Date : 2020-10-07 13:31:37

How do King Koil Mattresses Offer Good Comfort and Support?

Choosing your mattress for optimal comfort and support are the two parameters you should always be looking out for. In some cases, one might be more than the other, or both exist and deliver performance in a balance. Moreover, choosing the right mattress assures that your preferences for comfort and support are well-met. You need good quality sleep, and a high-quality mattress helps you get good support and comfort in a balance that isn't excessive on either side. At King Koil, we help you with this decision if you are looking to buy a quality mattress that fulfills these needs. As one of the leading companies, getting the best mattress in India is made possible thanks to our SleepID, which pairs you with the one your body needs.

Sleep is vital for your health, and it remains an uncontested and science-backed fact. However, sleeping schedules, the environment, and the way you sleep are also indicators of your lifestyle and health. With that said, your sleep also relies on these factors like environment, your mattress, and your sleeping schedule. Your mattress lies at the core of these elements since you're going to be relying on it for a long time. And it becomes all the more important for you to go for the mattress that suits you.

Why are comfort and support elements I should look after?
Your mattress is going to be around for years to come. Be it the hospitality industry and you're buying mattresses for your guests, or you're buying a personal or family-sized mattress, comfort and support are essential. Your mattress determines the long-term effects that your sleeping behavior has on your health.
You should not only look for comfort in your mattress but support also. Comfort helps you feel relieved enough to sleep and wake up without any issues. Support, on the other hand, is essential in helping align your body naturally. Good support is all the more important in people with body issues, especially older people with health issues. Comfort and support have a crucial role, and hand-in-hand boost your health, physiological and internal aspects. You're going to be sleeping on your mattress for years and years, and investing on the right mattress to assure an outstanding balance of support and comfort is an investment in your health.

Aligning your spine and shoulders are even more critical in the long run, as through the years, you may have different lifestyles. Irrespective of your lifestyle in the future, your mattress should attend to your present and the near future lifestyle for the best support. These factors help prevent or maintain (prevent further deterioration) of your body's chronic pain points. A good quality mattress makes sure it adapts to your body than randomly addressing these issues. At King Koil, we strive to achieve this balance with science and research with our SleepID.

Best Quality Mattresses to look out for good comfort and support balance:
Different kinds of mattresses have varying levels of softness and support. Even in an entirely comfort-oriented mattress like memory foam, there will be some support, but just enough to not cause disorientation of your body (depends on your body and mattress design). But, the type of mattress that you choose is quintessential and vital in determining your health and sleep over the next few years. Here is how you can choose different mattresses based on their comfort-support scale. As one of the leading options, King Koil can guide you on selecting the best mattresses in India:

Orthopedic mattresses: Orthopedic mattresses are on top because they have one of the best balances of support and comfort that they offer. These mattresses need to be sensitive to the support that one needs because people with physical ailments are likely to go for Orthopedics. With that said, there are different kinds of orthopedic mattresses too. You can choose them based on any existing diagnosed afflictions or just out of care for your body. The materials used in orthopedic mattresses tend to be more high density and a bit firmer for the best support.

They cover a wide range of mattresses to address body pain in general. One of our orthopedic mattresses' crucial core layers are our HR Foam and rebonded foam in the Orthobond mattresses. Orthopedic mattresses are best for people that have diagnosed medical issues, including back issues. Back support mattresses are different. Your mattress has to be firm enough to support your back or other areas diagnosed with physical ailments.

The high-density foam in Orthopedic mattresses is multi-function as support and provides comfort to support your weak points in the best positions possible. Moreover, you can also choose Orthopedics with pocket coil springs and Orthobond upholstery and HR Foam to support your body. Orthopedic mattresses are not on the comfortable side for the average user, but best for overall. SleepID can help narrow down the range of options that work best for your body issues and help with the right balance of comfort and support. If you're buying orthopedic mattresses online, you might want to do a bit more research than check reviews and advertised data.

Back support mattresses: In case you have issues like chronic back or shoulder pain, cervical issues, among other problems, you need more support for these areas. Relying on a softer mattress for these areas is going to enhance the problem. Aligning the spine in a back sleeping or side-sleeping position is one challenge mattress makers face. This is because it needs enough pressure to orient any issues and ensure pressure enough to maintain health. If you are looking for an excellent back support mattress, you should also assess your spine's health level and see how the mattress can help fix issues, if any. Back support mattresses tend to have a more medium-firm mattress or surface in general. Back support mattresses are for people who know that they need more care and support for their back. This doesn't mean that they have chronic back pain or other diagnosed issues, as for this scenario, Orthopedic range is the best.

Ideally, back support mattresses tend to have a more spring-like nature, and pocket coil or HR Foam make for great options. While orthopedic mattresses address body pain and major pain areas, back support mattresses are different. Back support mattresses are dual function mattresses that offer your full back support by aligning the spine and offering decent comfort. These mattresses tend to be softer but offer support just the same way. You can find HR Foam, double-heat tempered springs, and high-quality memory foam in the main constituent layer of a back-support mattress. Either HR Foam or heat-tempered springs from King Koil offer exceptional comfort and support for our mattresses.

- Memory foam mattresses: Choose memory foams if you know you are not facing any severe body issues. This is because memory foams offer more comfort than support and allow your body to 'sink' to some level. Your body will enjoy memory foam more because it contours and cushions parts of your body, including the spine. This helps not only your internal organs, but shoulders, but back and other physical areas too.
Memory foam suits a wide variety of people, and the comfort factor is that people tend to go for more. High-quality memory foam may be used as a layer in innerspring mattresses or as a block or core component of memory foam mattresses. Memory foam mattresses are especially suitable for people with normal BMI since larger body weights can experience significant discomfort because of the sinking despite high-quality memory foam. The density and thickness in a memory foam mattress or pillow are crucial in determining its longevity and comfort.

- Latex foam mattresses: Latex foam mattresses are long-lasting and offer an exceptional balance of support and comfort. These mattresses are great for people with no or less severity of health issues, as they tend to have a more spring-like or elastic-like nature that doesn't sink. Latex foam doesn't sink as much as memory foam and therefore offers a similar comfort level and an enhanced level of support for your body. Latex foam mattresses are hypoallergenic, offer decent support, and the comfort level lasts a long time too.
Unlike memory foam mattresses, they do not 'sink' and maintain their elasticity for many years. This helps keep latex foam mattresses well-optimized for the comfort and support you need irrespective of your lifestyle changes throughout the years. Latex foam's density determines how 'elastic' or well tolerated it will be. Your body can adapt to a mattress over time, which determines your health and sleep. Moreover, latex foam mattresses are also useful for support in people who want support. Still, it might not be suitable for people with severe body issues without other layers on top of it. Latex foam mattresses are one of the best choices for the best comfortable mattress with back support. As mentioned before, these mattresses provide a decent level of support and help with back support issues.

- Pocket spring mattresses: Pocket spring mattresses make for even better companions if you are looking for delicate support and not support for the sake of it. The high number of protected and individual springs help comfort and support the layers above and your body. This acts like a contouring layer that supports just as much as it comforts. Because these are innerspring mattresses, their comfort and support also rely on their support and comfort layers. In some cases, the pocket spring system might be in the middle. In some, it can be on either side to support the comfort layers. This makes the pocket spring mattresses more compatible and useful than other kinds of spring mattresses.
Overall, these are among the best mattress options for people looking for above-average support and comfort. Pairing with HR Foam, memory foam, and even latex foam helps with comfort, while the spring system takes care of the rest. You can also find pocket spring mattresses in use in orthopedics as they tend to have more firmness and the comfort level depends on the comfort layer elements like memory, HR, or latex foam.

Bonnell Spring: Bonnell spring is more useful for people looking for support but can compromise comfort. Because of the robust and traditional Bonnell spring system in these mattresses, they last long, but the comfort might not be that great. Bonnell spring mattresses can also be comfortable but need much higher density materials used in the comfort layer. They're great for overweight or obese people, but the Bonnell spring system has more cons than pros in terms of comfort. It is excellent for support, and they can even be used in orthopedics with the right construction, but the overall use is more support-focused.
Bonnell spring system is also a good option for supporting your spine and weak points. If all other mattresses are not suitable for the comfort level you need, Bonnell spring systems can help. King Koil Bonnell spring system mattresses are ICA approved. As one of the best luxury mattress brands worldwide, we use data and science to back our mattresses, which is even more crucial in orthopedic mattresses. Bonnell spring mattresses provide support where you need, and the surface can be slightly firm but can be modified using comfort layers.

By now, you know that comfort and support depend on the mattress layers, thickness, materials, among other uses. If you are looking for a mattress, there isn't a single-handed rule that means memory foam is comfort, and spring is support. Both can cross over to the other side, and you should be researching more. In case you want us to guide you, our SleepID Kiosks in-store and experiencing the mattresses first hand can help. You can narrow down your mattress range with the help of our SleepID tool online. This helps you narrow down your King Koil mattresses online and choose according to your wish and in-store experience.

Mattress's designs and functionalities can be tricky, but our guidance and mattress quality won't lead you astray from achieving quality sleep. We can help you find the right balance of support and comfort that you need, and our position as one of the best luxury mattress brands shows customers trust our guidance. Choosing a random mattress online won't help you if you do your research as comfort and support play crucial roles and show in our bodies sooner or later. All of this choice and power lies in your King Koil mattress.


1. I prefer firmer mattresses but also have chronic back pain. Which mattress can help me?
If you have back pain, the best way to address it is by going for a healthy balance of comfort and support in your new mattress. You can choose a firm surface mattress, but your back needs its natural S-shaped orientation in the back-sleeping position and a somewhat straight orientation in the side sleeping position. The best mattress to choose in your case would be either the Gravity or PhysioPedic mattresses from our range. Your SleepID can help choose and narrow down your back support options and orthopedic mattresses, which tend to have firmer surfaces. Back support mattresses tend to be softer than orthopedics and best suited for people with a hectic lifestyle. It can be either too passive or too active with no rest, which causes back issues.

2. Are latex foam mattresses good for my body if I have a sedentary lifestyle?
That depends on your body, but latex foam mattresses are excellent in terms of the balance and support that they provide in general. A wide variety of people find latex foam mattresses best suited to their bodies. It takes care of your body alignment and is comfortable. Moreover, latex foam mattresses also help take care of muscles and bones by not letting them relax too much and stay comfortable at the same time. These are semi-firm and semi-supportive mattresses that multi-function in different scenarios.

3. I want a luxurious mattress that takes care of my back and comfort without too much effort. Can you help?
Yes, at King Koil, our SleepID algorithm can help in selecting a luxurious mattress for you. If you are looking for a proper balance of support and comfort, you can check out our luxury mattresses range here, and we assure quality as one of the best luxury mattress brands worldwide. The Signature and Palace bed offers an outstanding balance of comfort and support, enough to not worry about any other factor. These luxury mattresses use designer fabric and materials and represent everything we stand behind in terms of quality and functionality.

4. Do comfort and support rely entirely on the mattress, or can I accessorize it too?
While most of the comfort and support you might need depends entirely on the mattress and your BMI and body type, you can use accessories. Our mattress toppers help make the experience more comfortable for you, whether it is a firmer or softer surface that you need. The definition of comfort changes from person to person, and a good quality mattress and mattress topper combination can show great results.

5. My current mattress is making my body stiff and painful; what to do?
This is a clear sign of either to change your lifestyle or mattress. Your mattress might be showing signs of its aging and sogging or losing its quality. In this case, it is best to assess the current damage it did to your body and move on to the next mattress. This is also a sign of choosing an incompatible mattress, and we can help choose the right one with our SleepID tool. It would help if you were looking out for your body, and the level of comfort and support dictates how well you sleep and how you feel about waking up. In case you have widespread body pains and stiffness when you wake up, a back support mattress can take care of this issue. An orthopedic mattress is best suited for people with chronic pain and focuses on providing a firmer surface for naturally aligning your spine.