Date : 2020-10-05 11:06:24

Memory Foam VS Spring Mattresses: Which is Good for You and Why?

Deciding on a mattress can be challenging, especially if you have a couple of pre-fixed requirements in mind. You might be looking for comfort or support or a balance of both. Because of these benefits, memory foam mattresses and spring mattresses come to mind most. Your friends, online marketplaces, families might be recommending either of the two, but it makes the decision-making process all the more difficult. What if we told you we could help you with this dilemma and explain how each mattress works, and why it works best in which case?

Innerspring mattresses and memory foam mattresses don’t have to be the extremes they are known for. At King Koil, we help you with both mattresses and hybrid mattresses to make the best of both worlds. While one layer supports, the other can comfort and vice versa. Innerspring mattresses are widely reputable for their support, but some people might see them as too uncomfortable because of existing notions. In contrast, memory foam mattresses might give you an image of sinking into them with no support. Both scenarios are only partly real, and it depends on how you want your sleeping experience to be like. SleepID can help you choose which one(s) are best for you.

Types of memory foam mattresses:
While you may know of memory foams from pillows or helmet cases, maybe even car seats and anything in place to absorb shocks. But memory foam’s use in

Traditional memory foam: Traditional memory foam is easily accessible around us in the real world. Its widely in use in not only the sleep industry but anything you need for shock absorption. But, when we talk about traditional memory foam mattresses, their comfort or support level depends on their density. Traditional memory foam mattresses are manufactured using petroleum jelly and aren’t as comfortable for general use. However, they’re a level above PU Foam and share the slow responsiveness property like most memory foams. They’re suitable for pillows and mattresses as support and other layers with excellent quality. Traditional memory foam mattresses are also relatively inexpensive and help contour your body but lose their shape quicker than other types. Traditional memory foams are only suitable for comfort as they tend to sink more over time and support less.

Open-cell memory foam mattresses: While most memory foams tend to have a level of density that prevents them from ‘breathing’, open-cell is quite the opposite. Much like PU Foam, open-cell memory foam mattresses can regulate their temperature and air more openly. While this makes this memory foam very close in functionality to PU Foam, yet it is better because of the typical slow response and impression property. Moreover, open-cell memory foams tend to collect the impression of your body over time, despite all their advantages.
Choose an open cell memory foams if you want the comfort of a memory foam leaving aside their temperature isolation properties. Additionally, open-cell mattresses are also prone to collecting dust and other allergens to some extent. If you are looking for an inexpensive, comfortable mattress that you can clean quickly and not for a very long term, this is a great solution. It helps contour your back and body and align your spine and shoulders well like other memory foam mattresses. It is best used as a standalone product, as it can cause issues with cleanliness in other layers of a hybrid mattress.

Infused memory foam mattresses: Memory foam mattresses (mostly similar to open-cell structure) can also have fine pores in them. Using gel beads, and other materials can help bring more density as well as cooling benefits. So, in such memory foam mattresses, not only do you get your comfort but also a cooling effect without too low levels of density. The higher general density, as well as infused gels, help mattresses stay cool and keep air and allergens out as best as possible. This helps prevent off-gassing in the mattress, but in the long term can act as a disadvantage.
Washing memory foam of any kind isn’t a good idea, and the same applies especially to infused memory foam mattresses. They are hypoallergenic by default, so you do not need to vacuum it or clean it in any way that destroys the structure or gel beads inside. This kind of memory foam is an excellent choice for people who love their memory foam experience in any mattress combination but cannot tolerate the heat insulation. Moreover, the structure and beads tend to go away after some years, and both these factors depend on the quality.

Plant-based memory foam mattress: Plant-based memory foam mattresses are another variant that is sourced organically and offers its unique advantages. Unlike traditional or other kinds of memory foam mattresses, the manufacturing process involves the use of natural plant-based oils. Plant-based memory foam mattresses also tend to have a slight gassing effect, because of the way they’re manufactured. However, over time it goes away and offers more breathability and body contouring similar to other memory foams. These mattresses also tend to have a higher response rate as a result of their structure which is the reason that they’re also perfect for breathability. Plant-based memory foam mattresses are also perfect for comfort because they tend to be more responsive and help support to some extent (minor support). After all, they tend to retain their shape in contrast to high-responsiveness.

Who should choose memory foam mattresses, and why?
If you are looking for memory foam mattresses, you must know why it is good and how they can benefit you:

1. Very good for contouring around vulnerable body parts and entire body in general. Excellent for that ‘relieving’ feeling as they tend to sink and give a luxurious feel. This also helps even if they’re part of innerspring mattresses or part of hybrid mattresses.

2. Suitable for use in Orthopedics, as high-density memory foam mattresses tend to conform to your body and do not sink more than required. This helps incline your spine and weak points.

3. You’re looking for that feeling of sinking and relaxing at the end of the day and need that level of softness to help alleviate your pains. It would be best if you also had a softer mattress, which is why an HR foam or innerspring firm mattress won’t work for you.

Innerspring mattress types:
Spring mattresses are incredibly beneficial for support and comfort both, and these factors depend on their construction and quality. The design of your mattress encompasses elements like visual design, materials in use, layers of mattresses combined, among others. Innerspring mattresses are great for people who want their body to feel a bit more supported and not necessarily sink. This doesn’t mean that they’re uncomfortable and firm. Here are the types of innerspring mattresses that you can find and their most beneficial purpose:

Continuous coil mattresses: Continuous coil mattresses are a traditional form of mattress that makes use of a spring system. The system uses a continuity of spring coils and a wireframe to form a support system that takes the shape of the mattress. The coils inside take an S shape and help provide support at an affordable price too. Moreover, continuous coil mattresses are also useful for people looking for price value and decent support in one single package. However, they’re not as comfortable or contouring in general as other types of innerspring coil mattresses. If you are looking for a firmer mattress and see your body weight and BMI is above average but not too much, continuous coil mattresses can help with supportive relief.

Bonnell Coil mattress: Bonnell coil mattresses were the first innerspring mattresses ever conceived. They are very good at support and their longevity, as the hourglass innerspring coils help support the entire system and your body. However, the design is now outdated and only suitable for guest mattresses. They’re not the top of the line in either comfort or support but work just well enough to support above-average body weight. When used in different mattress combinations, it helps keep athletic people comfortable among other uses. But in general, it is not the best or the worst if you are looking for an affordable mattress. Because of traditional technology, the springs in use might not necessarily stay in top shape for a long time and end up being squeaky.

Offset coil mattress: As an hourglass-shaped innerspring coil mattress, offset coil mattresses are great support systems. That is mainly because of the flat sides of the ends of each coil in the system, which helps keep the mattress surface excellent and flat for sleeping. With a soft or firmer comfort layer, they can give you a suitable level of firmness or softness. However, because of their coil design, they’re not necessarily the most comfortable option for people who are shifting from foam to innerspring mattresses. Offset coil mattresses also have some level of intra-transfer motion and can be disturbing for your partner. Their spring-like design and functionality make them perfect for supporting body weight.

Pocketed coil: Pocket coil mattresses are the best option to choose if you are looking for high-quality performance and longevity. They tend to be smaller in size, and the large numbers often mean that they can also contour your body. They compress just enough to let your body stay in the necessary relieving shape. But depending on quality and manufacturing material, they might not always be the best case for people with excess body weight.
As a supportive system, the pocketed coil is perfect for universal use in hybrid mattresses, or other uses for making mattresses more supportive with a layer of well-placed pocket coil system. Moreover, the pocket coil system also tends to last longer than other kinds of spring mattresses as well as offer more support in general when coupled with foams. Pocketed coil mattresses also tend to move less as the pocketed spring tend not to touch or move as a system. They move individually as per your pressure points which makes it best for orthopedic use and a balance of comfort and support.

Why should you choose spring mattresses, and how can it be beneficial?
Spring mattress’ mixed-use makes them useful for a variety of mattress systems and body requirements. It depends on the kind of spring mattress that you are getting and their construction. Moreover, it is the comfort layer in such mattresses which is responsible for most of the experience that you get when you sit or lie on them. Here are some reasons where they are useful:

1. Excellent for support in general, and suitable for both athletic and orthopedic use depending upon the mattress’s comfort layer.
2. Spring system is suitable for supportive comfort as well as support for people with body issues and needing support because of more considerable body weight.
3. Innerspring mattress systems aren’t always tough or durable, as their make establishes how long they last or how regularly they need maintenance.
4. They’re hard to move around and need maintenance like vacuuming as they’re prone to dust and other allergens because of the space in between the springs.
5. Spring mattresses are also a good option for people who want general durability as these mattresses tend to last several years with an average level of care. But this quality is mostly dependent on the material in use in the spring system.

If you are choosing any King Koil mattress, they are made with the best quality foam and spring materials. The springs are toughened and built with double heat tempered treatment so that your mattress makes minimal or zero noise and lasts years before you need a new one. The best part about King Koil spring or foam mattresses is also the guidance system that you can use to make you choose after reading this guide. Our SleepID tech helps you with both options and assist with an educated purchase.


1. How do I know if a foam or hybrid mattress would be the best choice for me?

Memory mattresses offer a strictly comfort-focused experience, where your body tends to sink. The same memory foam used in the comfort layer of an innerspring mattress would also work similarly, but you have a layer of support which adjusts as per the type of spring system used. If you are looking for comfort and not much focus on support, choose memory foam. If you are looking for comfort and support, hybrid innerspring mattresses are the best choice.

2. Is King Koil memory foam really different from others?
Yes, our mattresses and memory foam are unique because of the way we use and manufacture them. King Koil memory foam lasts longer and stays in shape longer because of the constant improvements that we make with the help of our research and development team. So your mattresses are not only high-quality in any variant that you choose, but last longer too. Moreover, our memory foam is manufactured in-house and not sourced from outside, which helps us assure universal quality across our mattress range. This helps with a standard that we maintain and improve in addition to innovating our products every year.

3. How long will my King Koil memory foam last?
Because of the way we manufacture King Koil memory foams, they tend to last up to 5-10 years with regular cleaning and maintenance. Moreover, our high-quality memory foam mattresses also stay in shape for a good number of years and up to 5 years of as good as new performance.

4. Are innerspring mattresses good for body pains?
Yes, our innerspring mattresses are also in use in our hybrid mattresses that contour your body. Using memory foam and other layers, we assure that our mattresses are medically certified to perform well in line with any conditions that you might have. Moreover, our orthopedics are used keeping in mind real-world sleep sensor data which helps us establish how much pressure is enough over a long time and help you with good-quality sleep.

5. Should I get a memory foam or spring mattress for back support?
It entirely depends on the level of pain or ailment you are going through in your back. If you are caring for your body as a concern borne out of your lifestyle, it is best to go for memory foams with a relatively higher density. However, in the case of medically diagnosed issues like scoliosis, or chronic issues, it is best to go for orthopedic memory or innerspring mattresses. You should use our SleepID recommendations in these cases, and use your doctor prescription and contact our experts.

6. Which way to check if I want a softer or firmer spring mattress?
It depends on your personal preferences, but it doesn’t always help in cases of confusion. Our mattresses help assure good-quality sleep because of medically and scientifically backed data. In addition to your preference, you can rely on our SleepID recommendations for 94% accurate results.