Date : 2020-10-15 09:46:04

Top 10 Benefits of a Natural Latex Mattress: The Complete Guide

The latex mattress is one of the best organically sourced options to choose if you're looking for comfort. Latex mattresses tend to be elastic and average in terms of the support that they offer. However, unlike memory foams, PU Foam, or other kinds of foam, they last exceptionally longer. With sustainable sourcing, comfort levels, and other benefits, latex mattresses offer great value for money. However, like all other mattresses, it might not be best for the entire range of people with different bodies and lifestyles. Most people prefer latex mattresses because of the various benefits and comfort of the mattress. Here is how a latex mattress is a better option, especially if you're looking for a decent amount of comfort and support in one mattress:

Top 10 Benefits of Natural Latex mattresses:

1. Comfort:
If you can link Latex mattresses with anything, it's the level of comfort that they provide. While foam mattresses, in general, are soft to touch and with a slow or medium responsive rate, latex foam mattresses are different. This is because solidified latex sap's natural texture tends to be medium-firm (imagine a pencil eraser but much softer and more responsive). Moreover, it is also possible to manipulate latex mattresses' density and comfort feels depending upon their manufacturing process.
Talking about how specifically latex mattresses tend to be comfortable- they're responsive and contour your body better than other foam mattresses. Moreover, latex mattresses are also useful for motion isolation to the point where you won't even fall off the bed if you tend to be on edge itself. This guarantees sound motion isolation and disturbance-free sleep for your partner. If you're looking for a mattress that covers all the significant elements of providing you with a comfortable sleep- natural latex mattresses are all-rounder options.

2. Best Suited for Back Support: As comfortable as a latex mattress is, the medium-firm density and elastic-like properties make it suitable for back support too. Unlike memory foam or other kinds, latex memory foam only sinks to some level, and the rest aligns with parts not exerting much reaction pressure. As a result, whether you're sleeping on the side or your back-sleeping orientation, latex mattresses help support and maintain the natural S-shape of your spine.
Since it is a naturally sourced product, it is also less likely to lose its shape or density over time. This helps you look after your back's health for years. Moreover, latex foam mattresses are also good at retaining their shape, and high responsiveness ensures immediate relief in weak or paining back regions. You can also see latex foam in use in Orthopedic mattresses in the comfort layer because of their responsiveness and back support, in addition to medium-firm density.

3. Durable: Latex foam mattresses are a product made from the sap of the rubber tree. Much like the usefulness and properties of other rubber and latex-based products, you can be sure that your mattress would stay good as new for a long time. With the right care and maintenance, you can enjoy its full benefits with little loss in potency, even up to 15 years. This is why latex foam mattresses are also sustainable and less available in the markets for purchase. Although more expensive than memory foam or other mattresses, the long-term investment value goes much higher. Even if you need to invest up to 50% higher than a memory foam mattress, the durability and advantages of latex foam mattresses far outweigh its one-time high price.

4. Natural and Organic environmentally friendly: Latex foam mattresses are almost pure latex made out solid into a foam with catalysts in the manufacturing process. Because its origin requires little artificial additives in manufacturing, it is one of the best options to choose if you want an eco-friendly product. It lasts long enough to last up to 10-15 years, minimizing strain on rubber trees, but the overall ecological footprint is minimal. From manufacturing, raw source material, it is probably the longest-lasting product you can get for your home that offers excellent benefits all around. Additionally, some manufacturers can even recycle old latex mattresses after treating it with the proper cleaning process.

5. Mold Resistant: Latex is naturally resistant to mold or fungi in general, and latex mattresses are especially mold-resistant. Even though the natural rubber sap in use helps make the mattress mostly mold-free, the little additives and the manufacturing leave little space for any mold to develop. Even if your bed somehow develops mold, it wouldn't attack or settle on the latex foam mattress.
However, we're talking about mold here, and over time after the off-gassing period as well as years of use, you may see mold and other fungi develop if you do not take proper care. That is, any damp organic material is going to attract such infestations if you keep it in unhygienic conditions. Even in that case, it would only settle in areas with extreme moisture trapping areas in the mattress. King Koil latex foam mattresses tend to have a little off-gassing period, as the mattresses have minimal chemical additives to give you the best quality mattresses that last long. The mold resistance also depends on the design, quality, and how natural your latex foam mattress is.

6. Dust and Mites Resistance: Because of the natural raw material and high density, latex foam also doesn't attract any dust, mites, or other allergens. It has zero static electricity in high-density materials and is hypoallergenic as a result. Moreover, there are few pores or places in a latex foam where dust can settle and stick. Some mattresses may have a more cellular design, but you can brush off any dust with a little wipe with your hand in that case. The hypoallergenic natural property is similar to that of memory foam but more advanced because latex doesn't attract any mites or mold, as mentioned above. If you're allergic or have had previous skin or lung irritation with PU Foam or other mattresses, you can be sure that you sleep and breathe easy with a latex mattress.

7. Low Maintenance: One of the best things about latex foam mattresses is also how they're incredibly low maintenance. As they're dust, mites, and mold resistant and tend not to trap any allergens, latex foam mattresses also need less cleaning. You have to clean and ensure it doesn't gather moisture or dust collection because of the design, but the mattress maintains itself apart from this. This is also why latex foam mattresses tend to last up to 15 years or more as they face less wear and tear. As latex mattresses tend to be hypoallergenic and repel everything that doesn't belong, you can be sure that anything that settles on it won't need an extensive vacuum or rough cleaning. You can clean and make sure your mattress is hygienic by brushing, occasional exposure to sunlight if it has too much moisture, among other things.

8. Orthopedic use: Latex mattresses are medium-firm to touch and experience, and make great orthopedic layers in mattresses. Because of the high-responsiveness, instead of sinking too much, latex foam mattresses react with just enough pressure to support and comfort your weak body points. Unlike HR Foam, it is as good as someone caressing your body parts with a gentle touch. Simultaneously, it is a medium-firm that makes sure that your weak parts get the pressure and support they need with a soft surface. Latex foam mattresses are beneficial in orthopedic mattresses and for people with severe issues. Although it isn't good with support, latex foam is excellent for upholding vulnerable parts gently.

9. Design and Visual appeal: As latex mattresses have a generally medium-firm surface, it also makes for a visually appealing mattress. It also makes sense that latex foam mattresses need to be aesthetic and pleasant to touch because of how well it lasts. Latex foam mattresses have a semi-cellular structure- that is, with slight dips in the mattresses, which make it easy for you to move on the medium-firm mattress. In addition to the standard white color, these ravine-like dips make this mattress visually appealing and great for use in luxury establishments. However, it is still good to use a mattress cover for proper protection and maintain mattress cleanliness. Latex foam doesn't attract dust, allergens, or other things like lint or other external elements. This property helps it stay low maintenance, good as new, and visually appealing for years.

10. Motion Isolation and health benefits: One of the best and most unique properties of latex foam mattresses is how excellent they are in motion isolation. While other mattresses also have motion isolation properties either because of construction or raw material, latex foam is naturally good at motion isolation. For example, memory foam may prevent you from excessive tossing and turning and restrict motion to the other side of the bed. But latex foam mattresses restrict motion to the point of pressure exertion itself. What does this mean, and how is it beneficial for you? Look at this scenario.
You keep a ball or anything prone to falling on the floor near the edge. While a memory foam would let it sink in it, it would also let it 'roll' down because it wants to retain its natural shape under less pressure. On the other hand, a latex foam mattress restricts a ball's motion or any other object close to the edge or prone to falling as it upholds this object in one single pressure point- where it was placed. It doesn't roll, falls, or even disturb other regions close to the mattress's pressure point or another area.

Latex foam also has indirect health benefits, like regulating blood circulation. But its best benefits to your health are a consequence of how easily and comfortably you're able to sleep on latex foam. Other mattresses may either tilt too much towards comfort or support, but latex foam mattress maintains a healthy balance of the comfort and support it gives. This property helps you sleep comfortably, sleep in a comfortable environment, and feels luxurious too. As a result, you're less likely to develop sleep disorders, effects of bad-quality sleep like sleep apnea, high blood pressure, insomnia, among other issues.

Latex foam mattress's benefits far outweigh the one-time price investment and offer innumerous advantages to your everyday life. These small things add up and give you a healthy, regular, and high-quality sleep. Moreover, latex foam mattresses also tend to last longer, give you a better experience than other mattress types. It also suits a wide range of people, with or without serious health issues, and helps maintain and relieve good health. As a result, you can also find latex foam mattresses in the hospitality industry as it lasts longer and suits many people. You can find at least one or multiple layers of latex foam in the hospitality industry beds. You might have seen the semi-jumpy property of latex foam combined with innerspring mattresses in movies or in-person in luxury hotels too.
If you're looking for a one-time investment and set yourself up for quality sleep for several years, latex foam is the undebated winner. But still, it is always best to self-assess your body type and lifestyle before making your final choice. This is why our SleepID tool helps you decide on a mattress that suits your body and lifestyle. If you can see latex foam mattresses in the range of mattresses suitable for you, it is a must-try. You can also experience the luxurious feel of our latex foam mattresses in-store, in a safe and thoroughly sanitized environment.
With the number of advantages that a latex foam mattress gives to your body and home in general, you should consider making this one-time investment and relish year after year of high-quality sleep. King Koil latex foam mattresses further offer best-in-class quality to prevent off-gassing as best as possible and last you longer (as possible) than the warranted years.

- How expensive is a latex foam mattress, and why is it worth the higher price?
Latex is a naturally sourced substance extracted from the sap of rubber trees. Thus, it has to be manufactured with care, minimum loss, and a process with minimum chemical additives. At King Koil, we make sure that our latex foam mattresses are as natural and pure as possible to ensure quality and longevity. Your mattress won't smell of excessive chemical treatment in the first few days after unboxing. However, it would have a rubber-like smell that goes away within a week or so. A latex mattress demands a high price because of the number of rubber trees and the general availability of 100% pure latex. We need to process it to ensure all of a natural product's good qualities and lasts years without any issues.
King Koil mattresses tend to last up to 15 years and have a 10-year warranty period too. Because of our high-quality luxury touch, you can expect more natural and less artificial advantages in it. Our latex mattress range starts at INR 23,499, which can change as per your construction demands, model, and custom sizing.

Are natural latex foam mattresses heat-insulating like high-quality memory foam?
No, a latex foam mattress doesn't insulate heat to one point or region, these are temperature neutral mattresses. Its usual cellular structure also promotes airflow, regulating temperature without causing your mattress to heat up. But that doesn't mean that this mattress stays cool in winters or hot in summers. It regulates and helps you stay cool in summer and warm in winter as the air is trapped in the blanket and heats the mattress slightly.

Are latex mattresses good for overweight people? Can I expect a decent level of support?
It depends on your BMI as to how well a latex foam mattress can support your body. If your BMI classifies excessively obese, a latex foam mattress won't help you with the support that you need. However, if your body weight is just above the obese marker or generally overweight, you can expect an average level of support from a latex foam mattress.
Moreover, latex foam mattresses are suitable for various people and do not compress or lose their shape quickly. For best results, if you do not see yourself losing weight anytime soon, because of lifestyle issues, it is a good idea to choose an innerspring mattress with latex foam layers. This can help support your body and provide the comfort and support you want to experience from a pure latex foam mattress.

I have a severe allergy to dust and had respiratory issues because of my previous foam mattress, is latex foam going to be any better?
Yes, latex foam is highly hypoallergenic and prevents all kinds of allergens and external elements from settling on the mattress. It repels dust, mold and doesn't have any static electricity build-up to attract dust. However, if you have severe respiratory issues, it is a good practice to gently dust your mattress with a soft brush, keep it covered with a mattress cover, and prevent moisture build-up.