Date : 2020-06-25 09:06:35

Foam Mattresses and Types of Foam Mattress for Best Sleeping Experience

Sleep is a naturally recurring state of mind and body, characterized by altered consciousness, relatively inhibited sensory activity, reduced muscle activity and inhibition of nearly all voluntary muscles during rapid eye movement sleep, and reduced interactions with surroundings. — by Wikipedia.

Importance of Comfortable Sound Sleep?
One-third of your day is spent on your bed and whether the time is spent blissfully slumbering or turning and tossing. It highly depends on your mattress. A mattress plays an important part in a person’s sleep. When you lie your body and if your mattress is not adequate nerve cell and pain sensors send a message to your brain to rock and roll which affects your sleep a lot.

An ideal mattress reduces your pressure points and gives you a better night's sleep and the best mattress is different for each person according to his sleep id.
We have a lot of types of foam mattresses available. Each has its own advantages and they all are best for different body types or different problems.

Let’s discuss the type of foam mattresses and their advantages:

- Memory Foam: At King Koil, we use we premium quality foam mattress with body contouring technology and so that you never sleep uncomfortable again. These mattresses help in pressure-relieving, body contouring, spinal alignment, and high density.
It is different from other brands as it used a high density of the memory foam and to improve the quality of sleep thickness of the memory foam layer plays an important role. We at King Koil cater to different types of body compositions and sleep postures. So, we have two products one uses Gel-based Memory foam and some use super memory foam with 90D density to provide with the best pressure relieving and body contouring. Memory form mattresses are made to last for a longer duration as they were made of top quality memory and high resilient foam. We offer up to 12 years of warranty.

Latex Foam mattress: At King Koil, we make a mattress with a special combination of unique layers to provide highly supportive and medically beneficial comfort for the good spine and restful nights. It uses 100% natural foam, provides you with back and body support. it is a firm mattress.
This mattress is good for your body as it is on the firmer side and lets your body to sink into a certain level depending on the one’s body weight and composition. The Latex mattress uses the natural foam which is free from dust and mold resistant making it hypoallergenic. So, this is the best choice if you are suffering from any allergies.
Natural Latex mattress is the most durable mattress when compared to any foam mattress and we at King Koil provide you with the 10 years warranty. Moreover, the mattress is organic and is temperature neutral and they do not transfer any heat and these mattresses are also good with heat circulation because of which it doesn’t transfer any heat.

Inner spring mattresses: These mattresses provide you with dual support as these are firm on one side and medium-soft on another. It is the most adaptable mattress for everyone due to the high density pocketed spring. It helps in the contouring body and it feels luxurious and soft. The durability of the mattress is good and its adaptability for each and every type of body makes it the best.

- PU Foam Mattress: This type of mattress adapts to the shape of the sleeper’s body, by providing uniform support throughout the body. It distributes the weight of the body evenly, ensuring that there is no restlessness or the body clots. It doesn’t have any heat problem as at King Koil, we create the mattress with high quality of foam resulting in no heat issues. It is soft and comfortable. 

So, now you are completely aware of the type of mattresses and the advantages they have. If you are still confused about which one to buy I suggest you take the sleep id test. Now, the test is done online also so that you can buy the mattress online from us. And according to the previous customers, we get 94% of the satisfied customer. Sleep id results are 94% accurate, which is a pretty high accuracy to test the new technology.

Problems you face with the Wrong Mattress?
Do you have quality sleep every night? Do you and your partner have healthy sleep? Sometimes you bought a new mattress but you and your partner face some problems like:

- Back Pain: This is a very common issue which you face either because of your old mattress or your mattress might not be ideal for your body type.
- Insomnia: When one is not able to sleep properly and due to mattress and keeps on rolling and waking up.
- Weight Problems: Due to sleep deprivation you tend to eat more which results in increased weight.
- Anxiety: When the mind is not rested properly and due to poor sleep we suffer from anxiety.
- Sleep discomfort: Sometimes, we have a soft mattress but we are not getting a comfortable sleep because the mattress is not suitable for our body type.
- Fatigue: Lack of sleep results in a lot of health problems and you will feel tired for the entire day.

How to Choose the Best Mattress?
The best mattress is the mattress which lets you sleep comfortably without waking you up. The right mattress will always make you feel privileged and you will wake up with more energy and enthusiasm.

So, we at King Koil can find the best mattress for you using our latest technology, SleepID. You just need to add the basic details of yourself and your partner and it will find the best mattress for both of you. It provides us with 94% accuracy which is pretty high to get the best suitable mattress for you.

Sleep id considers 3 lakh parameters and suggests you with the best mattress for your body. Our software takes various focal points into consideration before making a recommendation and after that, we take a few more points before populating a mattress to meet your requirements.

The key points which we consider to refer you with the best mattress are:
Posture Analysis: We analyze your posture and suggests the best mattress which supports your posture.
Body Composition: It considers the portion of fat and non-fat mass in your body.
Sleep Tracker: It considers the amount of sleep you take.
Pressure Mapping: It takes into consideration the measure of pressure between your body and mattress.
Sleep Discomfort: It also analyses if you have any kind of sleep discomfort like lower back pain, shoulder pain, headache etc.
Spinal Alignment: It checks whether your spine is aligned properly or not whether your body is in a straight line from head to toe or not.

So, before suggesting you the best mattress we King Koil Best Mattress Company in India calculates your sleep id by taking all these points into consideration and suggests you the mattress which suits your and your partner’s body.

There is various kind of foam mattresses available as we discussed in this article and each foam mattress deals with the different types of body or the need and at King Koil we use the best technology to give you a perfect mattress on the basis of your body type and your need which helps you to get your perfect sleep back. You can also buy bed mattresses online at our site and can enjoy a comfortable sleep.