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Top 6 Doctor Recommended Ortho Mattresses in India

Back and body pains are conditions that become chronic only if you allow them to persist. Injuries are one reason, but it is often the lifestyle issues that cause chronic pains and age and genetic factors. However, chronic pain is reversible with lifestyle changes and posture alignment unless it results from a medical condition. Your body needs time to repair and a neutral position and active lifestyle that doesn’t further aggravate the condition. That is why a mattress is quintessential to long-term health and the potential reversal of any lifestyle or chronic pains. Changing your mattress can help you get much-needed relief from chronic pains, and sustained use of a compatible mattress can lead to reversal too.

How do Ortho mattresses help in better sleep?
Orthopedic mattresses are usually medium-firm and above in terms of the material density they use. The sleeping experience can change based on configuration, but the overall experience focuses on body support. The mattresses help by upholding your entire body with uniform body support or focused support as per requirement.

The main reason for this crucial support requirement in orthopedic mattresses is to help relieve pain. Pain starts because of weaker muscles, neuromuscular issues, and a generally fragile or weaker muscle and bone strength. In unhealthy postures or inactive lifestyles, our bodies may not feel immediate pain. Over time, it leads to chronic pains because of our skeletal and muscular system's abnormally acquired positions. Because of these issues, the body's general biomechanics is disturbed, which leads to strain on our muscles, joints, spine, and other bone and muscle areas. An orthopedic mattress not only comforts these areas but helps support and correct posture over time. This level of care is best only when using the appropriate comfort and support level in orthopedic mattresses. Although you can use an orthopedic mattress as your everyday mattress in mild, occasional pain, chronic pain correction and diagnosis need a doctor’s prescription.

Which type of mattresses are suitable for orthopedic use?
Since an orthopedic or orthomedical mattress's primary purpose is to relieve pain, they should be medium-firm or above. Supporting weak muscles, disoriented or misaligned body parts, and other issues don’t need a softer experience. Irrespective of an injury, chronic pain, age, or other factors, the affected muscles and bones need a neutral position to rest and recover. And medium-firm, firm, or ultra-firm mattresses provide the necessary support for either of these scenarios. The comfort or the ability to sleep as per your preferences is secondary, but the proper support for your orthopedic use relies on the support system in the mattress.

If we talk about comfort, it might be uncomfortable because of the change in the necessary sleeping environment for 10-15 days. However, even orthopedic mattresses use different ways to provide comfort if one doesn’t prefer the firmer mattress sleeping experience. Although the sleeping experience is firmer in general, a softer and denser comfort layer and support layer can help with the comfort.

King Koil works with both national and international medical associations to ensure our mattresses help and exceed expectations. Designed with medical advice in mind, King Koil also has tie-ups with FCER (Foundation for Chiropractic Education and Research) and ICA (International Chiropractic Association, USA). Moreover, as ISPF members (Indian Sleep Products Federation), we also design mattresses with the Indian demographic in consideration. So, if you’re looking for mattresses that follow your doctor’s prescription, King Koil orthopedic mattresses support you.

Here are the different kinds of mattresses suitable for orthopedic use:

  1. Memory foam: Memory foam is an excellent option for orthopedic use, especially if it is dense enough to give a medium-firm sleeping experience. Although memory foam is known for a sinking and plush experience, a memory foam comfort layer is suitable for orthopedic use too. A 2-3 inch thick and high-density memory foam layer in an orthopedic mattress would allow your body to be at peace with excellent pressure distribution. In orthopedic mattresses, the memory foam comfort layer usually has high-density HR foam, latex foam, or even bonded foam beneath them to ensure support. So, if you prefer sleeping on a memory foam mattress, an orthopedic mattress can offer a similar yet better supportive experience. Memory foam is an excellent pressure distributor, and for people who have arthritis, inflammation, or a general preference for a plush sleeping experience, it is the best choice.
  2. Innerspring mattresses: Different innerspring mattresses like the Bonnell spring system or pocket spring system are used in most orthopedic mattresses. So, if you’re looking for orthopedic mattresses, innerspring mattresses offer exceptionally long-lasting and super supportive mattresses. Made into hybrid mattresses, innerspring mattresses are also configurable in different comfort and support levels and the overall support system. Innerspring orthopedic mattresses use soft yet dense comfort layers and a high-density support layer that helps the innerspring system to support and uphold the damaged areas. Our Innerspring mattresses are ICA approved and double heat-tempered to last long.
  3. Latex foam: Latex foam is an excellent orthopedic material because it is medium-firm by default and widely used in most mattresses' support layers. Its natural sourcing and long life make it slightly costlier, but it helps with every day and orthopedic uses. Latex foam density can change depending upon the requirement, and one can use it in both natural forms in a foam mattress and high-density firm layers in hybrid mattresses. Latex foam is perfect for orthopedic use because it is useful in altering density and its use in the mattress.
  4. Bonded foam: Bonded foam is the best foam material that helps with support. Bonded foam core or support layers are exceptional when it comes to overall uniform body support. Bonded foam is a good material for orthopedic mattresses because it’s high-density and construction allows it to uphold heavier bodyweights. Bonded foam is usually better and recommended for overweight people that prefer firmer mattresses, and the support helps them jump in and out of bed quickly. Moreover, bonded foam is also more affordable and, as an extra-firm layer, it helps provide exceptional back support.

Who needs orthopedic mattresses?
Although one can go for orthopedic mattresses if they want to take preemptive action and prevent chronic diseases, they’re mostly for people with medical issues. Without a mistake, orthopedic mattresses are medium-firm, firm or above, and can help everyone fix their postures. Chronic pain, medical diagnosis, posture issues, and other factors necessitate the use of orthopedic mattresses.

Best doctor-recommended orthopedic mattresses:

  1. Gravity: A medium firm memory foam mattress, the Gravity mattress is highly beneficial for a lot of medical issues. Two-layer of high-density foam in its comfort and support layer help this mattress serve a vast majority of people. The core is also made of high-density HR foam that provides uniform body support and is suitable for the average Indian body type. While the quilted memory foam layer on top helps relieve pressure and pain efficiently, the Gravity mattress is beneficial for slightly overweight people or people with inflammation issues.
  2. Chiropedic 10000: As a hybrid latex and spring mattress, the Chiropedic 10000 is one of the best orthopedic mattresses one could ask for. This doctor-recommended mattress is highly beneficial for people with back support requirements (lower or upper back pain or other issues). The box top design is efficient in distributing pressure, and the mattress is just as efficient at motion isolation. The Bonnell spring system provides excellent support for overweight people or people who prefer a generally firmer sleeping experience. Both the latex foam and the Bonnell spring system help with motion isolation. People with severe chronic pain or inflammation and other diagnoses can find this orthopedic mattress their best companion.
  3. PhysioPedic: The Physiopedic mattress is a spring and  memory foam mattress best for focused support. Offering full-body support that’s adequate for the different regions, the Physiopedic mattress doesn’t compensate for full-body support. The open cell memory foam layer on top further helps distribute pressure, temperature, and relief from inflammation, and the innerspring support provides pain relief. As a hybrid mattress that focuses on support and comfort in a healthy balance, the Physiopedic is one of the best orthopedic back-support mattresses. Because of its softer comfort layer, you can choose to sleep in both side and back positions, and rest assured knowing you’re in a safe sleeping environment.
  4. Dr Mattress Euro Back: The Dr mattress is one of the more affordable mattresses that use bonded Orthobond foam at its core. Therefore, this mattress is exceptionally helpful in delivering full-body support, especially for overweight individuals. The plush comfort and support layers help contour your body, making the overall experience ultra-soothing and comfortable for different medical diagnoses. Because of its bonded core, the Dr Ortho Mattress Euro Back is just as capable of providing back support in both side and back sleeping positions. The best part about this mattress is its PU Foam quilted into its Euro Top design, which regulates temperature well and helps provide a calming sleeping experience. This mattress is for people looking for an affordable option that helps with moderate to mild chronic back pain, inflammation, and other mild issues.
  5. Orthomatic DX: The Orthomatic DX is a dual-comfort doctor-recommended mattress meant for people with back issues. As a dual comfort mattress with one side medium-firm and the other extra-firm, this mattress focuses on uniform full-body support. The high-density bonded foam at its core helps make this mattress as good with its durability as it is for full-body support. One side has high-density HR foam, and the other side uses 32D pure foam to make this mattress medium-firm. Both sides of the Orthomatic DX use PU foam quilting to be effective in pressure and temperature distribution. Moreover, the Orthomatic DX also uses high-GSM fabric, which helps this mattress last a long time despite regular inversion and flipping. The Orthomatic DX is more beneficial for people with back issues and still prefer a softer side. In one package, this mattress offers an option for people with back-issues to rest on the more comfortable side and the other side for days with more pain.
  6. NaturaBond: NaturaBond is a firm latex foam mattress and it offers full-body support and comfort as per requirement. Since latex foam is highly configurable in terms of density, this mattress effectively uses the best features of its latex support layer. The core is made with Orthobond or bonded foam, which is especially helpful with uniform body support, whereas the upper PU foam and latex foam layers help provide back support. The latex foam is medium-firm and useful for inflammation, back pain, or pelvic pain relief. This mattress is not only helpful physiologically but is hypoallergenic and minimum maintenance too. Because of the nature of latex foam, you can rely on the NaturaBond mattress to help you recover from various chronic issues and assist you with faster and more comfortable potential recovery. People with allergies, respiratory diseases, immunodeficient diseases, and other chronic lifestyle issues can go for this mattress without a doubt.

King Koil doctor-recommended mattresses used years of research and development with real-world demographic sensitive data. With the help of surveys, consultations, and other feedback at both the national and international level, our orthopedic mattresses take care of you the way you deserve. Using natural and in-house manufactured materials that offer unparalleled quality in terms of comfort and support, you can try our mattresses in-store too. 

King Koil mattresses are designed with your body and overall holistic health in mind. Because of this approach, all the materials are hypoallergenic and helpful in correcting your posture and spinal alignment and helping reverse or greatly relieve body pains. You can try our SleepID algorithm that takes your age, weight, and other body issues into consideration if you do not have a doctor’s prescription. Prevention is better than cure, and our orthopedic mattresses don’t differentiate in either case of personal self-care.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. My parents suffer from Arthritis and posture issues; which mattress can provide relief?
    Arthritis affects joints and leads to degenerative pain throughout the body. If this condition affects the body and posture issues, this condition affects the ability to get out of bed or sleep in softer mattresses. As a result, you need a medium-firm or firm mattress depending upon body weight and severity of posture issues. However, for the best relief from pain, a mattress with some form of soft-top coupled with an innerspring pocket coil is especially beneficial in pressure distribution. The Physiopedic mattress, NaturaBond, or other medium-soft mattresses with minimum motion transfer are best for these issues.
  2. Which mattress is best for chronic lower back pain?
    - The NaturaBond, Chiropedic 10000, or the Dr Mattress Euro Back are best for back pain issues. These mattresses are best for chronic lower back pain because they offer a decent level of full-body support. The main features that make them suitable for back pain are their high-density comfort and support layers that help sleep in both back and side sleeping positions. 

    For patients with back pain or older people, these mattresses also provide ample comfort to distribute pressure, therefore, taking away all pain and discomfort. However, for the best results, a doctor’s prescription is useful in diagnosing and helping reverse these body pain issues. Medium-firm or firm mattresses are more suitable for lower back pain, and the comfort is quintessential because it needs to dispense pressure too.
  3. Is a doctor’s prescription essential for orthopedic mattresses?
    Yes, you should go ahead with an orthopedic mattresses with a doctor’s prescription in most cases. However, in case of mild or moderate pains from short term issues, you can choose dual-comfort or other ortho mattresses as a preemptive action. Orthopedic mattresses need to suit the patient's body, and any extra or lesser pressure and comfort can aggravate the condition. So, wild-guessing should be avoided, and a doctor or physician can help you with the kind of mattress to choose. Alternatively, you can use our SleepID algorithm to find the best mattress suitable for your body.
  4. Which mattress to choose for older people with body pains?
    For older people, you should always go for a more comfortable and focused body support mattress. This is because their bodies are generally weaker in terms of bone and muscle density, therefore necessitating focused support and sleeping in various sleeping postures. However, in the case of long-lasting pains or other medical issues, a doctor/physician can help. The mattress should be minimum maintenance and not needing any lifting. It helps if the mattress has edge protection to prevent them from falling from the bed. The edge protection feature also makes it easier to get up and protects the mattress from general wear and tear. Moreover, a hypoallergenic feature can further help prevent respiratory or sanitation issues with a lower immunity level. You should go for either latex foam, innerspring pocket coil, or HR foam mattresses that support and comfort and have beneficial side advantages.