Date : 2020-10-12 11:20:52

Bonded Foam VS Coir Mattress - Which one should you buy?

If you're looking for an affordable mattress, there are many options, but the primary constituents can be either rebonded foam, PU Foam, or Coir foam. However, rebonded foam and coir mattresses are best for support, and the comfort level changes depending on the type. Bonded foam or rebonded foam is an excellent option for people looking for a sturdy yet comfortable mattress and has its cons and pros. Coir, on the other hand, is useful in very few scenarios but provides support nonetheless.
You can get a rebonded mattress with the majority constituent as bonded foam; however, coir foam needs unique construction. Coir, aka coconut fiber, is used in mattresses to enhance breathability and provide support simultaneously. Because of the manufacturing coir mattresses' nature, it has to be compressed, and it doesn't fluff enough to be springy. You can look at it as a mostly rigid and semi-flexible material used in mattresses for support. While rebonded foam may not collect allergens as quickly, despite extra layers of foam, coir mattresses easily collect dust and allergens. While you may use a rebonded foam mattress in everyday life, coir mattresses are not worth the investment.

What to expect from Coir mattress and Bonded foam mattress?
While both mattresses are of different materials and need different construction, there is a lot that sets them apart. Here is how a coir mattress and a bonded foam mattress differ and function:

1. Coir mattress:
As such, sleeping on direct coir isn't good for health, or even viable for primary use. Coir or coconut fiber is as similar to a steel mesh, except it isn't that firm. Coir mattress isn't the right sleeping solution for anyone, no matter the scenario, unless it is the last resort available. This is because it has more cons than pros, especially in terms of comfort. Like its origin, coir mattresses are suitable for people who live in coastal areas and might want to relax in the sun or their backyards. But, when we talk about sleeping on coir mattresses for your REM sleep at night, it is not worth the health risks it poses.
However, the coir helps keep the mattress ventilated and dry, and a good option for people looking for some support at a meager cost. The PU Foam layer or other comfort layer constituents help your body feel comfortable, but coir is not something that bends or conforms to your body. Additionally, coir mattresses are not hygienic regarding how easily they attract dust, allergens, and insects. It is an excellent option for humid and hot coastal areas for guest rooms or spares, otherwise not beneficial for longevity. Although sustainable, coir foam mattresses do not last long because of coir and PU Foam's short life.

2. Rebonded/Bonded foam:
Bonded foam is a generally firm and elastic mattress that gets this unique physical attribute from different foam pieces shredded and combined. Rebonded foam is an excellent option for people looking for comfort and support in balance. You can use rebonded foam in Orthopedics because it tends to have a firmer surface layer to support and provide relief. Moreover, rebonded foam's quality and density depend on the manufacturing process.
At King Koil, we strive for the best quality rebonded foam by using in house newly manufactured material for our Orthobond and other mattress options. Rebonded foam is an excellent option for people who want the firm elastic motion without investing in innerspring mattresses. The different mattress shreds inside help support body weight and help conform to your body. This is especially useful for people who want a healthy balance of comfort and support without tipping too much on either side.

Pros and Cons of Bonded and Coir mattress:
As these are both more affordable options, there are more cons, yet pros if you're looking for value in coir or bonded foam mattresses.

Benefits of Coir mattress:
- Temperature regulation:
Coir mattresses make use of coir mesh in their support layers, and the comfort layer ideally consists of foam. This means that while the coir layer acts as the supporting option in this mattress construction, it is sandwiched in between. The coir lattice structure regulates temperature and air, therefore keeping the mattress cooler for people who tend to sleep hot. This makes the coir mattress all the more suitable for coastal areas.

Supportive: Coir is hard, and the PU Foam or other foams in the comfort layer of the coir mattress enhance the support factor. It acts as a natural supportive layer that helps your body relax and support at the same time. While the foam layer can contour your body, the coir layer helps support any parts of your body that need support. As a result, you get a mattress with the right support level, but less on the comfort side.

- Environment and general use: Coir mattresses are ideal for hot and humid weather where you can use this mattress outside or in your spare room. It is ideal for reading books, using for relaxing, and supporting larger body weights. It is also a good option if you need a mattress for your toddler and know that the mattress is disposable.

Disadvantages of coir mattresses:
- Hygiene issues:
Because of coconut coir, maintenance and cleaning this mattress is impossible without extensive effort. Additionally, it would attract all kinds of allergens and elements. This is not useful in environments where you see a lot of pest or dust activity. You also wouldn't want to use it on your floor without a bed because it would attract and pick up dust exceptionally easily.

Durability and discomfort: Coir, as an organically sourced material, is prone to more wear and tear. This means that while it is a good material as a support layer option, it isn't the best or ideal option to last long. The nature of organic materials will attract insects, take on pressure and not bounce back, and make it useless for the support function. These factors make coir mattress a generally uncomfortable option to use in the long term. If you're overweight and want to use it for support, it would be fine for some time, but it would need to be replaced within a few months.

Advantages of Bonded foam:
- Comfort:
Although bonded foam is rigid and firm to sleep on, it is ideal for people with existing body issues. This is because while the bulk of the bonded foam material is excellent for support, the surface contours around your body. It helps by contouring and helping your spine and shoulders relax in their natural position. As a result, you get a mattress that you can use for Orthopedics and general comfort with adequate support.

Bodyweight support: The elastic surface and the bulk of the mattress make this one of the best options for overweight people. It is just as good for people with sensitive body areas, as it supports your pressure points individually, acting as micro-springs but staying elastic and firm to touch. As a result, rebonded foam mattresses tend to be firm to touch, but make excellent mattress options for obese or overweight people in general.

Spinal alignment: The rebonded foam's supportive elastic nature helps side and back sleepers feel relief in their back. It is an excellent option for people with a sedentary or excessively strenuous lifestyle for backs. Moreover, this mattress option is also suitable for people with medically diagnosed issues and needing a doctor's prescription.

Motion isolation: The pieced together shredded parts of foams in bonded foam make it an excellent motion isolation mattress too. It is excellent for couples who do not want to disturb each other as the pieces prevent excessive movement.

Cons of Bonded Foam:
- Hot mattress:
While this can be an advantage or disadvantage depending upon climate and body type, most people do not like the temperature isolation. The bonded foam tends to hold on to heat and doesn't distribute heat as quickly. While this is true for most high-density foams, it isn't easy to get an affordable foam mattress to regulate body heat quickly.

Density and form: Rebonded foam's density is the factor that determines its durability. Although it is a pieced-together version, it still needs high-quality foam to be firm enough to have structural integrity. Moreover, the density of a bonded foam depends on how many pieces the manufacturing process uses and its material. Even after this, because of the nature of the glued together structure, it can lose its form to some extent after some years. Ideally, it should last for at least 3-5 years without much loss if it has an excellent quality of foam material in use.

Different Construction styles for coir and bonded mattresses:
- Coir mattresses:
Coir mattresses are comfortable to manufacture and sustain. This makes them inexpensive, and you don't have to think twice before purchasing them. But the general life, as well as comfort, are what might cause double-thoughts. With that said, there are two kinds of coir mattresses that you can find in the market:
Rubberized coir mattress: This is the more premium version of a coir mattress, where one uses latex foam in the comfort layer. This helps the coir mattress retain its visible shape slightly longer and offer a more premium comfort because of the latex foam.
Hybrid coir mattress: Generally, coir mattresses need different kinds of materials for support and comfort layers. While coir may make up the bulk of the mattress, it may use one or more foam types to make up the mattress. As a result, you get to experience the support from the bulk of the coir and comfort from different materials like latex, PU Foam, or foams that do not disintegrate quickly.

Bonded foam: Bonded foam mattresses can also use a hybrid construction because it is not always feasible to use an entire bulk of rebonded foam. You may find bonded foams with PU Foam, latex, or even memory foams in place as support or comfort layers. You can even see bonded foam paired with innerspring mattresses in some cases, making it a good option for general use across different mattress types. Hybrid bonded foams may also last longer because of different elements in use. Moreover, while not wholly hypoallergenic, bonded foam isn't wholly allergen-repelling.

Bonded foam is one of the options you can rely on for daily use. On the other hand, a coir mattress is not an option you want to choose if you do not have special needs or a sparing budget. You can use and find bonded foam in different combinations, and it is easy to maintain a bonded foam mattress. Coir mattress wouldn't use the same materials for longevity, and despite high-quality foam and materials in the support or comfort layer, the coir would lose its structure quickly. Although sustainable, if you need to replace a mattress now and then it isn't the most eco-friendly or comfortable option.
If you are looking for a naturally sourced mattress, coir is a somewhat average tier mattress that looks appealing but fails to satisfy the majority of the population. It is ideal for overweight people or people looking for a temporary or disposable mattress for their homes. If you need a natural mattress, you can try latex foam mattresses that are even more sustainable than coir and come from rubber trees. Rebonded foam mattresses are as usable as any other mattress and can accommodate a much more comprehensive range of people's personal preferences. This makes rebonded foam a better option between the two, and it is also nearly as affordable as coir mattresses.

- I am looking for a medium-firm mattress for better support? Which one to choose?

Unless your budget is thin, it is always a wiser option to choose bonded foam. Moreover, bonded foam mattresses tend to have an above-average firmness and density level, making it suitable for orthopedics. While coir mattresses may support your body and suit the medium-firm option, it loses this quality quickly enough to lose its value as a viable option. You can always go for rebonded foam mattresses that use different mattress pieces to give you better support.

I want a spare mattress. Should I choose coir or Bonnell spring?
If you need a spare mattress that you might not use too regularly but still offer decent comfort, it is best to use a Bonnell spring mattress. This is because coir mattresses lose their form and shape within months of use and need very high-maintenance. It can make your guests sick with allergy-induced diseases and respiratory issues. Moreover, coir mattresses can quickly become nesting grounds for cockroaches and other pests as they're coconut fiber. Coir sags easily, while Bonnell spring is a good support system mattress.

I want a mattress for my new-born who might wet the bed often. Should I choose coir or go for other disposable mattresses?
Coir mattresses are suitable for temperature regulation and support. If you can afford to replace mattresses within months, it is best to go for coir mattresses. However, it is ideal to use a bed mattress topper to prevent liquid from entering the mattress quickly. With that said, coir mattresses would smell and sag because of bedwetting (more than usual). If you are concerned about replacing mattresses, it is ideal to choose one inexpensive option like an innerspring or coir to clean it and dispose of regularly.

I want a cool mattress for my new home? Which one to choose?
Coir mattresses are best for coastal areas. If you want a mattress that can support your body and not spend even an average amount on mattresses, it is the perfect starter pad mattress. Although you may have to look for a different mattress after some months, it is a good idea to get a coir mattress if you need any mattress for a cool sleeping experience in your coastal home. You can also choose a gel memory foam mattress, but it isn't as supportive in general as a coir mattress.

Is there any inexpensive alternative to coir mattresses to sleep soundly?
Yes, there are plenty of options to choose from if your budget is stretched thin. You can always use our SleepID and budget filters to shortlist mattresses in your budget that give your body the sleep you need. Our 94% customer satisfaction resulting from years of research and development helps us guarantee good sleep with King Koil mattresses.

- Is there any way to maintain coir mattresses?
While coir mattresses tend to hold on to allergens and other elements, it might not always be viable to open and clean this mattress. If you are concerned about dust, you can always vacuum it, but after it loses its structure and starts smelling bad, there is no other option but to replace it.