Date : 2020-06-16 12:10:13

Pocket Spring and Bonnell Spring Mattress! Which One Should You Buy?

First and foremost, sleep play an important niche in the well-being of an individual throughout the entire lifetime. Medical experts recommend quality sleep as one of the ways to improve mental and physical health, as well as, the quality of life. Your overall wellness during the day may greatly depend on the eminence of your sleep during the night. Remember, even the growth and development of children’s brain happen while sleeping.

Now, how do you enhance your quality of sleep? It is by having the right mattress because it offers many advantages, which include support to the back, good posture sleeping reinforcement, and proper muscle alignment. However, your personal preference and taste may determine the kind of mattress to buy. A mattress that can offer both back support and comfort helps to get rid of back-related pains, thus ensuring the spine structure is kept at rest throughout the night.

Mattress Support Layers
Also known as mattress support core layers, they are the basic component of the mattress’s core that are fitted under the top cover layers. The support layers offer enough support for the body, ensuring that it sinks down appropriately. Their functions include supporting the spine, body alignment, and relief on the body pressure. They come in different types based on construction, designs, and material. Below are the mattress support layers explained;

Innerspring core layer
The innerspring support layer comprises several different coils that form the basic functionality of a mattress. The core layers are combined with memory foam, latex, or other natural fibres to enhance comfort of the mattress. It is important to know that the innerspring coils are not used as comfort layers like the latex, foam, and other mattress materials.

Latex core layer
Latex is a rubber material that is naturally obtained from rubber trees, and used to make mattress layers of different firmness levels. They are made of synthetic, natural, or a blend of latex, which gives a mattress a long lifespan and durability. Due to the above three variations, latex mattresses offer both support and comfort as the flexibility of the material allows the body to compress deeper into it.

Polyurethane foam support layer
Polyurethane foam comes in three different density levels, and mostly complemented with memory and latex to enhance comfort. The high-density polyurethane support layer, also referred to as PU, is different from the memory foam due to its ability to compress under body pressure, ensuring upwards body support. The memory foam, on the other hand, is crafted especially for softening whenever heat or pressure is applied. Therefore, polyfoam is mostly preferred for its forgiving support while the memory foam is ideal as a comfort layer. The three variations of polyurethane foam support cores include the regular polyfoam, high-density (HD), and high-resilience polyfoam (HR).

The Spring Mattresses
A spring mattress is a conventional mattress that is made of springs commonly referred to as mattress coils. The coils are responsible for supporting body weight and prevent the mattress from usual wear and tear. Pocket and Bonnell are the two common types of spring mattresses. Before the end of this article you will be able to understand more about spring mattresses. So, let us look at the difference between the pocket and Bonnell first;

The Pocket spring mattress consists hundreds of springs enclosed in pockets of soft cotton that can move freely. The mattress is cozy, springy, and supportive due to the springs, making them popular among sleepers. Additionally, the mattress is able to accommodate different bodyweights because it can adjust based on the body contours. Apart from its long lasting and durability capacity, a number of people prefer the pocket spring mattress as it enhances circulation for a good sleep.

On the other hand, a Bonnell spring mattress comprise hourglass-shaped springs unified using a metal wire. Also referred to as open coil spring mattress, its springs cannot move independently, but they offer support and comfort. They are always suitable for sleepers looking for ample area for easy turns and rolls.

Advantages of Spring Mattresses
Even though the spring mattresses are conventional and have been around for quite some time, there is no doubt that many folks consider memory foam as the most contemporary option in the today’s world of mattress. The advantages outlined below compare the spring mattress to that of memory foam.

Do not trap body heat
The less-dense feature that prevents the mattress from trapping body heat is one of the biggest advantages. Though not commonly known by many, the metal springs act like heat conductors that takes heat away from the mattress, leaving the sleeper feeling cool throughout the night. Unlike the foam material, a metal spring transfers heat faster while the spaces between the coils add more ventilation. Therefore, if you have been sleeping hot desperately, a spring mattress can be your ultimate cooling option.

Absence of Unwelcoming Odor
When you buy a new memory foam mattress, you are likely to notice some smell coming from it. This is common to people with high sensitivity to odors, though this smell in new mattresses has gone down nowadays. The spring mattresses does not have as much smell as their foam counterparts, and hence suitable for such people with high intolerance to finer smell. However, experts recommend having a mattress topper to eliminate such smell coming from newly acquired mattresses.

Little inflation time
Buying a mattress from untrustworthy seller may lead to issues of inflation as most of the mattresses are wrapped in a compressed box. An ideal spring mattress takes less time to inflate once taken out of the compressed box compared to a foam mattress that may take up to two days. Unlike the foam mattresses that you must allow to expand, a spring mattress can be used on the first night. Even though nowadays newer foam mattresses can inflate in a day, the manufacturers usually recommend to allow it for 48 hours before use.

Elevated level of firmness
For those looking for a mattress to support the body appropriately, a spring mattress is the way to go. It is crafted featuring a relatively firmer surface that provide enough support to the body. This can be experimented through the way a sleeper gets out of the bed in a “bouncy” manner unlike in foam mattresses where a sleeper rolls out. In other words, getting out of a spring mattress is a bit easier and comfy.

Relatively affordable
Given that the spring mattresses have been in the market for a long period of time, their prices have adjusted over time depending on different brands. Due to this lengthy history, perhaps there has been more improvements compared to some of newer types of foam mattress brands. The luxurious nature of foam mattresses gives them a higher price tag, but the spring mattresses have retained their traditional taste to buyers.

Tested and verified
One of the huge benefits of this mattress is the fact that many have used and found the mattresses to be reliable. Honestly, they are the most popular and commonly found in many homes. This indicates that many have given them a sure bet, and that is why some people may not prefer switching to foam mattresses with a different feel.

Adult Affairs
The foam mattresses eliminate the motion that occur as a result of turns while sleeping. The spring mattress actually creates a motion-like feel once your partner turns, and it is this motion that makes adult time greater!

How to Choose a Mattress Using SleepID
SleepID is a KingKoil software used for matching an individual’s sleeping characteristics to the features of a mattress, making it easier to choose a mattress that best suits the body needs. It is a real-time pressure mapping application that can test different body postures, body aches, and sleeping patterns based on the sleeping habits. Among the key parameters the SleepID captures include; posture analysis, pressure mapping, body composition, sleep discomfort, and spinal alignment among others.

How Does SleepID Work?
With this software, one can use it to choose the right mattress taking into consideration other factors that obviously influence the selection. All you need to do is to feed some basic information, and then the software assigns the data to the primary and secondary sleepID number. Interestingly, the software can analyze data for a couple by selecting the “For Both” tab.

Spring and Memory Foam are the two common types of mattresses, and there is no one “right or wrong” to select. Do not forget that people have different sleeping traits; from side sleepers, stomach sleepers, to back sleepers. Each of them needs a mattress with different firmness level, but there are more factors that need attention as you maneuver through a mattress store.

The sleepID software gives answers to what kind of a mattress suits your body needs. The following are the factors to consider when choosing a mattress, and how the SleepID software can help you through the selection cycle;

Bouncy feel and firmer mattress
For anyone looking for a traditional mattress with a modern plea, the SleepID software can be quite useful. The spring mattresses are known for their bouncy-feel feature in addition to its higher firmness level, apt for those with backaches. The interconnected coils are known for high durability, but independent pocket coils with a fabric cover reduce the wave-effect caused when your partner on the other side of the bed turns. You just need to feed your sleeping habits and that of your partner on the SleepID software and wait for results. It will choose a mattress that corresponds to the information given.

For a stomach sleeper
Following the SleepID software’s results tested for stomach sleepers, it is right to deduce that an enveloping mattress foam gives an ultimate solution for you. The memory foam gives a smother feel, however, a firmer one will add more support. Remember, the software gives results on both the primary and secondary SleepID number; therefore, you will consider a dense spring or a firm foam.

For a Back Sleeper
If you are a back sleeper, a SleepID software can help you determine the mattress that keeps your spine healthy and aligned. Of course, a back sleeper may need a medium firm mattress as the surface can comfortably support the spine. Depending on how the software analyzes your data, perhaps you will land a nice spring or memory foam mattress for your body needs.

Your partner sleeping habits
For a partner who consistently turns and tosses all night long, the SleepID software will probably suggest a memory foam or latex mattress with medium firmness level in order to isolate the motion. Nevertheless, an innerspring mattress with pocketed metal coils may have less smothering feel against someone who is restless while sleeping.

Sleeping cool or hot
Even though there are accessories to alter the body’s temperature being absorbed by the mattress, the choice of a mattress can significantly play a vital role. Many people go for mattress toppers nowadays as a method of improving issues of temperature, but the SleepID can as well help you determine a mattress that can absorb and retain body heat. This is useful for those who live in cold regions, but spring mattress is ideal for hot areas since it does not hold body heat.

What is KingKoil?
As mentioned earlier, KingKoil brand is the founder of the SleepID, with over twenty mattress models tailored to suit assorted needs of customers internationally. It is a worldwide mattress brand, stretching to over hundred countries with more than hundred years in the industry. It is constantly evolving and growing with a mission and vision to help people achieve better sleep by offering overabundance solutions for greater nap experience.

You have read about spring mattresses, the types, advantages, and how to pick one using a SleepID software. So, which is better between the Bonnel Spring and Pocket Spring? Both mattresses have their own advantages and disadvantages, but the spring mattresses are better when it comes to comfort. On the other hand, the Bonnell spring mattresses have an intense motion that may cause disturbance while sleeping. Therefore, it is now easier for you to make a quicker decision based on your sleep priorities.