Date : 2020-04-15 16:03:30

Horrible Mistakes You are Making with Buying the Mattress Online

In this age when you can order almost every product with the click of a button and get it delivered to your home without you having to set a foot outside, the incentive to visit a physical store is almost non-existent. However, most people don’t realize that it is not always a good idea to do so. When shopping for a new mattress online, many people don’t conduct proper research and purchase a product that has the best reviews or is not too expensive. The end result is that they are not happy with the final product, even after going through a series of returns and replacements. The reason is simple - they are making mistakes when buying a mattress online.

Do you intend to buy a mattress online in India? If so, make sure to read the section below to learn how to avoid making the same mistakes as other people.

What’s wrong with buying a mattress online

Unless you know exactly what you are looking for and you are intimately familiar with different types of mattresses, purchasing a mattress from an online vendor can be a risky move. Of course, you can ask for recommendations from your friends or family members but their experience may not align with yours and leave you with buyer’s remorse. Some of the problems associated with shopping for a mattress online are listed below:

1. You cannot inspect the mattress firsthand

It is important to inspect the mattresses that you are considering to purchase by lying on them to accurately judge whether they would be a suitable choice for your sleeping needs and habits. This is impossible to do when you are browsing mattresses online. The different types of specifications of a mattress may provide you an idea of their quality, features and other characteristics but they mean nothing to the average user who is buying a new mattress for the first time or after a decade.

Plus, the specifications of different mattress brands are not always universal. A mattress that is labeled as ‘medium-firm’ by one brand can be labeled as ‘firm’ by another company. So, it only makes sense to physically inspect the mattress that you want to purchase to make a sensible buying decision that you won’t regret in the future.

2. You cannot judge the comfort level

You can purchase the most expensive mattress if you want or if you can simply afford to do so. However, it doesn’t guarantee the level of comfort that you want or need. Comfort is a subjective taste and something that cannot be judged by reading some product labels online. You have to physically lay down on a mattress to realize whether the comfort level it can provide is suitable for your sleeping needs.

The comfort level of a mattress can be categorized into the following scale - Extra Firm, Firm, Medium, Plush, and Extra Plush.

Depending on your sleeping habits, you have to choose a mattress that belongs to any of the comfort scales listed above. Ideally, you would want a firm to medium-firm mattress if you sleep on your back or stomach and a soft to very soft mattress if you sleep on your side. The problem is that what is labeled as soft by the mattress brand can still be firm according to your standards. The only way to figure out the correct comfort level of a mattress is to examine the mattress by visiting a physical store.

3. You cannot understand how well it would support your body

A good mattress should be able to correctly support your body when you lay down on it for sleeping. This is important because if you use a mattress that doesn’t support your body properly, it can prevent you from falling asleep easily and even create problems such as back pain or shoulder pain.

The level of support that a mattress can provide is determined by the type of material that is used to build it and the quality of construction. Typically, a mattress can be categorized into four basic types - Innerspring mattresses, Latex mattresses, Hybrid mattresses, and Memory Foam mattresses. Each of these product types provides a varying degree of support to your body.

For eg., memory foam mattresses are known for their pressure-relieving characteristics that match the contours of the body and are designed for people who like to sleep on their sides. However, there are a lot of other factors that affect the level of support a mattress can provide to your body.

It is impossible to understand whether a mattress can correctly support the weight of your body by reading a list of specifications. The simplest way to understand it is to visit a mattress store and lay down on it as you usually do when sleeping at home.

4. You cannot examine the material quality

Another limitation when you shop for a new mattress online is the inability to examine the quality of material used to construct it. Depending on the quality of a mattress, it can serve you for years in good condition or become an object of hate after a few months of use. Thus, it is a good idea to purchase a mattress with a superior build quality even if they come at a premium.

The problem is that the price of a mattress is not a good indicator of good material quality. You may purchase an expensive mattress online that comes with a lot of fancy features. At first glance, it can seem like a very good value for money. However, if the quality of materials that are used to build it is not good, the mattress will fail at its job and disappoint you in the long run.

5. You cannot grasp the correct size of the mattresses

Many people believe that mattress sizes are universal or come standard sizes such as King, Queen, Full, etc. However, the reality is different. The mattress sizes of different brands, especially from ones that belong to different countries can vary by a lot. So, it is always a good idea to look at the dimensions listed on the product page of a mattress that you may want to buy.

However, it is still difficult to get a grasp on the actual size of a mattress unless you physically see it for yourself. Another option is to take a measuring tape and use it to imagine a mental construct of a mattress in your bedroom once you know its dimensions. But that can prove to be a tiresome venture and still leave you with a lot of doubt. Indeed, the best solution is to visit a mattress shop and physically inspect the mattress.

6. You cannot compare different products with similar features properly

Many people want to shop for a new mattress online because they like the idea of being able to easily compare different products. However, aside from looking at the list of specifications and features that you may not comprehend fully and the reviews and ratings provided by previous customers that you don’t know, can you actually determine whether one product is better than the other? The obvious answer is not when you are shopping online.

However, when you visit a physical store, you can physically touch, smell, look and examine different mattresses in various ways. You don’t have to rely on the opinions of strangers to choose a product that you would spend time with almost one-third of daily life for at least 7-8 years.

The importance of choosing the correct mattress for your body type

People who don’t sleep on a good quality mattress that is suitable for their body type tend to have difficulty falling asleep at night even when they feel tired. The problem arises due to discomfort and the inability of a bad mattress to address your sleeping needs and habits. It can also cause insomnia or make you feel tired even when you sleep for 7-8 hours every night. Sleep deprivation and sleep deficiency can lead to a lot of problems that we will discuss in the sections below.

Another thing to note is that if you purchase a bad mattress or a product that is not suitable for your body, it would do nothing to alleviate symptoms of back pain or pain in the shoulders and neck. In fact, it can further intensify these symptoms. So, it is necessary to sleep on a good mattress to achieve good sleep every night and relieve the symptoms caused by sleeping on a bad mattress.

Even when you are considering purchasing a product from the best mattress brand in India, you should take the time to visit an offline store to cover all your bases. And, if you suffer from chronic back pain or neck pain, you should purchase the best mattress for back and neck pain from the best mattress manufacturing company.

The effects of sleep deprivation on your mental and physical health

Sleep is essential for the proper functioning of your mind and body. In fact, it is vital to our health in more ways than one. According to various studies, the quality and quantity of sleep that we get every night affects our mental performance and impacts the ability to absorb new information. People who sleep for less than 7-8 hours every night have difficulty coming up with solutions to problems or keeping their emotional urges under control. They also tend to suffer more from mood swings.

When we sleep at night, our body goes through the process of healing that helps to repair the damaged cells and tissues in our body. This process is also responsible for maintaining the balance of our hormonal system, which controls various important bodily functions

Studies also show that people who don’t receive adequate amounts of sleep every night are at an increased risk of being affected by heart diseases, high blood pressure, kidney disease, stroke, and diabetes. It is also evident that people who don’t sleep well at night don’t perform at their best and experience lethargy at work or home during the day.

How SleepID can help you select the correct mattress for your body type

It is not possible to visit an offline store to purchase a mattress in certain situations. However, you should not let that discourage you from buying a new mattress. SleepID is an online tool developed by the popular mattress company KingKoil along with the International Chiropractors Association (ICA). It helps people to select the best mattress depending on a range of factors that includes their lifestyle, body discomfort, sleep posture, sleep discomfort, etc.

Unlike other online vendors that only list the specifications and features of their products, KingKoil mattresses have a specific SleepID number associated with every product. The SleepID number has been determined by analyzing key data parameters such as posture analysis, body composition, pressure mapping, sleep tracker, sleep discomfort level, spinal alignment from a total of over 3 lakh data parameters.

The SleepID tool is specially created for the Indian demographic where they can figure out one of the 6 possible SleepID numbers just by inputting a few information. These include their age, gender, preferences they have for the mattress they want to buy, the quality of their current mattress, sleeping posture, their weight, silhouette, and any data related to sleep discomfort.

Completing the necessary steps would take only 2 minutes and provide you a primary and secondary SleepID number with an accuracy of 94%. Plus, it will recommend products that have the SleepID number the same as yours.


Compromising on the quality of your new mattress can prevent you from sleeping well and a lack of sleep can spell disaster for your mental and physical well-being. It can lead to a decrease in productivity, creativity, and severely affect bodily functions. So, you must take your time when purchasing a new mattress and visit a physical store to have no regrets in the future. The SleepID tool can be of immense help to people who don’t want to waste time manually inspecting every feature or specification of a mattress or have no idea how to proceed.

After you learn about your SleepID number, you can easily find local retailers that sell such mattresses to confirm whether they are suitable for your needs and requirements. It would also help you to avoid buyer’s remorse.