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Firm or a Soft Mattress which one is for You? A Guide to Mattress Firmness

Why Mattress is So Important for a Good Health?
A good mattress is necessary for achieving good back health. A good mattress not only gives you the right support but also provides you with the right comfort level. You spent one-third of your day on your mattress and you need to make it worthy. If you have a bad mattress you will wake up with a lot of pain and anxiety. You share an unbreakable bond with your mattress and can’t plan to replace it but when it comes to your health or back pain the mattress is the first thing you should replace.

If you have taken this tough decision of replacing the mattress then you should do the proper research before getting a new one. By research we mean you should consider the sleep id to find which mattress suits you and your partner’s body. You should be aware of the mattress available in the mattress so that you can compare and get the best thing available in the market.

We at King Koil provides a variety of mattresses and how long they last.

Memory Foam Mattress: King Koil uses one of the premium quality memory foam mattress with body contouring technology so that you never feel uncomfortable again while sleeping. It will help you in relieving pressure, body contouring, spinal alignment, and high density. It is better than others as it uses a memory foam of high density. In this, we use multiple layers of memory foam which makes it better. These mattresses last for a longer duration and we offer 10 years of warranty on this range.

Latex Mattress: These are made with a special combination of unique layers that help us to provide highly supportive and medically beneficial comfort for the good spine and restful night. Also, it provides back and body support. These are created using latex foam extracted from the rubber tree and then formulated into the foam. These are the most durable mattresses when compared to any other alternative and we offer 10 years of warranty on this range.

Pocket Spring Mattress: King Koil’s pocket spring mattress ensures Good Sleep by offering two comfort options in one mattress. Firm and soft sides are marked with stylish ribbon with red & blue colour respectively. It contains Double-Sided with Pocketed Springs and it provides Luxurious & Soft Feel and Body Contouring. These are the most durable mattresses when compared to any other alternative. And we offer 10 years of warranty on this range.

Orthopedic Mattress: King Koil’s Orthopedic Mattress covers a wide variety of mattress which help their sleepers to get rid of their shoulder or back pain. These will help you within relieving pain and pressures on our joints. This mattress contains Chiropedic Coil and ortho band core and it will provide back and body support. It provides the best neck, shoulder, body support. King Koil manufactures all the foam in-house to assure quality standards are met. We offer 10 Years of Warranty on its orthopaedic mattress range.

- Back Support Mattress: King Koil provides you with a wide range of back support mattresses that provide you pain relief and complete back support. This mattress will provide you with the High Resilient form and it will help you in Spinal Alignment and it contains Chiropedic Coil and ortho band core. We offer back support mattresses in multiple foam configurations such as memory foam, spring and foam, HR, and bonded foam. Chiropedic Mattresses had enabled King Koil to manufacture one of the best back support mattresses. These are the most durable mattresses when compared to any other alternative. And we offer 12 years of warranty on this range.

These are the mattress which is available with us in a soft mattress category. There is a different type of firmness(softness) available. So, among these how to decide which firmness is best for your body? Try to identify the spring tension required by your body and find how the mattress filling feels.

Soft Mattress
This is between 1 and 2 which is one of the lowest on the mattress firmness scale. It provides you with the least amount of support among all the levels of mattress firmness. Although less support, which doesn’t mean zero support at all, you’ll definitely sink into it, if you lie down on it. It will offer the best deal of body contouring which means that when you lie on them, it will conform to your body and hug it. It will provide a comfortable sleeping experience for people who have problems with shoulder or hip pain.

The softer materials are used for upper comfort layers and they’re also used for the mattress support core too. A soft support core doesn’t last as long as a more firm one which means that softer mattresses tend to have shorter lifespans than the other one.

Medium Soft Mattress
Both of the “medium” mattress firmness levels provide a combination of sleeping experience for those who need something in between soft and firm. Medium-soft is ideal for people who require a softer comfort layer for pressure-point relief but who need more core support than a regular soft mattress can provide. They’re still not ideal for people who require high levels of spinal support, however. A medium-soft mattress falls between 3 and 4 on the mattress firmness scale.

Medium-soft mattresses still tend to feature foam materials in the comfort layers, but they’ll typically be made of firmer memory foam or latex. When you lie on a medium-soft mattress, it will still contour to your body, but you won’t sink into it as deeply as you will a mattress with a softer firmness rating. Similar to a soft mattress, those with a medium-soft firmness level that contains memory foam or synthetic latex foam may cause off-gassing odors for a period of time after unpackaging. Memory foam layers can also be problematic for people who frequently get hot when they sleep.

The slightly more sturdy materials used to manufacture medium-soft mattresses make them a bit more durable than mattresses with soft firmness levels, but the overall longevity is still going to be much less than firmer mattresses.

Medium Firm
For a more middle-of-the-road mattress firmness level, medium-firm provides an excellent balance of contouring comfort and support. People who prefer a medium-firm mattress find them comfortable because they’re a great choice for different types of sleepers. Falling between 5 and 7 on the mattress firmness scale, a medium-firm gives a nice level of contour while providing an ample amount of push-back. Unlike a softer mattress, medium-firm mattresses will usually have a noticeable amount of bounce.

Most “universal comfort” mattresses fall into the medium-firm firmness level. They work well for a wide range of body types and sleep positions, from heavier sleepers who require a mattress with a great deal of support to combination sleepers who frequently switch positions throughout the night and therefore need a mattress that feels comfortable no matter which side they sleep on.

Mattresses that fall into medium-firm on the mattress firmness scale also fall into the medium range as far as price, being more affordable than a softer mattress, yet more expensive than firm mattresses. The materials used to make medium-firm mattresses are more dense and durable, which is why they tend to have a longer lifespan than softer mattress firmness levels.

Firm Mattress
Falling between 7 and 10 on the mattress firmness scale, firm mattresses provide the most support out of all of the available mattress options (and it should be noted that very few if any mattresses have a 10 firmness). When you lie on a firm mattress, you won’t find yourself sinking into it at all. The comfort layers and support the core of a firm mattress are designed to keep you sleeping completely on top of the mattress. Some people enjoy this, while others feel as though they’re sleeping on top of and away from the bed rather than actually being in it.

A firmer mattress may be uncomfortable for side sleepers who need more cushion, as the firm sleeping surface can compress their hip and shoulder bones. This can create numbness, tingling, and even pain. The high level of spinal support in a firm mattress works well for heavier sleepers, however, as well as those who suffer from back pain. It also allows for maximum airflow and keeps people cooler as they sleep.

Firm mattresses are typically less expensive than mattresses with softer firmness levels. Affordability doesn’t translate to a lack of longevity, however: mattresses that rate higher on the firmness scale also rate well for lifespan, as they’re made out of solid, sturdy materials.

How to choose your mattress firmness?
Buying a mattress is an important decision, as most people typically spend anywhere from 7 to 9 hours a day in bed. When thinking about how to choose mattress firmness, consider the following factors and tips:

Bodyweight is the best place to start when choosing mattress firmness. Lighter people tend to fare better with soft to medium-soft mattresses. People of average weight can sleep on virtually any mattress and should choose based on sleep position, pain problems, and other factors. Heavier individuals need greater support, so a firm mattress is the best choice if you weigh 200+ pounds.

Preferred sleeping position
Your size will give you a starting point when selecting a mattress firmness level. The next item to consider will be your preferred sleeping position. Back sleepers have a great degree of versatility when it comes to mattress firmness, as long as they feel they have ample spinal support. Side sleepers require enough cushion to prevent pressure-point pain from building up in their hips and shoulders. Stomach sleepers need a large amount of support to prevent their spines from curving in towards their bellies as they sleep. Mattresses in the medium range of firmness work well for combination sleepers who change positions as they snooze.

Back pain issues
If you have problems with back pain, make sure to stay away from mattresses that are too soft, as these may cause further problems due to lack of support. Medium-firm to firm mattresses are generally recommended to keep your spine aligned and supported correctly.

If you sleep as a couple
People who sleep as a couple must discuss each of their body types and sleeping positions to see if they match up. If not, a medium-firm or “universal” mattress generally works well for both parties.

A tendency to sleep hot
Finally, sleepers who overheat at night should be aware that memory foam and other softer comfort layer materials tend to trap heat. If you need a softer mattress but struggle with keeping cool as you sleep, look for a mattress that’s designed for optimum temperature control.

Advantages Of A Firm Mattress
A firm mattress will be more comfortable when the person is not experiencing any troublesome on back pain as when sleeping on a firmer surface, the bones absorb most of the pressure and muscles get less strained and circulation get improved.
It also keeps our lower back from collapsing which will allow for more oxygen intake while sleeping and provide less sagging which means no one part of the body is bearing the brunt of the pressure. They are generally better for those who sleep on the back-side because we provide a more stable surface.

Advantages Of A Soft Mattress
It usually recommended for those who are experiencing back pain on a standard mattress or having some back problems. They’re also recommended for lighter individuals because the harder mattress can end up not compressing for them at all.

Softer mattresses are better for those people who sleep on their side, as they better cushion the shoulders and hips and help in aligning the spine. All the mattresses are composed of these two layers the coil supports the core on the bottom and the comfort layer supports the top core. These coils are necessary to provide you with the support which your body needs.

Comfort Layers
The comfort layer is used to provide the proper level of cushioning between you and your mattress. If you have a mattress without the comfort layer you will have aches and pains all over your body. This layer also provides you with several therapeutic functions. Comfort layers help your body to get the spinal alignment provides you with support, pressure point relief, and basic comfort.

Support Layers
The support layers are found at the bottom of the mattress and it just keeps the heavier parts of your body from sinking in too far into the mattress. These are the core structure of mattress and you can avoid which kind of material they are using in this layer. You just need to check whether the mattress is firm and sturdy.

What is Sleep-id?
SleepID is a Body Match Mattress Finding application that takes more than 3 Lacs parameters before suggesting the best mattress to any type of sleeper. We conducted a lot of real-time pressure mapping tests on a different type of sleepers with different body type, composition, body aches, sleeping postures, sleeping patterns, and many more. We analyzed multiple pressure mapping points of a mattress on individuals and incorporated the scientific data into our mattresses to improve the quality of sleep and well-being of our customers. and if you and your partner have a different body type and weight. you could take of SleepID application which will help you to find the mattress for both of them. When using the SleepID, please select “For Both” option and it will give you a SleepID numbered mattress which will suit both of you.

So, by using our sleep id technology you will be able to get the best mattress that suits your body type and provide your body with complete support. We King Koil is the best mattress brand in India and provide you with all kind of mattresses with the best mattress price online.