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List of Best 5 Pocket Spring Mattress in India to Buy

Pocket spring mattresses are among the best innerspring mattress systems one can use for contouring and body support. They make our bodies feel thoroughly supported, and the individual spring coil system has its advantages compared to a unified one. But how are pocket spring mattresses made, and how are they unique?

How are Pocket spring mattresses made?
Pocket spring mattresses have a unique spring system that needs special construction. Based on the requirement, the construction alters both the number of springs and the coil's material. For example, some pocket spring mattresses may have a central layer of innerspring coils, and they would have more significant numbers and more rigid yet flexible coil material. Spring mattresses that use it for support would need fewer coils but more strength, although the number of coils would vary.

The quality of the metal matters the most in innerspring coils, especially in pocket spring mattresses. This resilience, uniform strength, and flexibility are essential to avoid differently compressed springs that hamper the mattress's quality and sleeping experience. But to make a supportive and comfortable pocket spring mattress, different elements are configurable as per requirement.

For example, the size and number of the innerspring system changes as per mattress requirement and structure. A more supportive mattress would have a more extensive and a more significant number of innerspring coils; a comfort-focused mattress would have smaller coils. This smaller coil structure is often present in hybrid ultra-luxury mattresses to ensure body contouring and the comfort and other layers present. Pocket spring mattresses are comfortable and supportive because of the different sizes and the number of pocket coils. As a layer that has to support your body, the mattress, and its own weight, it also needs a solid and hard foam casing. This casing makes it easy for the pocket spring mattress to sustain the pressure and comfort expected through the years and helps the layer stay intact.

However, pocket coil mattresses aren't comfortable or supportive because of the spring coils alone. They need a support and comfort layer that helps the springs work as per expectations and comfort your body. Based on the layers, innerspring system type, and other factors, there are various pocket coil mattress options to check out:

How does a pocket coil innerspring mattress work, and what are the different options available?
A pocket coil innerspring mattress harnesses the flexibility, strength, and overall individuality of the pocket coil springs. The individuality of the innerspring coils makes this type of mattress much more comfortable than other innerspring mattresses. Because your body's pressure points rest and need support in some parts more than others, an individual pressure point reaction is much better than uniform body support in some cases.

Hotel mattresses or luxury innerspring mattresses have a pocket coil innerspring system to maximize comfort and support balance in the mattress. In contrast, most orthopedic and support-centered mattresses would rely on a Bonnell-coil or mesh-innerspring system's uniform body support. The pocket coil innerspring system aces where these mattresses lack by enhancing comfort and support in individual points.

  1. High-density pocket spring: High-density pocket spring mattresses have many coils that are packed closely together. These mattresses make for a more motion-resistant and comfortable experience because of the number of springs. The high-density pocket spring system also makes the mattress much more supportive and comfortable because of the proximity of innerspring coils. High-density pocket springs have a more robust construction of the spring layer system that provides more strength. The high-density pocket spring layer is not only closely packed but consists of thick individual coils. High-density pocket spring mattresses would also need denser materials in place to give more comfort and support.
  2. Memory Foam and Pocket Spring: Most innerspring mattresses focus on your body's comfort when resting, and a memory foam variant is perfect for the requirement. A luxury pocket spring mattress with a memory foam comfort layer is the right choice for people that want that signature' floating in the air experience. Because your body sinks slightly, but the reactive pressure from below cancels it, your body feels supported yet comfortable from all sides. Because of the reactive pressure from beneath, memory foam and pocket spring coil mattress is the best combination for a comfortable and pain-relieving sleeping experience.
  3. PU Foam and Pocket Spring: A PU foam layer is a great way to enhance comfort and keep your body cooler. The foam's soft nature relieves your joints' pressure and allows your body to sink just enough for comfortable sleep. Moreover, PU foam also makes your mattress lighter and affordable, but the main advantage lies in its comfort factor. PU foam is primarily used in the comfort layer or quilting of special construction mattresses, like in a Euro top mattress. This helps bring the level of plushness you want for a good night's sleep. Additionally, PU foam is good at temperature and air regulation when used in quilting, so you can look forward to sleeping soundly all-year-long.
  4. Micro Pocket Spring: Micro pocket springs are used in some mattress' comfort layers to enhance the body contouring feature or enhance it. Micro pocket springs in the comfort layer also rely on the density of foam around it. Because of the micro spring system's proximity, you need a denser and tougher comfort and support layer. So high-density memory foam, latex foam, or other foams help enhance comfort and withstand the pressure from below to comfort your body.
  5. Dual Comfort Pocket Spring Mattress: A dual-comfort pocket spring mattress uses a highly supportive and tensile innerspring coil system at its core. Where most dual-comfort mattresses would use rebonded foam at the core, a pocket coil makes for a much more comfortable experience. Because of the contouring feature of a pocket coil innerspring core, you get a more comfortable and supportive mattress. As a result of the core's innerspring nature, the mattress also needs to have dense and firm support layers while the other sides can be soft or firm.

List of Top 5 Pocket Spring Mattress:
Based on the categories defined above, the top 5 pocket spring mattresses you can buy in India are:

  1. The Palace Bed: The Palace Bed is an ultra-luxury luxurious innerspring mattress offering an extra soft sleeping experience. The mattress takes after the ultra-luxury mattresses used in 7-star luxury hotel suites, offering unparalleled out-of-this-world comfort.  
    1. Softness/Firmness Level: The overall support and softness balance of the Palace Bed tilts towards its softness and plushness. The high-GSM fabric offers a feather touch, and it helps bring a sense of immediate relief when you lie on the mattress. The Palace Bed's softness level makes this mattress best for use in the hospitality industry and people looking for a softer experience in their bedrooms. The mattress uses two layers of innerspring pocket coil layers to deliver an experience where you feel the mattress caressing every part of your body in any position.
    2. Features: The Palace Bed is extra soft and plush but doesn't leave out the support requirements. Because of its balance of material pressure, support, and the overall sleeping experience, the Palace Bed offers a 'floating-in-the-air' experience. It is similar to hotel mattresses but an excellent choice for people that want a royal hospitality level sleeping experience at home. The upper micro innerspring pocket coil system helps offer an incredibly comforting and contouring sleeping experience. The upper innerspring micro pocket coil contours and comforts your body in tandem with the high-density foam. Simultaneously, the lower 5-zone innerspring coil at the base upholds and contours your body for proper alignment for years of good health and zero posture issues. The Palace Bed mattress uses high-density memory foam in its support layer and plush memory foam in its comfort layer to deliver this heavenly sleeping experience. Moreover, the Euro-top design enhances comfort by hugging and supporting every curve of your body. You sleep on the mattress without feeling there's anything underneath, and the Palace Bed's body support also addresses your body's weight distribution. The 5-zone high-density pocket springs work to alleviate and support your body in a natural posture, irrespective of your sleeping position. Because of this superior and variable innerspring pocket coil spring system, you can experience a genuinely pain-free and pressure-relieving sleeping experience that feels out of this world. The use of PressureSense and UltraFusion foam with the micro pocket coil spring system in the comfort layers helps ensure that this mattress gives you a floating-in-the-air sleeping experience. So even though the mattress is inexplicably soft and comfortable, a high-density and high-volume pocket coil spring layer in the core helps support your body.
    3. Edge Protection: The Palace Bed also has superior mattress protection that encapsulates the entire setup in the protection that it deserves. This edge protection is made from rigid PU foam, which surrounds and protects the mattress's innerspring systems and layers. It acts as a barrier against both environmental agents and physical damage. Moreover, the support from this also helps one get up easier from the mattress and prevent slipping over the edge.
    4. Price and Warranty: The Palace Bed starts at INR 175,899 and comes with a 12-year warranty covering manufacturing defects.
    5. Suitability: The Palace Bed is suitable for people with a healthy body weight that doesn't need too much support. While it has its support system, it cannot be a substitute for orthopedic mattresses. The best compatibility of this mattress lies with people wanting an ultra-soft yet supportive blissful experience.
  2. Physiopedic: The PhysioPedic is a medium-firm orthopedic mattress designed especially for Indian backs. The double heated FirmTech pocket coil springs help offer full-body focused support.
    1. Softness/Firmness Level: The PhysioPedic relies on its outer memory foam quilting to offer a medium-firm plush sleeping experience. The FirmTech innerspring pocket coils and the support layer help contour your body and align your back properly. So if you're looking for a mattress that cushions your entire body and protects and upholds it with the utmost care, the PhysioPedic is the best choice. The pillow-top construction with the memory foam quilting helps you feel your pent-up stress and tension in the body melt away.
    2. Features: The PhysioPedic brings the benefits of full-body support in a package that comforts your body just the same. This mattress offers a medium-firm supportive experience, with a pillow-top construction offering a warmer sleeping experience. As a hybrid innerspring pocket coil mattress, the PhysioPedic uses different elements that work in sync to deliver an unparalleled supportive and comfortable sleeping experience. This Dr recommended ortho mattress also uses body contouring technology with high-quality quilting to relieve your daily pains and pressure. The PhysioPedic uses a high-density support layer beneath the pillow-top to align your back and posture in different sleeping postures. The pocket coil innerspring system's contouring support helps make this experience even better as it suits a wide variety of people. If you have body pains or chronic pains as an overweight individual, the PhysioPedic can address these issues and more. The body contouring technology adapts to your curves and back, addressing any body pain or exhaustion you feel at the end of the day. The quilting pattern in the pillow-top construction has high-density memory foam that offers a warmer sleeping experience. So when you go to bed, the PhysioPedic distributes your pressure but helps keep the mattress slightly warmer for your comfort.
    3. Edge Protection: The PhysioPedic mattress also comes with a rigid foam encasement that protects the mattress. If your reason for choosing the PhysioPedic is back or leg pain of any kind, the foam encasement helps you get out of bed with less pain and muscular strain. Of course, it also acts as a way to protect the mattress and enhance its longevity.
    4. Price and Warranty: You can get the PhysioPedic starting at INR 62,199, and it comes with a 12 years warranty against any manufacturing defects.
    5. Suitable: The mattress is suitable for older people or adults with back and body pains and a preference for softer mattresses. Moreover, the pillow-top construction offers a warmer sleeping experience, so you should go for it if you don't overheat in sleep or sweat excessively. In case of chronic pains affecting the joints or the back, the PhysioPedic can be an excellent choice as it warms and cushions these areas with support ad plushness.
  3. World Luxury: Originally meant for luxury hotels, you can choose the World Luxury to bring you a soft, supportive, and cool mattress. This hotel-like mattress is the best when it comes to experiencing proper luxury sleep in your home.
    1. Softness/Firmness Level: The World Luxury mattress offers an ultra-soft sleeping experience that comes with its decent support. The mattress simulates the blissful experience you get in an ultra-luxury hotel mattress and melts your stress and pain away. It conforms around your body and contours in a way that addresses and comforts the entire body.
    2. Features: The World Luxury sports a high-end and ultra-soft high-GSM Viscose Denmark fabric that enhances its softness and aesthetics. The quilting in this luxury mattress is made with high-quality memory foam that helps keep your body warm and comfortable, keeping away all exhaustion when you go to sleep. The pillow-top construction makes it one of the best options to choose if you're looking for an otherworldly luxurious sleeping experience that hugs your body the way it deserves. But ultra-softness isn't its only virtue, and it has just as good of a support system to support your body. A convoluted foam layer above the mattress's base innerspring coil system enhances its support and contouring further. This makes the mattress good at air regulation and temperature regulation, preventing overheating and sweating at night. The PressureSense support layer also acts as an additional layer of support and contouring for your body, addressing the major pressure points. The World Luxury mattress base consists of high-density BodyTech springs capable of supporting this mattress and upholding your body with proper alignment. The World Luxury is the first mattress in India that uses two innerspring pocket coil systems to deliver the ultimate contouring and comfortable sleeping experience. If you're looking for a good mattress for you in the long term and helps with posture and support, the World Luxury's BodyTech springs make it easier. So, while the PressureSense support layer helps disperse pressure, the innerspring pocket coil supports and neutralizes all pressure from these areas.
    3. Edge Protection: The World Luxury mattress also comes with its edge protection encasing protecting your body and the mattress every day. This casing is thick enough to withstand and protect your mattress for its entire lifetime without crumbling. So, you get a mattress that's free of physical damage-prone points and environmental hazards from entering it quickly. And getting up from the mattress is better and easier for you and your back, helping you jump in and out of bed with ease and bliss.
    4. Price and Warranty: The World Luxury starts at INR 65,499 and comes with a 12 years warranty covering it from any manufacturing issues.
    5. Suitable: The World Luxury is suitable for all ages and people, but not extreme cases needing exceptional support. It has decent support and alignment for your back, but chronic pain or intense pain needs more support. Moreover, this mattress is slightly warmer but good at temperature regulation.
  4. Posture Sense Sure Sleep: The Posture Sense is the first dual-comfort innerspring pocket coil mattress in India. It comes with both soft and firm sides configuration. Because of the innerspring pocket coil core, you can rely on the Pressure Sense Sure sleep mattress to offer exceptional support and comfort in one package.
    1. Softness/Firmness Level: Since it is a dual-comfort mattress, the Posture Sense Sure Sleep mattress offers a sleeping experience that suits your body no matter what. Your body feels its consistent support shape around your curves and pressure points no matter which side you sleep on. The mattress has both soft and firm side configurations, and you can choose either as per your preference. The support stays consistent, and you can switch the comfort with a switch.
    2. Features: The Posture Sense Sure Sleep is first a dual-comfort mattress that addresses various sleeping experiences in your daily life. The double-sided sleeping experience feels suitable for your skin and posture, helping you sleep in different positions. The mattress has a body contouring feature from its exceptional pocket spring core. Because of the innerspring core's presence, you can rely on the Posture Sense Sure Sleep to support and caress your body without compromise. The innerspring core also limits motion transfer so that you can sleep soundly irrespective of your partner's motion. While the experience is configurable, the support stays consistent and helps you sleep soundly on both sides. Since the Posture Sense Sure Sleep is a dual-comfort mattress, it also comes with robust and high-quality side handles. These handles make it easier to lift and flip the mattress. Considering the innerspring pocket coil structure, the Posture Sense Sure Sleep also has a relatively lightweight form factor compared to individual purpose innerspring mattresses.
    3. Edge Protection: The Posture Sense Sure Sleep doesn't have edge protection but sports a solid frame to withstand the flipping it has to go through. Its sides may seem a bit firm and have solid handles you can use without tearing or damaging the mattress easily.
    4. Price and Warranty: Posture Sense Sure Sleep starts at INR 38,199 and comes with a 10-year warranty to protect it from manufacturing defects.
    5. Suitable: This mattress is suitable for people looking for more than a dual-comfort mattress. Since it addresses your comfort and support needs with a dedicated pocket coil system, the mattress suits a wide range of people. It suits all ages and a wide variety of body frames and even addresses minor pains.
  5. PostureSense 3D Memory: The Posture Sense 3D memory mattress offers the proper comfort and support level with a medium-soft sleeping experience. The Flanger top helps comfort and take away all stress from your body, making it easier to sleep pain-free.
    1. Softness/Firmness Level: The Posture Sense 3D memory offers a medium-soft sleeping experience that feels better on every curve and area of your body. While the top layer offers a more comfortable and plush sleeping experience, the mattress as a whole maintains a balance of comfort and support. The Flanger top distributes pressure even more efficiently, immediately helping with pain relief.
    2. Features: The Posture Sense 3D memory also helps deliver an exceptionally comfortable body contouring experience. The Flanger top construction further helps contour your body, and the medium-soft surface offers a sleeping experience that feels like sleeping on a cloud. The mattress has a memory foam and PU foam layer in its support and comfort layer. These layers help make your sleeping experience feel even more blissful with a slightly warm experience. The innerspring system is a high-density pocket coil in a rigid foam encasement and helps support and contour your body even better. It also helps make this mattress motion resistant to partner disturbances enhancing the sleep quality and duration. The upper layers offload all the pressure to the bottom innerspring pocket layer, making the support feel more focused. The Posture Sense 3D memory also has high-GSM thick fabric around its body to help make the mattress feel heavenly to touch. This thick nature and high density also helps with the long life of the mattress fabric and shielding from external agents. The open cell memory foam quilting in its Flanger top ensures that the thickness and material properties do not heat it. The air and temperature regulation keep this mattress in perfect shape and temperature all year round.
    3. Edge Protection: The Posture Sense 3D memory mattress also has its edge protection casing to make this mattress one of the most durable options. If you're looking for durability and a comfortable luxury mattress, the posture Sense 3D memory is an excellent choice.
    4. Price and Warranty: You can buy the Posture Sense 3D memory starting from INR 65,999. It comes with a ten years warranty period covering it from all and any manufacturing defects.
    5. Suitable: The Posture Sense 3D memory mattress is suitable for partners and people with a softer mattress preference. If you're looking for stability, longevity, and a healthy balance of comfort and support, the posture Sense 3D memory is for you.

Advantages of a pocket spring mattress:

  1. Zero motion transfer: The best thing about a pocket spring is its motion isolation property. Since all the innerspring coils in the mattress are individual rather than connected, the mattress offers a motion-free sleeping experience. When you shift and turn in bed, only that area of springs compresses and doesn't transfer motion to neighboring spring coils. This makes any spring mattress excellent at completely isolating partner motion and experiencing blissful disturbance-free sleep. Some pocket coil mattresses would even be better at motion isolation than others because of foam's material properties on top. In latex foam or convoluted foam patterns, you can look forward to even better motion isolation. This motion transfer property also keeps your body in place, so if you toss and turn at night, you're not shaken awake as a result of the entire bed shaking. If your mattress has micro pocket springs, it helps contour and even enhances motion isolation.
  2. Pain-relief: An innerspring pocket coil mattress is one of the best variants to look forward to if you want pain relief. While most orthopedic mattresses would use a fixed core or a uniform body support system like a Bonnell coil, an innerspring system helps too. An innerspring mattress is the best pain relief option for people who face the occasional pain or strain from their job (active and sedentary both). This pain-relief property leverages the effect that the innerspring system has on the upper foam layers and the base innerspring system. Because of the decentralized motion of the innerspring pocket coils beneath the foam layers, you can experience highly effective pressure distribution. This pressure distribution helps make your mattress one of the best options apart from an orthopedic to eliminate pain and correct your posture. Since the motion transfer helps provide pain relief by not disturbing your entire body in sleep, you can look forward to a better, pain-free sleeping experience. Most innerspring mattresses also have edge protection around the entire mattress, helping one get up quickly and with minimum stress on your back or knees. So older adults or adults with back or knee-pain issues would find an innerspring mattress one of the best options to choose from.
  3. Enhanced comfort: Innerspring pocket coil mattresses deliver an incredibly comfortable experience. Moreover, an innerspring pocket coil mattress's best comfort also relies on its foam layers to enhance comfort. The motion mechanics from beneath the layers enhance your comfort by taking away pressure from your body and adapting to your curves better. This property enhances both the comfort and contouring property of pocket coil mattresses. If you're looking for a mattress with a healthy balance of comfort and support, an innerspring pocket coil mattress is the best option.
  4. Fits everyone: Since the comfort and support balance of an innerspring pocket coil is in balance, it is suitable for many body types. Irrespective of age, sex, preference, or other requirements, an innerspring pocket coil has different options that suit the wider population. They last long and suit different bodies by adapting to the contours and curves without compromising the structure. So, if you're looking for a best mattress that lasts long, suits everyone in your household, and feels blissful no matter what, you can't go wrong with an innerspring pocket coil mattress. However, it would be a good idea for extreme pain or specific requirements to look into orthopedic or mattresses that address your issues.
  5. Durable: A pocket spring coil mattress is self-sustaining when it comes to it retaining its structure over time. The springs do not compress permanently easily, and the mattress doesn't feel any reactive pressure that harms its structure. Moreover, since the innerspring systems in all pocket coil mattresses are enclosed in a rigid casing (both the side of the mattress and inside the mattress as a special structure), your mattress lasts long. Without a doubt, you can rely on your innerspring mattress to last a decade or longer depending upon use, construction, quality, and other factors.

Disadvantages of pocket spring mattress:
While a good quality pocket spring is primarily beneficial, some pocket coil mattresses can offer a less than satisfying experience. This is because of different factors that are a consequence of the issues below:

  1. Inadequate or excessive spring strength: One of the main reasons an innerspring pocket coil mattress can be uncomfortable is the generic strength of the coils' innerspring coils. Your mattress's innerspring coil strength and flexibility are essential factors that affect your comfort and sleep quality. Stiffer and thicker the springs, the worse it will be for the person sleeping and the mattress. A thick and heavy individual coil may not be the best option apart from exceptional cases. This scenario is suitable for both inadequate and excessive innerspring pocket coil strength. So, spring strength, flexibility, and material count just as much as the number of springs to make a mattress comfortable. For example, if the spring quality is terrible, they would be prone to breaking, excessive compression leading to mattress sagging, among other issues.
  2. Spring count: The number of innerspring pocket coils your mattress has also played a significant role in its comfort and support balance. For example, if the spring count is less, fewer pressure points uphold and comfort your pressure points. The lack or incompatibility of the pressure points in the innerspring mattresses can lead to extreme pains in your body in those points and more. Your bones could dislocate or worsen over time if you choose a bad innerspring pocket coil with spring count issues. The higher the spring count, the better your experience is with both comfort and support. Less spring count than required is a pathway to chronic pain, back issues, especially in the lower back, and you want the correct number with the right strength and flexibility.
  3. Foam quality: Foam quality is just as crucial as the innerspring system because improper density or poor quality can lead to a terrible sleeping experience. Because the innerspring coils would push up against your body and feel irritating if the foam density is too low. This issue can cause back pain, body aches in general and make it impossible to sleep on your mattress. That is why even in softer innerspring pocket coil mattresses, high-density comfort and support layers are essential. The higher the density, the better your sleeping experience and body contouring feel like. And foam patterns like a convoluted layer or thick support layer further enhance the support and contouring you experience from innerspring pocket coils.
  4. Hard casing presence: All innerspring systems are usually present in a separate enclosure of their own, not to lead to wear and tear of the upper softer or delicate foam layers. An innerspring system always needs a firm PU foam or other material-based enclosure that helps them stay intact and help with motion reduction. Without a hard casing in the base layer where the innerspring system is present, your mattress would face excess pressure on the other side of the mattress and the upper layers. The absence of casing means that your mattress would corrode or make it impossible to sleep. The better the structure protecting your innerspring pocket coil, the better it is for your back and the mattress.
  5. Mattress compatibility: As mentioned above, the mattress's structure is quintessential to the overall comfort and support in your sleep. So, without the pairing of a proper innerspring pocket coil system, your mattress could sag or lead to pains in your body. At the same time, most innerspring mattresses suit a wide variety of people with different body shapes. Mattress compatibility matters in the case of innerspring coil mattresses, primarily because of its advantage of wide suitability. If you have specific body pains that have been affecting your lifestyle or specific requirements, it is best to check what the innerspring mattress offers and what it doesn't offer. For example, a person that's looking for pain relief at the end of the day would find an innerspring pocket coil mattress better than an orthopedic in some cases. However, in all cases- if a person is suffering from chronic pain, injury, or other forms of muscle or deformation, an orthopedic mattress is essential. Choosing the right kind of mattress is essential because an innerspring pocket coil could make things worse if you don't choose it wisely.

All innerspring pocket coil mattresses are excellent at offering a healthy balance of comfort and support in your sleep. The suitable pocket coil innerspring mattress would make sleep a much more blissful experience than most innerspring or foam-based mattresses. As mentioned above, choosing the right kind of innerspring pocket coil mattress is vital to your long-term health and sleep quality. You can use our SleepID algorithm to be sure that your mattress suits your body in the long term and comforts you at the end of the day.

KingKoil luxury pocket coil mattresses are developed with research and development with real-world data to make improvements. The innerspring coils are double heat-tempered to ensure they're not brittle and have the right strength and number. High-density pocket coil systems come with every King Koil luxury mattress and help you sleep better for years. Moreover, the number of pocket coils in the innerspring systems plays an essential role in addressing pain and comfort across your body's pressure points.

Our high-quality and high-volume springs ensure that your mattress protects your sleep with blissful comfort and the proper support for years to come. You can look into our hospitality and ultra-luxury mattresses for more options in the innerspring pocket coil range. It is an excellent option to choose our bespoke mattresses where you can customize your hotel mattress experience with the right pocket coil system and high-quality materials. You can also look into our pocket coil innerspring ortho mattresses for pain-free solutions for the elderly.