Date : 2021-05-03 09:23:29

How to safely buy a mattress in a pandemic?

The entire world is losing sleep (literally) over their health and safety in the current COVID-19 pandemic. People are losing jobs, near and dear ones, struggling for breath, praying for the safety of their friends and families. In these dark times, one thing remains constant, and that's a fundamental concern for health and safety. People without pre-existing health issues and relatively fitter are doing better than those with comorbidities in this global health crisis. With most of us staying home, either in self-quarantine or government-regulated lockdowns, health and sleep have taken center stage in our lives. People are more conscious than ever about staying healthy, and sleep comes first before any lifestyle or diet improvements.

Buying a new mattress in the current pandemic is safe, and for an additional measure, you can rely on KingKoil. Buying a mattress for high-quality sleep shouldn't feel daunting or something to spend hours worrying about. That is why at KingKoil, we take your worries and offer high-quality sleep and a worry-free purchase decision. Anyway, here are the steps you can follow to buy your new mattress safely in this pandemic:

  1. Check Your SleepID: The first step is deciding on a mattress that suits your body. Your mattress compatibility with yours and your partner's body is the most critical step to ensure a high-quality, comfortable sleep. And SleepID is the solution to ensuring maximum body compatibility so that your body feels at ease every night for years to come. SleepID factors in your age, sex, fat distribution, weight, and other bio-identity factors to ensure that you sleep comfortably. With SleepID, you can be sure you're sleeping with the best balance of comfort and support for your body type. Measuring your body's compatibility is vital because you want the best sleep and quality for your body and avoid the hassles of returning the mattress. And with how KingKoil places your safety and health quality before anything else, you can get a demo for your SleepID shortlisted products at home. So, when you like a KingKoil mattress from the online tool, you can contact us to get a demo for the same and other mattresses at your home, with complete sanitization.
  2. Download Brochure of suggested products: A brochure of your shortlisted or suggested mattresses will be the best comparison guide for your mattress. A mattress brochure can help you get more clarity into the components that make your mattress comfortable for your body. A brochure also clarifies the thickness and density levels of the different components that make your mattress unique. Because of the detailed information present, you can make better decisions as an educated customer who knows how two different mattresses work. Additionally, a mattress brochure also enlightens one on the purpose, comfort, and support balance of the mattress. The brochure is also essential to know more about the warranty and care instructions of your mattress. Information related to the mattress warranty period/replacement period and costing is also present in the mattress brochure. Moreover, a mattress brochure also details a sizing guide so that you can measure your mattress's sizing with your bed frame. As a result, you don't have to look for the sizing details of a king or queen mattress and can have the exact specifications without confusion. KingKoil mattress brochures also highlight the thickness and sizing price guide so that you know what you're getting without hours on the phone. So, any information there is regarding a specific mattress, you can be sure the brochure would be your all-composing guide. This helps you stay safe, know all the specifics without visiting the store.
  3. Locate a Store using the "Where to Buy" Page: If you want the complete mattress buying experience in a safe environment, you can visit our mattress stores too. However, in the pandemic, it is safer to buy from home, and it is a significant advantage if the store is near your home (or at least in the same city). This is important in minimizing logistics on both sides and assuring you of quality service. A nearby mattress manufacturer or dealership is also essential if you want to get repairs/replacements done comfortably rather than crossing cities. The "where to buy mattress" page allows you to know about the latest dealerships and other important contact info. As a result, you can rely on your local store for any assistance in pre-or post-purchase services, which isn't available when you buy from e-commerce vendors. Additionally, your mattress is new and not second-hand/recycled when you buy from your nearby dealership, whereas there's no sanitation standards surety when buying online. All these factors are even more critical when you buy a mattress in the current pandemic.
  4. Book an in-home demo: Another way to be safe when buying a mattress in this pandemic is to book a demo from your home itself. Rather than exposing yourself to external environments where it's not necessary, an in-home demo is an excellent option. An in-home demo to test your shortlisted mattresses can help you decide on your favorite mattress. Moreover, testing a mattress is essential, mainly because you're getting one for the long run, and you should see how it feels and looks beforehand. Testing a mattress is at the core of ensuring high satisfaction, and in the current pandemic, you can book an in-home demo for safety. And you can be sure that any samples and the entire testing process are safe because of our attention and care in sanitizing everything. Helping you minimize outside exposure helps keep you safe and makes the mattress buying experience suitable for your health from the moment you decide on an in-home demo.
  5. Get all the information about the product from our Sleep Expert: Sometimes, the information you read can be too technical or overwhelming to understand and conclude on your next mattress choice. Our Sleep Expert can help you decide on your next mattress and any configurations you should be opting for. Our Sleep Expert deals with people looking for highly customizable bedding options and people with different requirements. So, irrespective of your requirements for orthopedic mattresses, special care mattresses, and other choices, our Sleep Expert can guide you properly. Additionally, a sleep expert can also help you address different sleep disorders and lifestyle issues you might be facing with valuable tips and recommendations. From a suitable pillow to a comfortable mattress, you can rely on KingKoil high-quality products to sleep in absolute peace and perfect health in the pandemic. For example, suppose you have cervical or sleeping issues. In that case, our Sleep Expert can recommend the best mattress and pillow combinations that address this pain and alleviates it in the long term.
  6. Get the bed measurement done and ask for special offers: Measuring your bed appropriately is the first step of the mattress buying journey. Measure the inside of your bed frame to give you an idea of the mattress size that suits your bed. Moreover, if you have padding on the bed's headboard, it is also essential to measure the height of where the padding starts as the mattress should overlap or struggle with the padding. The padding height and other factors determine how tall your mattress can be, and you can choose your mattress size more accurately from our brochures. Additionally, it would help if you also asked about any special offers ongoing with your mattress to get complimentary pillows and other accessories. The best way to ensure good health and sleep is to get a mattress that suits your body and suits your bed. Ideal height, size, type, and other issues also impact your body the same way they impact the look of your room.
  7. Book the desired mattress and get it delivered in 3-5 working days: Often, it takes days of shipping and confirmation, along with long logistics to deliver when you buy a custom mattress online. But when you buy a mattress from a trusted online dealership, you can expect fast on-time delivery so that you don't have to sleep on your aging mattress anymore. The best part about quick 3–5-day delivery is that you get what you check in your in-home demo, with proper sanitization and safety. After confirmation of a standard size or a custom mattress from our brochures, you can leave the logistics and delivery worries to us. You do not have to leave your safe space/quarantine to arrange delivery and other factors that hassle your lifestyle or time. So, if you buy a mattress from one of our nearby stores, you can get the safety and comfort of online buying with the advantages of buying in-store. Buying a mattress in a pandemic couldn't get any better or safer. Any custom and bespoke mattresses also enjoy the same benefits, and you can rely on us for proper delivery and keeping you safe, maximizing your health and sleep quality.
  8. We check the temperature of our staff twice a day: Irrespective of the choice of buying a mattress in-store or through an in-home demo, your safety is paramount. Your protection also lies in our staff's sanitation standards, their biostatistics. The people you come in contact with should be free of any signs of infection, and we ensure this by temperature checks. Because of this, staff temperature is taken and recorded twice a day to record any irregularities or alarming signs of a potential infection. So, when you buy a mattress or in-home, you can be sure all of their biostatistics like body temperature, personal hygiene, sanitation, and other forms of spread are taken care of. Buying a mattress from KingKoil is as safe and worry-free as possible, and you can rely on our quality assurances and precautions. Taking care of your health is of utmost importance, and the same reflects in our sanitation practices as it does in our mattress quality assurance.
  9. Covid precautions and our staff: With the numbers on the rise again, precautions and other safety standards need to be maximized. That is why our staff wears two masks, sanitizes regularly, and follows social distancing norms. These precautions and detailed checking into alarming signs and health issues are taken into consideration and recorded. Preemptive care and caution are always better than worrying about the consequences later, and that is why our staff takes their health into utmost caution to protect you from anything dire. With some of our staff getting vaccinated and taking increased precautions, your mattress buying experience becomes as safe as it can be.
  10. Manufacturing unit precautions: Your mattress's manufacturing has to be as clean and quality measures and assurances in place in the pandemic. To ensure the same, all our manufacturing facilities across India follow strict coronavirus guidelines. Similar to our stores' staff, but more stringent, our manufacturing units follow extreme precautions and keep everything disinfected. Because of these measures, you can rest in peace on your new mattress, knowing there are excellent quality and sanitation standards to ensure maximum protection for the end customer.
  11. Mattress testing: A mattress is an experiential product, and you should feel the mattress before buying by booking an in-home demo. Testing your mattress is key to seeing how your body reacts to it and the long-term sleeping experience it would offer. If it's incredibly uncomfortable or not supportive enough, then it won't be supportive in the long run either. That is why, when you use SleepID, you see a range of mattresses that could suit you, and you can test the samples through an in-home demo to see which one fits your body and budget best. This practice keeps you safe from lying on the mattresses other people have used, as our demo products go through thorough sanitization. This level of sanitization and care isn't always possible when one tests it in-store, and you can test them from the safety of your home. The best way to stay safe is to avoid unnecessary exposure, and an in-home demo ensures maximum protection with our staff you can trust.

Tips to follow to ensure sleep quality and immunity in the pandemic:
Buying a mattress couldn't be any safer when buying from KingKoil, but there are steps you should take to prevent infection and keep yourself healthy in the first place too. When you're investing in a mattress, it is also essential to understand how high-quality sleep impacts your health. You can buy everything safely, but all it takes is one slip through the cracks for the infection to get to you. That is why our best bet in this global crisis lies in prevention and boosting our immunity. Here are some tips to follow if you're looking to stay safe in the ongoing second wave situation in India:

  1. Focus on your health: It is easy to give in to fears, news, social media circulations and isolate yourself completely. Together, these factors subconsciously drain your mental power, forcing you to focus on the negatives and forget your power to change things. While we cannot change the ongoing reality, we can focus on what can change. And we can move forward in this pandemic by focusing on our health (both physical and mental). The news and situation aren't going to be better in a day, and the mental impact of such dire circumstances won't go away either. One can fall into eating disorders, weight gain, anxiety, depression because of personal loss, or other consequences of this pandemic. That is why focusing on all-around health aspects is essential, and not just your physical health. Sleep plays an essential role in protecting your body in the current pandemic- that is, its regeneration and immunity building. And if you're not sleeping enough, the rest can fall apart quickly. Focus on changing your lifestyle habits by eating healthy, exercising daily, and even sleeping healthy, and you'll be better off in these chaotic and unpleasant times.
  2. Exercise: Exercise is more important than ever in the ongoing wave because of how the infection targets your lungs and blood oxygen levels. WHO recommended exercise tips[VV1]  and information can help you understand why exercise is vital in preventing severe infection. The fitter you are, the better your blood, oxygen, and lung capacity are, and the less prone you are to severe infection or hospitalization. Going to the gym is still not a good idea, but working out at home, getting your sun exposure, cardio fitness is critical in keeping you healthy. The ongoing wave leads to a severe dip in oxygen levels after infection, and age, fitness, and comorbidities determine how easily you recover. Inculcating exercise in your daily home routine (especially cardio exercises or power yoga that improve lung capacity and function) is very important. Exercise burns your body fat, helps metabolize your blood sugar, and keeps comorbidities at bay, which is crucial in staying healthy now and in the future.
  3. Healthy diet: A healthy diet, possibly with vitamin supplements, is also vital in keeping your body healthy. Eating right and at the right time is also vital in ensuring high-quality sleep at the end of the day. The first and most crucial tip to staying healthy is eating at the correct times, especially avoiding heavy fat-full foods near bedtime. Eat light near bedtime or small portions throughout the day as per your diet plan/lifestyle. And yes, binging/cheating once in a while is okay. But it is also essential to understand what classifies as comfort food and hard liquor/cold beverages near bedtime or overconsumption of the same isn't healthy. Staying healthy and coming out of this pandemic healthier needs a lot of effort, and a healthy, well-balanced diet is the first step. A well-balanced, healthy diet also promotes high-quality sleep and keeps your fat and blood sugar levels in the normal range, which is critical in preventing severe covid infection.
  4. Clean surroundings and sleep environment: Your sleep environment and immediate surroundings need just as much focus as anything else. When you're taking care of your body, your sleep environment (mattress, pillow, and cleanliness) also matter. Clean surroundings and high-quality compatible pillows and mattresses are essential to improve your sleep and overall immunity. When you're staying at home, working from home, and operating your life from home, it makes sense to keep it clean and sanitized. Moreover, a high-quality mattress and pillow ensure proper posture alignment and allow you to sleep comfortably for years on end. A hypoallergenic mattress would be even better to avoid dust and other factors accumulating in your mattress, damaging your respiratory system and inviting more infections.
  5. Minimize exposure: Your exposure to other people can be as simple as buying veggies without a mask or speaking to an unmasked stranger. From house parties, indoor gatherings to any indoor activities with unknowns can lead to infection. That is why staying at home, avoiding any indoor activities (even fitness-related) is crucial in the ongoing second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. Minimizing exposure is possible, and you can stay at home, work out from home, and quarantine yourself to stay safe. Rely on online shopping or booking in-home safe and sanitized mattress demos to stay as safe as possible. Moreover, staying indoors doesn't mean that you have to ignore your health, work out, walk-in nature (with a mask on if people are around), and focus on your overall well-being. Minimizing exposure to the virus is excellent, but you can also minimize exposure to bad news, social media posts that drain your mental well-being, and junk food, news, or fears that elevate your stress levels. The key to staying inside and avoiding these things is to minimize exposure but maximize inner well-being.
  6. Sleep quality and immunity: Your sleep quality dictates your immunity levels, and focusing on your sleep can improve your immune reaction to any infection. So, if you've been settling for inadequate quality sleep because of an aging mattress or incompatible mattress and putting it off for months or years, now's the best time to improve it. Maximize your sleep quality with pillows and mattresses that comfort and support your body, allowing you to sleep quicker and stay asleep through the night. Lifestyle changes such as avoiding junk, hard liquor, or caffeine before bedtime are another set of changes you can implement to maximize your sleep quality. So, if you're upgrading to a new mattress in this pandemic, it is also essential to address these issues when you want to improve your sleep and overall immunity. A fixed sleep schedule and uninterrupted sleep can change the way you think and look within 15 days. The best way to improve your immunity is to improve your sleep environment and sleep hygiene by being mindful of how you sleep and changing your sleep habits.
  7. Get your vaccine! People are wearing double masks, many people struggling to get oxygen cylinders and losing loved ones in the ongoing wave of the COVID-19 wave in India. However, if you're one of the fortunate ones that can get vaccinated nearby your home, vaccination can save your life by preventing hospitalization and others too. To prevent a collapse of the medical infrastructure in the country, vaccines are the only ray of hope to get out of this pandemic. Even though vaccines may not prevent infection, due to their efficacy rates and your biostatistics, a single shot prevents hospitalization. Your vaccine starts working within 10-15 days of vaccination and even makes you a non-carrier and immune to this deadly virus. So, if you have elderly or high-risk people around you that need it, it is best to get inoculated before it's too late.

Why buying in-store (or through an in-home demo) is better than online buying in the COVID-19 pandemic?
A mattress is a personal care item that you should always experience before buying. Randomly buying a mattress because of online reviews by measuring softness, firmness, or other elements seldom results in satisfaction. Here is why buying a mattress offline is better than an online or e-commerce vendor, mainly because of the pandemic:

  1. Free trial mattresses and sanitization: Free trial mattresses are a high-risk purchase because of the sanitation issues attached. 100 day or 30-day trial mattresses are eventually recycled or discarded and pose severe environmental and personal health issues. Many people who buy their mattresses online end up returning because of incompatibility, quality issues, or body pain. However, in the ongoing pandemic, sanitation and using recycled items can become a matter of grave personal health issues. Your health and sleep quality rely on the quality of the mattress you buy, and many online vendors resell the mattresses that other customers return (or discard them). These mattresses are either treated with chemicals or resold straightaway and can lead to sanitation issues and allergies. A recycled mattress sold under the 100- or 30-day trial scheme also impacts your immunity, therefore making you prone to different infections. That is why you should always look into a locally recognized mattress dealership for your new mattress that ensures quality in your new mattress.
  2. Mattress compatibility: Buying a suitable mattress becomes a significant challenge, with countless online reviews tilting towards praise or complaints. There is no single consensus towards buying a particular mattress online, as everyone has different bodies and needs a different mattress and sleeping experience. That is why testing a mattress before you buy it is essential. Our SleepID algorithm helps shortlist the range of mattresses that suit you and your partner and have the appropriate balance of comfort and support. Keeping your body healthy in the long run starts with correct posture alignment, freedom to sleep in different orientations, and the right mix of comfort and support. That is why most online bought mattresses end up with extreme dissatisfaction. Whereas store-bought and pre-tested mattresses result in high satisfaction rates that last years and offer high-quality, comfortable sleep keeping you healthy.
  3. Online vs. offline buying experience: Buying online is comfortable because you get your mattress delivered quickly and often much more affordable than a brick-and-mortar store. However, a tiny percentage of people are satisfied with their online purchase and are stuck with the mattress only to turn to buy from a store in the end. This is because most people find their mattresses incompatible with their body type, leading to dissatisfaction. Online mattresses also use low-density materials, which is the reason why they are vacuum-packed. Low-density foam or fabric used in the mattresses sold online often doesn't last long (often less than five years). Moreover, if you face any issue with a mattress that you buy online, you would have to struggle a lot to get it fixed or replaced, and even then, there's no guarantee of satisfaction. When you buy a mattress from a store nearby, you get a new mattress that the manufacturer is glad to let you try before purchasing. As a result, the satisfaction levels are higher than what you buy online, and getting any repairs or replacement is just a call away. You don't have to spend endless hours and patience with customer support to get you to the manufacturer, only to arrange the logistics yourself. Additionally, there is a massive difference in the way policies are designed for your online vs. offline mattress purchase. Once you open or unpack the online bought mattress, it might be against the manufacturer's policy to accept it, which leads to additional stress for a sizable investment. Whereas when you buy a mattress in-store, you can get it picked up and replaced/fixed on the spot or within 1-2 days. Given the ongoing pandemic, it is a wiser decision any day to buy a mattress from a dealership or a manufacturer you can trust.
  4. Infection prevention: Mattresses are personal care items that people sleep on and spend the entire day in (especially now with work from home). Given the hot and humid/arid climate of India, body sweats, environmental dust, biological factors, and other issues impact how your mattress appears. When you're buying a mattress from an online manufacturer, it could be new or recycled, and there would be no way of knowing since you're not sure of the level of off-gassing or color it's supposed to be when new. Most recycled mattresses end up with a chemical treatment that aims to address the top layer issues. So, a newly bought online mattress might smell of chemicals or even body odor (in untreated and resold mattresses), increasing the risk of catching different respiratory infections and skin rashes, allergies. Buying a new mattress from a manufacturer that doesn't sell you an old or reused mattress would have a new fragrance that doesn't come from chemicals. As a result, there is no off-gassing or mattress smell in your room for days or weeks on end, creating a toxic sleeping environment.
  5. Pain-relief: As mentioned earlier, most people experience mattress dissatisfaction because of incompatibility issues. Although these issues may lead to infections and other issues that affect your body, a bad online purchase experience can also lead to body pains. People buy mattresses online based on reviews of people saying it's soft or comfortable but may not consider how much support they need depending upon the body weight and other issues. People with chronic pain, injuries, or higher body weight need a mattress that supports and comforts and aligns the spine properly. For example, an orthopedic mattress sold online wouldn't be dense or supportive enough as it would still ship in a vacuum-packed delivery package. In comparison, buying an orthopedic mattress in-store after your test is delivered as-is and offers much more support and comfort for a decade or longer. High-density layers of foam help contribute to the support factor of the mattress and its longevity. Online bought mattresses often offer lesser or negligible support despite claims that lead to chronic pains, shoulder or back pains, and enhanced intensity of pre-existing pains.
  6. Specific requirements and delivery: Sometimes, people tend to buy online to get better-advertised benefits, faster delivery (in some cases), and other advantages. When you need a mattress for specific requirements, say a customized height/thickness, shape, or doctor-recommended orthopedic mattresses, finding the same can be easier online. However, buying the same in-store would deliver and offer the same with higher quality because of the factors mentioned above. Whether you need a circular bed, or a hospitality mattress, or a pain-relieving orthopedic mattress, it is always better to rely on trusted manufacturers. Moreover, some stores may already have your specific requirement on display, and you can experience it before buying. Either way, buying in-store or through an in-home demo leads to better satisfaction results and longer life, promising higher quality. Buying the same online would be a high-risk experience since you wouldn't be able to test or see the specific requirement mattress you need.
  7. Post delivery service: Online policies are often shrouded behind a curtain of fake transparency because of the middle-man e-commerce vendor. Most people may only be able to return their online bought mattress if it's either unpacked or under challenging circumstances. However, you wouldn't need to return a mattress you buy in-store because you've tested it as a demo, and most brick-and-mortar stores ensure quality by offering only new high-quality mattresses because of this policy. Either way, if you're not satisfied with a mattress, you either buy offline or online, the post-delivery service quality is evident. You can call your local mattress dealership to fix or replace your mattress if under warranty. In contrast, when you try to avail of post-delivery service for your online-bought mattress, there is the red tape of the e-commerce seller and platform policies in addition to the online manufacturer's policies. Together, all of these issues make it impossible to get timely and quality post-sales service for your mattress. And in the ongoing pandemic, when no one has ample time, patience, or should expose themselves running place to place, a local dealership is your best friend and lifesaver.

Contacting and buying a high-quality mattress correctly in the pandemic:
If you've decided on buying a mattress safely through an in-home demo, it is also essential to choose the right mattress, which isn't possible when you buy online. That is why KingKoil's SleepID algorithm is invaluable in these times and helps you land the right mattress for your body with 94% accuracy. By considering your age, sex, partner (or not), and other factors, the algorithm shows you a range of suitable mattresses you can buy and test safely from your home. As a result, you end up with a brand new high-quality mattress that you've tested safely from your home and can be sure is going to offer high-quality sleep for years to come.

Contact us:
You can contact us to book an in-home demo or visit our store after an appointment to minimize your exposure to random crowds. Our manufacturing units are spread pan-India, and our dealerships show our products on display for you to test before purchasing for maximum satisfaction. Alternatively, you can also get in touch with us for specific mattress requests related to hospitality mattresses or bespoke mattresses and get the correct quote.

Offers and warranty:
KingKoil mattresses come with a detailed brochure and care instructions to ensure your mattresses work well as new for years on end. That is why we offer our manufacturing and quality defects warranty and e-warranty that varies as per mattress type. Also, it would be best if you were on the lookout for ongoing offers to ensure you have the best sleeping environment setup that helps you get more for the mattress investment you're putting in. Ultimately, you should be able to sleep soundly at night knowing your mattress investment is in a high-quality product that has your back. Your safety is of paramount importance; that is why we ensure extremely high standards and precautions to keep our staff and you safe in your home.