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Reasons Why Most People Love Pocket Spring Mattresses

It is easy to underestimate the benefits of premium quality mattresses unless you get an opportunity to experience the real sleeping on the cloud experience that they deliver. While there are a lot of factors that come together to contribute to good mind and body health, good quality sleep is definitely one of the most important. A quick check of the market and you will come across different mattress designs that bring unique benefits to users. One design that is the favorite of many is the pocket spring mattress. There are a lot of compelling reasons why most people love pocket spring mattress and in this blog, we are going to look at some of them.

What is a Spring Mattress?

Spring Mattresses are popular mattresses that are made of spring enclosed in fabric. Also known as coil mattresses, spring mattresses are strong, long-lasting, and providing excellent support, which makes them a favorite for people of all sleeping styles and requirements. They are especially beneficial for those with a heavy weight or back pain issues. The spring gives the mattress bounce and the desired level of support. While the coils work to provide support, spring mattresses also feature a comfort layer which is made up of the protector, center upholstery, and Quilt.

What is the Design of Spring Mattresses?

As mentioned before, spring mattresses feature a layer of coils at the center that provide support and bounce, while defining its structure. The springs are characterized by a changing density across the mattresses line with the desired level of support. Not all spring mattresses are made equal as they vary when it comes to aspects such as the type of spring, gauge (thickness) of the springs, the number of springs, and the way they link to each other. The spring layer is wrapped in a foam layer that features three segments:

  • Insulator, made of fiber or mesh, maintains the core of the mattress in place. 

  • Middle upholstery is a layer of foam or fiber pads.

  • Quilt is the third and outer fabric layer, which determines the feel of the mattress.

There are two types of spring mattresses, which are Pocket Spring mattresses and Bonnell Spring mattresses.

What is a Pocket Spring Mattress?

A Pocket spring, also known as Encased spring, Wrapped Coil, Pocket coil, or Marshal Spring, is a single wire spring that is covered in a type of fabric or some other material. The individual springs that form the spring layer of the mattress move independently as they are encased in separate sleeves or pockets. The ‘center-tying’ method is used to link the individual pocket spring sleeves with each other, and not the actual springs. The configuration essentially means that each spring provides independent support when you sleep. They each follow and support the contours of your body with every movement you make. The mattress itself is a series of interconnected sleeves that each have a wire spring in them. It offers enhanced contour and pressure point relief when compared with other sleep mattresses, including early spring mattress models. A layer of latex or memory foam goes on top of the pocket coil array, to give you the benefits of contouring foam and pocket spring comfort.

How Many Springs are in a Pocket spring Mattress?

The number of springs in a pocket spring mattress varies greatly and has an impact on the level of comfort and support that it offers. The size of the mattress will also determine the number of springs that can be accommodated. The number of springs ranges from 300 to 10000, with firm, high-quality pocket sprung mattress featuring 1000 springs or above. The firmness and price tag of the pocket spring mattress will increase with an increase in the number of springs. People who experience back pain will generally benefit more from going for more springs.

Benefits of Pocket Spring Mattresses

Zero Movement Transfer

Most other types of mattresses will spread your body weight across the surface, which is not the case with pocket spring mattresses. The individual pocketed springs react to pressure and motion independently, which isolates motion and makes for undisturbed sleep when sharing the bed. People with a huge weight difference can also comfortably share the bed without experiencing the roll-together or roll-off effect.

Tailored Tension Options

When you buy a pocket spring mattress, you can choose a tension that goes with your exact body weight. Some of the tension options that are available include soft (1.2 gauge), medium (1.4 gauge) and firm (1.6 gauge). A pocket spring mattress with the right tension for your body promotes restful sleep and prevents backache. 

Unmatched Pain and Pressure Relief

A mattress that is too soft or too hard is not ideal for good sleep. Pocket spring mattresses are different in that each spring reacts to independently to pressure from the body. This dissipates pressure around areas such as hips and shoulders, which is one of the reasons they are recommended for orthopedic patients.

Consistent Firmness

The level of firmness across a pocket spring mattress is consistent, unlike other mattress types. The individually pocketed springs offer even tension across the surface, creating a level of comfort that can not be replicated. 

Unmatched Comfort

Pocket springs create a firm and sturdy structure for pocket spring mattresses. They move independently, contouring to your body to provide customised support. This, coupled with layers of the best quality memory foam, latex, or HR foam, provides unmatched comfort for truly restful nights.

Support for all Shapes and Sizes

Pocket spring mattresses provide adequate support for all body shapes and sizes due to the individual response of the springs. This is good news for people who share the bed as the surface with customize its response for each individual. Both of you will experience the necessary support for a good night’s sleep. 

High Durability

Pocket spring mattresses are top of the line not only in design but also the quality of materials that are used. Given the right maintenance, they can last for decades, providing the best comfort and support. 


Pocket spring mattresses have a design that allows for improved airflow and ventilation. This helps to keep the mattress free from dust and allergens, making it the best mattress for people with breathing problems or dust allergies.

What Pocket Spring Mattress Tension is Best for Me?

The best pocket spring tension is informed by your body weight. The level of firmness is not entirely dependant on spring count, as other factors come into the picture, such as base type (e.g. slats, platform top), fillings, wire thickness, and the number of turns in each spring. The tension of the springs plays a significant part in determining the firmness of a pocket spring mattress.  Spring tension is available in three guages:


Spring Gauge

Upto 16 Stone / 50-101kg

Medium (1.4mm)

16 Stone / 101kg Upwards

Firm (1.6mm)

Soft (1.2mm)

How Many springs Do I Need in My Pocket Spring Mattress?

The spring count does not necessarily define the quality of a pocket spring mattress as there are other factors to consider. While the spring count can be anywhere from 300 to 10000, the best minimum number of springs for a king size pocket spring mattress, for example, is 1000. A single layer pocket spring mattress can reach a maximum of 2000 springs, while anything above that means multiple layers of pocket springs. 

  • King Size Pocket Spring mattress - 1000-1500 pocket springs.

  • Double Size Pocket Spring mattress - Approximately 1300 pocket springs.

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