Date : 2021-10-08 09:58:57

How King Koil's customized bedding solution is helping top hospitality chains to match their global standards?

Chief executives of global hospitality brands are responsible for ensuring their customers are staying as comfortably and blissfully for the duration they're in your location. Keeping sleepers happy is at the heart of the guest experience, so it should be on the top of the priority list if you want them coming back again soon or telling all their friends about what a fantastic time they had! Studies done by universities worldwide show how important lighting, temperature settings are when making sure guests enjoy luxurious bedrooms along with comfortable beds that make great. Custom mattresses for hotels are the way to go if you're looking to tailor the hospitality experience that your guests feel at your hotel.

Being CEO means being able not only to take care but also to look after every single person who comes through those doors. This includes providing everyone with the best care and hospitality your guests expect on vacation. Being a global premium mattress brand, we at King Koil work closely with all the major brands globally to offer an unparalleled sleeping experience.

That's why our exclusive customized bedding solutions are being provided exclusively for top hoteliers from around India and abroad - be it in terms of quality or cost! We are the only manufacturer in India who Westin has approved as they manufacture their high-end Heavenly Beds here only in India. We also make Pillows and Duvets, which can easily roll away when you don't need them anymore, just like traditional beds. Our range of premium mattresses for hotels offers everything a hotelier could want for their guests, and the guests might not have experienced it before.

Our Hospitality mattress offerings:
The Westin Heavenly Bed mattress has been very popular with many hotel guests. This heavenly bed uses top-quality materials and is designed for comfort. The mattress style involves three separate layers, which are then divided into various zones that cater to the sleeper's body, where each zone contains a different level of firmness.

The top layer comprises high-density memory foam that contours to the user's body and relieves pressure points on the hips and shoulders as they sleep. The next layer is quilted with pocket coils that provide extra support, ventilation, and comfort without any motion disturbances from one sleeping partner affecting another person's sleeping experience.

Finally, a low-profile base made up of high-density foam and a high-density innerspring system provides additional support while also preventing the mattress from sagging over time. The Westin Heavenly Bed mattress is available in many different sizes and can be specially ordered for any bed, including adjustable bases. The hotelier would benefit by creating a pleasant atmosphere for their guests, especially if they are weary after traveling to get to their destination. Most people like to stay somewhere that feels like home, so it makes sense that having one's bedding should be ideal when sleeping away from home. Hoteliers could take this into account when choosing the materials used for the mattresses in their establishment.

Here are our Westin Heavenly Bed style mattresses:

  1. Maharaja Grand: The Maharaja Grand mattress is a high-end luxury product that combines the best of both worlds to create an alluring sleeping surface. The 2-inch thick pillow top layer provides comfort and support with convoluted foam for optimal back support while also allowing airflow throughout so you don't wake up hot or uncomfortable in bed at night! Made out of fire retardant knitted fabric on top, this luxurious mattress offers supreme quality without compensating for any comfort.
    The Maharaja Grand mattress is an excellent choice for people looking to get the best sleep possible. The core layer contains a higher count of pocket springs that offer better body contouring and do not disturb technology. It also encases it in high-density foam for edge protection! With this high-quality luxury mattress, you can enjoy luxurious comfort at all times without worrying about the pain caused by too firm surfaces or sagging fabric. The mattress makes it all possible without causing discomfort when sleeping on either side, thanks to 2 inches High Resilience Foam included within its construction specifications. It helps ensure each individual gets their much-needed rest without getting sore from alignment issues as they would have before.
  2. Roman Luxury: The first cellular memory foam and innerspring mattress designed for our hospitality clients; Roman Luxury's luxurious design will make you feel like royalty. This hybrid mattress comes with medium-soft comfort that relieves pressure while providing the best support of any brand out there! The HR Foam provides increased richness topper layer combined with pocket springs for ultimate durability- not too firm or soft but just right - so your back can rest easy knowing it has when you are sleeping soundly at night on this beautifully crafted piece.
    The Roman Luxury mattress is made with premium materials to give you the best comfort and pressure relief. The box top construction of the mattress is made with high-density 1-inch cellular memory foam quilted together by a unique combination, which provides utmost comfort and pressure relief. The core layer has higher count pocket springs that have motion isolation technology for enhanced and multifunctions for enhanced body contouring! For perfect edge protection from spills or accidents, you can feel confident about our enclosed, rigid foam encasing it all around. The memory foam core layer offers exceptional cervical spinal alignment for improved blood flow while you sleep - so turn out lights or wake up early, if need be, to make breakfast without back pain stopping you.
  3. GuestRest EuroSoft: Guest Rest EuroSoft is a uniquely designed mattress specially made for our premium and business category hospitality clientele. This unique bedding can be constructed using Bonnell or Pocket springs, which give you the flexibility to opt for different levels of comfort when buying from us! Guest Rest EuroSoft is the perfect solution for those looking to make their hotel more comfortable and inviting. The high GSM Jacquard fabric offers fire retardancy, while two layers of 100% pure sleep grade Super Soft foam enhance comfort levels. This mattress has a one-side usable innerspring mattress that requires no flipping after every few months.
    Pocket or Bonnell springs are used throughout this core layer-- offering increased support where needed most without compromising on the bounce when you sit down too quickly. The core layer of the innerspring is enclosed with butterfly m-springs to offer better edge support for your guests. The bottom of this mattress features a quilted surface and anti-skid fabric to not slide around on you when sleeping or sitting! You'll be sure not to wake up with discomfort after using this mattress, with ten years warranty too.
  4. RestAzure: Use the power of RestAzure to make your guests feel at home with an affordable and comfortable bed! Featuring 100% pure sleep-grade PU foam, this flippable mattress offers quality rest for all types of guests. With zero partner disturbance innerspring system, it's made specially designed just for budget hotels chains like yours-- offering much-needed relaxation time from restless nights caused by loud springs or uncomfortable mattresses. Get the perfect balance of comfort and support with RestAzure.
    This high-quality mattress is made from fire retardant fabric that's quilted together for optimal firmness. Then layers are added to provide greater resilience in case you need an extra bounce back! The middle layer consists mainly of durable cotton felt on both sides. Thanks to its natural breathability properties, it offers excellent temperature regulation, ensuring you keep cool during hot seasons. Both core components, pocket springs within and butterfly M spring design at the edge, have unique construction and designs. This is so they won't bother someone who has trouble sleeping otherwise due to their position.

Customizations we cover when working with market leaders;
We have been a leading mattress manufacturer for years now, and you can come to us for all kinds of custom mattress solutions. At King Koil, we have a knowledgeable team about bedding and can help you build the perfect mattress with whatever specifications you may need. We have a variety of construction options for our customers, depending on what they need from their bed.

All of our mattresses are made in-house, which means we ensure international quality standards instead of outsourcing. We care about using the best materials available because it leads to a better product that will last longer and be more comfortable for you over time. Our warranties are one of the longest in the industry because we know that you're getting a quality product with our craftsmanship.

This means that if you want a custom mattress cover made for your box top or pillow-top or anything else, we can make it happen. Just send us an email at [], and we'll get back to you quickly with a quote and options for what you need us to do.

  1. Fabric: We can help customize your mattress fabric. As a hotelier, protecting your property from their guests' accidental damages and rough usage is crucial. This is the only reason we use high GSM fire retardant fabrics such as jacquard, damask, or viscose. We specialize in the production of custom bedding products for hotels. Fabric is essential, as it is the first thing guests will see and touch. This means we can offer our expertise in fabric selection, including adding unique fabrics such as reflective, waterproof, or anti-allergic options to meet your specific needs.
    With our online fabric customization options on display, feel and experience the fabric before placing your order for custom bedding. High-density fire retardant fabric is also available. We can help you find the best fabric solution based on your preference, including double-sided fire retardant fabrics for mattress or duvet covers.
    If you're not aware of different fabric types or know enough to customize, we can help you. As the first layer of any mattress, the fabric is also the first impression guests receive of your hotel. We can help with custom-made to order options: We specialize in customized fabrics, printed fabric, or dyed fabric - including a variety of colors and patterns - so you can create truly unique bedding for guests. We can help find the best solution based on your preference, including multiple customized layers for large orders. The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating your ideal look.
  2. Comfort Level: We can also help you customize the comfort level in your bespoke mattress. We ensure quality standards by using high-density 100% pure sleep-grade foam in comfort, memory foam, HR, or PU foam. When you are looking to add a customized touch to your mattress, our R&D department is ready with the knowledge and expertise to suggest changes in specifications. For example, if you want a custom-made mattress that sleeps cool without compromising on support, we can provide layers of cooling gel and other specifications as you would like them. You can also have any size of mattresses that fits your need idealized at our facility.
    We cater to all types of bedding needs, from single-person beds to king-sized beds and even custom beds per specific requirements. The customization can be related to the size and shape of the mattress and its functionalities and unique features. With our expertise, we help you develop a prototype that fits your needs perfectly by considering desired comfort level, pricing, and practicalities involved in manufacturing. We for custom order production time frame, including transit time from our facility to your destination. So once you finalize on all the features, please send us a request at . We will get back to you with a quick turnaround time.
  3. Support Level: If you are looking to get your own mattress made without having to go through the hassle of finding a manufacturer or worrying about any middlemen cutting it into your pocket, then look no further. We can help make custom mattresses according to your needs and wants. The first thing for us is getting a better understanding of the type of mattress you want made. Do you prefer foam? Or do you prefer innerspring mattresses more? We have been in business for more than 30 years now, and we understand that each customer has different preferences when it comes to choosing their ideal mattress.
    So, if possible, try and give as much information as possible about what kind of material you wish for us to use while making your perfect bedding solution. But support is the core of your mattress experience, and that's why we have improved our innerspring system to offer you the best kind of support. We are internationally certified, so quality standards are not an issue with us. When you finally give us your order for a custom mattress, rest assured that it will be of the highest possible quality and craft. We use only high-quality materials which can last longer than other standard mattress solutions out there on the market today.
    Hotel guests may prefer a softer mattress experience, which is more or less universal in hospitality mattresses. But the support level also impacts how well they sleep and if they're comfortable or not. That is why, at King Koil, we help customize the support level in your mattress too. If you are looking for an all-natural mattress, our pocketed coil system is the perfect solution. If you prefer a firmer base, however, then go with innerspring or even latex. Customized mattresses are suitable for customers and businesses as it builds up their brand equity. Customizing your bedding needs is just one call away, so why wait?
  4. Mattress Dimensions: Whether it's 8, 10, 12, or 14 inches or California king size, we would custom make your mattress so that it fits the bed base. Room sizes and aesthetics can vary, and mattress sizing can be an issue in such a scenario. That is why, at King Koil, we also offer customization of your mattress dimensions. We provide several choices in our mattress construction. From pocketed coils, plush to firm layers, and much more, you can decide what your mattress will look like. If you're not sure about which type is best for you, just let us know! We'll be happy to provide suggestions based on your preferences.
    The kind of support that you need from your mattress is also essential. Based on the guest demographic, you might be focusing on larger or smaller beds for your hotel rooms. That is why we provide a wide range of sizes and levels of firmness. If you're not sure which kind of mattress would be best for your guests, we can help you choose based on the numbers you give us. We'll even send one or more samples if necessary to make sure that you get exactly what works best for your customers. You might also consider the space constraints and aesthetics, such as color schemes and drapes.
  5. Edge Support: Mattress edge support solutions are something that everyone should pay attention to, especially people who sleep on their sides. The body is meant to sink into the mattress when someone is lying down, but this isn't how it works if you are a side sleeper. This forces your body weight towards the firm edges of the mattress and causes pain in areas like the hips or shoulders. You can fix this by getting an extra firm or more robust mattress edge support.
    There are three main options available; wire casings around the edges for more strength. There are also replacement springs placed inside butterfly springs within your mattress (if you have them) that offer great support without changing any other aspect of your original design. Alternatively, you can also go for a hard foam casing which provides excellent support but changes the feel of the mattress for some people.
    If you already have rigid foam edging instead of butterfly springs, it may seem like there is no solution available to you at all. Thanks to their thickness, these are lightweight enough that they don't affect the mattress's overall weight and don't take up much space. The mattress edge protection is also essential to ensure your mattress has adequate protection against bumps, harsh use, or even pets and children.

If you want to get a custom mattress edge support solution made for your current mattress, all you need to do is contact us here, and we will be able to tell you all about their products and what is available in terms of more robust edging. If this sounds like too much work, then we can help out with that as well! Our hospitality team and experts would love to talk to you about our range of stock mattress designs and which ones offer an extra-strong casing or wire frame along the edges.

At Luxury Bespoke Mattresses, we specialize in luxury mattress custom solutions for hotels. As leaders in the world of mattresses, you can trust that our products are high quality and offer exceptional service to match. When it comes to your hotel's guest experience, comfort should be at the forefront, so why not customize each aspect of your bedding?

With our expertise, you'll be able to provide the ultimate guest experience explicitly tailored to your hotel's needs and goals. We can help you create a bespoke mattress with luxury features perfect for any budget or preference level. Our hospitality clients only prefer our custom bedding and accessories for all their needs. If you're looking into custom mattresses for your hotel, contact us today for the best luxury mattresses in the industry.

Moreover, you can also look into our standard hospitality mattresses or use our SleepID tool for options on long-term luxury mattresses for your home. Our research and development team can help customize the best custom Westin Heavenly Bed-style mattresses for your hotel.