover and regain all of its fitness and maintain the child's needs too. These circumstances necessitate you to have a good night's sleep that supports your partner as well as your pregnancy. Sleeping on the same low support mattress won't help your body or your mental well-being. That is why an orthopedic or ultra-comfortable and supportive mattress is quintessential in such a time. Innerspring coil mattresses are the best option to support your body weight and give relief after an exhaustive day. This is even more helpful when the comfort layer is made up of memory foam, and it helps the baby to be comfortable in the first few critical weeks and months.

Sedentary lifestyle and quarantine: The 2020 quarantine is forcing us into a more sedentary lifestyle, and sleep is more precious than ever in helping you recover and build immunity. That is, a mattress to relax and revitalize you in these times becomes even more critical. Your body is at rest lot more than it is active. Irrespective of whether you sit all day or visit the mattress at the end of the day, your body needs relaxation and maintenance. That is why a comfortable and supportive mattress that aligns your spine and corrects your posture is essential now. A mattress's comfort level depends on your body and the materials in use. A high-quality mattress ensures that you do not degrade your body further in addition to the 2020 lifestyle by taking care of your body in sleep.

In addition to mattress materials, construction and layers, you now know how important they are for your health and well-being. That is why a high-quality mattress is essential for you to consider in the 2020 pandemic situation seriously. This pandemic will pass sooner or later, but taking care of your body's needs is something you cannot miss out on because of the long-term consequences. Your mattress takes care of your physical body and sleep, while you take care of everything else.

Sleeping has been proven to increase immunity and maintain your body. So, there is no room for compensation when it comes to your mental and physical well-being, especially during sleep time. You might not be taking care of your body actively because of anxiety, stress and the pandemic brain, but a mattress makes sure that you sleep well and without any issues surfacing to your body. Moreover, the comfort and feel of a high-quality mattress are what will stay with you throughout quarantine as your constant.

The best mattresses of 2020 should focus on comfort and support in a balance, and our list makes sure that we enlighten you on every factor and element to consider before purchasing your King Koil mattress. If you are still confused, our SleepID can help you make the right decision for your family and your health.