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Medium Firm Memory Foam Ortho Mattresses for Indian Backs

If you've woken up one morning with body aches or from an awkward sleeping position, the last thing you want is to sink into bed further. While softer and more plush mattresses may be suitable for various people, it doesn't mean they would relieve body aches. Body aches, or chronic body aches in general, happen when you face an injury. The best way to address body aches during sleep or relaxation is to rely on supportive mattresses and medical therapy. Moreover, lifestyle changes can also help one strengthen their muscles, reduce body weight, and become a healthier version of themselves. But when we consider the factor that influences our body the most post-injury, it is our posture and medical therapy.

The best way to maintain your body or alleviate pain post-injury or get relief from chronic body aches is to invest in an orthopedic mattress. While orthopedic mattresses are usually firmer, it means some people may or may not find them comfortable. It is especially true if you're upgrading from memory foam or other soft mattresses, and a more supportive and less plush mattress may be uncomfortable at first. The solution for this is to use the best of both worlds, and a medium-firm orthopedic mattress would feel like a godsend. Medium-firm orthopedic mattresses are one of the best long-term options for people who are upgrading or prefer a softer yet supportive mattress.

How does an orthopedic mattress help relieve body pains?
Orthopedic mattresses may come in various shapes and sizes, but one thing stays the same- they're mostly firm and supportive. The degree of plushness or the topmost comfort layer's firmness can change, but the core experience is the same. When you have body aches for any reason, your muscles or nerve signals tell you something is wrong- either the posture, injury, or general state of the muscle or area.
Orthopedic mattresses provide adequate support and comfort to make your muscles and bones lay in a neutral position. If they're at an elevated position because of a non-required ultra-firm, it can be painful. The same scenario applies when you see that your mattress is too soft to allow your muscles and bones to sink. Orthopedic mattresses deal with both these scenarios by ensuring your body gets a proper balance of comfort and support. Another factor that makes Orthopedic mattress unique is its design and overall manufacturing. While many mattresses can have a firmer surface, it doesn't mean they're suitable for orthopedic use. Orthopedic mattresses are designed to keep your health and fitness in mind and assess data from surveys, scientific data, and real-world data studies. Medical practitioners and institutions help ensure that your body gets the best care possible to relieve chronic pain or provide relief from an injury.

That is why orthopedic mattresses need special care, materials, different materials than your daily use mattresses. The innerspring system has to be supportive or comfortable, and all the other parts of your mattress have to work together to deliver an excellent resting experience. Your muscles get the option of resting in a manner that helps caress or give them a neutral position to recover.

How does a medium-firm memory foam mattress help?
While memory foam, in general, is widely known for being soft and a sinking experience. However, medium-firm memory foam mattresses are also known for being an excellent option for orthopedic use. What is the difference between the two options that make one useful for orthopedic use?

The main difference between the two memory foam mattress options is their density and placement. That is, while memory foam mattresses may have high-density layers of material in general, they offer less support than an orthopedic mattress. In an orthopedic memory foam mattress, the density is much higher, and the underlying layers may also have innerspring systems or firm, supportive foam layers. All these factors go into making medium-firm memory foam mattresses suitable for orthopedic use.
In other words, even if the top surface offers a comforting and slightly hugging experience, the structure of the mattress would make sure you don't face pain. Having body pain and sleeping or exposing yourself to anything unhealthy or incompatible can have adverse effects. That is why it is always better to reach out to your doctor and get a consultation on your fitness. If you have average body weight and prefer softer mattresses, a medium-firm memory foam orthopedic mattress can address your comfort and support issues.

So, a medium-firm memory foam mattress can be as good for orthopedic use or daily use from people who have recovered. It delivers a comforting sleeping experience but not one at the cost of enhancing pain for superficial comfort. The products below show how medium-firm memory foam orthopedic mattresses can help in your recovery or body maintenance.

Best medium-firm memory foam orthopedic luxury mattresses in India:
King Koil works with international medical institutions and associations to help craft medical mattresses. Our medium-firm memory foam orthopedic mattresses promise the comfort that you need and more. With ICA (International Chiropractic Association) certification and the help of our research and development team, you can rest assured knowing that our mattresses are designed for you.

Here are the best medium-firm memory foam orthopedic mattresses:

  1. Gravity: The Gravity mattress is an excellent option for people looking for a foam mattress build. While the mattress delivers excellent comfort and support, the Gravity mattress's best feature is its open-cell memory foam comfort layer. The mattress is suitable for a wide variety of body types and offers uniform full-body support.
    • The quilted memory foam top helps make the Gravity mattress as comfortable for a person without any body aches as those with issues. The memory foam layer on top helps make the Gravity mattress friendly to curves and slightly overweight body types as the memory foam offers a hugging experience. The high-density memory foam and HR foam layers beneath also provide exceptional support and comfort to your body.
    • The medium-firm open-cell memory foam comfort layer on top is excellent for pressure and temperature distribution. In addition to the memory foam layer embedded, the heavy knitted fabric helps provide a hugging experience rather than sink and cause further discomfort. As a result, the Gravity mattress is beneficial when we consider its orthopedic design features.
    • While the HR Foam layers at the core and base of the mattress help uphold your body uniformly, the top comfort layer offers some freedom in terms of how you sleep. You can sleep in both side and back sleeping positions, and the orthopedic support helps make the Gravity mattress an excellent luxury orthopedic memory foam mattress.
    • The pressure distribution and medium-firm comfort layer help make the Gravity mattress more durable and helpful for your body in the long run. As mentioned above, the medium-firm surface allows you room and comfort to sleep in both back and side sleeping positions and align your spine. Moreover, this mattress's superior foam build and open-cell memory foam also help ensure that you sleep at the right temperature throughout the seasons.
  2. Physiopedic: The PhysioPedic mattress is an innerspring mattress that helps take care of your body in a simple yet sophisticated way. While the topmost layer or the comfort layer is made up of open-cell memory foam, the layers below help curate exceptional support to be extremely comfortable.
    • It offers one of the best full-body support options you can choose from. The FirmTech pocket coil springs create a supportive and dedicated option for you to experience dedicated support. In other words, while the innerspring mattress helps ensure proper support, you can rest easy on the PhysioPedic without fear of one area being elevated or sunken in comparison to others.
    • The high number of innerspring coils work together to provide delicate support and is a good option for overweight or older people. Moreover, this layer is efficient in helping support a delicate body or other demands without any issues. You would feel weightless as the memory foam comfort layer hugs you, and the FirmTech helps make your body properly aligned.
    • The best part about any medium-firm memory foam mattress is the option of sleeping without any discomfort in both side and back sleeping positions. And the same also applies to the PhysioPedic mattress as it helps make your shoulders and spine properly aligned in any direction with the help of the innerspring system working as per the body mass distribution.
    • PhysioPedic mattress also offers an ideal temperature and pressure distribution as other medium-firm mattresses benefit from the innerspring coils. The pocket coils also prevent motion transfer through the mattress top area and help make sleep a luxurious experience that your body needs to recover.
    • The PhysioPedic mattress also offers an edge protection option that is important to the mattress structure and for your body. The edge protection aims to make it easier for people with back or other body issues to get up without straining the body or back further. Additionally, it also helps protect the mattress from allergens or general wear and tear.
  3. Chiropedic 5000: The Chiropedic 5000 is one of the best luxurious memory foam orthopedic mattresses that one could ask for. The mattress has a superior luxurious look and construction from aesthetics to its working mechanism from top to bottom.
    • Chiropedic 5000 has a pillow top layer on top to make your sleeping experience more comfortable and like floating in the air. While the surface below the pillow top offers excellent support with the Bonnell coil system inside, it leaves no room for discomfort. This mattress is an excellent option for both active and older people as the experience is plusher yet firm and uniform in support.
    • The Chiropedic 5000 is better suited for athletic or people who prefer a firm sleeping experience. If you're upgrading from a softer memory foam mattress, the pillow top layer can help give an extremely luxurious and plush sleeping experience. The overall support and comfort balance tilts more towards constant support.
    • You can sleep in both the side and back sleeping positions; however, the back sleeping position would be better on the Chiropedic 5000. Additionally, this mattress also offers you excellent pressure distribution and can capture heat from your body too. The pillow top captures body heat to an extent, yet the open-cell memory foam inside helps make it cool enough not to cause sweating or discomfort.
    • In addition to the Bonnell coil innerspring system inside, the Chiropedic 5000 also ensures a firm, flat, and uniform supportive experience with its HR Foam support layer. This layer offers some freedom to your shoulders and back to relax without overcompensating on the support. The HR foam is known for its shape retaining properties, and the support layer helps ensure that you sleep comfortably for years to come.

Finding the right orthopedic mattress can be a challenge, mostly if you've preferred a softer mattress your entire life. Suppose you are looking into an orthopedic mattress because of chronic pain or a doctor's prescription. In that case, King Koil's medium-firm orthopedic foam mattresses can give you the comfort you need. We understand that not everyone prefers a firm or rock hard mattress. That is why our medium-firm memory foam orthopedic mattresses work entirely to dedicate their comfort and support, giving structure to your body's relief.

It is also important to note that memory foam mattresses usually sink and can capture heat. However, because of the different configurations, those disadvantages do not apply to orthopedic mattresses. They act as a blow absorption mechanism to give your mattress better comfort and plush properties. You can rest easy knowing that your body is under constant proper care and support of King Koil's luxury orthopedic mattresses. Moreover, the memory foam orthopedic mattresses are good for long term health and comfort even after you've recovered.


  1. Do I have to worry about sleeping hot on a memory foam orthopedic mattress? No, in orthopedic mattresses, memory foam only constitutes the topmost layer, acting as a pressure absorbing and comforting layer. The heat retention occurs in a mattress made entirely from memory foam when your body sinks, and it can act as a heat insulator. You do not have to worry about sleeping hot or waking up sweating in a medium-firm or firm memory foam orthopedic mattress. Memory foam acts as a pressure distribution mechanism that doesn't retain your body temperature. Moreover, King Koil memory foam orthopedic mattresses come with open-cell memory foam, which means they have larger pores despite high-density to allow air regulation.
  2. Is a memory foam orthopedic mattress a good option for my parents/grandparents with back problems? In older people, back issues result from both lifestyle and age-related factors and usually chronic in nature. They need more support while sleeping and getting up from the bed, and a firm or medium-firm mattress may be suitable for them if they have healthy body weight. Overweight seniors might find a medium-firm memory foam mattress uncomfortable. On the other hand, it is a good option for your parents in say 50s or 60s as they're at liberty to sleep on the side or back without waking up with pains from a firm or ultra-firm mattresses. Again, this also depends on their body's condition, and a doctor's prescription can help you better.
  3. Is a foam-based or innerspring orthopedic mattress better? Each kind has its structural and functional advantages, but you should go for one which suits your body most. The best way to check and clarify this dilemma is to visit our stores and test both mattresses side by side. If you want delicate support and comfort, and long life, an innerspring orthopedic mattress would be better. However, if you're more inclined to comfort and want uniform body support, the foam-based would be better.
  4. Would I get the sinking experience in a new medium-firm orthopedic mattress as in my old memory foam mattress? No, in a memory foam orthopedic mattress, the high-density nature and mattress configuration prevent any sinking. You can feel a more 'hugging' experience from the medium-firm memory foam comfort layer; however, you wouldn't sink because the layers below are firm. Irrespective of HR foam or innerspring at the core to support, your body wouldn't sink in a medium-firm memory foam orthopedic mattress.
  5. Is it a good idea to choose a memory foam orthopedic mattress without a doctor's consultation? Unless you have chronic pain, deformity, or injury, you can go for a medium-firm memory foam orthopedic mattress without a doctor's consultation. If you're athletic and want a mattress that offers uniform body support, the Chiropedic 5000 can help. However, if you see yourself in the category of having body issues and having severe pain, a doctor's visit is beneficial before investing in your health. King Koil mattresses can then take over as your primary physiological fitness and personal care option.