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Latex Mattress Buying Guide 2022

You've decided on going for a high-quality, luxurious mattress for your bedroom, but awareness of which mattress works for you and what doesn't work is essential. From the different foam mattresses available in the market, a latex mattress stands out. If you go for a latex mattress, it would indeed surpass your expectations as the best mattress option for a health-conscious person. A latex foam mattress is an all-rounder and leads in the perfect balance of comfort and support that it can provide. You can find latex in different applications in various mattress types, but before that, you should know more about it to see your compatibility.

What is latex foam and its different types?
Latex foam is a rubber-like material but cooled down as foam for different applications. In a latex foam mattress, a layer of latex foam is usually present either in the support or the comfort layer. Because of its availability and 100% natural sourcing, even a layer of latex foam is adequate for use and drives the prices of a latex foam mattress upwards. There are minor chemical additions to high-quality latex foam, and it is mainly used in a layer than a bulk like the other foams. To make sleep-grade latex foam, it is vital to ensure the proper density and thickness (usually between 1-2 inches) to provide a comfortable sleeping experience. There are kinds of latex foam you can find in the market, and named based on their manufacturing process:

  1. Talalay latex foam: There is no chemical difference between the Talalay and Dunlop latex foam manufacturing process, as negligible chemicals are added in high-quality latex foam. However, Talalay latex foam tends to be the softer and more breathable of the two variants and can be used in support and comfort layers too. It is manufactured by cooling and spreading it in the mold with a vacuum followed by vulcanization. As a result of this process, you get a medium-firm yet softer and more breathable latex foam variant. In Talalay latex foam, you get less responsive than Dunlop, making it excellent for motion isolation.
  2. Dunlop latex foam: Dunlop latex foam, unlike Talalay, latex foam tends to be denser and more suitable for use in the support layer. This Dunlop latex foam is poured into a mold and allowed to cool down without stretching, making the bottom part of the foam harder and firmer. Followed by vulcanization and other manufacturing processes, you get foam that is harder to compress. Additionally, Dunlop also acquires a springier feel to it, which isn't as significant in Talalay latex foam. Dunlop is also more resilient and longer-lasting than Talalay and is usually cheaper to the manufacturer.

Latex foam in the comfort layer:
Latex foam as a comfort layer can help enhance your sleep comfort by improving your mattress's softness or plushness. The comfort layer of your mattress is responsible for muscle pain relief and the majority of the softness you feel when you lie on the bed. Latex foam in the comfort layer is an excellent option because of how well it supports and comforts the entire body. When used in the comfort layer, the latex foam is just as aesthetic as it is functional by offering a hypoallergenic and temperature-neutral sleeping experience.

In mattresses like memory foam, PU foam, the comfort layer's plushness would make it sink or depress to some extent. However, in the case of latex foam in the comfort layer, it helps enhance support and comfort by contouring and supporting all your pressure points adaptively. This adaptive reaction to your body weight and pressure points across the body helps latex foam in the comfort layer keep you afloat and offer a springier sleeping experience.

As latex is medium-firm by default, it can be customized to be softer or firmer, but the supportive capabilities in it are excellent irrespective of density. The latex foam in the comfort layer would also not be as thick or dense as used in the support layer. Talalay latex foam with a medium-soft or medium-firm density would be the best for use in the comfort layer and help deliver a blissful sleeping experience. Unlike foams with the same density, latex foam doesn't need as much support and wouldn't need an ortho foam core or innerspring core to provide or enhance support in sleep.

Latex foam in the Support Layer:
In most cases, like a hybrid mattress or a latex ortho mattress, latex foam is present in the support layer to enhance support. Both Talalay and Dunlop latex layers can be used in the support layer, but their thickness and overall experience vary. In the support layer, either of these two types of latex foam helps support and contour by simultaneously enhancing support and isolating motion.

The thickness of a latex foam layer in the support layer is usually up to 2 inches and is adequate to enhance your body's support from the supportive core layer. This supportive capability also makes it suitable for use in ortho foam mattresses and effectively relieves body pains and muscle pains throughout with its support and pressure relieving properties. Latex foam is mainly functional in the support layer for support and comfort for your pain points like shoulders, pelvic area, and contouring comfort in different sleeping positions.

Benefits of a latex foam mattress:
A natural latex mattress that uses 100% natural latex in addition to minor chemical additions can offer maximum benefits with little room for dissatisfaction. With the quality of the mattress ensured, latex foam itself has quite a lot of benefits that put it ahead of other foam types. Here is what you can expect from a high-quality natural latex mattress:

  1. Durability: Latex foam is hands-down one of the best materials to look for if you're going after mattress durability. As a long-term investment into your sleeping health and quality as well as physiological care, latex foam is an all-rounder. Its long-lasting life comes from both- its physical properties and adjustments and its sourcing. 100% natural latex foam lasts the longest since additions primarily hamper its life. You can expect your natural latex mattress to last up to 10-15 years with the correct construction and overall mattress quality. Latex foam also needs less maintenance than other foams, and using it in the comfort layer also means just as prolonged use.
  2. 100% natural sourcing: Latex foam, as a natural material obtained from the rubber tree, is foamed into sap through the process of vulcanization (where it can be separated into Talalay or Dunlop). Because of this, it is not only costlier but rarer to find and use in the market, which makes it expensive. Its natural sourcing, rare supply, and long life with its advantages make it one of the best environment-friendly personal care products. This also makes latex foam the best material for the health and environmentally conscious person. It can also be recycled at the end of its already long lifetime, making latex foam ideal for modern homes.
  3. Pain relief: Most mattresses rely on a support system and a plush comfort layer to help you sleep. But in the case of latex mattresses or hybrid mattresses, they offer enhanced pain relief by removing pressure from your pain points and providing comfort. Since latex is medium-firm by default, its configuration allows for effective pain relief and comfort for your body and muscles in general. Where memory foam offers a slightly sinking sleeping experience, latex foam keeps you afloat (doesn't allow as much sinking as memory or PU foam irrespective of density). Be its use in the comfort layer or in the support layer, and latex foam is one of the best foam types to use in Dr recommended orthopedic mattresses. Additionally, natural latex mattress is also the best for use in hybrid or pure hybrid mattresses for side sleepers and mattresses for back pain relief.
  4. No off-gassing: Because latex mattress layers are made from rubber tree sap, it produces zero to negligible chemical off-gassing. The chemicals added in the production of 100% pure natural latex foam do not smell or impact its structure but essential for foaming. Because of this property, 100% natural latex foam doesn't smell or produce any chemical smell which people might experience in other mattresses. At the most, you would have a pleasant new mattress and rubbery smell that wanes away after 1-2 days. After that, with regular maintenance and its temperature-neutral sleeping experience makes latex foam best for long-term use and people with respiratory issues. Since latex foam is also naturally hypoallergenic, it is also an excellent option for people with respiratory issues. It doesn't allow any environmental dust or dead body cells to permeate to its inner layers.
  5. Hypoallergenic: Latex mattresses are naturally hypoallergenic and do not promote the growth of bacteria, fungi, or other allergens and pests. This is both because of the chemical properties and natural sourcing of latex that repels insects and dust in general. As a result, it doesn't offer a nesting ground for insects or allergens to accumulate. Moreover, it is also hypoallergenic because it has tiny pores, and the larger cellular spaces promote easy cleaning. As long as you take care of your natural latex foam mattress, it can stay good as new for the better part of the decade.
  6. Best motion isolation: Since latex has more rubber-like physical properties, latex foam is just as good at isolating motion. It doesn't transfer any motion to even its neighboring areas. So, if you had a heavy ball or weight to experiment with on a block of latex foam, it wouldn't jump but settle into one place without disturbing the surrounding areas. Because of this motion isolation property, it is one of the best mattresses to choose for married couples and people having disturbed sleep due to their partners tossing and turning in bed. Because of its excellent motion, isolation is also ideal for people with body pains due to injuries, chronic pain, or physiological disorders. Moving one part of your body doesn't disturb the mattress. When you add it to a hybrid mattress with an innerspring pocket coil, this motion isolation effect enhances significantly to the point you feel weightless.
  7. Variable use: Because of its difference in types, latex foam has variable functionality, and use in mattresses can change. Depending upon the requirement, latex foam can be used in hybrid mattresses, orthopedic use, or even comfort-focused 100% natural latex foam mattresses. Latex foam's density is also configurable, which means we manufacture it in medium-soft or soft in the Talalay latex foam type. This density variation is highly beneficial s changing its sleeping experience is often demand in the hospitality industry or your home when looking for bespoke mattresses.
  8. Temperature neutral sleep: Most foams offer a warm or slightly warm sleeping experience, and that depends on their density and breathability. However, latex foam stands different from this trend even in this sector by offering a temperature-neutral sleeping experience. Additionally, since you do not 'sink' into the mattress, your body has even lesser pressure points that have no space to breathe. The larger cellular space in a mattress also indicates that it allows air to go through without trapping, which is beneficial all year round. Moreover, latex foam doesn't trap moisture either, making overheating and waking up in sweats a thing of the past. Natural latex foam mattresses are also designed with this property in mind, with either cells or holes in place to keep allergens away but still provide a temperature-neutral sleeping experience.

Cons of latex foam mattress:

  1. Can take getting used to: The medium-firm sleeping experience might take some getting used to, especially for people who prefer sleeping on a softer mattress. While this is not an issue, it might be uncomfortable for people in the first month for people upgrading from a softer mattress in the long run. Although it wouldn't lead to pains, the medium-firm sleeping experience would lead you to find slight discomfort, but it proves to be beneficial for your health in the long term. So, even though latex mattresses are ready to use without expecting off-gassing or other issues out of the box, this is something to expect, especially from a Dunlop latex mattress.
  2. Expensive: Because of its rarity and supply from nature, there is only so much rubber tree sap that can be harvested for latex foam. As a result, latex foam needs more processing, and its demand-supply factor, in addition to its sourcing, can bring a higher price tag. Even though there is a higher price tag associated, the long-term price value is better than other mattresses. Talalay latex foam or hybrid latex foam options are on the higher side, to be specific. This high upfront cost of a latex mattress may be uncomfortable for some, but it has more advantages than other foam types in the long term.
  3. Heavier than other foams: Latex foam is denser than other foams; that is, the same sized block or layer of latex foam weighs more than memory foam or PU foam. Although its density can be changed during manufacturing, most forms of latex are still heavier than other mattresses significantly. As a result, even a 1-2 inch thick layer of latex foam can make the entire mattress heavier and difficult to lift. Even though latex foam doesn't need as much maintenance, it is still a point to be aware of if you lift your mattress for maintenance.
  4. Should be natural or can be disadvantageous: All the disadvantages that latex foam mattresses offer are due to 100% natural latex foam or high-quality latex. But, synthetic latex of poor quality latex with adulterations can quickly start showing signs of aging and toxicity. From off-gassing to body impressions, increase in body pain to respiratory issues, synthetic or inferior quality latex foam can bring a plethora of health issues. That is why it is essential to ensure that you buy from the best latex mattress brand or manufacturers in the market to avoid such health issues and dissatisfaction down the line.

Latex mattress buyers guide for first-time mattress shoppers:
With the number of benefits that latex foam offers in high-quality natural latex foam, it would seem a must-buy for anyone looking for the best mattress for their bedroom. However, it would help if you considered factors before buying a latex foam mattress, as not everyone may prefer or know about buying a suitable mattress for their body. Here are some factors that could help you guide into buying a latex foam mattress:

  1. You're overweight and have joint issues: Being overweight or obese brings along its health risks, but sleep is also something that takes a hit. Whether you're trying to lose weight or trying to get rid of body pains, muscle strain, and joint issues, a latex foam mattress is a must for you. Be it shoulder pains, lower back pain, or severe pain at the end of the day, and latex foam is the best mattress for body pain in general. Natural latex foam provides a healthy balance of comfort and support and enhances support from beneath for overweight people. Moreover, if you have joint pains in your legs, knees, shoulders, or other pressure points, a latex foam's medium-firm experience helps cushion and support them in the best way possible.
  2. Partner complains about sleep disturbances: Your partner complains about you moving too much during sleep, and you notice the bedsheet crumbled in the morning as proof, then latex mattress foam is your best friend. Latex foam isolates motion like no other foam type and is the best option for mattresses that offer edge protection or motion isolation. This motion isolation also makes it ideal for body pain relief as it doesn't move your pressure points when you or your partner move. And if you're looking for enhanced support and comfort, hybrid latex foam is the best mattress that you could buy.
  3. You want to sleep in different positions: Latex mattresses do not allow you to lose your posture and alignment by sinking or getting into weird postures, making them sleep posture friendly. So, whether you're sleeping on your side or your back, a latex foam mattress is a must for people who know they switch positions at night or prefer to sleep differently. Even for stomach sleepers, a latex foam mattress offers relief by keeping you afloat and not allowing spine depression, among other issues associated with abdominal sleeping.
  4. Both partners have overheating issues: Do you or your partner wake up in sweats, or the entire summer months go out with excessive air conditioning, and you still end up sweating in bed? Then a natural latex mattress is your go-to solution to prevent a hot or warm sleeping experience in the first place. It would be best if you also took care to maintain your mattress regularly as the accumulation of dust or moisture left unattended could decrease its temperature neutrality.
  5. You're tired of switching mattresses every 3-4 years: Most foam mattresses last up to 5 years or less in most mattresses. Best mattress brands in the market may offer foam mattresses that last more, but your experience so far necessitates a new mattress purchase more often. On the other hand, high-quality latex mattresses are capable of lasting a good ten years or more depending upon environmental factors and care. Latex foam mattresses can stand as good as new for a significant part of this decade-long period and a must for people who want to stick to one mattress for a longer time. A latex mattress can help you with the life events you go through such an extended period, too, unlike other foam or innerspring mattresses, making it the best mattress for long-term use.

Best natural latex mattresses in India:
High-quality latex mattresses are the best investment options you can make into your sleep and take care of your health. These mattresses help support your posture in different ways, and you can enjoy the maximum benefits because of 100% natural, high-quality latex foam layers:

  1. Chiropedic 10000: The Chiropedic 10000 is a hybrid latex foam mattress with a Bonnell coil innerspring base. The Chiropedic 10000 is the best latex foam mattress for back support you can have as an orthopedic mattress. This mattress has a memory foam quilting in its Euro top construction and is best for elders and young adults alike.
  2. NaturaBond: The NaturaBond is a Dunlop latex foam mattress with a French top construction and is another excellent option for back sleepers or people with back pains. With an Orthobond core, the NaturaBond is one of the best ortho foam mattresses to look into for pain relief and muscle pressure relief. NaturaBond uses Dunlop in its comfort layer, which is helpful for both support and comfort for your back.
  3. Paradise: The Paradise mattress is another latex foam mattress that enhances comfort and support with an ortho foam core with high-density HR foam. This is a soft mattress that comes with high-quality Talalay latex foam. The memory foam quilting helps take care of muscle pain relief, while the latex foam support layer enhances comfort and contouring for your body.


  1. Is latex foam better than memory foam or PU foam, especially for older adults?
    When we talk about the mattress being better for one age group or the other, we have to see how the comfort and support balance matches the age concerns that one's body may experience. In the case of older adults, body pains, chronic pains are too common and rampant, especially over 50 in the Indian population. As a result, you need a mattress that takes care of body pain while allowing one to sleep comfortably in different positions and jump into bed and get out quickly. A latex foam mattress with back support like in the Chiropedic 10000 is the best option for older adults with back pains. This latex mattress not only offers enough space and freedom to sleep on your side but offers spinal alignment and body pain relief in different positions. So, yes, in general, the balance of comfort and support in most latex mattresses would be a better choice than memory or PU foams.

  2. I'm looking for a back support mattress but don't want excessive orthopedic support. Is latex mattress the solution?
    Back support mattresses can be tough and uncomfortable for people upgrading from a softer mattress. However, it would be best to have a medium-firm or firm mattress depending upon the severity of back pain and issues. It would help if you always chose a mattress that allows long-term health care and maintenance of back and shoulder problems. Most people look away from back support mattresses because they perceive they wouldn't be comfortable or plush. A high-quality latex foam mattress with a Euro top construction or Dunlop mattress in its comfort layer would help provide a more comfortable sleeping experience. If your doctor's prescription allows for a medium-firm mattress, then a latex foam mattress would be ideal for you.

  3. Where can I find high-quality latex foam mattresses in India?
    KingKoil India offers high-quality latex foam mattresses in India, specially designed with years of research and field testing for the Indian population. High-quality luxury mattresses are available in both pure foam mattresses and hybrid innerspring mattresses, giving you more freedom to choose from 100% natural latex mattresses, depending upon your requirement and budget.
  4. Is latex good for winters and paining joints?
    Latex foam is a temperature-neutral mattress that offers more or less the same experience all year round. If your joints or injuries act up in winters, a latex foam would help comfort and cushion it but wouldn't provide as much warmth as memory foam. That is why the Paradise mattress comes with a memory foam quilting to address this issue and make injuries and temperature-aggravated pains a thing of the past.
  5. Is latex suitable for use in hybrid mattresses?
    - Yes, latex foam mattresses are excellent for use in hybrid mattresses, as they enhance comfort and support significantly more than any other material. Latex foam has an excellent balance of comfort and support, and in a hybrid mattress, whether in use in a comfort layer or a support layer, latex foam is the best option to go for. The temperature neutrality, protection from environmental issues, and other benefits make latex one of the most widely used materials in hybrid mattresses.
  6. I'm looking for a budget mattress. Is latex foam worth the investment?
    - Latex foam is on the opposite spectrum of being budget-friendly for people looking for a mattress. However, given the fact that this mattress lasts longer and provides more benefits than different foam types and multiple mattresses over the years, it is an excellent investment to use as an all-rounder mattress. Your body and life take different forms through the years, and a latex foam mattress always has your back and supports despite variations in body weight, injuries, and other issues. This level of variation is possible in hybrid pocket coil innerspring mattresses or latex foam mattresses only and a worthwhile investment. So, even if it leaves a bump in your pocket, for the time being, the savings in your health maintenance, overall health improvements, and its different benefits go up. This makes latex foam the best foam type and mattress option to look after your family's health for years to come.