Date : 2020-10-21 10:36:10

How much does a mattress cost and Should You Invest Your Money in a Mattress?

The Mattress is an investment to improve your overall health and well being, and most people stick to their choice for as long as it is comfortable. The comfort and general age can vary from 3-5 years to even a decade for better quality mattresses. But how should you see if your investment in a mattress is worth it? When we think of buying a mattress, most people tend to consider how costly it will be. Moreover, if you have any mattress currently say PU Foam or memory foam, for example), you might want the same experience with more support. But then, if your current mattress set you back by an affordable amount five years ago, inflation would make it more expensive today, but at the same time, it makes more sense to upgrade. You might be looking to upgrade in terms of the kind of mattress you have or only the design, construction, or overall quality of your new mattress.
How costly or affordable an upgrade or a new mattress relies on different factors. The best way to check prices is to check online on the store page or leading e-commerce sites. However, buying online restricts your choices, the experience of getting to feel the mattress's softness or firmness, assess the quality and overall. When you buy a mattress in-person, you get to see what you're getting for the next few years rather than rely on customer reviews, which vary widely, and not everyone has the same sleep preferences. That is why experiencing a mattress in-person gives you a better assessment of why and how your mattress costs what it costs. Different factors influence the cost behind a mattress, and you should be aware of what to expect when you walk in the store or still prefer to shop online.

Factors that influence mattress cost:

1. Size and Shape:

Size and shape dictate the most prominent part of your mattress's pricing and the most widely used and assessed. You are bound to think of size before you get to the material it uses or other factors. And it makes sense because ideally, how small or large the mattress is telling us how much material, manufacturing, and other elements went into it. The most affordable option is the single mattress rectangular option. Now, prices increase from the single, but not exponentially, say a double mattress wouldn't cost double the single mattress price. This is because it doesn't double the manufacturing effort, although the cost is adjusted for double.
Similarly, you can expect queen size, king, and California king to cost accordingly as the manufacturing, use of raw material, and shape tell how each mattress can cost. But, based on size, mattresses rarely increase exponentially. However, there is another factor to consider- the shape and custom sizing. You might be looking for a round-bed mattress or custom sizing for your bed, and prices can change because of availability and unique manufacturing processes.

2. Thickness/Height of the Mattress:
The thickness of a mattress means more than just the amount of raw material used. While you can get a traditional mattress with just one type of material making up the bulk, hybrid mattresses can be thicker too. The thicker they are, the more they would cost because thickness also means more material used across the mattress's length and breadth. Simultaneously, there might be different materials in place in the comfort or support layers of your mattress that make up for a higher cost and hybrid mattress function. If you're looking for a thicker mattress, it is better to see what drives the mattress cost upwards in terms of thickness. It might be better raw material, denser than what is present in the upholstery or more components across the support layer, upholstery, and the comfort layer.
Hybrid mattresses cost more than mattresses using different densities of the same material for better support or comfort. But hybrid mattresses make the best use of individual components to give you long-lasting life and better functions than traditional layered mattresses. Simultaneously, latex mattresses or other expensive materials might cost more because of the type of material used despite the low thickness, which brings us to the next point.

3. Type of the Mattress:
The mattress raw material or the kind of mattress you choose has the most influence over how expensive your mattresses can get. This is because of availability, manufacturing, demand-supply elements, among other issues that affect mattress rates. Moreover, there are hybrid mattresses or traditional mattresses which tell us how each mattress's design, construction, and raw material influence their cost. Because of varying types of mattresses, costs can change dynamically and widely than any other factor on this list. A traditional mattress with variable densities of raw material across its construction can cost less than a hybrid mattress.
For example, innerspring mattresses have to use different materials in the support layer and comfort layer for the best insulation from the springs, ensure longevity, and provide specific comfort for your body. These things increase the cost of a mattress. On the other hand, a memory foam, rebonded mattress, or latex mattress as an individual might cost less and more at the same time, depending upon the layers in use. For example, a latex mattress would cost a decent starter cost point. But using latex foam materials in innerspring mattresses and other materials also brings in the cost of other materials, research, development, construction, and design, among other things, despite less material in use in the comfort and support layers. You can check out our innerspring, memory foam, latex, pillow-top, box top, and euro top mattresses to get a better illustration of this concept.

4. Quality of the Materials:
The material quality influences how long it lasts and the cost. Any mattresses' quality encompasses several underlying factors like thickness, density, upholstery, steel quality, and manufacturing process. This is how each of these factors influences the cost of the mattress for their quality:

Density: Density is the measure of how much material is used per area in terms of volume. You can measure the density of a mattress in terms of weight per cubic meter. Apart from the physics units and measurements, density means more to a mattress's cost, longevity, and the general feel. For example, in a memory foam mattress, density is the best measure of quality, and it influences both its longevity and the overall feel. Density also means more memory foam in a smaller structure and smaller cells leading to better hypoallergenic property, longer life, and higher responsiveness.
Lower density memory foam can be prone to breaking over time, similar to PU foam, affecting its responsive rate, collecting dust and allergens, among other factors. So, if you are looking for quality, start looking for mattress materials' density. However, density can also mean more discomfort in other kinds of mattresses. Although they might cost more, it is better to experience what works for you and invest accordingly.

Upholstery: The upholstery consists of the bulk of the material in use so that it can be another cost-influencing factor in your mattress. While most traditional mattresses comprise the same material in bulk as the core of the mattress, it also has to uphold your body. The denser it is, the longer it'll last and not lose shape, therefore enhancing mattress quality and overall life.
Similarly, suppose you decide to go for a mattress without layers and just one material making up the mattress's bulk. In that case, it is more likely to lose shape irrespective of the material and cost less. Upholstery is also the place which most of what elongates the life and form of any mattress. You can find innerspring coils, spring systems, HR foam, memory foam, among other materials at the core. The better composition and density of upholstery, the better is its quality and overall value for money.

Steel Quality: The quality of steel in place in innerspring mattress is crucial to the experience, silence, motion transfer, and longevity of the mattress. If you want a good quality innerspring mattress, it is a good idea to go for manufacturers that offer high standard steel in the springs. Heat-tempered steel or springs generally last longer, are firmer and move without causing too much noise. During manufacturing, heating enhances their strength and longevity making them more tensile without making them brittle. As a result, you get better quality mattresses with more steel strength and longevity. The better the quality of any metal or steel in your mattress, the better it results in low-noise and longer life.

Manufacturing: As a customer, it is not possible to go into exquisite details of how a company manufactures its mattresses in general. However, the best way to ensure you get the best mattress manufacturing standards is to experience your mattress in-person. In addition to the company's reputation, reviews that speak volumes about their manufacturing processes, it is a good idea to experience it yourself rather than just read about it online.

The warranty of any good mattress company would lie between 5-10 years across their range. Good quality mattresses have better stitching, the density of materials, and top-notch manufacturing, among other contributing factors. At King Koil, we offer a ten-year warranty across our mattress range against any manufacturing defects. Manufacturing defects cover issues like sagging, stitching issues, and upholstery problems. In case you run into any manufacturing defects because of general use (not rough wear, tear, or mishandling, among other damaging behaviors), we guarantee free repairs for any of the issues, as mentioned earlier. Moreover, in the scenario that your mattress needs more than just a repair, replacement is also possible on a case-to-case basis.
In general, it is a good idea to check warranty details that any manufacturer offers along with special care towards maintenance and cleaning instructions. Rough handling, intentional damage, not maintaining the mattress as per the details attached, and they can void the warranty and not get you the option for free replacements or repairs. Higher quality mattresses also tend to have more extended warranty periods, and lower quality mattresses would deteriorate quickly and offer shorter warranty times.

Each mattress manufacturer has its pros and cons, and taking care of your sleep should be the top priority. However, the best way to ensure the best sleep for their customers is to ensure that the mattresses have the best quality. Things like stitching, materials used, raw material's density, and manufacturing affect the overall experience, but there is more to play than these things. At King Koil, we ensure that each of these details is well-taken care of to guarantee the best sleeping experience with the best-quality luxurious mattresses. However, our main quality-guarantee is not just these factors but also the research and development that goes into each product.

Like other leading companies, we strive for excellence, and there is nothing better than continuous product upgrades year after year based on real-world data. We use pressure points and general mattress experience to map out a complex mapping of how the mattress design works with different bodies over time. In other words, this type of data analysis helps us guarantee better sleep quality as well as best-in-class materials and construction in each of our mattresses. This kind of research, development, and improvement approach helps us guarantee a ten-year warranty and live up to the international standard of luxury our brand represents.

If you're still confused about how your new mattress gives you value for money for your sleep, you can check our mattresses in-person. The SleepID Kiosks and online tools help us get a better sense of how each person looks for different mattresses based on their lifestyle and body frame, among other elements. The best way to assess how a mattress cost is to calculate how long you plan to use it and calculate your budget accordingly.

FAQs about the cost of a mattress:

1. What is the most affordable mattress, and why so?

If you're looking for something with an average budget or looking for the most value of money, it is good to choose a hybrid or traditional mattress that you can flip. You can see how your mattress might lose shape over the years, or you prefer something different or need some change from the usual firmness or softness. In this case, memory foams with HR foam upholstery or any innerspring mattress that you can flip for variable comfort and support are the most value for money.
Cleaning and maintaining such mattresses are also more comfortable since they're designed to be flipped and used from time to time. If you have a low budget and still want a flippable mattress, you can check out some flippable memory foam mattresses, which offer different firmness and softness on either side.

2. Which kind of mattress offers the most value for money?
Latex mattresses last the longest, are eco-friendly, offer the most versatile functions as a standalone raw material, and have a great set of advantages. If you are looking for a great value of money and do not mind the INR 23,499 starting price for latex foam mattresses, it is the best option. Latex foam mattresses are easy to clean, retain their shape for most of the decade, and the advantages over the number of other kinds of mattresses. Moreover, latex foam mattresses are also suitable for orthopedic use in innerspring mattresses and offer a generally better balance of comfort and support in both standalone and hybrid options.

3. What to expect luxury mattresses to cost like?
Luxury mattresses have undoubtedly the best material quality options that use more time and detail in manufacturing and extensive research and development. Moreover, the design and construction also have to be thicker and use best-in-class designs and luxurious materials not available for general mattresses. As one of the globally leading luxury mattress brands, we offer these mattresses and our Westin-bed style ultra-luxury mattresses. Our luxury mattress range starts at INR 28,699, and the ultra-luxury mattress range starts at INR 54,199, subject to changes as per your requirements or custom shape or sizing.

4. Are mattress toppers worth spending to increase my mattress life?
Mattress toppers offer additional comfort and support by clinging to the surface of your mattress by giving it an extra layer. As a result, it tends to take any wear, tear, pressure, and exposure to your environment, acting as a cover for your mattress. Mattress toppers are especially useful if you have kids who like to jump around or need soft comfort and an additional comfort level. They're best suited for guest beds or the hospitality industry, which sees guests check-in and out without paying particular attention to maintaining your mattress.

5. What can I expect to spend on a mattress if I want a mattress from King Koil?
It depends on your SleepID, and our mattress range begins at INR 12,199, which changes as per sizing and other requirements. As the leading global luxury mattress brand, we offer the best mattresses at affordable prices.