Date : 2020-05-22 12:02:00

Sleep a Hero or a Villain - Why People are not talking about it?

What is sleep and why is it needed?

At one point in time in the course of history, people used to think that sleep was nothing but a length of time for resting when the body and the mind shut down for a few hours so that you can be better prepared for the next day. However with the progress of science people have understood that this idea was not correct at all. Not only does the mind, and to some extent, the body, remain very much awake during sleep, they are also known to work even harder than the awake time of the body. This is the time that the body uses for processing information, restoring cells, and of course for improvement of health.

Therefore it goes without saying that sleep has a very important role to play in maintaining good health and consequently a good living throughout our lifetime. Getting good quality sleep and at the right times is instrumental in protecting our mental as well as physical health along with the quality of life. In fact, the way our body feels after waking up is also largely dependent on the quality of our sleep. It is a sufficient amount of sleep that helps our brain to work in just the right way and to form new pathways to enable us to learn new information as well as remember them. You are a few more reasons why sleep is absolutely essential for our body:

- Not having enough good quality sleep can lead to higher body weight.
- Research has also found that poor sleep can affect the hormones which are responsible for regulating appetite. As a result people who manage to get an adequate amount of sleep will have the tendency to eat lesser calories than those who don't.
- Good quality sleep is also very necessary for the purpose of improving concentration as well as productivity. This also maximizes the power of the brain in the areas of enhancing memory as well as problem-solving.
- People who sleep longer have shown improvement in several aspects that are related to physical and athletic performances.
- Probably the most serious effect of sleeping less is the increase in the risk of heart diseases and stroke.
- Not having enough amount of good quality sleep can also cause depression in certain cases.
- Sleep is also known to bring about improvement in the immune function of the body.
- Sleep also has effects on the inflammatory responses of your body.
- Last but not the least, sleep deprivation may also reduce cognitive skills thereby reducing your ability to comprehend and respond to people's emotions.

Is Sleep a Villain?

Research has shown that many people considered sleep is a necessary evil. To them it is a huge chunk of our life that just gets wasted and could have been used for doing much better things or towards more important purposes. In a nutshell, to many people, sleep is just some time lost.

In fact, some people even feel depressed or sad about the fact that they "waste" as much as one-third of their lives just sleeping. They believe that they could read more, work more, pursue hobbies better in all the hours that we otherwise spend on sleeping.

Or is Sleep a Hero?

Having considered all such points of view it is important to remember that what most people don't understand is that the sleeping time is never really wasted in doing nothing. It is this time write the brain uses to oversee the upkeep of various biological functions of the body. This helps us prepare better for the next day and allows us to stay alert in the true sense of the term. Energy levels in our body and the state of mental awareness that we are in, during the waking hours will be completely dependent on the amount of rest that our mind and body have had during our sleep.

Therefore if you are really looking forward to doing a lot of work in a day, the best idea would be to make the most of the waking hours and then contribute an adequate amount of time for sleeping and giving your body the desired rest. This way you can get your body ready for the next day’s work and also make sure that the work you are doing is fruitful.

Advantages of Quality Sleep

From what we have already seen we can conclude that just sleeping is not enough. It is important that we have a good quality of sleep so that we can also concentrate on our physical as well as emotional well being. Therefore it is absolutely a bad idea to underestimate the importance of getting enough rest on a regular basis and during regulated hours. Here are a few ways in which sleep can help your body live a better life:

1. Reduction of stress - Not sleeping enough can cause a rise in the level of your stress hormones and added to it will be the stress that you undergo in your everyday life. Good quality sleep can prevent this.

2. Improvement in memory - it is during the sleeping hours that the brain remains busy in the organizing as well as storing your memories. Therefore when you do not get enough sleep you often find it very difficult to remember things. Deep and regular sleep can we instrumental in improving your memory as well as your ability to process things faster and better.

3. Lowering the blood pressure - sufficient hours of good quality restful sleep induces a constant level of relaxation for your body which in turn, helps in the reduction of your blood pressure, or in general, controlling it.

4. Helps your body to fight back - during the sleeping hours the body is responsible for the production of an extra amount of protein molecules that are able to strengthen your body for fighting infections better.

5. Controlling your weight - it is true that sleep does not have the ability to reduce your weight as such. However having enough sleep will regulate your appetite and prevent you from craving food containing very high calories.

6. Controls your mood –all of us have experienced at some point in time that lack of sleep keeps us in an agitated state of mind and as a result we often misbehave with people around us. So if you sleep better we will definitely have a better ability to stay in a controlled and calm state thus handling situations better.

7. Reduces your chances of diabetes –among the many evils of not getting enough sleep the most serious is probably that it can affect the way our body processes glucose and may lead to type 2 diabetes in some people. Although this may not be conclusive, it surely proves the importance of sleep for us.

8. Keeps the Heart Healthy –A regular pattern in sleeping is known to reduce the level of stress as well as information that can happen in your cardiovascular system as a result. This automatically reduces the possibilities of suffering from and heart disease.

9. Acts like a painkiller - Pains from injuries like a sprained ankle or such other occurrences can also subside if you get plenty of sleep. Researches have shown that sleeping less is in a way related to a lower level of pain threshold. To simplify matters it can be said that if you can get more sleep you will be lesser pain.

10. Makes you smarter – apart from the regular phases of the night’s sleep, a small nap at some time during the day can also help in increasing the productivity as well as the efficiency of the brain. It makes your responses quick, smart, as well as increases your attention and focus throughout the day.

How Mattresses can help you Sleep Better

It is no news to us that apart from the sleeping conditions, the other important thing that has an important impact on the quality of sleep is the mattress we sleep on and the pillows we use. Here are a few ways in which these can affect your sleep as well as health in the long run.

1. The correct kind of mattresses and pillows for your body can help get relief from different kinds of aches and pains. Usually whenever we tend to lie down in one particular posture for a long time, an anomaly in balance may often occur in the downward gravity along with upwards resistance that your mattress offers. This tends to misalign our body and results in the formation of several pressure points. As a result we end up feeling hip pains, neck pains, lower back pains, and pains in such other parts of the body. Very Soft pillows or very hard pillows can also cause pains depending on the posture of your body. The correct kind of bedding can provide the necessary support to your body so that your sleeping posture remains correct and your spinal curvature can maintain its normal curve and help you sleep peacefully.
Also, if you are torn between buying Firm mattress vs. Soft Mattress, the best option is to go for an orthopedic mattress online which will be instrumental in helping you relax your joints. It will not be as soft as to sink under the weight of your body, nor will it be so hard that you start feeling uncomfortable and be in pain. The same is the case with pillows and you should also pay special attention to the texture and quality of the pillows before buying them. You have to be extra careful before choosing your pillows and mattresses if you have pains in your back or your spine and the wrong mattress can aggravate the level of your pain.

2. Worn out mattresses and pillows are also known to increase the chances of allergy. Dust mites which remain settled inside the foams and feathers of the mattresses and the pillows feed on the dead skin cells, dust particles as well as our body oil. Dust mites are also one of the very common reasons for several kinds of skin allergies as well as severe asthma. Pimples nasal congestion, dry skin, and runny nose are also some of the other troubles that can be caused by dust mites. A fresh and clean mattress can be a cure for these kinds of allergies.

3. Finally by allowing you a good night's sleep, your mattresses and pillows also contribute in a big way in improving the quality of your life. It can improve your performance, memory as well as productivity thereby elevating your life quality as a whole.

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