Date : 2021-01-06 11:14:35

EXPLAINED: Pillow Top VS Euro Top Mattress | Which One Should You Buy?

If you've recently been to a luxury hotel, you probably have slept on either a pillow or euro top mattress. The experience feels blissful, and the overall comfort of either of these mattresses is unparalleled. But if you're considering getting a similar mattress for your home, this guide helps you how to buy the two options as the best mattresses in India. The Euro Top and pillow top aren't necessarily for the hospitality industry, but equally great when you use them in a domestic environment. Both mattress types share the property of being soft and contouring your body. But their softness, looks, the material used, and everything else varies depending upon manufacturer and materials.

What are the main features of a Euro Top mattress?
A Euro-top mattress has an additional denser layer on top of its comfort layer that acts as padding to increase its plushness and comfort. In the case of Euro Top mattresses, it takes the form of an additional layer stitched into the mattress. It is a type of pillow top mattresses, but unlike pillow-top mattresses, the layer is stitched inside and this is sometimes referred to as a box top mattress. They might have different kinds of foam (usually memory foam, open-cell memory foam, or soft PU Foam), fiberfill, or even wool.

Here are the main characteristics of a Euro top mattress:

  1. In-mattress cushioning: The additional layer of padding looks like it's a part of the mattress and looks like an elevated cushioned layer. The construction of this extra layer focuses on integrating this layer to work for a long time. The extra layer of the euro top design also focuses on improving the edge protection of your mattress. Euro top mattresses tend to be softer in the middle, and the edges are firmer because of the stitching and overall construction.
  2. Pillow layer type: The primary distinction between Euro-top and pillow-top mattresses lies in their kind of plushness and padding aesthetics. That is, Euro-top mattresses are in line with the mattress look and doesn't look any different from the mattress. It is a part of the mattress internals in every way.
  3. Density: The top layer in Euro-top mattress is denser and firmer than a pillow top mattress. The density factor is another reason why Euro-top mattresses last longer and are firmer towards the edges. This higher density also allows additional motion isolation and can help you sleep more comfortably.

Main features of a pillow top mattress:
A pillow top mattress has a more promiscuous additional layer of padding. The padding is softer than that of a Euro top mattress but isn't an integral part of the mattress. It looks like the pillow layer is a think pillow on top of your rectangular mattress and feels better and more comforting. They're excellent when coupled with an innerspring mattress and provide exceptional contouring plushness and comfort. Moreover, a pillow top mattress is usually present in the hospitality industry or a higher range of luxury mattresses.

A pillow top mattress has these characteristics which set it apart from a Euro top mattress:

  1. Cushion layer: Unlike the Euro top mattress padding layer, the pillow top layer looks like a mattress topper but is not attached inside the mattress' top layer. It looks like a slightly separated pillow layer on top of your mattress. Yes, there is a noticeable gap between the pillow top layer and your mattress's comfort layer. As the name suggests, it looks more like a pillow than an extra layer of a mattress, just a very thin layer that boosts comfort.
  2. Pillow layer: The pillow top layer feels lighter and softer than one in a Euro top mattress. It has a consistent level of softness and overall density, unlike the Euro top design, and feels more comfortable. The pillow top layer further helps improve comfort with the help of a contouring experience that suits your body better because of the tight quilting. Moreover, depending upon the design, the pillow top layer can also boost your room's interior décor.
  3. Density and temperature regulation: In a Euro top mattress, the density is on the higher side, and temperature regulation depends on the material in place. However, in a pillow top mattress, despite the lower density, it can lead to temperature insulation as the layer is neither a natural part of the mattress nor helps regulate heat. Any heat dispersion that might result from a firmer mattress overall would not be possible because of the pillow top. You should only go for a pillow top if you have an average or healthy BMI and can do with the occasional or generally warmer sleeping experience. This property also makes the pillow top mattress and an excellent choice to snuggle into for colder climates.
  4. Pressure distribution: The pressure distribution in a pillow top mattress is better than the Euro top mattress because of the thinner and low-density nature. While the pillow top is more focused on providing comfort, it might not be as good for general support. In the case of an innerspring mattress, the pillow top layer can help make the experience blissful, but it wouldn't add any more support.

Some of the Best Euro-top and pillow-top mattresses in India:
As one of the best mattress brands in India, King Koil offers you a range of Euro-top and mattress top products. If you're looking for the best mattress in India, you can check these mattresses that are suitable for domestic and hospitality purposes. Moreover, our pillow and Euro-top mattresses also come with SleepID configuration, that is- you can find them as a choice as per your suitability. Pillow top and Euro-top mattresses must suit your body in the long run.

Best pillow-top mattresses in India:
Pillow top mattresses are an excellent option for people that want comfort like those from a hotel, and you can choose for the same in a suitable mattress. Here are the best pillow-top mattresses in India:

  1. World Luxury: The World Luxury mattress is an excellent option for people that want a hotel like mattress in their bedroom. This mattress has a posh look, and the plush pillow top experience further boosts its sleeping experience and overall looks. The mattress has BodyTech pocket coil springs that work with the PressureSense foam above to give your body the support and comfort you need. The mattress reacts and works as per your body weight and helps you relax. You can sleep in both side and back sleeping orientations on the World Luxury mattress, and the sleeping experience that it delivers is worthy of the royalty status it strives to give. The World Luxury mattress offers a comfortable experience with decent support to help you sleep soundly and get that 'sleeping on the clouds' experience with its plush pillow top layer. The overall looks and aesthetics of the World luxury mattress are further accentuated with the help of high-density Vescose Denmark fabric.
  2. Physiopedic: If you're looking for an orthopedic mattress that offers full-body support with the luxury of a pillow top experience, the Physiopedic offers an out of world sleeping experience and support. The innerspring core and memory foam comfort and pillow-top construction help deliver a comfortable yet highly supportive experience to help align your spine. The high-density memory foam beneath the pillow top construction helps keep your body afloat instead of sinking on the pillow top, further improving the way you relax and sleep. It is perfect for people who want custom support and comfort with the high number of pocket coils at the base.
  3. Chiropedic 5000: The Chiropedic 5000 is incredibly useful for people who want a firmer sleeping experience and not a sinking experience. The best part of the Chiropedic 5000 is that it has a Chiropedic Bonnell coil mesh system that helps provide a uniform full body supportive experience. The pillow top further helps make this mattress a pleasure to sleep on if you prefer the comfort of your previous foam mattress. While this mattress is best suited for Orthopedic use, the firm yet comfortable pillow top and overall mattress support also make this suitable for everyday use. Unlike other pillow-top mattresses, the Chiropedic 5000 also has a ventilated mesh in its pillow-top layer that helps regulate temperature. Moreover, the Chiropedic 5000 also has an edge protection rigid casing around it to maximize protection and make it easier for you to get up. Primarily built for orthopedic and athletic use, the Chiropedic is an orthopedic pillow top mattress with bonnell spring like no other.

Best Euro Top mattresses in India:
Euro top mattresses may offer different comfort and support levels, the Euro top is an excellent option for people who want that luxurious sleeping experience at their home:

  1. The Palace Bed: One of the most luxurious sleeping experiences to check out in India, the Palace Bed is built for extreme luxurious comfort. The mattress also offers varying levels of support with the help of the 5 Zone High-density pocket coil spring system. Additionally, the mattress works to give you a sleeping experience that offers the best pressure distribution and comfort in a mattress offering that 'floating in the air' experience. Moreover, the Palace Bed has the looks and structural functionality that make it worth the ultra-luxury bracket for use. The box Euro-top layer makes the experience of sleeping on this mattress right for people who want nothing but the best for their body. The high GSM fabric, in addition to the overall aesthetics of the Palace Bed, gives it an ultra-luxurious look.
  2. Signature: The Signature Euro top mattress is an excellent option for people looking for people that want as much support as comfort as possible. The Euro top layer makes the mattress go further than our perception of comfort and plushness with its uniquely crafted quilting and padding. The silicone fiber in the comfort layer and the BodySink soft foam make you forget any strain from the day. The micro pocket springs, in addition to the overall support from layers beneath the Euro top padding layer. The feather touch experience from the ultra-high-quality fabric makes the Signature bed an excellent option for most people. This mattress will offer a slightly sinking experience, but the overall comfort and support levels help you enjoy every bit of the extreme comfort for years to come.
  3. Chiropedic 10000: The Chiropedic 10000 is a highly recommended orthopedic mattress by ICA, USA that helps you enjoy the best medical care coupled with extreme luxury. The Euro top layer is firm and comfortable enough to help with spinal alignment in both side and back sleeping orientations. It helps support your entire body and take off the pressure with its unique construction. The latex foam and the overall experience of sleeping on an orthopedic plush mattress make the Chiropedic 10000 stand out from others. The mattress lasts long and stays good as new thanks to its Euro top construction that is firm in addition to the latex foam layer keeping it comfortable and supportive. The Chiropedic coil or the double heat tempered Bonnell spring system helps provide the support that your spine needs to stay upright irrespective of your sleeping orientation.

Both Euro Top and pillow-top mattresses are a luxury mattress addition that makes your sleeping experience more plush and comfortable. If you've been to any hospitality establishment using such a mattress, they're likely to have King Koil's Euro or pillow-top mattresses. You can enjoy the same at your home, and our SleepID algorithm helps pair the best mattress for your body's long term health and physiological fitness. The comfort and firmness level of the padding on top can change depending upon the mattress layer, but it provides the comfort your body needs at the end of the day.