Date : 2021-03-05 10:49:46

Top 5 Soft and Extra Soft Mattresses to Buy in India

The comfort mattresses help us sleep soundly and quickly. But the comfort you get can be subjective as some people find firmer mattresses comfortable, and others would find a softer mattress comfortable. But we can agree that there is nothing quite like sleeping on a softer mattress that hugs and cushions your body. The comfort layer, fabric, and the general construction mechanics affect the comfort or softness level. Both innerspring and foam-based mattresses can be soft, and there is more to softness than the mattress type.

Advantages of Soft Mattress:

  1. Pressure distribution: Soft mattresses are excellent in relieving pains and physical strain, relief from injuries. However, it depends on the nature of your pain, whether you need both soft and firm, or soft, or a firmer mattress. Softer mattresses hug and comfort your pressure points and distribute pressure from them to neutralize the pressure it exerts. In an ideal and very soft mattress, you would feel instant pain relief (with good support and softness) and a feeling of floating in the clouds.
  2. Warmer: Softer materials like memory foam and high-density foams, in general, have tiny pores that help trap heat. The material density, chemical, and physical properties are factors that influence its temperature. If you have a healthy BMI and body weight, you can look forward to a warmer and comfortable sleeping experience. Provided you do not 'sleep hot,' that is, have sweat issues when asleep, softer mattresses are for you.
  3. Pain relief: While most pain relief solutions lie in supportive mattresses, joint and other inflammation issues need a softer touch. Softer mattresses help relieve pain from joints, muscle injuries, and other forms of superficial and short-term pain. You should know that long-term health needs as much support as softness, but softer mattresses are suitable for immediate pain relief. This is partly the reason why most people associate pain relief with a soft sleeping experience. In contrast, when you have issues with body pain, posture issues, or chronic pain, you should always opt for a supportive mattress before looking for its softness factor.

Disadvantages of Soft mattress:

  1. Not suitable for overweight or senior people: Because overweight and senior people are prone to posture and chronic pains, it is best to avoid a softer mattress. This is because the softer mattress does not favor a heavier body weight, or the comfort level would be counter-productive. It would lead to pain exaggeration and enhance discomfort, and overall lower sleep quality. Getting up would be another issue that leads to additional strain and pain in both categories. However, with the proper support, a comfort layer won't do any harm and can offer a luxurious sleeping experience.
  2. Partner issues: Softer mattresses would be suitable for a specific group of individuals that prefer them. But, as a couple, sleeping on a softer mattress could be uncomfortable. One side would be more depressed and sunk-in than the other, showing on the mattress. This could also be a reason for a bad experience in movement but depends on the mattress construction.
  3. Heating issues: Softer mattresses feel warm, which falls both under the advantage and disadvantage category. If you know you sleep hot or have issues with excessive sweating at night, avoid softer mattresses. This scenario also applies to overweight people because sleeping on a soft mattress would lead to excessive sinking, leaving aside any support element.

Best five soft and extra soft mattresses in India:

  1. The Palace Bed: If you're looking for luxury and comfort like never before, the Palace bed might be what you need. This mattress is the most comfortable, supportive, and yet extra soft mattress you could get. Like a hospitality mattress, the Palace Bed mattress has a Euro Box top construction that delivers a floating in the air experience. High GSM fabric throughout and different comfort layers give this mattress its unique comfort and pressure-relieving capability. One of the best features about the Palace Bed mattress is that it has multiple innerspring systems working together to support and comfort you. Instead of relying on one type of support, you can look forward to a sleep that feels like floating in mid-air and helps align your posture naturally.
    The 5-zone high-density spring system and Micro pocket innerspring coils work in sync to ensure your mattress experience is out of this world. The Palace Bed offers soft and supportive sleep like no other mattress in the industry, and you can rely on it for the healthiest and most comfortable sleeping experience possible. The Euro top construction also regulates air and temperature efficiently, making this mattress the perfect temperature and long-lasting. The Palace Bed's highly innovative design uses high-quality luxury materials and best-in-class construction to ensure its class-apart performance. Sleep grade materials and high-GSM fabric give it elegant looks and are luxurious to the touch.
  2. Signature: The signature mattress is another ultra-soft luxury mattress with a euro-top design that boosts comfort and softness. It uses multiple layers of innerspring systems to deliver a quiet, supportive, and luxurious sleeping experience. The Signature mattress uses Convoluted BodySink foam in its comfort layer and quilting to allow your body to sink enough for comfort. As a result, you can sleep in various positions, and you can expect a slight sinking experience but the support from beneath keeps your back in proper alignment. The high number of innerspring coils in the upper and lower innerspring system further reduces motion and provides a smooth supporting experience. The Signature mattress also has a bouncy BodySink foam layer that helps keep the spring systems separate and gives a slight bounce to your mattress. 
    Moreover, the edge protection possible because of a rigid foam encasement around the mattress helps protect the mattress and prevent excessive motion. It also helps to make standing up comfortable and easier for the spine, preventing back pain. The euro top helps keep your mattress warmer and regulates air, and dissipates temperature to prevent overheating when sleeping. The Signature bed mattress's immersive experience is nothing short of sleeping in a luxury hotel offering a sleeping in a cloud experience.
  3. World Luxury: Staying at a luxury hotel and missing the feeling of sleeping in medium-soft luxury can make anyone miss travel and luxury sleep. The World Luxury mattress brings that experience to your bedroom with a medium-soft sleeping experience with a friendly assist from its pillow-top construction. Originally developed for luxury hotel use, the World luxury mattress brings the same experience for people who want it for healthy long-term use. The pillow top layer helps offer an incredibly cushioning and soft sleeping experience that is also good for pain relief. The World luxury mattress also has a high number of high-density BodyTech pocket springs that help focus support and lift your body where it needs most. The PressureSense foam layers above the innerspring system help contour your body. It balances the pressure from above and aligns the focused support from below. It also reduces motion when sleeping, and the hard casing protects the mattress from bouncing wear and tear. 
    The PressureSense support layer helps maintain the mattress structure and support your body delicately. It is a relatively high-density layer of foam that helps you get up from the bed and is mainly responsible for air circulation in the mattress. As a softer mattress, air circulation and pressure distribution have to be efficient, and the World Luxury balances both.
  4. iMattress: As an all foam based mattress, the iMattress offers a delicate and medium-soft sleeping experience. The high-density HR foam at its core ensures that you don't sink into the point of long-term posture issues or discomfort. If you're looking for a soft memory foam mattress, the iMattress would be the best choice and is easy to maintain. The pressure-relieving and contouring benefits help you sleep better and a softer sleeping experience with full-body support. The high-density (90D) memory foam in the iMattress also absorbs your body temperature, making it cooler so you sleep comfortably. And sleeping on the side or back won't be an issue, thanks for its soft comfort layer and supportive core.
    Special high-GSM fabric blankets the entire mattress is a luxurious-looking fabric. The high-density gel memory quilting in the top layer also helps regulate temperature and ensures the mattress doesn't overheat, making it an all-season mattress. As a softer mattress, the iMattress is a relatively cool, supportive, and pain-relieving mattress for you.
  5. Paradise: The Paradise mattress makes for the most natural sleeping experience thanks to its latex foam layer. As a hypoallergenic material, you can look forward to a sleeping experience that is soft, clean, and comfortable from the moment you lie down. The high-density HR foam core ensures that you get the proper support for your body. The Paradise mattress is soft, pressure-relieving, and long-lasting, making it the best mattress for adults who want a soft, supportive mattress for years to come. 
    The two-inch latex foam is also suitable for temperature and air regulation, and its hypoallergenic properties make it suitable for people with health diagnoses. The Paradise mattress would be a good choice for people with inflammation issues and adults in general. The high-GSM fabric further helps make your mattress soft yet robust to prevent outer agents from entering and piling up. Moreover, Paradise also uses its latex foam support to minimize and neutralize motion transfer. You can sleep on this mattress as a couple, and either side wouldn't compress enough to make it awkward or uncomfortable. Paradise is named rightly after how the sleeping experience feels like on this latex foam mattress.

Soft mattresses are suitable for pain-relief only as long as they have adequate support. We look for as soft an experience and comfortable as possible when choosing a new mattress. But everyone has a different body and unique preferences or sleeping environment. That is why we help you choose your sleeping companion with the SleepID algorithm to suit your body now and long-term. All KingKoil soft mattresses offer a luxurious sleeping experience where you do not need to worry about support. The support level varies, but there is a mattress for every requirement. If you're looking for orthopedic mattresses that are soft, too, you should carry your doctor's prescription, and we can help you choose the right sleeping companion.

Soft mattresses are also slightly warmer, and you should choose them in cooler parts of India or with average body weight. Moreover, they boost blood circulation and enhance sleep quality by hugging your body after a hard day's work. It would help if you also looked into softer mattresses for people with certain health complications. Hypoallergenic mattresses like the Paradise are suitable for people with an autoimmune or immune-deficient response as they maintain a cleaner and softer sleeping experience.