Date : 2021-09-21 09:55:46

List of Best Comfortable Bed Mattress You Can Buy in India

It is not a secret that life revolves around comfort. One of the most important aspects of life, in terms of comfort, is sleep. Memory foam mattresses have been on the market for a long time, and they are still prevalent because they provide the best sleep possible. Innerspring foam mattresses also offer good quality sleep while being cheaper than memory foam mattresses. If you're out looking for the best mattress to get comfortable sleep every night, it is essential to know how to assess which mattress works for you.

Why is sleep vital for you?
While you may not think of sleep as that essential, it plays a massive role in your health. Sleep-time is when your body recovers and repairs itself, which includes growing new cells. Cells in many parts of the body divide and grow during sleep (especially Rapid Eye Movement [REM] sleep). This growth benefits the entire body, including muscle tissue, bones, blood vessels, intestines, immune system, and skin.

Since your brain also needs time to recover while sleeping, everyone must get enough quality rest each night. When you don't get enough high-quality sleep, you tend not to feel well-rested or alert (and it's a scientific fact). This may be because the body doesn't have enough time to complete all of its tasks, including helping you feel refreshed after a long night's rest. Sleep helps your brain work well and keeps you safe by letting you remember what happened during the day and making decisions as needed. It also affects how much energy we have throughout the day. If we don't get enough sleep, it can lead to drowsiness or lack of focus at home, school, or work. This is why getting good quality sleep each night is essential for everyone!

Why is comfort important for high-quality sleep?
Comfort is an essential factor when choosing the right mattress for your bedroom. A good night's sleep helps you wake up refreshed and well-rested, ready to take on whatever lies ahead of you each day. However, if your bed isn't comfortable enough, it can lead to restless nights, which can be pretty frustrating to deal with.

In addition to helping you get a good night's sleep, having a comfortable bed mattress can also help reduce the risk of health problems. Studies have shown that those sleeping on uncomfortable beds are more likely to suffer from back pain and poor blood circulation, leading to other complications in the long run. Having a high-quality mattress is especially important for people with existing medical conditions since their bodies require additional comfort and adequate support!

How to assess comfort in a mattress?
There are different factors to consider before you invest in a comfortable mattress. The comfort of a mattress is subjective to the individual. If you are looking into buying an expensive mattress, ensure that it satisfies all your needs and does not cost too much. You can also lookup customer reviews online before buying any new products because they give genuine information about how good the product is, so these reviews will help you immensely while making this decision.

  1. Soft Fabric: The mattress's fabric is soft and silky to touch because this factor adds comfort to the equation. A high-quality fabric will also have anti-allergy properties, so it's best if you choose something that doesn't have any side effects for your skin or allergies. High-quality fabric tends to be high-density, so it's a good idea to choose something made from a high-density fabric. Different fabric types such as viscose, cotton, and polyester are used to make mattresses so that you can choose one depending on your preference. The soft fabric is also essential for your body to feel superficial comfort at first touch and helps you relax, so choose a soft fabric mattress. At the same time, the high-density fabric should last long and resist wear and tear.
  2. Pressure relief: The pressure relief index of a mattress is also essential because it helps you get rid of body aches and pains. A good quality bed should be firm enough to support your spine, but the comfort layer on top has to be soft so that when you're lying down. The more comfortable the product, the better it will be for helping with sleep-related problems like snoring or sleep apnea, etc. It's common to notice a lot of body aches and pains in the morning. Not getting enough sleep can also lead to other severe conditions such as snoring and sleep apnea etc. The role of pressure relief in this equation is critical because it helps you get rid of these problems. That is where a memory foam mattress or a pressure-relieving hybrid mattress can make all the difference. If you are looking to buy a mattress in India, look for something with at least three inches of memory foam or a pressure-relieving comfort layer on top because this will help with body aches, pains, sprains, etc.
  3. Body contouring: Another factor to consider is the body contouring ability of a mattress. If you have been sleeping on an old or cheap one, it's time for change because high-quality mattresses offer better body contouring. This means your entire weight will be distributed evenly, so your spine has a proper alignment. Moreover, your pressure points could also face excessive strain without adequate body contouring, leading to discomfort over prolonged periods. The more advanced technology used in creating these products, the greater their role will play in helping with sleep-related problems like muscle spasms, lower back pain, etc. Memory foam mattresses provide body-conforming support that ensures equal distribution of weight and provides comfort during restful sleep. A product with at least three inches of this material is recommended to help with pain and muscle spasms. This type of body-conforming support is also ideal for people with arthritis, lumbar issues, etc., because they need a lot more than just comfort to feel relaxed at night. These problems are caused mainly by lack of sleep or no proper restful sleep because the human body needs time to recover from all those long hours spent in front of the computer screen during workdays.
  4. Premium materials: The role of premium mattress materials and comfort in overall quality is a priority in the values of the best luxury mattress brands in India. With a good mattress, you can get deep sleep to recharge yourself for your next day's work. And only the right combination of high-quality material and top-notch technology products can provide deep restorative sleep that gives you energy all through your busy schedule. High quality and high-density go hand in hand in the mattress and sleep industry. In addition to being comfortable, higher-end mattresses use more durable materials. They use higher quality foams such as natural latex foam or other types of memory foam that will last longer than lower-priced models made from synthetic materials. These low-priced models often wear down much faster over time, giving them a shorter lifespan compared to superior quality organic components used in developing luxurious bedding solutions. With superior quality memory foam, sleepers can enjoy the latest advances in technology that allow them to rest comfortably. The best mattress brands create their products with these new technologies and use natural materials for better results.
  5. Support: The role of a mattress is to provide you with the support and comfort that your body needs for a good night's sleep. A quality product will have enough space between each coil, allowing airflow so it can remain cool during use. The coils should also be close together and individually wrapped by their own fabric cover, which further helps maintain optimal temperature levels throughout the night. Full-body support and spinal support are necessary for your comfort and long-term health. This is because once you've invested in a quality mattress that provides the support needed, then it becomes much more comfortable for your body to rest on. This will help you to maintain optimal health and well-being. Moreover, full-body and spinal support are also helpful in a pain-free sleeping experience. The most comfortable and supportive mattresses generally have a higher coil count, which also contributes to the overall level of support. A good mattress will adequately support your body and provide you with adequate comfort levels during sleep time.
  6. Motion isolation: When you use a high-quality and comfortable mattress, it should also do an excellent job of isolating motion. That means it is very good at keeping the movement on one side of the bed from disturbing someone else. This can be especially beneficial for parents with babies who want to keep close by during the night but still get uninterrupted sleep themselves! Or restless partners who toss and turn all night. The best motion isolating mattresses tend to have high-density foam layers and high-density innerspring systems too. Specifically, the layers of foam and inner springs should be dense enough to keep your body from feeling as if it has been displaced by movement. You can test this yourself at home: lie on a mattress without one of those foams or spring systems and see how easily you feel someone else's movements across the bed. There are different tests to check how good a particular spring system or foam layer or mattress, as a whole, is as motion isolation. The crux is that a high-quality mattress should be very good at keeping disturbances on one side of the bed from being felt by someone else. Moreover, motion isolation mattresses also help with pain-relief passively. Whether you're a heavy or restless speaker, your own or your partner's movements can lead to motion disturbance, sometimes even ruining your sleep out of pain. With a motion isolation mattress, you can sleep well and wake up pain-free every day.
  7. Freedom to sleep in different postures: While motion isolation is essential, it does not take away from the fact that a good mattress should also allow you to sleep in different positions. This can be especially beneficial for couples who want to switch between sleeping on their sides and backs every night instead of sticking with one position all through! Ideally, with a quality mattress, both partners would have complete freedom when choosing which sleeping posture they prefer without worrying about disturbing each other or experiencing pain at any point during the night. The best mattresses come with multiple comfort layers, so you don't feel restricted by your choice of preferences either. Different people might like firm support while others may need extra cushioning - this allows them to sleep according to individual preference and get comfortable rest.
  8. Sleep environment, climate, and comfort: It is also essential to consider your sleep environment and climate before choosing a mattress. Temperature has a significant impact on how easily you can get into the deep-sleep stage. So if it's freezing in the room where you are sleeping, the best choice might be something with thicker comfort layers or more coils to give you that extra cushioning underneath for warmth. Gel memory foam or gel-infused memory foam mattresses would be ideal, especially in Indian summers. However, if there is too much heat during the summer months, this could lead to discomfort instead - causing excessive sweating, which will disturb your rest. In such cases, an open-cell structure of high-density foam with good ventilation at least through one side of the bed would work better. This allows air circulation from the top and bottom surfaces without letting excess sweat build up inside the mattress. 

That is why our most comfortable mattresses in India are designed to adjust to your sleep environment and climate.  They come with innovative configurations for all types of weather conditions so you can be sure that the best mattress will not disturb your rest regardless of how hot or cold it gets around where ever you are sleeping!

Best mattress for your body type
A good quality mattress should be supportive but also comfortable for your particular body type. Some mattresses might be very supportive and comforting to a person of average weight, say around 50 kgs. But those same people may find the same mattress painful if they weigh more than that - as their bodies sink into it too much because there is not enough support on the surface level to keep them from sinking in! Similarly, some people have sensitive backs, which can give them problems even with higher coil count beds. In such cases, you need a mattress with extra comfort layers that will help you maintain optimal pressure relief without having to sacrifice support at all.

The best mattress should provide the right amount of support and comfort according to your body type.  So if you have a weighty body type or need extra support, look for mattresses with thick comfort layers and high coil counts. If your back is delicate and sensitive to pressure, choose a mattress with a higher coil count but a good amount of foam on top to give you the right amount of cushioning without sinking too much into it either. You can find different kinds of mattresses from luxury mattress brands in India. From those who like firm beds to those who prefer softness levels similar to what one would find at five-star hotels, it would be comfortable as long as it suits your body.

That is why our SleepID tool has led to enormous success in recommending the most comfortable mattresses for our customers.  It is the only tool that uses pressure map testing to recommend products according to your body type and sleep preferences. The best mattresses in India come with high coil counts, thick comfort layers on top of firm support structures, among other structural features. These allow people from different parts of the country who have varying weight/height ratios and sleeping habits to get comfortable rest every night! The mattress should also give you enough freedom when it comes to choosing whether or not to use a pillow for side-sleepers or stomach sleepers. In short, good support paired with optimal cushioning will be adequate regardless of how much space there is between you and the surface beneath. This means no part of your body has been left unsupported; the mattress's comfort layer(s) will prevent it. KingKoil mattresses use the best technology and premium materials to ensure you sleep in blissful comfort without any compromise.

Dual-comfort mattresses
A dual-comfort mattress is an excellent choice for those who want the benefits of two firmness levels in one mattress. The first step to getting one such bed would be to know which you prefer by checking out our SleepID. These mattresses are incredibly durable, too, so you don't have to worry about their life span or performance going down with time either. They are not too expensive and offer great value for money.

The best dual-comfort mattresses in India combine the right kind of support with optimal comfort levels to give you a restful night's sleep every day, every month, and every year! These mattresses can be customized according to your body type so that you get just the right amount of firmness for yourself! Where a single configuration mattress might lack, a dual-comfort mattress will have the ability to give you a better balance between optimal support and comfort.

As an all-rounder solution, dual-comfort mattresses are the best option to choose if you cannot fix your mind to a single mattress.  People of all ages and weights can use these, so health issues are not something you need to worry about either. And best of all, these mattresses will last longer than any other for years on end without even showing signs that they might give out soon too!

Most comfortable mattresses in India

  1. Physiopedic: No matter what your sleeping needs are, the PhysioPedic mattress has you covered. This mattress is made with memory foam and an innerspring layer for supreme comfort that relieves pressure on all parts of your body while aligning its spine in its S-shape! The ortho core makes this even more responsive than standard mattresses. So no matter where you lie down or how much weight there may be pressing against one area, you can experience comfortable, pain-free support. The full-body support paired with the perfect configuration of foam layers ensures you get the most comfortable sleep from an orthopedic mattress despite the initial discomfort from firmness.
  2. Orthomatic DX: Orthomatic DX is the perfect mattress for people suffering from back pain. This extra firm orthopedic model has a dual comfort layer that comes with two levels of support, i.e., medium and ultra-firmness, so that you can find one suited just right! Orthomatic unique construction design features super high density (100D) Ultra Bond core layer at the core made up exclusively of pure PU foam on both sides, making deciding easier than ever before. The Orthomatic DX is one of the best dual-comfort mattresses or the top choice for comfortable luxury mattresses for those who can't make up their mind.
  3. Posture Sense Sure Sleep: Introducing the first-ever dual comfort pocket spring mattress in India. The PostureSense SureSleep is a two-in-one type of mattress that offers you both soft and firm sides, with higher counts of springs to isolate motion transfer from your body when sleeping on it! The higher count pockets are designed to isolate motion transfer so you can sleep soundly through the night without any disturbance from your partner- whether they're snoring or tossing and turning restlessly. It comes complete with premium quality jacquard fabric quilting which makes this bed feel like nothing else out there. Quilted covers on these individually adjustable pillows make them more appealing than most traditional memory foam ones available in today's marketplace.
  4. iMattress: This high-quality foam was designed with pressure relief and body contouring in mind so you can rest easy all night long! The iMattress is the best choice for people who want to sleep on a soft yet firm mattress. The core layer of this bed includes 90D Super Memory Foam, which supports your spine and assists with back support when lying down or sitting up straight. It's perfect if minimal discomfort from pain at any point during slumber bothers you most--especially while trying to roll over onto one side after another throughout an evening's worth discussions around serious matters serious (like work) and lighthearted conversations.
  5. The Palace Bed: The Palace Bed mattress is the embodiment of everything luxury sleep can signify. This luxurious innerspring bed has multiple layers that provide you with a smooth experience like no other for those who want to buy themselves an expensive but rewarding product! The BodyFloat Technology allows your body weightlessness as it cradles into each layer, perfectly contouring itself around curves while also providing support. There's never any resting pressure on sensitive areas such back or joints which makes this one excellent investment if money's not too tight. This Box Top Euro Top mattress is designed to give you the best sleep of your life. The ultra-luxury mattress is crafted from high GSM knitted fabric and has a feather-like feel when you lie down on it. It utilizes micro pocket springs in its comfort layer for a body contouring property that provides a floating feeling while sleeping - all without compromising on support and durability! There are five zones where highly dense double heat tempered pocket springs have been installed for optimal spinal alignment throughout each night's slumber time with this product as well. Quilting with an acupressure pattern relieves pressure to help provide relief for your body's natural contours, which are then supported by this luxurious material to keep its shape without sagging over time or flattening out too much after use. The standard dimension offered comes 10" inch thick, but other options such as 12-inch exist depending on what preferences one may have!

Getting a quality mattress can make all the difference in how you sleep at night. Mattresses need to be comfortable for your body. Your sleep is paramount, but comfort and balance go hand in hand, and it's what we inculcate into our mattress designing process. This is subjective, and everyone has different needs, but there are a few things you can do before making the purchase that might help guide you towards finding one that's right for you. The first thing we recommend is using our SleepID tool, which will ask questions about what kind of sleeper (back sleepers, side sleepers, stomach sleepers) and other factors like height and weight to make sure we get the best mattress recommendations based on your personal profile. We also suggest checking out reviews from past customers or asking friends who have bought mattresses in the last couple of years what they liked and didn't like about their purchases, so you know if it's worth investing in something or not.