Date : 2020-10-19 11:47:57

Best Memory Foam Mattresses of 2022

Memory foam mattresses are all the more critical in 2020 because most of us are stuck at home due to the global crisis. In some way or another, we all want comfort amid our stressful and less active lifestyles. And memory foam mattresses cushion your body and help you feel the plush experience they're known for. They're suitable for many people and make for excellent mattresses with a long life. If you're looking for memory foam mattresses in 2020, this guide will help you with everything you need to know or choose from about memory foam mattresses.
Memory foam is more a type of foam, but not the one you can see everywhere, either in furniture or other areas. You can find various kinds of memory foam, mostly in areas that need more comfort and shock absorption. The most active use of memory in the sleep industry is in pillows and mattresses. Memory foam mattresses make for excellent options if you're looking for more comfort and shock absorption. Well, your bed doesn't need much shock absorption, but this property helps restrict movement if you see yourself tossing, turning, and then waking up. It helps you sleep better by giving a 'hug' like feeling for your body, and the extent and experience of this 'hug' depend on the memory foam quality and density.
When we talk about memory foam from a sleep and body requirement perspective, it contours your body and makes your experience comfortable. This puts next to no pressure on your body, therefore allowing you to sleep without any issues. Moreover, it is even better for people with over-strenuous lifestyles where memory foam helps relieve the strained muscles and spine. It conforms around your body, making you feel so relaxed that you might not feel like getting out of this mattress. The 'sleeping-in-air' experience helps people with physical issues and relax in a mattress that holds on and caresses your body. Memory foam relieves your daily exhaustion pressure and aligns your spine in both side and back sleeping orientation.

The best memory foam mattresses to choose from King Koil:
The best memory foam mattresses tend to have higher density levels for better support and comfort level. High density ensures a greater level of satisfaction, firmness, longevity, and overall experience in your memory foam mattress. If you want quality, rest assured knowing that King Koil's memory foam mattresses use the best raw memory foam materials and construction to give you good quality sleep. Here are the best memory foam mattresses of 2020:

1. iMattress:
Our best mattress has the best-in-class high-density memory foam in place. This helps it last longer, feel firmer, and give a uniform expansion feel when you lie on it. The best part about the iMattress is how comfortable it feels to sleep on it. The SuperHyper foam core helps uphold your body while the other parts ensure that your body feels well-supported. It further helps conform your body to the experience of lying in a memory foam because of the higher density that comfort and supports in a balance. Moreover, iMattress offers you a tremendous pressure-relieving sleep experience as it also cushions your vulnerable body parts without letting them sink in beyond the point of comfort. As our best memory foam mattress products yet, it offers an exceptionally luxurious experience and design that lasts years with minimal much shape loss.

2. Posture Sense 3D Memory:
Memory foam mattresses don't need to be all comfort and no support, and if you want comfort and a mattress that suits your body, the choices can be confusing. Posture Sense 3D memory mattress is a hybrid memory foam and innerspring mattress. The Flanger top lining and cellular memory foam help make this mattress as cool, pressure-relieving, and comfortable as possible. Because of cellular memory foam in place, you can be sure that your memory foam mattress will be better for contouring your body, more responsive to touch as well as regulate body heat and air. The pocketed spring system inside further helps support your body with support to look after delicate parts. It helps align your spine and orient your body correctly, while the memory foam comfort layers help you feel the comfort it promises.

3. Gravity:
If you want a memory foam mattress that understands your concern about losing shape, Gravity is another excellent option. This is because the topmost comfort layer lining has a 1-inch thick HR memory foam to contour your body. While the bulk of the mattress is made up of HR memory foam, the cellular memory foam makes sure that it doesn't lose shape or makes you uncomfortable or hot at night. As a result of HR foam and cellular foam, you can rest assured that your mattress stays in the best shape possible and offers you quality sleep without sinking in too much.
The Gravity mattress also helps you sleep with proper pressure relief from the mattress. It conforms around your body and has a higher response rate than the traditional memory foam. It is perfect for people who want memory foam benefits, with assured longevity benefits and not sinking. You can feel the support and comfort as this mattress makes the best of both options with minimalistic design and superior build. Moreover, the surface is especially useful in aligning your spine and alleviating any mild pains because of strain.

4. Chiropedic 5000:
Memory foam has its image of being soft and plush, but what if you want more support while enjoying these benefits too? Not everyone likes the comfort of memory foam without its backbone of inner springs. That is why our Chiropedic 5000 mattress makes sure that you get your support and comfort in a healthy balance. This mattress is built to help with spine alignment, offer superb comfort, and top it all with exceptional support. The Chiropedic coil helps make this mattress the support expert it is designed to be.
The designer construction, luxurious materials, and the general look make this mattress nothing short of royal. Moreover, the memory foam, in addition to the Chiropedic coil, makes this mattress semi-firm on the surface. This is perfect for people with more delicate support where they cannot afford to let their spine or other areas sink in too much. The Chiropedic 5000 is also the right choice for athletic people who want a firmer mattress and a decent balance of comfort to keep up in shape.

Advantages of Memory Foam mattresses:
Memory foam covers a wide range of mattresses, and their construction, purpose, and design can vary as per requirement. However, there are a few expected benefits you can enjoy in memory foam mattresses. This short guide helps you figure out if you need a memory foam mattress at all:

Body Contour: The main reason people choose a memory foam mattress is how comfortable any memory foam use in a mattress is for the body. It hugs every part of your body instead of applying generic pressure like lower density foams. Memory foam's density levels decide how easily it hugs your entire body. This property helps take care of your body where it needs the most comfort- chronic pain points, daily strain areas, among others. As a result, you get an experience that helps you feel like you're floating on a cloud. Higher-density memory foams last longer and are firmer than low density, but it depends on how firm you want your mattress to be.

- Pain relief: As comfortable as memory foams are, their soft plushy surface and overall build also make them therapeutic for pain. As a result, they're suitable for people with chronic pains or who feel they have pains by the end of the day because of a sedentary or overactive lifestyle. As such, there is no single mattress that suits every single person looking for similar requirements. Different mattress construction with memory foam in the comfort layer or bulk help enhance and detail how each part of your body experiences the comfort. Moreover, this property makes memory foam highly useful in Orthopedic mattresses in the form of high-density medium-firm mattresses.

Hypoallergenic: When you're going after the comfort, you also want the high-density surface of the memory foam mattress not to accumulate dust and other allergens. The best part is that memory foam is natively hypoallergenic, meaning it doesn't need any chemicals or additives in the manufacturing to enhance or instill germ and allergen-free properties. The foam's cellular structure and nature repel small particles and don't let anything settle with ease. Even if you see any dust or other parts in cracks in low-density memory foam mattresses, it is easy to brush it off. This ensures better health for your lungs and muscles, which memory foam already helps with.

Motion isolation: Since memory foams tend to have slow responsive rates, it is easy for your body to stay in one place. This property helps restrict excessive tossing and turning in your sleep and prevent disturbing your partner. Memory foam layers or bulk are excellent for motion isolation as they keep the motion and pressure distribution to one side. If it was a unibody spring system or low-density memory foam, you could expect motion disturbance to rock the bed and mattress. However, high-quality memory foam keeps you to your side of the bed and restricts motion even if you still manage to move excessively.

How does memory foam hold up against other mattresses?
Why is memory foam the mattress type you want, not say- latex foam, rebonded foam, or innerspring? It comes down to the most basic feel of memory foam and construction. While different mattress constructions mixed can simulate another raw material's properties, memory foam has its native advantages.

Memory foam's slow responsiveness and a general sense of comfort of the surface are not something that any other mattress can do. They can be spongy, elastic, firm, but memory foam's native property of hugging anything exerting pressure is unique to memory foam only. You can change density and thickness to change your experience, but the primary experience is similar across all varying elements. This is especially evident in latex foam mattresses, or HR foam, and PU foam. They also have their unique feel and experience, but memory foam is the only one you can use on the surface or in bulk to hug your body better than others.

Coming to innerspring mattresses, they always have one or more layers of foam. Say you have a lower quality layer of PU Foam on top of a pocket coil system, and you would feel extreme discomfort as the inner springs exert different pressures to conform to the mattress for your body. On the other hand, if you use memory foam combined with the innerspring system, you can expect the plush protection of memory foam protecting your body, hugging it, and allowing the innerspring to work their magic too.

However, when it comes to longevity, memory foam is not the winner. Innerspring mattresses (using memory, latex, or other options) and latex foam mattresses last much longer. They feel good as new for many years and hold up your body throughout the loss and gain of body weight, lifestyle changes, and others. Despite ensuring the highest-quality memory foam doesn't feel good as new after, say, 4 or 5 years and shows signs of sagging (say 10-15%) in the first couple of years itself. However, these factors depend on the construction, raw material, manufacturing, and memory foam mattress design. A good quality memory foam mattress can last as long as 8-10 years, retaining most of its new shape throughout its life.

If you're looking for more comfort and want that luxury hotel-like feeling of sleeping on air, memory foam mattresses are the best choice for you. After you've made your choice in memory foam, you can check the various construction designs available and choose what SleepID suggests you or as per your doctor's prescription.

1. Where should I buy memory foam mattresses in India?

You can buy the best quality memory foam mattresses in a whole range of King Koil pan-India. If you're doubtful about how to choose your memory foam mattress, our staff and SleepID Kiosks can help recommend the best memory foam mattresses that suit your body type and stay within your budget as well. Moreover, King Koil memory foam mattresses have one of the best construction designs in the market that helps a wide variety of people who want their mattress to customize their sleeping experience. The high-density nature of memory foam in our mattresses ensure they last longer and offer the most advantages that low-density mattresses cannot.

2. How long will my King Koil memory foam mattress last?
You can rely on our mattresses to last a good number of years in new-like condition. However, all mattresses have a life in which they perform best, and after that can harm your body in the long term. King Koil mattresses come with a 10-year warranty period that ensures you get the best out of your mattresses for the majority of its warranty period and beyond. How long our mattresses last also depend on your body weight throughout the years, environmental factors, and how you clean and maintain them.

3. What is unique about King Koil's memory foam?
King Koil memory foam has a high-value density- approx. 90D. We manufacture our mattresses to this level of density so that they're just firm and soft enough not to cause discomfort to your body. Moreover, this density helps people sleep better, experience better sleep, and get the best out of our mattress's native advantage- longevity, allergen-repelling, among others. Lower quality memory foam in bulk or most used layers can chip or tear, but our memory foam lasts long and can face most of the challenges you throw at it. Cleaning, maintaining, and general experience with a higher-density memory foam mattress is better than a lower density option.

4. I am confused between memory foam and latex foam. Which one should I go for?
It depends on your body type and some other factors that influence the mix of this confusion. If you're looking for an average budget mattress that can conform to your body as if you're being hugged, memory foam mattresses are the better choice. However, if you're looking long term, say up to 15 years, and want a comfortable and long-lasting mattress that doesn't lose shape but is comfortable to some extent like memory foam, latex is the better option. It comes down to your body, personal preferences, and your budget.

5. How easily do memory foam mattresses lose their shape?
While most memory foam mattresses can lose some shape (about 10-30%) depending upon the quality, King Koil's memory foam stands out. Because of our 90D density and manufacturing, we can assure newness up to 5 years and general use from thereon. These factors also depend on your body and use, but on average, you should see that your memory foam mattresses last up to 5-7 years or longer, depending upon density.