Date : 2020-08-07 12:55:37

Inner Spring Mattress; does it Really Provide the Support?

When you need support and comfort, it can be hard to decide on what kind of mattress might work for you. But, the best mattress to look for when you’re looking for support for your body is an inner springs mattress. An inner springs mattress not only upholds your body, but also provides comfort. Moreover, spring mattresses have been in use for a long time.

Most of the traditional mattresses were a mix of spring and foam making them reliable for support and comfort. But, with modernization we have much more options today regarding what kind of spring mattresses are available. You can order a spring mattress online and an inner spring mattress not only upholds your body but provides incredible comfort too.

Factors to consider when buying a spring mattress online:
Spring mattresses are not only good for supporting your body but also make for a wonderful and comfortable sleeping experience. This is because in addition to their padding and support function, innersprings mattresses also come in different categories for different functions. Though their main function is to support and contour your body for the best sleep, their breathability, is an added advantage.

Durability: When you buy a mattress, you think of long term durability just as much as comfort. There are several factors that play into the durability of an innerspring’s mattress because of its construction. It is mainly because the weight of an inner springs’ mattress relies on its spring coil orientation and kind. Generally, these weigh more than any foam or latex mattress because of the layer of springs upholding the above layers. Additionally, an inner springs mattress has much more room for ventilation because of the distance between springs which has its pros and cons. The air serves to keep the mattress cool and ventilated, but at the same time it can attract dust mites and dust if not maintained properly. Even the springs tend to become a bit worn off over time. You can rely on an inner springs mattress to last you 5-10 years if properly maintained and cleaned.

Weight: Because of the metallic spring coils that makes up the bulk of an inner springs’ mattress, they tend to be much heavier and bulkier than other kinds of mattresses. So, it might be a challenge to move them outside for sun drying or any other purpose and it requires appropriate maintenance as well.

Support and type: Although the general function of an inner springs’ mattress is to support, they can have varying levels of comfort depending on type. Based on inner construction an inner springs mattress also offers different levels of contouring and support for your body.

Kinds of Inner Springs Mattresses:
Based on their orientation and how they’re made, even inner springs mattresses come in various kinds. This mostly depends on the kind of coils used and the upper padding among other factors. Here are the four types of inner springs mattress options if you are looking for luxury mattress online:

Pocket Spring Mattress: Also known as a Marshall coil or pocketed coil mattress, this is a mattress if you’re looking for just as much support as comfort. Inside the upholstery of a pocket spring mattress, there are tightly packed and pocketed (covered with a cloth) coils. These coils are tightly packed together and offer more movement and comfort with your mattress. Moreover, a pocket spring mattress or Marshall coil mattress offers more freedom to move and contours your body better.
In addition to its support, the number of coils make this more comfortable but less durable than other inner spring mattress options. Because of the smaller and numerous springs, a pocket spring mattress is a much better option when looking for comfort. It surrounds your body better than other kinds of mattresses and offers just as much support.

Bonnell Spring Mattress: A Bonnell spring mattress is the most common and widely used inner springs mattress. This is because it was most widely used even in the 20th century and makes up for the bulk of worldwide preferred mattresses keeping their cost in mind. The coils have an hourglass shape that are interconnected with the help of a metal wire frame.
Because of the traditional technology and affordable price, they’re the most common in use. Because of the gap between the multiple springs they also offer more ventilation and freedom to move. As a result, a Bonnell Spring mattress is also good for your back and neck area. However, they tend to be more firmer offering more support on a high toughness mattress.

Continuous coils mattress: A continuous coils mattress is another traditional and more affordable option if you’re looking for support. This kind of mattress has a system of S-shaped coils that are much more closely interlinked than other inner springs mattress options. Moreover, this is the perfect mattress for people that want affordability and durability in a comfortable package.
Continuous coils mattresses are also less likely to move around because of the tightly packed upholstery, and the upper comfort layers make this mattress a pleasure to lie on. Moreover, the continuous coils mattress is good for overweight people as the mattress is capable of upholding larger mass without much movement giving better sleep.

Offset coil mattress: One of the cons of any innersprings’ mattress can be the maintenance and noise that the spring coils give eventually. An offset coil mattress’s make significantly reduces any noise or creaky voice of the spring coils inside. This is because they’re similar to the Bonnell spring mattress and have an hourglass shaped spring coil design. This means the top and bottom of each coil is flat and conforms to the contours of your body. Moreover, this design with the hour glass coils is what makes both Bonnell and offset coil mattress perfect for support and comfort of your body. You can think of an offset coil mattress as a more premium and silent version of the Bonnell spring mattress.

Hybrid spring mattresses: In addition to support, if you’re looking for something more premium and comforting, a hybrid mattress can help. A hybrid spring mattress would be either of the above four types of inner spring mattress options with the benefit of varying comfort layers. This way you can enjoy the best of both worlds. You can choose a memory foam with spring mattress or even a latex foam with spring mattress.
A hybrid spring mattress can have varying levels of support and comfort as per the make of the bulk of the mattress. You can enjoy the comfort and support of both an inner springs mattress as well as latex, foam or any other mattress kind.

Benefits of an inner springs mattress:
While the main function of an inner springs mattress may be support, they also offer great comfort, affordability and long term benefits. Here are some benefits of an inner springs mattress:

Cost: Being a more traditional and easier to manufacture mattress, an inner springs mattress is not only cost effective but affordable too. Most options such as a Bonnell or continuous coil. In addition to their affordability, they are easy to maintain and one of the best mattresses you can get if support is your main requirement. You can check king koil mattress prices here for better insight as well.
Sleep orientation: An inner springs mattress is perfect for people who tend to sleep on their stomach as the comfort layer acts to contour your body. The upholstery containing the springs give it support to help with support. This is even better when you use an appropriate pillow to prevent your sleeping posture from harming you long term. Their flat comfort layer helps keep the spine upright instead of sinking into the bed and facing potential long term damage. Moreover, this feature also helps in helping you stay more relaxed and ready to jump out of bed unlike foam mattresses.
Comfort: The build of an inner springs mattress also makes it better for air and temperature regulation. In winters it can trap the air and insulate and heat up your bed with a cover on top. In the summers you can enjoy the ventilation and temperature regulation of the mattress as a result. Moreover, the comfort layer can be thick padding of foam, latex, PU foam or other materials. This helps you enjoy your comfort as well as stay up right all the while enjoying the comfort of the padding. You can even enjoy a double layer flappable mattress which is soft on one side and firmer on the other.
Firm build and support: An innersprings mattress tends to be bouncier because of the spring coils located inside. This not only makes it easier to get off the bed, but also feel more energetic. You would feel relaxed and energetic at the same time as your body doesn’t sink completely into the mattress despite soft comfort layers. So, if you are a fitness lover or just like getting out of bed the moment you’re awake, an inner springs mattress is perfect for you. At the same time, this can be a slight disadvantage as when you move the entire bed would move waking up your partner.
Effect on spine and shoulders: All inner springs mattress tend to be on the firmer side of comfort and can seem uncomfortable in theory. But, once you lie on such a mattress you can experience the comfort and relaxation that it brings. This is because to compensate for the inner spring coils, the outer layers tend to be more comfortable for your back, neck and in general the entire body. There are tough layers beneath the top few layers of comfort material to prevent springs from rupturing anything or causing damage. Rest assured that on an inner springs mattress you can be as comfortable as possible.
The comfort layer wraps itself around your body and makes it easier for your neck, shoulders and back to assume their natural position. Moreover, the bulk of the mattress keeps itself sturdy enough to allow your joints and muscles to sink inside causing long term chronic problems.
- Usability: Inner springs mattress are not only affordable and comfortable because of their structure but just as versatile in use. Any age group would enjoy the experience of sleeping on an inner springs mattress. Irrespective of your body’s ailments or fitness you can be sure that an inner springs mattress offers revitalizing comfort from which you can jump right off and on. This makes it perfect for your guest rooms, children’s rooms, and your own personal room. Additionally, they are widely used in the premium hospitality industry because of the comfort they offer.

All inner springs mattresses may have the misconception of being too hard or uncomfortable to sleep upon. However, the reality is completely opposite. The comfort layers of an inner springs mattress make it more comfortable than a foam mattress to sleep or relax upon. This is because, in addition to its firmness, you can rely on the mattress’ comfort layers to give you a blissful and revitalizing sleep. Moreover, this helps in keeping chronic conditions away. Your muscles, joints and the entire body rests in a semi-immersed state that prevents them from slipping and relaxing in awkward positions.
Because of the variety and comfort they offer, all inner springs mattress options also move and uphold your body in different ways. This depends on the internal proximity of the innerspring coils. The greater space, the more it can move and regulate temperature and air. The lesser space inside, the more it can contour to your body easily rather than keeping the semi-stiff position. If you’re looking for a mattress that offers you a great experience holding up your body and tend to sleep on the stomach, the best choice is an inner springs mattress.