Date : 2021-06-07 11:37:10

Top 3 Premium Latex Mattress in India to buy

When you're looking for a natural and 100% organic latex foam mattress, it is hard to know what to expect. When you're out looking for a latex mattress in India, it can be hard to choose without knowing what you're getting. Not all latex is the same, and there are factors like density, type, thickness, and overall quality that influence your latex mattress sleeping experience. The rubber-like foam may be premium and costlier than other foams, but it is worth every penny, and you can feel it in both the short and long run.

The latex mattresses you find online at a cheaper rate might or might not be pure or functional towards your requirement. The best way to assess and check if a latex foam is beneficial is to know what you're getting. A 100% natural latex foam mattress feels more rubbery than foamy and doesn't smell or give off fumes for a long time. While latex is the best option for long-term use, you should know its pros, cons, usability, and how different latex mattresses can help you get high-quality sleep.

Types of Latex Foam:
You can find two types of latex when you're searching for your new mattress in the market- Talalay and Dunlop. To oversimplify, Dunlop latex foam is the firmer or, the more supportive of the two. In contrast, Talalay latex foam is the softer and bouncier version of the two types and feels more comfortable. The density of both types is customizable, and density isn't an indicator that separates the two types. Since latex foam originates from rubber tree sap, the process of manufacturing it is similar to rubber.

Vulcanization is used to process rubber tree sap into the two types of latex foam that we know- Dunlop and Talalay. So, in the end, you get Talalay through its unique vulcanization process that is softer and bouncier than Dunlop (considering the same density level for comparison). On the other hand, you have Dunlop latex foam which is rigid, much more resilient, and better for support, weighing more than Talalay (at the same density level).

Difference between Dunlop and Talalay:
Apart from the manufacturing process, there is a lot of difference between how the two types of latex foam 'feel.' Here are the features one can find in Dunlop:

  1. Dunlop is the denser and heavier of the two, with Talalay having much more bounce. Because of this property, Talalay foam is mainly used in latex foam mattresses that aim to comfort and support and sometimes even in the comfort layer. If you're looking for a medium-soft/medium-firm mattress, it is most likely that Talalay is present in either the comfort layer or having a thin comfort layer. Dunlop as the denser option is used in the support layer to enhance support from the innerspring or ortho foam layer below it. It can also be used for back support in mattresses and help prevent motion transfer in the comfort layer.
  2. The density variation not only determines how the two types react to your body but against your muscles in specific. Talalay latex foam would feel more contouring, and Dunlop would feel more supportive, which determines the comfort and support balance of the two. Talalay is the more comfortable option and can be used in both support and comfort layers, whereas Dunlop is preferably used in the support layer.

Advantages of Latex Mattress:
Latex foam is one of the most widely suitable mattress materials that can help in both comfort and support. Apart from its comfort and support enhancing properties, latex foam is also one of the most long-lasting materials. When it comes down to brass tacks, latex foam is the all-rounder of foams one can use in mattresses for high-quality sleep. If you're looking for best quality latex foam mattresses in India, here is what one can offer you:

  1. Pain-relief: One of the main benefits of latex foam is short and long-term pain relief. Not only do latex foam mattresses help correct your posture and support your spine, but they also offer a comforting touch to your body. This kind of sleeping experience helps make latex foam mattresses one of the best pain-relief options as they're able to uplift your body with their medium-firm to firm density. As latex foam mattresses usually have a medium-firm density configuration, they're excellent for spinal alignment and general support to your muscles. This property makes latex foam one of the best materials for use in mattresses for back pain relief or neck and shoulder pain relief. The density of latex foam is configurable, which makes making firm ortho mattresses possible with the help of either of the two types, depending upon use and requirement. Latex foam is suitable for many people, making it an excellent pain-relieving option for all requirements and can help with both mild and severe pain relief.
  2. Hypoallergenic: Having hypoallergenic properties is one of the most underrated features of a latex foam mattress. As a 100% natural and organic material, latex foam is similar to rubber and doesn't attract dust, insects, bed bugs, or other allergens. While most foams like memory foam or high-density foams with small pore sizes are hypoallergenic, latex foam is a step ahead. Latex foam has its natural sourcing and materials properties to thank for its high hypoallergenic properties. 
    Latex foam repels insects, dust mites, dust, and other allergens both because of its smaller pores (depending upon types and density) and material properties. If you keep your mattress clean or wipe it and prevent moisture build-up, it can retain its form good as new for many years. Some moisture build-up or chemical additives (depending upon purity from the manufacturer) may cause some mold build-up, but overall, it is the best option for the health-conscious. So, if you're looking out for a mattress that doesn't invite respiratory diseases, unwanted critters, or other environmental agents to impact you, a latex foam mattress is the best choice.
  3. Low-maintenance and durability: Latex foam is also very low maintenance because it doesn't attract any allergens, prevents dust or other build-ups. Because of these factors, latex is also incredibly low maintenance and good for your health. Although you may have to wipe it and keep the mattress in indirect sunlight and ventilation, other than that, it can stay good as new. Moreover, its durability is directly influenced by how long-maintenance it is, making some mattresses last up to 10-15 years or more depending upon external factors.
    This low maintenance is also a consequence of its breathability, hypoallergenic properties, density, and pore size. Since it doesn't absorb and retain excess moisture like memory foam or sink/develop impressions, latex foam is also an excellent choice in India's hot and humid or arid areas. So, if you're looking for a latex mattress in India for your primary or family room, a latex foam mattress is one choice that would suit everyone and last a long time.
  4. Environment-friendly: As an environmentally conscious person, you might be looking for more options that have less ecological footprint and wastage. Latex foam is costlier because of its demand and supply ratio and overall lifetime use. Since a latex foam mattress lasts up to a decade or more, there's less recycling/buying, preventing wastage of foam and manufacturing, making the overall use a good 10-15 year cycle instead of 5-7 year cycle for other mattresses. Since latex is biodegradable and recyclable, the latex can be used for even longer and circled in a new mattress safe for use with some treatment. The purity of the latex foam in your new mattress is also a significant indicator of its newness or recyclability. So, if you're looking to decrease the environmental footprint and increase your sleep quality drastically, a latex foam mattress is the undebatable choice.
  5. Temperature-neutral/breathable: Unlike other mattresses, latex foam retains a temperature-neutral form. In contrast, memory foam may be slightly warm or warm. PU foam can be slightly warm, depending upon density. However, latex foam is temperature neutral. The relatively larger pore size, rubber-like material properties, and overall low moisture and heat absorption make latex an all-year-round mattress. Additionally, latex foam is also breathable because of the larger pores, so during summers, you don't have to worry about overheating because of more significant body weight, even if you're prone to overheating. In most mattress construction options, your body sweat (if any) won't reach or go down from the comfort layer to the latex foam, and even then, it would absorb quickly because of breathability.
  6. Motion isolation: Latex mattresses may feel bouncy or springy depending upon density and type; however, they're excellent at motion isolation. So, if your partner often complains about your tossing and disturbing sleep, a latex foam mattress is the best motion isolation option in foam mattress types. Moreover, latex foam mattresses are so good at motion isolation that it also helps prevent anyone from falling off the mattress's edge. If you have kids of often keep things on your bed, you can forget about any damage or things from falling off the bed.
  7. No off-gassing: The natural sourcing and minimum chemical additives give the latex foam in your new mattress a pleasant new-rubbery sweet fragrance. In 100% pure latex foam mattresses or layers, your mattress shouldn't give off any fumes or toxic smells for weeks or days. Most pure latex foam mattresses have a sweet new-rubber smell that stays for a short time and isn't harmful. However, in recycled or impure latex foam, you may experience off-gassing for some days, and it is the best indicator to test if your latex foam is pure or not. Even if you spill water or tend to sweat during the night, it doesn't accumulate and produce a stench as latex foam mattresses are breathable. These properties make a latex foam mattress the best option for people with respiratory concerns and diagnoses. The environmental friendliness, hypoallergenic features, and overall repelling of external agents make latex foam mattresses great for autoimmune or health-conscious people.
  8. Sleep quality enhancement: Latex foam's balanced comfort and support and keeping your body afloat with support helps enhance your sleep quality. The consistent and uniform full-body support in any position is unique to latex foam, and the balance tilts in either comfort or support in other foams. So, if you have trouble sleeping in other mattresses, a latex foam mattress is the best sleep environment addition you can get for peace of mind and baby-like sleep.

Disadvantages of Latex Mattress:

  1. Expensive: Depending upon the purity level of latex foam, your latex foam mattress may be much costlier than any memory foam, PU foam, or other foam variants in general. Although this investment pays off in the larger picture, the more considerable sum may be off-putting to people not realizing its long-term benefits and overall comfort and support balance. Your mattress is not only an investment in your comfort but long-term health, and a latex foam mattress is one of the best investment values out there. A hybrid latex foam with an innerspring or ortho foam core would be even better for specific purposes, making latex an all-around investment anywhere you want to use.
  2. Heavy: Latex foam also has a relatively higher density than PU foam, memory foam, or other comfortable foams in general. This makes it heavier to lift and clean. Even though it doesn't require lifting and keeping the mattress in the sunlight, if you spill water or want to dry off the mattress, it is best to do so as per the warranty instructions from the manufacturer. Lifting a latex foam (especially a hybrid latex foam mattress isn't a good idea). Once installed in a well-ventilated room with natural sunlight, your latex mattress doesn't need regular lifting/washing or direct sunlight exposure. Since it doesn't accumulate dust, moisture, or any allergens, a wipe or a gentle vacuum may be enough if you see signs of excessive dust build-up in rare cases.
  3. Firmness: The firmness level of latex foam is medium-firm by default. Although it is customizable, most cases of Talalay or Dunlop latex layers in mattresses go for a medium-firm or firm configuration. While this is primarily beneficial for support, if you're looking for a softer mattress, it would be good to look into a PU foam or memory foam mattress. The firmness level of a latex foam mattress is beneficial for a wide range of people and their preferences. Still, if you're looking for a pressure-relieving soft or medium-soft mattress, a latex foam mattress isn't the best option. Latex foam is mainly used in the support layer, and as a result, acts as a support and comfort enhancement. The comfort layer is responsible for your lying-on-the-bed comfort and experience.

Top 3 Premium Latex mattresses in India:

  1. Chiropedic 10000: The Chiropedic 10000 is an ICA approved back support mattress that relies on the comfort and support of a latex foam layer. The Chiropedic 10000 has a Bonnell coil enclosure that helps enhance support, and the latex foam layer enhances support. Ideal for obese or older adults with severe back issues, the Chiropedic 10000 is the best option for a back support mattress offering a hybrid benefit of a super supportive innerspring system and latex foam. Be it lower or upper back pain; the Chiropedic allows you to sleep in different orientations without worrying about support. This mattress has multiple high-density memory foam layers that absorb pressure and help with instant pain relief when it comes to comfort level. High-density layers also prevent motion transfer, making sleep much more comfortable and pain-free for your back whenever you want to change positions or move. As an orthopedic latex foam mattress, the overall sleeping experience is medium-firm in the Chiropedic 10000 and offers a perfect balance of comfort and support. 

    A rigid foam encasement keeps the mattress safe from environmental agents or allergens entering and settling inside. This edge protection is also beneficial in helping you sit up and get out of bed quickly with minimum strain on your painful back. In addition to latex foam, this edge protection also enhances the experience of how you get up and prevents falling off the bed. Moreover, it also helps enhance the life of your orthopedic mattress, keeping it good as new for years to come.
  2. Paradise: The Paradise is the most comfortable soft latex foam mattress for people looking for an overall balanced and supportive sleeping experience. If you're looking to invest in a latex foam mattress without any specific requirements like orthopedic support, extreme plushness, the Paradise mattress has the best to offer you. 
    The top has a heavy GSM fabric that feels heavenly to the touch and gives the mattress a soft and plush touch that you cannot get enough of. The comfort layer is made up of BodySink foam quilting to help relieve pressure and offer pain relief from daily strain when your body touches the mattress. Beneath the BodySink layer, a 2 inch thick 100% natural and pure latex foam material rests that enhances support and contouring comfort for your body.

    You can sleep in any orientation, and the overall experience is of a mattress that is high on comfort and offers a relatively softer sleeping experience. Moreover, the core is made from a thick and high-density block of HR foam that offers good support for your back and helps with spinal alignment and full-body support. The Paradise is the best latex foam mattress for people with average body weight and young adults with no muscle or back pain. It is your standard luxury mattress that offers the best comfort and a soft sleeping experience that one can get.
  3. NaturaBond: The NaturaBond is a 100% organic Dunlop latex foam mattress that offers excellent back support. As an orthopedic mattress, the NaturaBond brings the best use of a Dunlop latex foam layer, enhancing your overall sleeping experience. It is an extra firm latex mattress and comes with an OrthoBond core for the best support one can find in a full-foam mattress. The PU foam layer between the Dunlop latex foam and OrthoBond core helps make this mattress even more comfortable. The top of this mattress has a heavy GSM quilting to enhance comfort when you lie on the NaturaBond. Since the latex foam layer in the NaturaBond is the most outer layer, you can also rely on this mattress to prevent dust, allergen, or other harmful substances from piling up and entering your body. 

    The 100% pure Dunlop latex foam is an excellent pressure-relieving option that helps offload your body strain and offers a healthy balance of comfort and enhanced support in the long run. Moreover, the NaturaBond is also an excellent choice for people looking for motion isolation mattresses for the elderly or middle-aged people with mild to moderate back pain issues.

Conclusion: Why Latex Mattress is the best for enhanced comfort and support?
Latex foam is one of the best for comfort, support, and versatility in use. Sourced from nature, latex foam is an excellent option if you're conscious of your environment and health. With different density and layer configurations, latex foam mattresses are the best sleep investment one could make. Moreover, if you're looking for a premium latex foam mattress in India, it is the best option you could go for as it suits the temperature variation and extremities of this huge nation. King Koil latex foam mattresses are crafted and manufactured for the Indian demographic and are 100% pure for maximum comfort, support, and a very long life.

It would help if you used our SleepID algorithm to see which latex mattress suits you the best and how different latex forms in mattresses react to your body. Whether you're looking for general comfort, enhanced support, or the best of both comfort and support, latex foam may cost higher upfront but is worth it in the long-term with the health and physiological benefits it offers.

King Koil uses 100% natural, pure latex foam in all mattresses to ensure maximum quality and purity for enhanced benefits. If you're looking for a more customized version for your hotel, do get in touch with us for hospitality and bespoke mattresses.