Date : 2021-02-20 08:27:01

List of Best 4 Dual Comfort Mattresses in India to Buy

Dual comfort mattresses are a huge advantage for people with varying lifestyles and preferences. Not only does a dual-comfort mattress offer great value, but the different surface sleeping experiences bring much-needed change. Change is necessary, especially if you're using it for orthopedic uses or just taking care of your body to stay fit. Moreover, the density and overall surface sleeping experience variability are necessary when people need occasional support. Some days one might prefer a slightly softer sleeping experience, and on days with a lot of pain, a firmer experience is beneficial. As a result, there are different configurations and variations of how dual-comfort mattresses work.

Benefits of buying a dual-comfort mattress in India:
Dual comfort mattresses offer more than a 2-in-1 package, and these advantages make one reconsider them over traditional mattresses:

  1. Durability:
    Dual-comfort mattresses usually have a robust construction to ensure longevity over the years. With a high-density core either made of innerspring or ultra-firm foam, the form retains a superb shape. Moreover, the materials in use have to face a lot of tossing of the mattress. So, the sidebars (to hold and flip the mattress) and the fabric is high-GSM and firm. Some dual-comfort mattresses may even have a wireframe running around the edges to ensure they don't lose shape or take damage from several tossing instances. Also, since both surfaces rely on one core, the support and core layers and the outer fabrics have to be tough to withstand pressure from both sides.
  2. Tossing toughness:
    The main advantage of a dual-comfort mattress is to flip it and use either side. As a result, both surfaces need to be firm, and this goes especially for the sides. All dual-comfort mattresses have durable and firm hand bars that run vertically to ensure handling the mattress is easy on your back and the mattress. And in case there's a wireframe around the mattress edges, it only enhances the sleeping experience while making the mattress suitable for frequent tossing.
  3. Pressure distribution:
    Since sleeping on either side would exert some pressure across the mattress to the opposite, pressure distribution needs to be excellent. So, dual-comfort mattresses use construction materials and appropriate density to ensure your body dissipates pressure efficiently for pain-relief. Since the core and support layers are usually firm and high-density, the other side faces little pressure to damage it when using either side of the dual-comfort mattress. Sleeping on a dual-comfort mattress is especially pain-relieving because of the excellent pressure distribution because of the design. As a result, you get a more pain-free and comforting sleeping experience.
  4. Dual-flexibility:
    The main benefit of a dual-comfort mattress is its flexibility in the way you choose to sleep. That is, by a mere toss, you get to sleep in a different firmness of sleeping experience. While most configurations are closely related, this benefit helps make an excellent guest and children mattress. Moreover, using dual-comfort mattresses as an orthopedic mattress with the opposite side for general comfort is also an excellent option.

Best dual-comfort mattresses in India:

  1. Posture Sense SureSleep: If you prefer pocket spring mattresses and the focused support they offer; you'll fall in love with the Posture Sense SureSleep. This dual comfort mattress has a pocket spring system at its core which offers dual firmness levels as- one side soft and the other firm. Here is why Posture Sense SureSleep mattress is an excellent choice:

    - You want a mattress that can adapt to your partner's choice yet support you in the days you feel pain. One side is soft to touch and lie down, making it a good option for most people to sleep in. However, the other side is firm and is suitable for people with injury-related pain or occasional back pain. The innerspring system at the core is supportive in a similar manner on either side and ensures a generally supportive sleeping experience. That means even if you sleep on the softer side, you won't feel body and backaches.

    - The Posture Sense SureSleep mattress focuses on the choice of sleeping on either side. This feature also means that it ensures sleeping in different orientations is just as breezy as tossing the mattress. You can sleep in either back or side sleeping position for excellent spinal alignment. So, if you have body and backaches, you can rely on the Posture Sense SureSleep mattress to support and comfort your core muscles and spine in various sleeping postures.

    - The innerspring mattress core is beneficial for both focused support and motion isolation. As a pocket coil system, you can rely on it to address specific pain areas with focused support and benefit your partner. An innerspring system is as comfortable as it is supportive and an excellent choice, especially if your partner doesn't have any issues. In case of body vulnerabilities, the innerspring system and either side of the mattress are excellent to use for your paining days and general body care. Moreover, the mattress also offers excellent motion isolation because of the high number of innerspring coils in the Posture Sense SureSleep.

    - One side of the mattress uses ultra-plush foam that allows you excellent pain relief. You can use the softer side when you need pain relief from strenuous exercise or strenuous standing days. The other side is a high-density firm and is useful for when you have pains or the general need for excessive pain, and it helps in offering more support and pain relief. Moreover, the more rigid firm surface is better for use in summers as it helps dissipate temperature efficiently while offering you excellent support. The softer side is suitable for winters and when you want to cozy up in bed. However, either side is suitable for all seasons as the high-density materials ensure temperature and pressure distribution.
  2. Orthomatic DX: The Orthomatic DX is a firmer mattress choice for people with preference and need for a firmer sleeping experience. This mattress is exceptionally good for orthopedic uses. It helps with pain relief in older adults and overweight/obese people—the Orthomatic DX sports one side as firm and the other side as extra-firm. So, as an orthopedic mattress, the Orthomatic DX is an excellent option.

    - The Orthomatic DX has a rebonded foam core with a very high-density (100D). This high-density and adequate thickness helps offer uniform body support on either side. Moreover, the high-density core is also an excellent option for orthopedic support for older or overweight individuals. The firmer support layers on either side only add to its excellent support, making this mattress an excellent orthopedic. The medium-firm side and the firm side are suitable for orthopedic use, and its core also holds the mattress structure.

    - Orthomatic DX has a generally firmer composition, and that is also because of its high-density support layer. One side has a 32D pure foam support layer, which gives the medium-firm surface. The other side has a high-density HR foam layer making up the firmer surface. Both sides have foam quilting which helps regulate temperature and offer comfort. Both sides' firmness is beneficial in keeping the mattress robust and acting as orthopedic surfaces.

    - Since both sides are firm in the Orthomatic DX, they're good for temperature dissipation. The firmer the surface is, the better it regulates temperature, and the comfort layers on either side add to this feature. Both sides are excellent for body support, and the uniform support is also very good for back-support, especially in people with excessive back and body pains. However, for more delicate and focused support as per the doctor's prescription, you should go for a medium-firm surface. As uniform body support focusing mattress, it is mainly helpful for people who prefer to sleep on their back. It is a doctor-recommended orthopedic firm mattress

    - The Orthomatic DX also sports a fancy unibody look that feels unique, luxurious, and compact. Flipping it is easy on the back and the mattress because of its excellent structural support. The Jacquard fabric further strengthens and adds an elegant look to this dual-comfort mattress.

    - While one side uses HR foam for its firm surface, it also helps the mattress retain its shape while regulating temperature and pressure. Whereas the 32D pure foam (PU Foam) is excellent for those nights when you want something cozy yet supportive enough. Both sides are excellent temperature regulators, making the mattress all-season.
  3. Orthomatic DY: As a medium-soft and medium-firm mattress, the Orthomatic DY is another excellent dual comfort ortho mattress for the average Indian body. With both sides making the best of both worlds with a medium-firmness or softness level, this mattress suits a wide range of people. If you're looking for your next everyday mattress as a healthy individual for generally plush yet excellent support, Orthomatic DY is the best choice.

    - To ensure proper support and structural integrity, the Orthomatic DY also sports a high-density rebonded foam core. Since both sides are medium-firm and medium-soft, this mattress's comfort doesn't compromise on its support level. The comfort level helps relieve pressure and pains from the day, whereas the rebonded foam core helps support your body as a whole. As a result, the Orthomatic DY is suitable for families and children in general.

    - One side of the Orthomatic DY is made with high-density HR foam offering a medium-firm sleeping experience. This side also has a memory foam comfort layer which is beneficial in pain relief. However, this doesn't sink in too much because of the rebonded foam core and is still supportive than pain-inducing. This side of the mattress can be relatively warmer because of the high-density memory foam that hugs and contours your body for pain relief. It would be a good option for winters or people who prefer sleeping warm (not hot or drenched in sweat).

    - The other side of the Orthomatic DY is made with 32D density PU foam that helps make it relatively softer. The PU Foam side is not only medium-soft but suitable for temperature regulation and general comfort and support. It has soft and pure foam in its quilting as a comfort layer giving you an extremely comforting experience the moment you lie on it.

    - The high-GSM fabric and overall high-density materials in place help the Orthomatic DY stay good as new through the years. Moreover, these features also make the mattress less prone to damage from tossing and regulating temperature and pressure. Although not an orthopedic mattress, the medium-firm side is suitable for most people enough to offer spinal alignment. You can rest in both side and back sleeping positions without worrying about pain on either side of this dual-comfort mattress. Its density and surface firmness configurations are the most suitable for the average Indian couple or bachelors.
  4. You Bed: If you're looking for an excellent and affordable, cool, and supportive mattress, the You Bed suits YOU! Suitable for the average Indian youth, this mattress is medium-soft, with both sides usable yet the same in firmness level. The You Bed is a medium soft PU Foam flippable mattress with a HyperFoam core for uniform body support. The core's 50D density helps make this mattress an excellent supportive yet comforting mattress in one package.

    - The best part about the You Bed is not just its affordability, but its modernistic and youthful looks. Soft PU Pure Foam covers both sides of this mattress and offers a cool and comforting sleeping experience. This mattress is suitable for the everyday use of the average Indian young adult, supporting even slightly overweight individuals. So you can rely on the You Bed throughout the years to provide adequate support and comfort without any compromise on quality.

    - The Damask fabric outside further helps keep the mattress in good shape. It is a high-GSM fabric that keeps common allergens like dust, mites away from entering the mattress, further ensuring longevity and sanitary use. The trendy denim sidebars and the edge of the You Bed make it a perfect addition to your bedroom and complement its interior décor.

    - The core layer made with high-density HR foam helps you sleep any which way, without fear of pain. While either side sports a relatively softer PU foam support layer, it is easier for better spinal alignment. You can sleep in both side and back sleeping positions. Although both sides of the You Bed are the same firmness levels, it is easier to switch to the other for cleanliness purposes.

Disadvantages of dual-comfort mattresses:

  1. Dual-function limitations: Although the dual-comfort mattresses have varying firmness levels as an advantage, it might not be for everyone. Individual-use luxury mattresses often have several layers working together for maximum compatibility and pain-relief for your body. So if you are going for orthopedic mattresses or other luxury mattresses for tender care, you might want to avoid dual-comfort mattresses. These mattresses are excellent at how they work but limited when it comes to the level of comfort and support balance you might find in a single-use mattress.
  2. Temperature regulation: Most dual-comfort mattresses would have a firm or high-density layer on top. This makes dual-comfort mattresses generally suitable for all seasons. However, if you prefer to sleep hot or cozy up in bed, you might prefer a softer individual use luxury mattress.
  3. Sleeping posture issues: Sometimes, in firmer dual-comfort mattresses, both sides may be firm enough, offering excellent back support. The firmness on both sides is necessary and can excessive for some people who prefer sleeping on the side. So, if you're buying a mattress for general spinal alignment, you should go for more comfortable luxury mattresses with a focus on shoulder comfort. There is a lot of variety, offering you the freedom to sleep in various postures. However, you should consult a doctor before choosing a dual-comfort mattress for orthopedic use or shoulder issues.
  4. Motion resistance: If you're someone who prefers to turn a lot in sleep, you should know that dual-comfort mattresses offer sound motion isolation. Because they're compact inside and offer excellent motion isolation, you might find it uncomfortable to sleep when the mattress resists motion. Although this property is excellent in avoiding sleep disruption of anyone sharing the bed, it can be challenging to toss and turn on a compact motion resisting mattress.

Dual-comfort mattresses are a good choice for most people, especially if you are prone to lifestyle changes. For the average Indian person, the You Bed or the Posture Sense Sure Sleep mattresses are excellent options. People with an average bodyweight might prefer dual-comfort mattresses because it is easier to flip them for pain relief and comfort as per the requirement. It is easier to maintain and clean a dual-comfort mattress, whereas you cannot do the same to an innerspring luxury or orthopedic mattress. If your requirements focus more on comfort and usability than specialized care, you should choose a dual-comfort mattress. These mattresses are the best in India, and you can rely on the quality and comfort to last years without compromising comfort or usability.