Date : 2020-07-17 13:28:38

How Does a Quality Mattress Support Your Body and Back?

There is quite nothing like a good night of sleep, and a nice bed to lie back on to. Without a night of sound sleep, not only can you lose your peace of mind, but also develop medical conditions. The hectic lifestyle combined with long stressful hours not only impacts our mind but the body as well. If you are in a sedentary lifestyle in front of a computer, you know about this all too much. But, to take the stress away, and relieve our bodies, we all need and deserve comfort for our mind and bodies.
Appropriate sleep of approx. 7-8 hours at a stretch is essential for the average adult. REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep is essential as your brain and both recover from the day and recharge for the next day. Proper, undisturbed sleep is vital for a healthy lifestyle. That is why a high-quality mattress is essential for your bedroom, and to give you much-needed comfort at the end of the day.

What Makes a Good Quality Mattress?
What are the qualities that make a mattress good for your body? Is it just hardness or softness or other factors as well? A good mattress is made up of various layers that not only help support it and keep it sturdy and comfortable but your body too. Here are the layers that each good mattress is made up of:

Comfort Layer: As per its name, the comfort layer is the topmost comfort giving layer of a mattress. It can be a single or multi layers that constitute the top of your mattress layers. Depending upon requirements it can be soft or hard and is the main reason for giving you comfort when you lie on the mattress. It is the main layer that supports your spine and body and if it’s too hard or too soft, it can lead to pain in your body.
The Middle Upholstery: The middle layer of any mattress, that makes up for the bulk of its structure is known as the middle upholstery. Mostly we know they are made of memory foam or other kinds of soft foam or even have springs to uphold the comfort layer in some cases.
The Support Layer: The support layer is the major part or the core and bottom layers of a mattress that supports and relieves the spine. You can relax and feel the support layer support your entire body. Simply put, it is the core middle upholstery and the bottom layer which makes up the mattress. The bottom layer is usually not too critical to the structure of the mattress apart from providing friction and supporting the layers above including springs.

All these layers combined give you the sleep and comfort you need as well as the advantages listed below.

Mattresses and your Body:
A comfortable mattress is not only good for a healthy and sound sleep but helps with other bodily factors too. Moreover, in the current global environment, we tend to be physically inactive, and your back and body can be affected adversely. A mattress provides just enough support in helping you feel relaxed and revitalized for the next day, in addition to the following factors:

Mental stress: Subconsciously and consciously, throughout the day we tend to pick up a lot of things to stress us out. When it piles up, and you take it with you to bed, it stays with you subconsciously. Additionally, uncomfortable sleep on a hard or non-supportive uncomfortable mattress can add to it even more. This creates even more subconscious stress which repeats the cycle, making you anxious, stressed and even inactive.
Body Ache: Have you ever felt sore after a night’s sleep or random pains activating in your joints, hips, or back? This is the effect a bad mattress has on your body on your sleep. Since you are completely relaxed, a mattress that is stiff or too soft can make these joints stretched or sit in a bad position. This causes pain for several days and your mattress only further adds to the problem it caused.
Back Pain: Our back supports us through healthy and unhealthy habits, and our sleep helps alleviate and get rid of this pain. Your back needs just as much care and comfort as the rest of your body, and not taking care of it can lead to chronic stress. Moreover, a bad mattress that doesn’t suit you can add to the unhealthy things you expose yourself to, and add even more to your stress. There are different kinds of mattresses, and the best mattress for your body type can help relieve your back pain and restore it back to health.
Allergies and Dust: Over time, your mattress not only supports your body but collects dust and other environmental factors as well. It depends on its material, how long it retains these unhealthy environmental factors like dust, pollen, bed bugs, among other factors. The worst part is that some of these stays even after cleaning or vacuuming, and can add to the list of things that make you sick or activate your allergies. If you are aware that you have allergies or a sensitive nose, it is best to invest in a hypoallergenic mattress.

Kinds of Mattresses:
Selecting the right kind of mattress for your body is critical when it comes to maintaining or improving your sleep. When selecting a mattress, you should also consider your body type, weight, age, any pains and back/joint issues among others. Depending upon these factors, you can go ahead with the mattress which suits your body the best. Here are the kinds of best quality mattresses online that you can choose from and how they help:

Sleep Grade PU Foam Mattress: This kind of mattress has quality quilting as a comfort layer and the support of soft PU foam. Moreover, this can be the best mattress for your body type if you need more support and comfort. This is ideal for people who prefer a slightly stiff mattress without compromising on any of the comfort. The top comfort layer is comprised of quality quilting which makes it a pleasure to lie upon. If you are overweight this is the best mattress for you, as it may also have pocket springs in the middle upholstery. You can find custom size mattresses online for this kind as well.

Memory Foam Mattresses: Memory foam mattress is perfect for people who don’t mind less support at the cost of comfort. Meant for people who want to experience super comfortable sleep with an optimum amount of support to not completely sink into the mattress. Moreover, memory foam mattresses are also good for people with ailments and back pains as this relieves any pressure and helps heal and maintain weak tissue and spine. This mattress takes all of the body pressure and distributes it even across itself. This is the best mattress for your body type if you are suffering from ailments or other issues like aging or sedentary lifestyle. The best part is that it completely cushions and contours your body for maximum comfort, and you can order custom size mattresses online for these.

Latex Mattresses: Latex Mattress is the premium and comfortable option that is best for all kinds of people. This is because of its top layer of breathable latex that is up to 2-3 inches and helps in providing comfort as well as air regulation. It makes this mattress perfect for hot climates. Moreover, a latex mattress is also soft enough to let ample comfort and provide great support. This makes it just enough supportive to provide ample strength and just as soft to cushion your body and provide comfortable painless sleep. As a result, it is highly efficient in relieving painful back and neck, as well as support you enough to not sustain chronic pain.

Rebonded foam mattress: A rebonded foam mattress is the best option to choose if you have back pain. This is because, in addition to a well-quilted comfort layer, the middle upholstery is made up of various kinds of foam put together via shredding. Moreover, this also helps in simulating a spring mattress, which as a result provided ample points for your back to rest upon. You can get a rebonded foam mattress online in India at affordable prices as well. Additionally, you can also order custom size mattresses online if you have finalized rebonded foam mattress.

Innersprings Mattress: The traditional way mattresses were made comprised of springs laden in the middle upholstery of the mattress. The structure consists of metallic coils and springs with an option of foam as well. Moreover, the upper comfort layer, as well as the base, is also tougher to prevent specific pressure to a single point from the coils and springs. These are great for people who want more support because of weight and pressure distribution. You can choose from pocket springs or Bonnell springs for comfort or support as needed. You can buy these best quality mattresses online as well as choose from custom size mattresses online.

High resiliency mattresses: Much like memory foam, a high resilience mattress retains its shape despite losing it to pressure. High resilience mattresses can restore back to their original shapes quickly and support up to 80 per cent of form restoration. Moreover, high resilience foam mattresses are exceptional at providing comfort and pressure distribution for everyone. As they are good at reforming well and retaining their frame despite compression, you can be sure that they offer the combined benefit of a memory foam mattress and innerspring mattress. So even if you lie on them you won’t total sink as they regain up to 20 to 80 per cent of original height and distribute pressure evenly. A high resiliency (HR) mattress is perfect for people who prefer support and comfort and want equal pressure and comfort for a good night’s sleep. You can buy quality mattresses in custom size options online as well.

Hybrid Mattress: A hybrid mattress is a well-built fusion of all other kinds of mattresses. To put it better, you can think of a hybrid mattress as custom made mattress as per you needs. You can opt for innersprings with latex foam as well as PU foam with memory foam rebonded to give you a high quality all rounder mattress. This is perfect for people who want just as much support, durability, comfort in this all rounder mattress. It is just as therapeutic as it is comfortable and supporting.

Best Mattress Compatibility:
With so many factors to consider with both the mattress you want and your body and not enough time to choose, you can choose and find your best mattresses here. Based on your weight, age, bodyweight distribution, as well as any pains or ailments, it can help in choosing your best mattress. Based on the results, you can go for the best mattress and order your custom made mattresses online in India. Figuring out what would be the best mattress for your body type can be a daunting task but this online tool helps you figure it out. Based on the results, you can not only choose between the various kinds of best quality mattresses online but also order custom size mattresses online.

Your mattress is the best investment for your mental and physical health as you feel the pressures of the day melt and distribute. Moreover, choosing the right mattress is just as essential as getting good quality sound REM sleep. You can choose the best mattress online and see how it improves not only your pain and ailments but also your lifestyle and mood. You can bid farewell to back and shoulder issues or just experience the bliss of lying down and sleeping in extreme comfort to conclude another day of your life in perfection.