Date : 2020-12-15 08:29:28

Perfect Guide for Buying a Custom Size Mattress in India

With India's diversity, people around the nation have different lifestyles, cultures, and even body frames. People have different bed sizes around the world, but this case is more noticeable in India. In a land blessed with this much diversity, it can be hard to stick to a standard that is visible in market trends across the nation. And when it comes to sleep, changes in sizing, height, and custom requirements can be challenging to find since all manufacturers have their own standards. There are over 50 sizes that manufacturers have to consider in India as per the area, and it can make it challenging to accommodate the average Indian household.

Because of this issue, most Indian people and families prefer custom made mattresses by purchasing them in-person. Getting a custom mattress from a good brand can be challenging, considering this variation in the Indian market. Since most companies only offer standard sizes, which can vary in height and dimensions, finding the perfect mattress can become a hit-and-miss scenario. However, as the leading luxury mattress brands in the world, King Koil offers a great deal of customization for your mattress. Be it your luxury mattress, orthopedic, or other mattresses; we offer excellent customization options for every mattress type available with us.
As the leading luxury mattress manufacturers, we also focus on the impact any mattress has on your sleep and lifestyle. If you go to your nearby shop, they wouldn’t be able to change the mattress size in terms of dimensions. There is more to custom sizing than changing dimensions and not altering the internal mattress mechanisms.

At King Koil, we focus on the size and dimensions and the importance and impact of changing dimensions on your sleep and mattress experience. So, when you order a custom mattress from King Koil, you can be sure it offers the same luxurious sleeping experience to you and your family as standard sizes. You no longer have to compromise on the brand, mattress quality, comfort, support or anything else when choosing a luxury custom mattress from King Koil.

What does a custom mattress signify?
A custom mattress is created to suit the sizing and looks in your room. If you're bored with the rectangular mattress, you can go for a round bed mattress, order more bespoke mattresses. People order custom mattresses to fix a smaller or bigger mattress requirement to look appealing and fit the bed frame. And it can also be a round bed mattress that works to give your room a better aesthetic value and boost the interior décor. Usually, a custom mattress can be seen as an adjustment in height, breadth, or length, and the rest of the customization options depends on the manufacturer's capability.

Why is it necessary to get the mattress size right?
1. Fits your bed:
The main reason anyone chooses a custom mattress is that it needs to fit the bed frame in length and breadth. This is important, both from the interior décor perspective and giving your bed and room a neat look. Moreover, a mattress that fits your bed is right not only because it restricts motion but also easier to maintain. It helps maintain the bed and improves the self-maintenance factor present in any mattress.

2. Motion restriction: The right custom mattress size fits your bed well in order to help avoid motion. While a mattress wouldn't move when you're asleep, but the moment you climb into bed, you can see the mattress slipping underneath you. This motion slipping factor is present in both under and oversized mattresses. A perfect-fitting helps make sure that your mattress stays in place and can also help restrict motion if you toss and turn in sleep. Moreover, the motion restriction in a perfectly fitting custom mattress also helps avoid wear and tear due to the bed frame's friction.

3. Increase height in case of low lying beds: If you have a low lying bed frame, a custom mattress can help increase the much-needed height increase for a better sleeping experience. If your bed is too low, it can become uncomfortable and use more force to get up as you age, and a custom mattress can help increase the bed height without any compromise to the overall look.
This custom mattress height alteration also improves the sleeping experience by making it easier to fall into bed and get out. Moreover, the greater your custom mattress's height, the better support and cushioning it can give if it has the appropriate layers. The custom mattress height alteration can also act as space for more layers or a better innerspring system. This is useful for hotels and the hospitality industry that want mattresses as per custom requirements.

4. Protection from bed frame damage if the mattress is oversize: If your mattress is over or undersized, it tends to wear and tear much easier than one that fits perfectly. Suppose you struggle to find the perfect shape or size of mattress for your body. In that case, you can get King Koil custom mattresses, and the bespoke mattress experience can boost everything from your interior décor to the sleeping experience.
Moreover, the movement resulting from lousy fitting also attracts more dust into beds with clothing compartments, leading to your bed's deterioration. This results in the collection of mattress dust, even if it is hypoallergenic, as friction can lead to a 'rubbing' effect of dust into your mattress. An incompatible or improper size also leads to friction and bed frame destroying your mattress quality.

5. Body and feet fit the frame: The main objective of any mattress is to help increase your sleep quality and the comfort and ease of sleeping. But, all of this falls apart if your mattress cannot even accommodate your body. If your height is above average, finding the right mattress can become a challenge. Since most manufacturers might not be accommodating to create a custom mattress without a significant price increase; however, at King Koil, we consider your height and body frame before helping you select the right mattress.
And if you are still too tall to have specific requirements, a custom King Koil mattress would be economically viable and help you sleep better. Your feet and head should have decent space from end to end length of the mattress to allow room for movement. If they're dangling from the end of the bed, or you have to change your sleeping orientation to accommodate your body, a custom mattress can help.

What happens when you choose the wrong mattress size?
Sleeping in an activity that is a necessity and not a luxury, and the mattress size matters. However, if you face issues finding the right mattress size for your home or hospitality establishment, our custom size mattresses can help avoid some bad sleeping experiences:

1. If it's not the right size, it creates issues with sleep and interior décor: If your mattress isn't the right size, it can lead to messy interior décor and lead to an awful sleeping experience too. A wrong size not only looks like a lousy room element but gives it a dirty and unkempt look. Moreover, the right mattress size helps you sleep better as the height and length are just right as per your body size.
This is why custom mattresses are necessary when some people might have specific requirements that not all mattress manufacturers might accommodate. The wrong size can also move and cause a bad sleeping experience. Your feet or arms might hit the bed frame, and you wake up in pain. Alternatively, your bedsheets wouldn't fit and can wear and tear easily, as well as damage to your clothes.

2. A mattress that is too big won't fit and will be damaged by the bed frame: As most mattresses have a foam construction near the superficial layers, and oversized mattresses would be more prone to damage from the bed size. This is even true if your hospitality or ultra-luxury mattress has a rigid casing to protect the internals from damage. The best case is to go for a custom mattress that fits your bed, and all its internal mechanisms are accommodated in the same size. Research and development help us figure out how much thickness and configuration of layers works for your requirements, even in custom mattresses.
Plus-sized mattresses wouldn't fit your bed frame properly and lead to issues with sleep. Since your bed would have a plateau or valley shaped form, it would be incredibly uncomfortable to sleep on such a mattress. Moreover, if you have diagnoses of physical issues and injuries, such a mattress would result in harm instead of maintaining or improving your injury or situation.

3. If it is small, it won't fit and affect your sleep: If your mattress is small, it causes issues like the destruction of any fabric on the top and issues with accommodating your body in the given space. A custom bed mattress can help fit perfectly onto your bed frame and avoid such issues in addition to improving your sleep quality.
Since you're not prone to falling off the edge or have your arms and feet hit the bed frame length-wise and on the edges, you can sleep better. This helps you have a cushioning and supporting sleeping experience throughout. A bad sizing option would cause issues with getting into bed, mattress preservation, and going to sleep even after lying in bed.

4. Impact of wrong mattress size on your items and bed: A wrong mattress size can cause fitting issues with your bed in a way that damages both the mattress and bed. Additionally, bad sizing can lead to consequential friction over the years, which causes wear, tear in the mattress fabric and attract dust and external things. Insects, dust, lint, and other things can accumulate inside bed storage and under the mattress, causing long-term respiratory damage.
Moreover, when you go to sleep on an improperly sized mattress, it can lead to issues with things falling or getting stuck in your bed frame. This can also lead to occasional physical injury during sleep or when you're getting up or settling in for bedtime. A custom mattress eliminates these issues and helps protect the bed, itself, and your items.

5. Home décor: Although you can try and hide the improperly sized mattress with a thick bed sheet or blanket, it would still be evident to guests staying at your place. Moreover, while cleaning, sleeping, and relaxing around the room, a wrong mattress size would be too much of an eyesore to help you get mental relaxation. The best-case scenario for the perfect home décor is to get a properly-fitting mattress that looks one with your main bed and complements your room's colors.

A proper mattress fitting is essential for many things, be it your room décor, personal health, or general longevity. It is the same case as wearing clothes that fit your body and shoes that help absorb shock. As sleep is one of the most important health factors to focus upon, you must make sure your mattress fits the bill and your bed. We understand the stigma regarding getting custom mattresses and the high-pricing convention for specially made mattresses, and thanks to our manufacturing, you don't have to worry.

Your new King Koil luxury custom mattress would not only fit your bill but enhance your sleeping experience and complement your room's interior décor too. All of this is possible because of our research and development team, and you can use the SleepID tool to shortlists the kinds of mattresses you would like in custom sizing. Alternatively, our bespoke mattress team can help develop a custom mattress from scratch to meet your domestic and hotel mattress needs for the ultimate comfort and luxurious looks.

The right material and size can maintain themselves and help improve your sleeping experience. They last long and offer a much better sleeping experience and looks than a wrong mattress size can.

- I want a mattress for my kids but cannot decide?

Getting the right mattress size for kids can be challenging. We recommend getting a custom mattress if they have a bunk bed arrangement or have unique bed designs that won't accommodate standard mattresses. You can order custom mattresses in cute sizes and shapes that help your kids sleep better, and a medium-firm mattress is the best case for kids. Moreover, our mattresses can help improve the interior décor of your children's room's looks.

How do customized mattresses help my room?
Though you're safe and easy to get standard mattresses for your bed in most cases, if you go for a custom bed design or frame, the mattress won't fit. In such a case, it is better to get a custom mattress any given day than try to accommodate your previous mattress on a larger or smaller bed. Moreover, a custom mattress that looks appealing has better benefits and overall fitting than an under or over-sized mattress.

Is a bespoke mattress going to help my hotel or home?
Usually, hotels prefer bespoke mattresses as they are inclined towards improving the sleeping experiences for their guests. You can order our King Koil bespoke mattresses for home too, and contact us on how to help you get the best tailored sleeping experience. While we can manufacture a custom size and shape mattresses throughout our range, bespoke mattresses help achieve more customized looks and sleeping experiences.

Is it possible to change my existing mattress into a new one?
No, it wouldn't be ideal or possible to attach new layers into an existing mattress or change anything regarding sizing. However, you can opt for our custom mattresses that are worth their investment value and help you get a better sleeping experience without compensating for any quality or sizing issues.

Do custom mattresses help in better sleep?
Yes, custom mattresses and any mattress that fits your bed properly help with a better sleeping experience than a mattress that overfits or under-fits your bed. There is no uneven surface or flaws to hide if a mattress fits, and they last longer!

Do custom mattresses offer the same experience as standard size mattresses?
Yes, at King Koil, we make sure that your custom mattress is designed for the overall sleeping experience and not just to decrease the size. All the layers, sizing, dimensions change as per requirements and help you sleep better irrespective of the bed shape or size.

Do custom mattresses hold up their own strength?
Yes, all the custom mattresses we offer at King Koil are manufactured from scratch as per our international standards and quality assurance processes. You can be sure that you would be getting the same sleeping experience in a custom mattress as in our standard sizes across the entire range. Moreover, even the pricing changes reasonably instead of special requirements pricing, so you can be worry-free about a custom mattress leaving a hole in your pocket.