Date : 2021-09-17 13:14:52

Memory Foam vs Gel Memory Foam mattress along with its Pros and Cons

If you're looking for a new mattress to buy, memory foam mattresses and gel memory foam mattresses are two of the most popular options. Memory foam mattresses have been around since the 1970s, while gel memory foam mattresses became famous in 2009. Memory foam gel mattresses were developed because people wanted something cool and just as comfortable as regular memory foam. Memory foams can be expensive and difficult to compare because there are so many different types available on the market today. The question is: which type of mattress should you get?

Before we delve deeper into the comparison, it is essential to know more about each type of memory foam. Memory foam mattresses are made from polyurethane, which is heated up and poured into a mold. Memory foam gets its name because it remembers the shape of your body when you get out of bed. The slower response rate differentiates memory foam from other foam types and is the best way to tell it apart from others.

What is a Memory foam mattress?
NASA innovated and conceived Memory foam in the 1970s for use in airplane and spaceflight seats for shock absorption. Memory foam's spongy texture is designed to help absorb motion, which makes it a popular choice among people who share their bed with someone else or move around frequently when they sleep. High-density memory foam mattresses are often more expensive than standard spring and coil mattress options. Still, many users claim they're worth the extra money because of how comfortable they are. Memory foam is typically denser than other mattress options, which makes it feel plusher and firmer. Memory foam mattresses are also heavier to move and can be high maintenance depending upon use and environmental factors. Memory foam does not breathe well, so many users complain about feeling sweaty in their sleep due to heat retention problems. Memory foams can also emit an unpleasant odor for some people when they first open the package or unpack the product after delivery.

What is a Gel Memory foam mattress?
Gel-infused Memory foam is the type of Memory foam with gel beads infused in the mattress structure. Gel memory foam works the same way as memory foam, but it has added benefit of cooling down your mattress and keep you cool when sleeping. Gel memory foam mattresses efficiently absorb heat from your body while sleeping, making it easier to sleep for people who get too hot at night. Gel memory foam is the kind where a layer of gel resides on top of memory foam. The layer works to cool your entire body from the moment you lay on it. Gel memory foam mattress toppers allow airflow through its open cell structure, helping you stay cool all night long, especially during rising temperatures such as the summer heat.

Benefits of Memory foam mattresses:

  1. Memory foam mattresses are comfortable, supportive, and durable:  Memory foam is usually denser than spring mattress options, which means it can offer better support for your body. High-density memory foam mattresses are also less likely to sag over time compared to other types of foams.
  2. Pressure relief:  Memory foam's softness can ease pressure on sensitive areas of your body, such as the hips and shoulders. Memory foam mattresses efficiently contour around curves for enhanced comfort while reducing stress from painful pressure points. Memory foam also provides more cushioning than traditional mattress types like spring or latex choices.
  3. Motion isolation: Memory foam beds absorb motion so that one side of the bed doesn't disturb what happens on the other side. This means less disruption if you sleep with a partner who gets out of bed often during the night, making memory foam ideal for couples who want their own sleeping space without feeling isolated from each other in separate beds. The motion isolation is most apparent in high-density traditional memory foam configurations.

What are the disadvantages of Memory foam?

  1. Memory foam can be very heavy: Memory foam is denser than most mattress types, so it's also heavier. Memory foams can be as much as 25 percent heavier than other mattresses and box springs made from the same materials. This means moving a memory foam mattress can be difficult if you want to switch rooms or need to make space when guests visit your home.
  2. Temperature problems: Memory foam doesn't breathe well because of its closed-cell structure, which traps heat during hot months and retains cold air in winter months. Memory foam only allows the mattress to breathe on its surface, which means you will feel hot sleeping during summer months compared to spring latex mattresses made from open-cell structure, allowing airflow throughout the entire mattress. Memory foam is not ideal for people who sleep hot, but there are gel Memory foam out now with cooling systems built in! Memory foam beds don't allow airflow through their top layers, making them feel warm when sleeping, especially on summer nights when temperatures rise higher due to high humidity levels.
  3. Off-gassing: Memory foam mattresses and toppers may emit an unpleasant chemical smell the first few times they're unwrapped and set up. Mattress manufacturers recommend that memory foam should be aired for at least 48 hours before sleeping on them. This is because, despite high-quality memory foam and standards, memory foam takes up to 48 hours to eliminate its off-gassing. However, any more than that means your memory foam may have excessive chemicals in the manufacturing process—this effect changes depending upon the manufacturer, quality, and mattress density.
  4. Slower response rate: The slower response rate in Memory foam can be an advantage or disadvantage depending upon its use. The slower response rate would lead to our body sinking more, and a higher response rate means better pressure relief without the sinking.

What are the benefits of gel Memory foam?

  1. Gel Memory foams contain cooling technology which dissipates heat from your body: Memory foam with cooling technology is a good option for those who sleep hot and need Memory foam that doesn't trap heat. It can be either gel-infused beads or a layer of gel in most cases of gel Memory foam mattresses. Memory foam with infused gel beads or a gel layer is a better option than Memory foam mattresses because they dissipate heat more effectively, allowing the bed's surface to feel cool when sleeping during the summer months. Depending upon the manufacturer, gel-infused memory foam may even be more breathable, leading to better overall comfort and temperature regulation.
  2. Gel Memory foam does not contain harmful chemicals: Gel Memory foam behaves similarly to regular Memory foam without trapping heat inside the mattress, offering more comfort than traditional mattresses. It uses non-toxic, environmentally friendly materials, making it safe for people with allergies and sensitive skin. Memory foam gel beads are made from a combination of water, eco-friendly dyes, and other additives that make them safe to sleep on daily. Gel memory foam is just as safe as traditional memory foam to sleep upon and offers similar if not better hypoallergenic properties.
  3. Gel Memory foam is more durable than Memory foam: Memory foam gel beads are mostly water molecules, making them less likely to break down over time. Memory foam mattresses have air pockets in them, so if you sit or lay on the bed for a long time without much movement, these pockets will eventually lose their shape and firmness, making your memory foam mattress sink in the middle when you sleep on it. Gel-infused memory has better durability than traditional memory foam forms that may begin losing their original shape after several months or years, depending upon how often you use your bed. It all comes down to density, manufacturing quality, and the type of environmental exposure either of these two foam types has.
  4. Better response rate: Gel Memory foam has a higher response rate than traditional Memory foam. This is true for both gel Memory foam and gel-infused Memory foam. Memory foam has a slow response time, which means it doesn't spring back into shape immediately. It takes a moment to bounce back when pressure or weight is applied on top of the mattress. Gel memory foam with a higher response rate is ideal for people who move around when sleeping. Gel memory foam mattress's higher response rate means it allows you to toss and turn without the feeling of being 'stuck' like in traditional Memory foam.

Applications of gel-Memory foam:
Gel memory foam is an excellent material to use in your sleep products if you want it to have a cooling effect for the sleeper. Memory foam cools down as you move around on it, and this makes it easy for people with hot or warm nights of sleep to get comfortable during those warmer nights. Many memory foams are made using gel beads inside them that work together with the standard memory foam materials, giving extra cooling power when used in different applications such as pillows and mattresses. However, gel memory foams with a gel layer also have more extensive applications. Memory foam can be used in back and neck pillows; leg rests for recliners, seat cushions, mattress pads to go over existing mattresses you might own.

  1. Gel-infused Memory foam toppers:  Memory foam toppers are a great way to add comfort and coolness while using your existing mattress. Memory foam can be used in different ways for sleeping needs, including mattresses and memory foam pillow top covers. Memory foams with gel beads that work together with the standard memory foam materials will give you extra cooling power when applied to these sleep products.
  2. Gel-infused memory pillows: Memory pillows have been around for years now as an effective product everyone should use if they want a relaxing night's rest without hot flashes or other issues people might face during warmer nights of sleep. Gel-memory pillows with beads infusion are one of the best pillow options to go for because it provides excellent quality at a low price point compared to other memory pillows you can buy. Gel-infusion memory foam pillows are an excellent choice for anyone looking at sleep products to improve their night's rest during the summer months.
  3. Gel Memory Mattress: Memory foam mattresses are another application where gel-infused Memory foam has become popular in recent years. This type of product has gained much more popularity over traditional spring mattress options. Memory foam Cool Gel Mattress offers an excellent solution that combines cooling technology with high-density support materials found in many types of standard Memory foam beds on the market today.

Which is best for you? Traditional Memory foam or gel Memory foam?

  1. Price: Memory foam is an expensive mattress type to buy, so you should decide which one fits your budget. Memory foam mattresses are typically more costly than other mattresses, but it has many benefits that will be worth the price. These mattresses are usually priced higher because they have extra features that traditional memory foam does not have, such as cooling technology or firmness control. The higher density or gel layer may also contribute to a higher price point, and prices can change with quality and manufacturer.
  2. Sleeping partner: Memory foam mattresses also often come with specific features that might specifically benefit your spouse's needs, such as extra firmness options to choose from depending on each person's preference level. Memory foam mattresses are very popular, and many people love their quality of sleep and the way it contours and supports them. Gel memory foam mattresses also offer different firmness options that you can choose from. For example, if your partner is a stomach sleeper, they may prefer one type, whereas you might consider another option as a back or side sleeper.
  3. Overheating: Memory foam does not breathe well, and it can make people sweat at night if they sleep on their back or stomach. Another advantage is that gel memory foam mattresses do not absorb body heat like traditional memory foam. This also helps prevent any extra warmth while adjusting to the new material in the early days of using your gel memory foam mattress! Memory foam is a naturally warm material. Some people may find that it gets too hot at night for them, so gel memory foam mattresses come with cooling technology to make this sleeping surface more breathable.
  4. Firmness: Both traditional and gel memory foam can have different densities, and it depends on the research and development to find an equilibrium between ideal density and breathability. You can go for high density memory foam mattresses if you're looking for orthopedic use and a similar case in a gel memory foam if you want a cooler experience. With higher density comes greater benefits of each type, but you may have a warmer sleeping experience. It depends on the manufacturer on what firmness to offer to give you the best experience in both mattress types.
  5. Odor: High-quality memory foams usually do not have any odor. Memory foam products tend to have that classic memory foam smell, but this dissipates within two days after unpacking your new product. Gel memory foam may even be fragrant because of the gel infusion or gel layer. Because of the gel addition, there are no overheating issues during hot summer months or in warmer climates! However, some people may find they prefer their memory foam products odorless. The off-gassing depends on the manufacturer, and they can specify more about it in product details.
  6. Climate: Gel memory foam is an excellent option for people who live in warmer climates or suffer from hot flashes during the night. Traditional memory foam can absorb heat and trap it, so you might feel warm sleeping on traditional memory foam. Depending upon the climate and your body requirements, you can go with either of these two, but you should avoid gel memory foam in colder climates.
  7. Cleaning: Memory foam can be cleaned with regular detergent, or you can use upholstery cleaner, which will work great for spills, stains, etc. However, you cannot deep-clean, or machine clean any memory foam pillow and can only vacuum or wipe them. You should only follow the cleaning and care instructions which the manufacturer offers to you.

Memory foam may or may not be for you, and going for a mattress on the type alone may lead to dissatisfaction. However, memory foam is used in a range of sleep products and mattresses and may be beneficial, even if there's only one layer of foam. You should check out our SleepID tool to see which memory foam mattresses might be best for your body and requirements. Using this guide, you can be sure of your choice to go ahead with gel memory foam or traditional memory foam. Factors like density, cooling, breathability, durability are essential to keep in mind before you finalize your choice, and you can go to sleep with a relaxed mind and even cooler body. If you're looking to add a cooling element to your mattress, our gel memory foam toppers can help you sleep cooler and more comfortably.