Date : 2020-12-28 09:59:58

Is Bonnell Spring Mattress Good for Back Pain?

Back-support mattresses are mostly medium-firm and above in terms of density and surface firmness levels. In some cases, the kind of support one needs has to be more uniform, allowing little room for your spine or body to sink in. Back pain is often a result of stress or excessive strain on the spine and can change in severity and the area it affects. That is why some mattresses can offer more custom support like a pocket coil mattress. However, in the case of overweight people, or people with severe spinal issues leading to back pain, one needs more consistent support.

To understand how a Bonnell spring mattress alleviates back-pain, let us understand how it supports and works. Bonnell innerspring mattresses have a flat surface in general that leaves little room to sink or allow room for your spine to bend. If you sleep on a memory foam or a pocket coil mattress, you can experience different comfort and support levels. Your back and body sink in a memory foam mattress, whereas feel supported and comforted on a pocket coil mattress. In a Bonnell spring mattress, you experience uniform body support throughout irrespective of body weight and frame, which is not the case with other mattresses.

Benefits and features of a Bonnell spring mattress for your sleep and back-pain:
A Bonnell spring mattress is very useful in uniform full-body support and can also help take care of athletic people. People who prefer a flat and supportive mattress and like sleeping on their back would find the Bonnell spring experience better. Here is how a Bonnell spring mattress helps people get relief from back pain and find their blissful sleep:

1. Mattress features and sleeping orientation:
The mattress quality and support level depend on the spring strength, number, and coil density. As it is an interconnected mesh of spring coils, the Bonnell spring system acts to give you constant support throughout the bed surface. Bonnell spring system can help elevate your body and feel more comfortable; however, sleeping on the side may not be an option. If you prefer sleeping on the side, a firm Bonnell spring mattress would be uncomfortable as it would exert more pressure without sinking or bending.

2. Back-pain relief:
If you see yourself suffering from lower or middle back pain a bit too often, it might be time to visit your doctor. Bonnell spring mattresses are excellent orthopedic or ortho-medical mattresses that can caress and support your back. The comfort level or the plushness depends on your mattress configuration's comfort layers, but the innerspring system is responsible for back-pain resolution.
The Bonnell spring mattress helps take care of your back pain by providing much-needed relief by providing support to all the vulnerable areas. Any weak area, be it through a herniated disc, injury, chronic lower back pain, and the Bonnell spring mattress can uphold your spin in a natural position. If you prefer sleeping in the side position, a medium-firm Bonnell spring mattress like the Chiropedic 5000 can help. With the help of a pillow top construction or a medium-firm surface, you can be sure you would feel the same luxurious sleeping experience on the side.

3. Temperature regulation:
Bonnell spring mattresses, or any innerspring coil mattresses that feel firm, have an intrinsic ability to regulate temperature well. At the same time, Bonnell spring mattresses don't necessarily stay too cold for comfort. You can look at the air gap as an insulator and regulator that helps you sleep comfortably throughout the seasons. Whenever you go to sleep, you can rely on your Bonnell coil mattress to keep your body temperature as regulated and healthy as possible.

4. Long-lasting:
Bonnell spring mattresses have a mesh of innerspring coils wound together to support each other and prevent sagging. Moreover, the surface stays uniform and flat despite any amount of pressure. This flat surface property helps the Bonnell mattress prevent sagging and deterioration of the internal systems and layers of foam. As a result, you also get uniform support throughout the mattress irrespective of body weight and the number of people sleeping. Your Bonnell spring mattress can stay as good as new for up to 10 years.

5. Customization:
Being an innerspring mattress, making the Bonnell spring mattress softer or firmer, yet remain supportive enough to provide back support. Using different kinds of foam layers in the Bonnell spring mattresses like high-density open-cell memory foam, latex foam, or even rebonded foam can increase support and comfort.

6. Usability:
Many people may prefer firm or flat-surface mattresses, and the Bonnell spring mattress is just as right for back support as it is for everyday use. Athletes and people who prefer to take care of their back and want strong core muscle strength can confidently opt for Bonnell coil mattresses. As the mattress helps elevate and align your spine and surrounding muscles together, your back feels at ease and without any pain after getting the room to unwind. This is especially useful for overweight or older people with a curvy or delicate body that could affect the spinal alignment when sleeping on a non-supportive mattress.

Best Bonnell spring mattresses for back pain:
Now that we've established how excellent Bonnell spring mattresses are for back-pain in general, you can look into these mattresses. Different mattresses that take care of your body instead of general-purpose mattresses should be the rule for any personal care item. The same applies to a Bonnell spring mattress since everyone has a different body frame and lifestyle.

1. Chiropedic 10000:
The Chiropedic 10000 is one of the best mattresses for back support, and it offers a medium-firm surface. The mattress has a high-construction quality visible in its high-density and high-GSM Jacquard fabric in addition to high-density foam layers. The best thing about the Chiropedic 10000 is its foam layers that work together to give a comfortable and supportive experience.
The latex foam core helps provide a long-lasting experience that helps make this mattress a must for people who want support without compromising on comfort. The Chiropedic 10000 has a combination of BodySink foam that helps comfort your body, and the support of latex foam and the innerspring system help relieve pain by supporting correctly.
The cotton felt, and comfort layers help make the Chiropedic 10000 more durable and useful in the long term. The mattress provides excellent support and can be a good option for people who want to sleep on their back or side. The Chiropedic 10000 is an excellent choice for people who have average body weight and want to use their mattress for long-term core maintenance. The double heat tempered innerspring coils last long and provide a silent and supportive experience too.
For people going through mild to moderate back-pain issues, this comfortable mattress acts to improve your spinal health. One can relax in both the side and back sleeping orientations. Moreover, the Chiropedic 10000 is also one of our orthopedic mattresses, so if your doctor recommends a medium-firm mattress for long-term use, you can go ahead with this choice without any safety or health concerns.

2. Chiropedic 5000:
The Chiropedic 5000 is a fantastic Bonnell spring mattress for athletic and people with back issues. The best and most promiscuous feature about the Chiropedic 5000 is its luxurious looks and pillow top design. The pillow top design makes this mattress perfect for everyone suffering back pain and general support requirements. You get an even and uniform support throughout the mattress body, and the comfort level is also par excellence.
The Chiropedic 5000 offers excellent spinal alignment. The cellular memory foam makes it easier and more responsive, which means that you can relax on this mattress without feeling the exhaustion of lying on a flat supportive surface. The cushioning of the pillow top layer and the comforting experience of the memory foam layer on top helps improve blood circulation. You can go to sleep in both the side and sleeping positions, and the extra level of plushness from the pillow top and comfort layer makes it suitable and luxurious for the wider population.
Again, this mattress is the perfect choice for athletes and people who want to take care of their core strength and back pain relief. This mattress is the right choice for seniors and people looking to improve their spinal health. It offers excellent strength and air circulation throughout because of the quilted pillow top surface, acting as an insulator and regulator. The Chiropedic 5000 is the ultimate comfort and support mattress and can accommodate people to sleep in both side and back sleeping orientation without sinking in.
It has an inch of high-density memory foam in the pillow-top layer and HR foam beneath it, present in support layers. These layers make it possible to relax and feel additional support because of the foam layers. Moreover, the rigid encasement foam helps with edge protection, which is necessary for a softer yet supportive mattress like the Chiropedic 5000. As a result of the pillow top and comfort layers, the mattress can feel a bit bouncy but is perfect for a wide range of people. It would help if you always relied on a doctor's prescription before going in for softer mattresses for orthopedic use.

3. Chiropedic 3000:
The Chiropedic 3000 is a dual-comfort orthopedic mattress that offers excellent calming back support. It also offers an edge support and protection feature that helps protects you or your belongings fall over the edge. This feature also helps protect the mattress from general wear and tear and assures a long life. Moreover, Chiropedic 3000 is also a good option for people who want a softer yet supportive experience. This mattress feels more 'fluffy' as the PU Foam layers contribute to keeping it lightweight and make this mattress softer.
The Chiropedic 3000 has a firmer surface, which helps keep the mattress cool, and the underlying PU Foam layers only help increase the softness and temperature regulation. The designer looks and the flippable mattress makes this mattress more comfortable and affordable compared to other orthopedic Bonnell spring mattresses. If you're looking for an affordable mattress that helps make your sleep more comfortable and cool, this back-support mattress is perfect. Moreover, Chiropedic 3000 is a good option for older people or general everyday use. The memory foam layer and the PU foam helps make this mattress better for people who want to move to a supportive mattress and prefer a softer surface.

Factors that can influence back-pain mattress choice:
There is a range of orthopedic mattresses, but when we're looking for back support, the care we need can change depending from person to person. The factors can be as comprehensive as:

Lifestyle: More sedentary lifestyle calls for a lot of support and a decent level of comfort too. An active lifestyle means your muscles and body weight are tense enough not to need a 'sinking' comfort. In this case, it is better to go for supportive and firmer mattresses that help you jump in and out of bed.

Age: Older people have deteriorating or weaker muscles and bone structure in comparison to younger people. Older people need medium-firm to firm mattresses, which allows them to sleep in both- the side and back sleeping positions. A softer mattress like memory foam would cause extra strain in older people when getting out or sitting up on the bed. So, a firmer mattress like the above mentioned Bonnell spring mattress options is better.

Medical issues: Medical issues vary vastly, and you should always listen to the doctor before carrying out your own research. In most medical cases, a medium-firm to ultra-firm mattress is useful and helps support and comfort the spine. It would be best to look into sleeping orientation to help take the pressure off your spine when sleeping on a firmer and flat surface mattress.