Date : 2021-06-21 10:44:15

Can a Mattress Topper be a Replacement of Your Old Mattress?

When your mattress grows too old to use, the upcoming purchase can be daunting, and sometimes you may try to prolong its inevitable discarding. Using mattress toppers or a protector is good to use to prolong your mattress life, but not when it's nearing its end. If your old mattress is already showing signs of aging and reducing your sleep quality, a mattress topper won't work a miracle. However, a mattress topper is an excellent mattress accessory upgrade when installed on a new mattress or a while after purchase. You may have the best mattress, but if it has lost its capabilities over time, there's not much you can do except discard it.

What is a mattress topper?
A mattress topper is an extension that serves as an additional measure of protection and comfort for your mattress. It acts as a plush layer on top of your mattress and helps enhance comfort or support or either in different configurations. Moreover, a mattress topper is usually padded or has a thick layer of foam padding that helps it enhance comfort in your mattress. Usually, mattress toppers are soft and may have different configurations and materials in use, depending upon the requirement. As a result, a mattress topper is a must-have for people who want their mattress sleeping experience to be much more comfortable.

A mattress topper is also beneficial for people who want to enhance their mattress life, sleep in different positions on a firm mattress, and offer protection from the environment. Mattress toppers protect your mattress from body sweat, environmental moisture, and allergens entering and staying in your mattress. However, what it doesn't do is offer a newness or new life to your old mattress taking its uneven sagging, lumps, allergenic concerns, and other issues.

When should you get a new mattress topper?
A mattress topper is an extension that extends your mattress's life, capabilities, and overall enhanced benefits. Because of this reason, a mattress topper is as invaluable as it is disposable. You can replace your mattress topper with ease, but looking for a new mattress would be costly and time-consuming. That is why you should look into the different factors that might make it better to get a new mattress topper:

  1. Replaceability: Your mattress is prone to wear and tear through physical and environmental means. A high-quality luxury mattress may last a long time, but it would still need protection from the agents or rough use. If you have kids or are prone to eating, working, or relaxing on your bed rather than the couch, a mattress topper is a must. Your mattress topper is replaceable, but spills, food damage, environmental factors can be hard to get rid of. That is why a mattress topper, as a disposable yet comfortable cover acts as the shield against your mattress taking long-term damage.
  2. Aesthetics: Elements like a pillow top or Euro top construction work similarly to how a mattress topper works. A mattress topper is usually low density, but a pillow or Euro top is high density and often quilted with memory or PU foam. A mattress topper offers more variety in materials you can use and enhances your bed's aesthetics. An additional layer that enhances your mattress height prevents bedsheet slippage, and looks good is the perfect functional yet aesthetic element your bed needs.
  3. Enhanced comfort and support: The main benefit of a mattress topper is the enhanced comfort and support that they offer, and it isn't possible in low-budget luxury mattresses. You can add your own layer that enhances your comfort and support of the mattress while protecting and enhancing its life. It wouldn't be the same experience, but you can count on your new mattress topper to allow you to sleep in positions your mattress might not support. Moreover, a mattress topper like a gel memory foam topper would also make your bed a cool environment to sleep in. In the Indian weather, it is a must for the harsh summers. Additionally, the enhanced comfort and support factor in your new mattress would also help you with muscle pain relief and strain from a challenging day.

When should you get a new mattress?
So, your old mattress looks old or shows signs of aging, and you're contemplating ways of extending its life or looking for a new mattress. Well, the best scenario, in this case, is to look for a new best quality mattress that suits your body and helps sleep you better. The new mattress has to counter your current older mattress's adverse effects and provide a new sense of how you sleep. A topper for your mattress (an existing aging one) isn't going to extend its life in any way, but it would work excellent on a new one. Here are the signs to look out for in your current mattress to start looking for a new one.

  1. Mattress sagging: Your mattress could be sagging more towards your side or your partner's or having uneven sagging or lost its height significantly. It can happen in any type of mattress and is the first and most important sign to start looking for a new mattress, as it means decreased support.
  2. The mattress has lumps: Over time, friction, general wear and tear, or low-density foam parts in your mattress may break up. This scenario usually occurs more in innerspring mattresses, but foam mattresses can experience it too. If your mattress shows lumps or unevenly raised mattress parts, you may start looking for a new mattress.
  3. You have allergies and skin rashes: Is your decision to buy a mattress topper based on allergies or rash concerns because of your current aging mattress? Although you could enjoy the benefit of relief from skin conditions and rashes for a short time, it wouldn't last long. If the issue of skin rashes, allergies, and sinus inflation starts, it means your mattress has accumulated dust or allergens in extreme saturation. And using it any more would only prolong the inevitable by offering temporary relief. In addition, your immune system may be compromised, and placing a mattress topper in between your body and an aging mattress might also begin making it accumulate the same agents.
  4. Mattress heating or smelling: Your mattress may be causing you to overheat, sweat, wake up feeling horrible. These are signs of an old mattress that no longer offers the breathability it once used to. Because of sagging, dust accumulation, aging in general, the mattress pores close down and lead to these issues and more. Your mattress accumulates sweat over a long time, and these issues with bioenvironmental concerns are only much more severe in rooms with less ventilation and sunlight. Your current aging mattress may be smelling, overheating you, and adding a mattress topper on top wouldn't solve these issues. The problem lies with your mattress's aging issues, and adding a layer in between wouldn't help you.

When should you not buy the mattress topper?
Your mattress topper and an old mattress do not go hand in hand, and if you're looking for a mattress topper, you should know when it can serve you best. Buying a mattress topper online or in-store is something you should look into after getting a new mattress. Using a mattress topper for an older mattress would result in wasting your resources and time, as you would have to buy a new mattress eventually. Instead, you should buy a mattress topper for your new mattress if you can see these issues:

  1. Old mattress aging issues: Your current mattress needs an upgrade when the time is here, and there is no debating or prolonging it. As discussed, old mattresses have many issues that cannot be solved with a mattress topper. So, if you're looking for a mattress topper for your old mattress, it wouldn't be worth the effort or the associated health risks. So, if you're looking to get rid of allergies, wanting to balance out uneven sagging, or any other issues, a new mattress that suits your body is the best way ahead.
  2. Mattress induces body pains: If you're trying out a new mattress and start to notice you have body pains, you should look into a mattress replacement before choosing a compatible mattress topper. The same scenario applies to your older mattress, as once it loses its supportive capability, a mattress topper wouldn't help. Your body starts showing signs of chronic pain, increased risk of injury, and weakening muscles when your mattress doesn't support you right. Because of these issues, going for a mattress topper (which usually doesn't provide support) wouldn't help your case.
  3. You're looking for properties your mattress doesn't have: You bought a mattress online and unable to replace or get the right one, and a mattress topper online catches your fancy. Installing a mattress topper with an incompatible mattress wouldn't help you but could even worsen things. That is why, if you're buying a mattress online or in person, it is always a good idea to check if it suits your body. Lacking support or cushion or both are factors that one can't fix with a mattress topper.

Type of mattress toppers:
You can find different mattress toppers when looking for a mattress topper online or in a mattress topper store. Mattress toppers are usually made with low-density materials and offer enhanced comfort as a result. A topper for your mattress varies as per the kind of comfort or functionality you're looking for, and here are the various types:

  1. HR Foam topper: HR foam is an excellent material for use in mattress toppers for people looking to avoid sinking and overheating. If you're looking for a relatively cooler yet plush material, HR foam is the best material and offers a degree of support enhancement. These properties make HR foam mattress toppers an excellent option for use in orthopedics or memory foam mattresses that might be uncomfortable sleeping on the side. All mattress toppers are relatively soft compared to your mattress, and an HR foam topper is medium-firm. Our Topper Comforto is ideal for your new mattress and the Indian sleep requirements.
  2. Memory foam topper: A memory foam topper is a must-have for people that want the benefits of memory foam plushness and side sleeping in their mattress. Unlike HR foam, a memory foam topper would help with enhanced comfort and would allow you to sleep slightly warmer. But it would help if you used a memory foam topper in a mattress with an excellent support system because your body might misalign in different sleeping positions. Using a topper is a great idea to extend your mattress life, but your mattress's compatibility should stay intact too. That is why a memory foam topper like Visco Memory is ideal for orthopedic mattresses or hybrid innerspring mattresses with a robust support system and high-density support layer.
  3. PU Foam topper: PU foam is one of the best materials to use for a comfortable, slightly warm yet breathable sleeping experience. Unlike memory foam, a PU foam layer or mattress topper doesn't retain heat as efficiently but is suitable for air regulation. PU foam mattress topper would be soft or extra soft depending upon density, and our Topper CloudSense is ideal for the Indian weather. PU foam is also extra soft or soft, so your mattress would have to offer exceptional support with the help of an innerspring system or an ortho foam core. PU foam mattress topper is best used with an orthopedic or hybrid innerspring pocket coil mattress. PU foam mattress toppers offer extreme plushness that helps with pain relief complementing your orthopedic mattress.
  4. Gel memory foam topper: A variant of memory foam, yet advanced where memory foam may be irritating, gel memory foam is ideal for summers. A gel memory foam topper is usually high-density and comes with cooling properties where your mattress might be lacking or overcompensating. Ideal for Indian summers, a gel memory foam topper offers superior comfort and a comfortably cool sleeping experience. Perfect to pair with a gel memory foam pillow, gel memory foam toppers keep you cool throughout the night. Embedded with gel beads throughout its thickness, a gel memory foam topper is an excellent option for people looking for the benefits of memory foam and the cooling option of unique gel beads. In addition, our Gel HD memory topper for your mattress is an excellent option if you're looking for a cooler and super comfortable plush sleeping experience.

Where to buy a mattress topper?
You can buy a mattress topper online and in-person in our mattress topper stores and dealerships. In addition, you can contact us for more information regarding mattress toppers and customized sizes. King Koil mattress toppers fit perfectly with King Koil luxury mattresses and significantly increase the mattress life. However, before choosing a mattress topper, you should choose a compatible mattress with the help of our SleepID algorithm, as a mattress topper can't help with an incompatible mattress.

Your King Koil mattress may also come with special construction features like a Euro Top or pillow-top layer, which may or may not be compatible with an additional mattress topper. Our sleep experts are always there to help you choose the best mattress toppers and mattress for a good night's sleep. A mattress topper would also offer more comfort for people looking to sleep in the abdominal position, although it isn't the best for long-term sleeping benefits.

Your new mattress has various benefits, and protecting your new mattress against spills, long-term environmental and biological damage is on the top of the list. However, when a mattress has lost its comforting plush density and pressure-relieving properties, lacking in support, a mattress topper can't prolong its life. King Koil mattress toppers and protectors are made with the best materials in-house and offer ultra-comfortable sleep.

Mattress toppers do not slip off from your bed with ultra-durable elastic strap holders. King Koil mattress toppers enhance the comfort and life of your new luxury mattress. High-density fabric covers the entire mattress topper and helps prevent external agents from entering your mattress in the first place. If you love your new KingKoil luxury mattress and want to enhance its comfort, our mattress protectors can help right from the start.