Date : 2021-01-04 11:23:09

Top 10 Doable Resolutions for the New Year 2022

Now that 2020 is over and most of us had a challenging year quarantining in our homes, the next year offers some hope. However, till the time vaccinations come, we all have to follow the same, or perhaps stricter, health precautions keeping in mind new mutations. However, not all is lost, and the biggest lesson one can take from the year 2020 is not to take your health for granted. Health is wealth, and as your biggest asset, you can make sure that your 2021 is as safe and possible when you work on it.

Gyms may be unsafe; however, working out at home, taking care of the way you sit, sleep, and eat can give a boost to your immunity and overall health. Being mindful and taking steps in the right direction, working on your resolutions is a great way to step into 2021.

Here are the top 10 health and sleep resolutions you can take for the New Year 2021:

  1. Being mindful of your health:
    Mindfulness doesn't mean that you have to meditate and go crazy with spirituality, among other lifestyle factors. Being mindful of how you sleep, eat, workout, and live your daily life can significantly impact your health. Mindfulness means actively monitoring the way you sleep, the way you sit to fix any unhealthy patterns and behaviors. For example, if you go to sleep and take your phone, work, personal or professional stress with you, making an active effort to change things in your mind can help you. Leaving your stress, phone, work, and everything else out of your bedroom is an example of how you can be mindful of your sleeping habits and environment.
  2. Focusing on your sleep:
    Your sleep dictates all other aspects of your health. While you may have slept more in 2020 and slumped more when working from home, you can change your sleeping patterns to be healthier. Fixing your sleep schedule, improving bedtime habits, and working to improve your sleeping environment are some things you can take hold of. Improving the way you sleep and making small and significant changes alike can help you sleep better, improve your mental and physical health in 2021, and build immunity.
  3. Upgrading your sleep environment:
    Your sleeping environment plays an essential role in how quickly you sleep or the way you wake up. Moreover, even your sleep quality and overall mental health are dependent on your immediate sleep environment. That is your bedroom décor, aesthetics, mattress, pillows, and other elements. The main objective in improving and upgrading elements like mattresses, pillows, lighting, and other parts of your sleep environment is to improve the way you get to sleep and wake up. A high-quality mattress and pillow combination take care of your physiological health when you go to sleep. Sleeping in the right orientation, on a mattress and pillow that supports and comforts adequately takes care of your long term health.
  4. Bedtime adjustment:
    Changing when you go to sleep is vital to adjust your body clock. Fixing your body clock allows your body to improve metabolism, feel active, productive, and improve overall immunity. If you go to sleep at random times, you're bound to sleep later after midnight and wake up late. It is easy to fall into this schedule, but once there is no order to your sleep schedule, it can disrupt the hours you feel active and change them when it's unhealthy. For example, sleeping at the same time every day at 10 PM teaches your body and mind you're going to sleep, and it's time to slow down on digestion and other activities. But sleeping at random times teaches your body otherwise, and doing so would set every mechanism in your body to alter, creating health issues in the long run.
  5. Focusing on sleep quality (time-8h):
    Sleep quality means your sleep level or mental relaxation quality, in other words. It would help if you focused on your sleep and nothing else when you go to bed. Sleeping the necessary healthy number of hours daily- 7 to 8 hours for adults is vital for your sleep and health. Moreover, when you go to sleep, you should be mindful of the food, water, alcohol, and caffeine intake. Not subjecting your body to alcohol, caffeine, or junk food helps keep the fat away and increases the time you get REM sleep (high-quality sleep). Moreover, apart from the internal factors above, external factors like your screen time exposure, mattress quality, and comfort also dictate your sleep quality. The better the mattress compatibility and overall sense of calm and comfort in your room, the more likely you get quality sleep.
  6. Sleep Hygiene:
    Sleep hygiene refers to the way your body goes into a deep sleep. That is, going to sleep after a night of drinking, excess eating often wakes one up because of thirst or washroom breaks. The same applies to when you go to sleep after watching intense movies like action or horror with no buffer or unwind time in between. You're bound to stay up late for the same, and going to sleep immediately after these activities will keep your mind (subconscious) activated with nightmares and even night terrors. In other words, the way you go to sleep or the nature of your sleeping habits determines your sleep hygiene. Better sleep hygiene means you can occasionally do these things, but giving your body time to relax and unwind (1-2 hours) is recommended. In the New Year 2021, we can choose not to read up on bad news, read more books, and leave worries before going to bed.
  7. Waking up on time:
    Are you one of those people that love staying in bed despite repetitive alarms? Well, if you're feeling particularly motivated to be productive and boost your health, this is one issue to change. Staying in bed long after waking up or going for that five more minutes sleep often extends the number of hours you sleep. This issue also alters your body clock, as mentioned above, thereby affecting your metabolism, productivity, and general factors influencing your lifestyle. However, if you wake up early after going to bed early, you're more likely to find the time and exercise motivation. Waking up on time also offers other benefits like increased focus, productivity, and a generally positive outlook rather than succumbing to the lousy morning outlook. The best way to ensure waking up on time is to go to sleep early and be mindful of your sleeping habits and environment. A high-quality comfortable mattress ensures that you wake up feeling fresh, relaxed, and your body is fit and ready to jump in the day.
  8. Unwind and nature:
    2020 has been a challenging year for people worldwide, and the mental and physical negative health aspects are too many to talk about. Isolating oneself, living in paranoia, losing sleep over work or professional issues was a rampant issue for most people in 2020. In 2021, with vaccinations and immunity-boosting techniques, we can look to a more positive outlook for life ahead. One of the best healers is to go to parks as a routine for walking and following precautions, unwinding in areas near your town with fewer people around and a general increase in the time you spend in nature. This activity will boost your mental health, give perspective and hope of what life is apart from bad news, isolation, and fears of all kinds. Increasing physical activity this way would also help you shed the quarantine weight, get rid of the mental issues, and sleep better knowing everything will be alright. As long as you go about your daily lifestyle, hold on till vaccinations start, and work on improving immunity and mental health, you're going to feel better in 2021 than any year before. Moreover, a more relaxed outlook on your sleeping routine and general day to day activities can also give you more perspective to look forward to a better life than 2020.
  9. Dietary resolutions:
    Your food intake is your fuel that fills up every inch and cell of your body. It dictates that your cells are getting the right nutrients and the right environment to grow strong and multiply on a micro-level. But we tend to forget or have forgotten due to consequences and issues from 2020 on how to eat right. Everyone had lots of food, learned cooking, and gained weight in 2020, and it's totally okay! However, in the new year, we can look forwards to eating right than eating more. Food intake also affects the way you sleep, weight, sleep, and health issues. Before bed, your food intake on waking up and throughout the day affects every aspect of your being. Waking up and gorging on leftovers is suitable for a day or two. However, a light breakfast and detoxing your body from any junk food from previous days would be a good idea now. Working on reducing your junk food intake, especially before sleep or even before evening, should be the new norm to increase your gut and overall health. Reducing alcohol, snacks with empty calories (carbs and trans fats), and caffeine reduction can help lower your blood sugar and blood pressure levels. The right intake of fiber, protein, and other dietary elements as per your body type can help give a massive upgrade to your immunity and looks due to fat loss.
  10. Water intake and exercise:
    Exercise is the best way to build your body and immunity. As one of the most repetitive and given up resolutions of 2021, exercise becomes even more critical in 2021. After sitting on the couch, not working or moving around in your office, staying away from people in 2020, we can increase our motivation and exercise time in 2021. Working out at home, going for walks in the park in the morning or evening, as well as stretching throughout the day can give you a health boost like no other. Now we know the importance of better immunity, and exercise improves your sleep, energy levels, and outlook towards life. At the same time, water intake also plays a crucial role in ensuring that your body works optimally. Each cell of your body is responsible for carrying water and blood oxygen to your essential organs and ensuring that you stay healthy. Now is the time to improve your daily exercise levels, but it needs to happen gradually. When we begin a new year, we're motivated to change our lives and work on ourselves; however, circumstances fizzle out this drive. 

    The best way to get started is to improve your daily activity levels. For example, if you're not exercising at all, you can start with stretches and walking. Dedicating 10-15 mins to start and working your way up in terms of time and intensity can help you integrate exercise into your lifestyle. Then it becomes as its something you need to do. Additionally, keeping water with you (in a bottle before sleep, sitting down for work or study), and making the goal of finishing it before you get up can be an example of how you can increase your water intake. Water intake throughout the day keeps your body's metabolism and functions going on smoothly and aids in weight loss too!

The pandemic might not stop or entirely go away for quite some time (think beyond 2021, even with vaccinations). As countries worldwide work on ramping up vaccine research and production, we can take away the most important lesson from 2020- improving our health and immunity. You can try out these New Year Resolutions for 2021 and look forward to a healthier, safer, and happier year. Your best asset is your health, and the more you invest in it, the better it pays off, keeping diseases and issues at bay. Getting a new mattress, workout equipment, improving the way you eat food, and other factors can help make 2021 a recovery year for you and your family. Happy New Year 2021 from King Koil!