Date : 2020-11-06 08:22:19

List of Most Expensive Mattresses in India and What Makes them Expensive

Mattresses are a significant investment and rightfully so because they take care of your health and sleep throughout the years. Sleeping on an incompatible or lousy quality mattress can not only make your nights uncomfortable without sleep and full of pains, and a good quality mattress can take away all the stress. Good quality mattresses take away your mental and physical stress by giving you high-quality REM sleep and comfort your body in different ways to take away the physical stress. But there exists another segment of mattresses- high luxury premium mattresses. These mattresses maintain what the best mattresses offer and combine them with hybrid elements and luxurious elements to give a genuinely unparalleled construction and experience.

Why invest in sleep?
There is a level of ignorance of sleep in our society, and we do not think much of sleep. From oversleeping throughout the week, not fixing a sleep schedule to not assessing our sleep environment, most of us take it for granted. However, sleep controls every aspect of your life, from work, health and fitness, metabolism, and mental health. When we take sleep for granted or tend to ignore the signs and awareness to fix our lifestyle elements to fix sleeping issues, we invite sleeping disorders.

Investing in sleep means you're investing in your long-term physical and mental health. You want to fix your sleep schedule, environment, and lifestyle one step at a time. The first step begins with taking care of your body by investing in a high-quality mattress and changing your lifestyle one step at a time. When you invest in a premium mattress or any high-quality mattress, you can see your pains, sleep stress, and sleep disorders going down in severity within 30 days. As a high-quality mattress takes care of your body when you sleep, you need to assess your sleep issues before investing.

If you see yourself facing lifestyle issues, or too many nights waking up after going to bed, among other issues, it is an indicator you need to check your mattress. An incompatible mattress, pillow, sleeping environment, and before-sleep habits affect and worsen these issues. When you start noticing these issues in a short period of time, it means either your lifestyle/stress balance or mattress usability has taken a hit. Investing in a premium mattress guarantees you an ultra-comfortable sleeping experience as well as a promise of extreme comfort.

Most expensive mattresses in India and what makes them expensive:
Any decent high-quality mattress demands a decent amount, but what about those ultra-luxury mattresses? This is what makes them unique and worth your time and money:

1. The Palace Bed:
The Palace Bed is our top choice for people looking to buy ultra-luxury mattresses. This high-end mattress not only dazzles and shines with its uber-luxurious designer looks but offers so much more inside. The Palace Bed starts at INR 77,099 for the single bed mattress size. Here are the features that make The Palace Bed expensive and worth it if you're looking for the ultra-luxury segment for your next mattress:

One of our best-looking mattresses in terms of looks with a royal finish to every nook and corner of the mattress, the Palace Bed sports chocolate color borders. Moreover, the mattress top also sports a fashionable and plush exterior look that makes it pleasant to complement your room and gives it a mattress topper look. The Palace Bed has one of our highest manufacturing standards and quality checks, and the mattress is as elegant as it can get with everything from the sides, borders to edges.

- BodyFloat technology:
The mattress comfort layers help you feel a 'floating-in-the-air' experience. Every part of your body feels the proper support and comfort that makes you want to stay snuggled in. The BodyFloat comfort layers also help regulate air and body temperature and help you feel comfortable no matter the season. This experience is unlike any other you can experience in any mattress out there. You have to feel it to know it!

PressureSense foam:
PressureSense foam helps support your entire body in the ways it needs to relax. The PressureSense foam layer also helps keep your body's different areas just under enough pressure to feel support. It senses pressure from each part and supports as per the requirement. It would make you feel like you are sleeping on a surface that learns and adapts according to your body to provide just what you need.

UltraFusion foam:
The UltraFusion foam layer core helps make your mattress more durable and resilient to pressure. It helps spring up any extra or unbalanced weight and support the people sleeping uniformly. The UltraFusion foam helps support the 5-Zone FirmTech system beneath by helping support the different pressure requirements.

5-Zone FirmTech:
The 5-Zone FirmTech is our unique innerspring pocket coil system. The entire system consists of two stacks of springs that complement and help each other. There is a layer of MicroPocket springs that help contour your body in minute pressure response detail. The 5-Zone FirmTech helps make the mattress more support for different parts. It helps uplift and supports your body uniformly in a natural position. Different spring systems support each part of your body as per their weight and pressure requirement, further tailoring the experience for you.
Overall, the Palace Bed is for people who want more attention towards support tailored for their bodies. The mattress doesn't leave any room in terms of being extra luxurious but focuses more on the support level.

2. Signature Bed:
The Signature Bed is our most comfortable and luxurious mattress. Additionally, the Signature Bed also has a minimalistic white design with Damask fabric and a pillow top design. This mattress is perfect for people who want the plush comfort and experience of sinking into their mattress and feel the mattress hug. The Signature Bed is different from other memory foam mattresses as it also offers incredible support. If you feel memory foam isn't right for you because it lets you sink, the Signature Bed solves that issue. It comes with a 12-year warranty, and the single-mattress variant starts at INR 54,199. Here are the main features to choose a Signature Bed mattress:

Pillow Top surface:
As the mattress excels in cushioning, it starts this experience at the top. A pillow top mattress layer covered in the damask fabric makes sure you feel comfortable and a floating-in-the-air experience. The memory foam layers beneath the mattress top help make you feel even more relaxed.

BodySink Foam:
The BodySink Foam is our high-density memory foam and makes up for the comfort layer beneath the pillow top. It helps contour your body and invites you for a sinking experience. Unlike other memory foam mattresses, the Signature Bed sinks just enough to feel comfortable. The spring system beneath helps support your body, while the other parts help comfort every part that needs it. The BodySink foam helps make the entire experience much more comfortable than other plush mattresses.

MicroPocket springs:
A layer of dense MicroPocket springs helps contour your body. This micro spring system helps make the experience better if you're looking for more natural contouring with additional support. As a premium mattress, the Signature Bed helps make your body feel at ease rather than have to toss and turn for it.

- Sleep Grade 100% Pure Foam: The Signature Bed also has a layer of Pure Foam to help make the experience more comfortable to benefit from its temperature regulation. It acts as another layer of comfort with the primary purpose of supporting temperature regulation.

- Hard foam encasement and spring system:
The Signature Bed is an ultra-luxurious memory foam bed, which means it also makes ample support. To leave no room for any dissatisfaction, all the layers rest easy on a rigid case. This case acts as both support for the comfort layers and ensures the longevity of the mattress. Moreover, the pocket coil spring system in mattresses helps ensure that every layer supports your body without compensating for the contouring or conforming properties of the memory foam layers. These ultra-high-density pocket coil springs do not cause uneven pressure on your body or the memory foam layers. As a result, you also get passive pressure isolation in this lowermost layer, while memory foam helps with active motion resistance.

3. iMattress:
The iMattress is a high-density luxury mattress that helps contour your body with the SuperMemory foam layers. As a result of high-density, the mattress has a firm surface, making it excellent for hot sleepers or overweight people needing comfort without any of the sinking. Moreover, iMattress is also one of the best options for people who are looking for a firm mattress to help with body support. The iMattress starts at INR 38,399 for the single bed variant. Here are the features that make iMattress your next luxury mattress choice:

Knitted fabric and luxurious looks:
The iMattress has a unique GSM knitted fabric layer that ensures that your surface experience stays semi-firm to firm.

- Temperature regulation:
As the mattress has layers of mostly ultra-high density (90D) in the upholstery and support layers, it can regulate temperature well. Additionally, the mattress helps ensure that body stays cool with an additional layer of high-density cooling gel memory foam. This layer helps keep your body's temperature down on summer nights while the rest work passively to ensure little temperature sinking.

HR Foam support:
The iMattress further supports and provides a comfortable experience for people who want firm to medium-firm mattresses with the HR Foam layer. While the upper layers help contour and support your spine and body parts, the HR Foam layer helps make the entire mattress stay in shape. This property helps make the mattress last long, and your body takes a good sleeping experience irrespective of the orientation.

- The NewSupport Foam:
The lowermost layer is of very high-density foam that upholds the entire mattress without compensating for comfort or support. If you're looking for body support, the NewSupport foam can uphold any weight and the entire mattress without any issues.

What makes them expensive?
Apart from high-quality materials and layers, these are the factors that make these mattresses expensive:

1. Material quality: While all our mattresses use high-quality sleep-grade materials, these mattresses take it a step further. High-end luxury mattresses make use of extremely high-quality and high-density material to ensure your mattress stays as good as new through the years. Moreover, high-quality materials used in our ultra-luxury mattresses take special manufacturing and construction techniques.
2. Research and Development: Like our SleepID tool helps ensure our mattresses pair with the right kinds of body types, the same way we work to improve and bring out new designs. Our R and D team makes sure that all of our mattresses help people with medical certifications and real-world data to improve current designs. Our ultra-luxury mattresses are a culmination of some of the best work that our research and development teams can offer with the best materials and construction.
3. Manufacturing processes and standards: The manufacturing processes behind manufacturing high-quality ultra-luxury mattresses demand different materials. Ensuring the highest quality standards of manufacturing and sourcing, construction needs in-house manufacturing.
4. Quality Assurance standards: Our premium mattress range needs to stand its ground and support you. That is why we ensure that the mattresses we bring out in our ultra-luxury segment go through the most rigorous testing standards around. Moreover, these mattresses offer a 12-year warranty or equivalent depending on the product you choose to promise years of high-quality sleeping experience further.

Our entire mattress range comprises the highest-quality materials, construction, research, and development in mind. However, our luxury mattress range and hospitality range offer much more and act as hybrid mattresses using the best sleep technologies and construction methods around.

1. How long does the ultra-comfortable mattress last, and why is it worth the more generous amount?

Our range of ultra-luxury mattresses offer a 12-year warranty and stay good as new for most of the time warranted. They're worth more because of the research and development that goes into improving and bringing out long-lasting ultra-luxury mattresses like them. Moreover, the quality of materials used in this mattress range is far superior to the mainstream and uses more layers for a better experience. King Koil ultra luxury mattresses are hybrid mattresses that use superb construction, materials, manufacturing, and extensive testing to make sure you get the best experience possible.

2. From where can I buy the ultra luxury King Koil mattresses?
Our major showrooms and dealers can display and help you experience our ultra luxury, King Koil mattresses. You can experience them in-store for a better and educated buying decision. Additionally, our SleepID tool can help you fix the mattress that suits your mattress the most. This way, you can be sure that you're getting the best mattress with the most satisfaction guarantee possible.

3. How are ultra-luxury mattresses different from other high-price designs?
Ultra luxury mattresses make use of superior raw materials and extensive research to guarantee an unparalleled sleeping experience. While our entire mattress range uses extensive testing and analysis, ultra luxury mattresses use better materials, more layers, and overall a better construction design. If you're looking for more luxury and a completely blissful heavenly experience, our ultra luxury mattress range is for you. Moreover, the ultra luxury mattress range also uses more layers to work together as a hybrid mattress, guaranteeing a better balance of comfort and support.

4. Should I be using a mattress topper with the ultra luxury mattress range?
Not necessarily, unless you need to for a reason. Our ultra luxury mattresses already come with a mattress top equipped as part of the mattress to offer longevity and an ultra-comfortable sleeping experience. However, if you need a firmer surface or some other requirement, feel free to check our mattress topper range.

5. Are there pillows and mattress toppers available to complete my bedroom look?
Yes, we offer premium pillows and mattress toppers to help you complete the luxury room look you require. If you're looking for hospitality industry options, you can check our hospitality mattress range here. Our memory foam or premium pillows complement the ultra mattress range to offer an extra luxurious experience for your shoulders and head too. Moreover, you can also choose a variety of mattress toppers that go along with your requirement.