Date : 2021-01-18 15:40:43

Some of the Best Mattresses to Buy in India in 2022

Now that 2020 is over, we're healing from the past year and looking for better health; personal care becomes the need of the hour. As a lesson from 2020, we can work on ourselves to improve our health, while the rest may be out of control. The best way to take care of your family and your health in 2021 is to work on your health. It can be improving your lifestyle in a safe manner, a good diet, and a healthy sleep. While we're cooped up in our homes in self-quarantine, investing in personal care is essential. Improving your sleep can have a good lasting impact on your lifestyle, mindset, health, and especially immunity.

You can work on your sleep in several ways, but the best way is to use a high-quality premium mattress. Using a compatible, high-quality mattress significantly helps make your body immune and resilient to many health emergencies. Moreover, mattresses take care of injuries, lifestyle issues, and posture problems while you're asleep, making it a must for your overall health. A high-quality mattress delivers adequate comfort and support to make your body neutral and adequately inclined.

Your muscles and body deserve a well-rested sleep time, and a high-quality mattress assures nothing goes wrong during this time. You can sleep knowing that you won't face any issues with body aches because of the mattress; it feels and supports your muscles, among other benefits. Additionally, sleeping on a high-quality compatible mattress also relaxes you mentally and helps you fall asleep quicker. You go to sleep and wake up fresh without pains and motivated to make the best out of your day.

Best mattress types to choose in 2022:
While there are many options and mattresses to choose from for the perfect sleep, these options work best for most people.

  1. Dual comfort mattresses: Since our lifestyle is pretty uncertain, given the pandemic is still going on; the best option is to use dual-comfort mattresses. Everyone is recovering from the isolation and sedentary lifestyle of 2020, and dual-comfort mattresses address past and future in one package. Dual comfort mattresses are a good option for people because they can use one side for support and the other for comfort. Moreover, the varying degrees of firmness and overall design make dual-comfort mattresses the most preferred option for people with everchanging lifestyles.

    For example, using dual-comfort mattresses helps improve your muscle strength with support from a firmer side. And when days don't feel so good, and you want warmth and comfort over a firm surface, you can flip the mattress over. There are many types of dual-comfort mattresses, with different types of firmness levels on either side, such as:
    a. Firm on one side, extra-firm on another
    b. Soft on one side, medium-firm on another
    You can choose orthopedic dual-comfort mattresses too, and be sure that your body is getting the support and healing that it needs on most days. Another way to look at dual-comfort mattresses is to see them as versatile mattresses that help your body through years of changing lifestyles without replacing or any loss of quality over time.
  2. Innerspring mattresses: Innerspring mattresses were the most used and best mattresses used for generations. Mostly Bonnell coil or wire-mesh innerspring mattresses were in use worldwide for ages. With modern technology, research and development, and a better understanding of the human body, pocket coil mattresses also came into the market. Innerspring mattresses are great for support, last long, and offer extreme comfort and support with both factors configurable in hybrid mattresses. Here are the best innerspring mattress types to look for:
    a. Pocket coil mattresses: Pocket coil mattresses are perfect for people who want a more comfortable yet supportive experience. There are numerous spring coils individually placed together to act in unison yet offer individual comfort. You get motion-resistant, dedicated support, and extreme comfort in your sleep with a pocket coil mattress.
    b. Bonnell coil mattresses: Bonnell coil mattresses help deliver firmer and more uniform support by delivering a firmer and flatter mattress surface. Bonnell coil mattresses have an interconnected mesh of innerspring coils with a flat surface that help make sleeping a more supportive experience with little compromise. This kind of innerspring mattress is especially useful in orthopedic mattresses and for people with issues like obesity or weakened muscles and bones due to old age and lifestyle issues.
  3. Orthopedic mattresses: Orthopedic mattresses are mostly medical purpose mattresses that help people with body injuries, body aches, and other issues sleep better. The leading cause of body aches and issues can be injuries, chronic pains, and an unhealthy lifestyle. All of these factors in some way impact your muscle and bone strength, which orthopedic mattresses help look after. An orthopedic mattress is firm yet delicate towards your vulnerable body parts.
    If you have back or side sleeping issues, you should look for a supportive mattress with spinal alignment. As most orthopedic mattresses are firm, most people who upgrade from softer mattresses may not always find them useful. In such a case, a medium-firm orthopedic mattress is perfect for allowing time for your mind and body adjust to a much needed supportive sleeping experience.
    Moreover, orthopedic mattresses are also available in different varieties. They can be innerspring, foam-based, or even dual-comfort mattresses, which help support and comfort your body in sleep. While you can use orthopedic mattresses as a daily-use mattress after recovery, you should get a doctor's prescription for any medical issues you need to consider.
  4. Pillow top mattresses: If you've ever stayed at a luxury hotel, you most likely have slept on a pillow top or Euro top mattress. While pillow-top mattresses are mostly used in the hospitality industry, they're a perfect domestic use option. Pillow top mattresses can b both supportive and plush, but the 'pillow-top' layer is intended to make it a more comfortable experience.
    Your mattress may be innerspring or even orthopedic, and a pillow top mattress delivers a snuggly and comfortable sleeping experience. The best way to spot a pillow top mattress from others is to see that it has a distinct separation between the mattress's top rectangular surface and the pillow top layer. It looks like a slim pillow that spreads over your mattress and gives a softer sleeping experience. Moreover, pillow-top mattresses can also trap heat and are more suitable for people living in colder climates or not having issues sleeping warm.

Best mattresses in 2021 you need to watch out for:

  1. Orthomatic DY: The Orthomatic DY is a dual-comfort luxury mattress that addresses most people's need for a softer mattress experience. Where one side offers a medium-soft sleeping experience, the other side offers a medium-firm sleeping experience. The bonded foam core layer helps support both sides of this mattress and offer uniform support as a core experience. However, flipping over the mattress to the softer side offers a more plush experience, and the medium-firm side offers a more supportive experience. The Orthomatic DY also has a supreme high-density Jacquard fabric, which helps give a smooth touch and protect the mattress on either side when flipping. The rebonded foam core has an ultra-high density (100D) and can uphold the mattress's form and support both sides through the years. One side of the Orthomatic DY has a 32D foam support layer in addition to softer comfort layers. And the other side of this mattress has a high-density memory foam comfort layer supported by HR foam. These layers rely on the core rebonded foam to deliver years of excellent comfort and support at your will with a mere flip.
  2. PhysioPedic: The Physiopedic is an orthopedic medium-firm memory foam mattress that helps with a comforting and supportive sleep. Like an innerspring mattress, the PhysioPedic has a high number of pocket coil FirmTech springs that work together to give you comfort and support just where you need it. Moreover, the high-density memory foam layer helps comfort and gives a more contouring sleeping experience.
    As a result, the PhysioPedic is an excellent option for people looking into a firm yet comfortable experience that supports your body and distributes pressure as per the bodyweight distribution. The memory foam support layer also helps give you the option of sleeping on your sides and back, offering spinal alignment from the FirmTech spring support.
  3. Chiropedic 10000: The Chiropedic 10000 is a hybrid spring and latex foam mattress. The overall experience of sleeping on the Chiropedic 10000 is supportive, and the box top design adds a layer of comfort for your body. The Chiropedic 10000 has firmer surface support because of the Bonnell coil innerspring system. Combined with the latex foam support layer and the pillow top, it offers a medium-firm sleeping experience that lasts long and hugs your body.
    While the BodySink foam layer in the box top helps contour and slightly sink your body, the support from below allows you to sleep well without worries of sinking and damaging your back. Instead, it makes it easier for your body to sleep on the sides as the mattress distributes pressure well while supporting your spine and your body as a whole. Moreover, the latex foam support layer makes it easier for you to sleep without motion disturbance. The latex foam is medium-firm and offers motion isolation and a long-lasting sleeping experience.
  4. iMattress: If you want a body contouring and pure comfortable experience, the iMattress is an excellent option for you. A pure high density memory foam mattress, the iMattress makes sleeping a pleasurable experience and even supports your body to sleep in different orientations. While the support and comfort layers are made with plush high-density memory foam, the core comprises high-density HR foam supporting your body.
    The HR foam also ensures that your mattress maintains its form through the years and still delivers an exceptionally comforting and plush sleeping experience. Moreover, the memory foam layer also works to distribute pressure and helps your spine from a day of strenuous sitting or physical activity to relax. The iMattress is perfect for people who want a softer memory foam mattress for them that lasts a long time.
  5. Paradise: Latex foam mattresses are one of the most widely compatible and useful mattresses. King Koil's luxury latex foam mattress lasts well as new for the better part of a decade and delivers a medium-firm and supportive sleeping experience. The Paradise mattress is rightly named after the extremely blissful sleeping experience that it offers, where your body seems to float yet feel comfortable on its plushness.
    The heavy GSM fabric covering this mattress also gives it an aesthetically pleasing look that also protects the mattress from external factors. This latex foam mattress is hypoallergenic, medium-firm, and above all-, extremely comfortable. Unlike memory foam, the Paradise latex foam mattress offers a sleeping on top of the mattress than a sinking experience. Moreover, the high-density HR foam helps make sure that you feel the support and the comfort of the foam layers to use this mattress through different lifestyle changes.
  6. World Luxury: The World Luxury is a pillow top mattress that takes inspiration from luxury hotel mattresses. The World luxury is an innerspring pocket coil mattress with plush foam layers to offer a comfortable sleeping experience. In addition to the pillow top, the high-density foam layers make this the mattress to choose from if you're looking for that sleeping in the clouds experience.
    The World luxury mattress is a designer mattress that focuses on as much elegance in looks as it does on the extreme comfort in your sleep. The high pocket coil spring count also ensures you do not sink and get the support and motion isolation to avoid disturbing your partner. The Pillow top layer is its crowning jewel that works best for people who want something extraordinary when sleeping comfortably. Additionally, the World Luxury mattress is also a highly robust and extremely luxurious mattress enveloped with high GSM Denmark Viscose fabric.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Should I choose between an innerspring or a foam-based mattress?
    That entirely depends on your purpose in buying a new mattress. While innerspring mattresses last long and offer more support, foam-based mattresses can be more affordable and comfortable. It is easier to maintain and clean foam-based mattresses and not as easy or even recommended to pick up innerspring mattresses.
    Moreover, innerspring mattresses can be hybrid and have different foam layers and construction designs than most foam layers with a simplistic design. The mattress you choose should suit your body, lifestyle, and long-term comfort and investment rather than the type. It would help if you used our SleepID to figure out mattresses that work best for your body and visit us to further solve this dilemma by experiencing both in-person.
  2. After staying isolated and under quarantine in 2020, which mattress ensures my body's overall health?
    While we may still be under quarantine, leading an inactive lifestyle in 2020 has more than likely increased your bodyweight and decreased muscle strength. So, your body may be weaker compared to the usual lifestyle, and in 2021, you can choose to give your body the comfort and support it needs. However, there is not one single mattress that suits all, and if you feel the above is true, an innerspring mattress or a supportive mattress can help ensure long-term health benefits. A supportive mattress can increase your comfort, make you fall asleep faster, and ensure your body gets the preemptive support and care that it needs after a sedentary lifestyle. It would be best to look into our SleepID algorithm that can help alleviate these concerns and pair you with the right mattress.
  3. Is a latex foam mattress good or a memory foam for a comfortable sleeping experience?
    If given a choice between the two, the latex foam is more likely to suit your body. This is because while memory foam helps comfort and contour your body, latex foam is medium-firm and delivers a more supportive yet comfortable sleeping experience. Additionally, while the density of these two mattress types can offer varying sleeping comfort and support, you should also factor in the material's benefits. Nevertheless, if you're still confused, you can choose our Paradise mattress with a memory foam comfort layer and a latex foam support layer and make the best use of both.
  4. What role does fabric play in a luxury mattress, and why should I consider it?
    - Fabric covers and protects your mattress from environmental exposure and offers more superficial comfort for your body. The fabric is indicative of the way your body feels when you just lay on the mattress and helps comfort your skin and body into an immediate sense of calm. Moreover, the higher the density of your mattress, the better it becomes for your body's overall longevity and comfort. Mattress fabrics are also responsible for making sure that your mattress look compliments your interior décor.
  5. How is a pillow top mattress different from a memory foam mattress?
    - While pillow-top mattresses have the design feature of an extra layer on top and help your body stay afloat, memory foam mattresses do not. Usually, various mattresses can have a pillow top design, and a memory foam mattress offers a softer experience that hugs your body and allows it to sink. In contrast, in a pillow top mattress, your body can also sink depending on the comfort and support layer, but the pillow-top layer helps ensure you feel adequate support and contouring in your body.
  6. Can a dual comfort mattress function as an orthopedic mattress?
    - Yes, in some cases, it can be an excellent option to use a dual comfort mattress for orthopedic purposes too. This is mostly true in cases of injuries that resolve on their own, and you have been prescribed bed rest. In such a scenario, asking your doctor can give the best results. A mattress that is medium-soft on one side and medium-firm on another can help take care of your body. While you recover on the medium-firm side and continue to use it for some weeks, you can flip the mattress over after complete recovery. Additionally, you can take care of your body by using the supportive side on most days, strengthening your core muscles.
  7. How can a mattress help me get rid of my back pain?
    If you developed some chronic back pain level in 2020 because of the sedentary lifestyle, it is not too late to look into an orthopedic or a firmer mattress. You need a mattress that helps align your spine in different sleeping positions. While you work to improve your lifestyle into a more active one this year, a supportive mattress helps ensure that your muscles lay at a neutral position rather than overextending during sleep. Moreover, the area of back pain is also an essential factor to consider, among age and body weight. You can use our SleepID algorithm to get an idea of mattresses that suit you and go for the one that the doctor recommends.
  8. I want a mattress that helps me sleep in complete peace and restricts my partner's motion.
    - If you're looking for a motion restriction mattress, there are various options to choose from. You can go for an innerspring mattress with a pocket coil system, which isolates motion the best. Greater the number of pocket coils, the better the motion isolation. This is because the springs are individually placed to support and comfort your body and not interconnected. So, even if you move, you only disturb a particular area of springs that doesn't disturb the other side of the bed.
    Alternatively, a latex foam mattress is exceptionally good at motion isolation and edge protection. Even if someone is jumping on the other side of the bed, you wouldn't feel any motion disturbing your side and vice versa. You can look into our NaturaBond and Paradise mattresses for latex foam mattresses.