Date : 2020-12-17 10:36:45

Types of Mattresses to Buy in India, Reviewed

India is one of the largest nations has a wide variety of people. All of these people celebrate in India's diversity with different preferences and choices. However, there is one thing that we, as humans, can all agree on, which is the importance of sleep on our well-being. While most of us focus on work and other things, most people not just in India but worldwide ignore their health issues. Through lifestyle changes and significant life events, one thing that stays the same for most people is their mattress. But not many consider the long-term effects of an old or incompatible mattress before it is too late.

But the reality is, much like working out, taking care of your personal and professional life, your sleeping health deserves just as much attention. The quality of sleep in your life speaks volumes about your physical and mental health, both in the short term and long term. The only personal care investment that takes care of your body and sleep is a mattress. As such, it deserves to be on your top 5 personal care items to take care of your health and lifestyle. An incompatible or old and sagging mattress can cause physiological issues and cause disruptions in your lifestyle because of health issues.

Types of mattresses in India and their pros and cons for a better buying decision:
There are a wide variety of mattresses available that suit every kind of Indian household. The comfort and support balance varies across mattresses, and the preference of these two elements in a mattress also varies widely. Here are some mattresses you can choose from in India and decide the best mattress for years to come:

1. Memory Foam Mattresses:
Memory foam mattresses are the embodiment of a plush sleeping experience. The way that a memory foam mattress or memory foam layers in general help relieve the pressure is unparalleled. They're ideal for people who want a pressure-relieving sleeping experience that comforts and contours their bodies. Additionally, memory foam mattress is an excellent choice for people with average or healthy body weight. Here are the pros and cons of memory foam, considering the Indian lifestyle and requirements:

- Benefits of Memory Foam Mattress:
Memory foam is perfect for people that need a 'hugging' experience as it bends around your body's curves and parts. The best part about having a memory foam mattress is how it helps you get a comfortable and snuggly experience at the end of the day. This is especially useful for the average Indian household where people follow a good sleeping and regular working schedule (more or less passive).
b. A memory foam mattress's density speaks volumes about its quality and the way it addresses pressure from your body. Higher the density of a memory foam mattress, the more benefits and long-term sustenance it can offer.
This property also helps orthopedic requirements, as orthopedics need a medium-firm and above density to ensure proper support. So, people who want contouring comfort and support in one package can go for memory foam mattresses. Especially useful for older people and people with chronic pains, as long as the mattress density is on the higher side.
c. Pressure relief: Memory foam bends around any pressure you exert on it. Despite the higher density, it has a slower reaction time than other foams with similar density levels. So, if you find yourself in need of a hugging experience or a somewhat pressure relieving experience at the end of the day, memory foam is a perfect choice. A high-density memory foam mattress is perfect for people with strenuous physical jobs, as the higher density helps support and its native property helps comfort your body.
d. A memory foam mattress is also a good option for people who switch between side and back sleeping positions actively. It helps comfort your main pressure points and help with spinal alignment.

Disadvantages of Memory Foam Mattress:
The memory foam mattress is suitable for people with average or typical body weight as it can only support so much and deliver comfort simultaneously. While it is the right choice for orthopedic and general use, memory foam mattresses can only hold up to some level of body weight to be comfortable.
b. Can hold on to body heat, and this can be both a disadvantage and advantage. It is a subjective choice, as some people might prefer a mattress that holds onto heat and doesn't have trouble sleeping with some insulation.

2. Latex Foam Mattress:
A latex foam mattress is the most eco-friendly mattress choice you can go for. Made by solidified latex and frothed into a mattress, the latex foam mattress is one of the longest and most widely-usable mattresses you can use in India and worldwide. Here are the reasons why latex foam mattresses are one of the best choices for your bedroom:

Advantages of a Latex Foam Mattress:
Latex foam's natural sourcing gives it a significant boost in terms of longevity and the benefits it offers. These mattresses last long and stay in good shape, and can last up to 10-15 years depending upon maintenance.
b. Latex foam mattresses are hypoallergenic and can repel dust, mites, mold, and other external factors. As long as you brush or give sunlight exposure to your mattress now and then, you're good to use a latex foam mattress for a long time.
c. The latex foam is temperature neutral and doesn't regulate or insulate body temperature enough to be worried about tilting to either side. This property is especially useful in helping it last long and staying the same through extremes of changing seasons. You get a mattress that supports and comforts you the same irrespective of the environment.
d. Latex foam's density is variable and can be changed to be softer, bouncier, and firmer to ensure more support. This means that you can opt for a mattress in different density options if you have any preference for comfort and support levels.
e. The latex foam mattress is medium-firm and can be used in orthopedics and standard mattresses too. As mentioned above, the density can changes its experience and suit your body better. You can also see latex foam in use in hotel and orthopedic mattresses.

Cons of a Latex Mattress:
Since latex foam mattresses are naturally sourced, the availability of your preference of density and support can give it higher pricing. But, considering the time they last and stay good as new, this higher price is worth it if you want a luxurious and comfortable sleeping experience for a decade or more.
b. Although latex foams are temperature neutral and avoid allergens, you might have to maintain the mattress with occasional cleaning and sun-drying if you spill anything or sleep hot, leading to moisture accumulation. This minimal maintenance is the only necessary maintenance for latex foam mattress and can help make your mattress last longer.

3. Orthopedic Mattress:
Orthopedic mattresses are a good option for people with a medical diagnosis with superior comfort and support. People with chronic back or shoulder pain, older people, and other medical conditions should only go for doctor prescribed orthopedic mattresses. With that said, orthopedic mattresses are available in a variety of configurations of different materials. You can check out Orthopedic mattress general pros and cons below:

Advantages of an Orthopedic Mattress:
Orthopedic mattresses are different from regular mattresses as they offer more support and are medium-firm and above in terms of firmness. The firm to ultra-firm density and configuration helps support the vulnerable parts of your body and help maintain or reverse physically injured areas.
b. You can choose from a wide variety of orthopedic mattresses, and they're suitable for medical and every day use at the same time. Orthopedic mattresses with a Bonnell spring system and a firm flat surface are suitable for athletic fitness and good for overweight people who want more support.
c. Since orthopedic mattresses are usually firmer in any configuration than household or hospitality mattresses, they offer unparalleled support for the entire body.
d. It is easier to find and rely on orthopedic mattresses as the different variations are suited for various medical issues. You can also rely on orthopedic mattresses to last longer as the majority of the mattresses use high density foams and in case of innerspring mattresses, the spring system is double heat tempered which makes it more firmer and best suited for support function.
e. Orthopedic mattresses also help deal with extreme body physiological diagnoses and disorders like spondylosis, scoliosis, herniated discs, among others.

Disadvantages of an Orthopedic Mattress:
Orthopedic mattresses are usually best for people with medical issues and not the general population. The high density leads to a firm surface suitable for medical diagnoses needing more support and athletic people who prefer a firmer mattress.
b. Orthopedic mattresses aren't the most comfortable (that is plush and soft), but can be made to be so with special requirements and configurations. They're firm, and ultra-firm, so they only suit some people.

4. Back Support Mattress:
Back support mattresses are ones that help align your spine in the back or side sleeping position. They help relieve pressure from your shoulders, spine, and pelvic area and help with the overall spine health. Available in various materials and configurations, back support mattresses are a must for seniors, people with spinal issues, and most people with chronic issues. Moreover, you can also get a back-support mattress if you want to take care of your back and core pre-emptively.

Back Support Mattress Pros:
Materials like latex foam, HR Foam, memory foam, and innerspring mattresses can all be used as back-support mattresses. Their configuration of layers and density makes them back-support mattresses and good for spinal health.
b. Back support mattresses are usually medium-firm, firm, and above in terms of rigidity and density. They help support our back with the help of the right amount of support from both the support layer and the innerspring layer if present.
c. If you are looking for overall support and health maintenance of your spine and core muscles, a back-support muscle is the best choice.
d. Back-support mattresses are available in different configurations and are suitable as standard mattresses too. There is no issue using a back-support mattress, even if you don't have any medical issues.

Back Support Mattress Cons:
Back support mattresses are medium-firm and above, and you should consider this factor before making a purchase. Moreover, make sure that you choose the right type of back-support mattress by experiencing it in-store.
b. These mattresses are more rigid and meant for spinal alignment in the side or back-sleeping position to help the spine with its natural S-shaped curvature. If you prefer to sleep on your stomach, a back-support mattress can put more strain on it and lead to deterioration.

5. Pocket Spring Mattress:
Pocket spring mattresses are innerspring mattresses that have a contouring support function. These have individually isolated innerspring coils that are wrapped in a durable fiber' pocket'. Pocket spring mattresses or even Bonnell spring mattresses are excellent for support, especially for older and overweight people. Moreover, both kinds of mattresses share a similar support level from the spring system, and the rest depends on configuration.

Benefits of a Pocket Spring Mattress:
Depending on the pocket coil count, these mattresses can offer exceptional levels of comfort and support. The higher the number of coils in a pocket coil mattress, the better it will contour your body and support well.
b. Pocket coil spring mattresses are suitable for orthopedic mattresses, too, as they can offer the option to support better and absorb pressure where it is maximum.
c. If you're worried about your partner's motion disturbance and have vulnerable parts that need medical mattresses, pocket coil mattresses isolate motion well. You can expect zero motion disturbance, especially in the case of a high number of pocket coils.

Disadvantages of a Pocket Spring Mattress:
Innerspring mattresses like pocket coil and Bonnell coil mattresses are on the heavier side. It might not be easy to lift them yourself, and cleaning and maintenance should be done without much movement.
b. Pocket coil mattresses can be on the expensive side if combined with materials like latex or memory foam or combined into hybrid mattresses. But this higher price is worth it because they last much longer than any other kind of innerspring mattress or foam mattresses.

6. Bonnell Spring Mattress:
Bonnell coil mattresses are a good option for people that need excess or excellent uniform support throughout their body. The uniform support because of hourglass-shaped spring coils leads to a firm and more supportive surface.

Why Bonnell Spring Mattresses are Good?
Bonnell spring mattresses are excellent to use in orthopedic mattresses. They can support a wide range of requirements from medically diagnosed issues, overweight, older, and even athletic people if they prefer a firmer mattress. The level of support and strength can vary depending on the mattress configuration.
b. Sporting a firm surface, a Bonnell spring mattress is excellent for sleeping in the back-sleeping position and can help with sleep disorders and other medical diagnoses.

Cons a Bonnell Mattress:
Since Bonnell coil mattresses are meant for orthopedic use, their firm surface isn't for everyone. They're suitable for athletes and people that need support, but as a person with average bodyweight and a preference for firm mattresses, it can be much firmer than your liking.
b. Bonnell coil mattresses are hard to move around since both Bonnell coil, pocket coil, and other mattresses weigh a lot. The best way to clean and maintain these mattresses is through vacuuming and brushing with decent sunlight and ventilation exposure through windows.

7. PU Foam Mattress:
PU Foam or Polyurethane foam is an affordable and light foam option that is most widely used in the comfort and support layers. It can be similar in texture to memory foam; however, it has a higher response rate, making it bouncier. Moreover, the cell pore size in PU Foam mattresses is more expansive than in memory foam, which means it also regulates temperature better.

PU Foam is affordable, widely available, and suitable for the Indian climate and requirements of the average household. PU Foam is also lightweight, and despite a higher density, it offers better temperature regulation than memory foam.
b. Suitable to use as a spare or guest mattress as it is easy to store and maintain. The lightweight property makes it an excellent option to use in hybrid mattresses in the comfort layer.
c. Feels comfortable and relieves pressure, but PU foam is suitable for use in support or comfort layers to give a better sleeping experience and make mattresses more affordable.

PU Foam is not the right choice if you're looking for support or a decent amount of comfort. It can be an excellent option to keep costs down, but for long-term usage in an individual use mattress, it is better to choose other options.
b. PU Foam can collect dust and other allergens easier than other foam types. So, it might need more maintenance than other mattresses and require frequent sanitation.

8. Bonded Foam Mattress:
Bonded foam or rebonded foam is one of the best mattress types to choose from if you're looking for support but have budget restriction as well. By piecing together different shreds of in-house manufactured foam, a bonded foam mattress is a product made dense and supportive.

The bonded foam mattress is an excellent choice to use in orthopedic mattresses. It can be medium-firm to ultra-firm and can help support the spine and vulnerable areas. Bonded foam is also used in luxury mattresses as an excellent option for the support layer.
b. A bonded foam mattress can help relieve pressure from your spine and support the vulnerable or damaged parts exceedingly well. If you're looking for a back support mattress, bonded foam is an excellent choice.
c. It is an excellent option for people that need motion isolation in their beds. Due to the pieced together construction of the bonded foam mattress, it can isolate any motion to one side and let your partner or kids sleep without disturbance.

A rebonded foam mattress is medium-firm to ultra-firm, and if you're looking for a plush sleeping experience, it won't be the right choice. This mattress is adequate to support overweight, old, or people with medical issues but can be uncomfortable if you prefer softer mattresses.
b. The bonded foam also insulates heat and can be a hot sleeping experience for people that prefer otherwise.

9. HR Foam Mattress:
HR Foam or High-Resiliency foam is a mattress with a very high-responsive rate. It tends to retain a significant percentage of its original form despite the pressure. High-resiliency indicates that your mattress would retain a high (80-90%) of its foam despite the pressure. The higher responsive rate also means that the HR foam mattress will be a bit bouncy and offer a healthy comfort and support level.

HR foam is soft to touch, but the density changes as per the mattress configuration. It is most commonly used in a mattress's core and upper layers to offer that comfortable and bouncy experience we love in mattresses. Moreover, it is also the right choice for people who need good body support overall, but the support level depends on HR foam's resiliency and density.
b. To better use the HR foam for supportive purposes, the density and thickness are higher. This helps support the mattress comfort layers and conform to your body without the extra pressure. This helps make your mattress suit a wide variety of people and different body types.
c. When used in the comfort layers of mattresses, HR foam has to be soft, and thickness is also less to help make the mattress softer. This way, you can experience a mattress that can contour your body (not as good as memory foam) and relieve pressure yet retain its form. As a result, it's easier to get up from such an HR or hybrid HR foam mattress.
d. Because of how the HR foam mattress reacts to pressure, it is excellent at motion isolation. So, you can jump in and out of bed with ease and zero disturbance to your partner.

HR foam is suitable for people who need a healthy balance of support and comfort. So, its density determines the level of comfort, support, and surface firmness or softness. If you're buying a mattress for support, HR foam should be either dense enough or present in support or comfort layer in an innerspring mattress. So, standard density HR foam won't be as good in terms of support as bonded foam or innerspring mattresses.

10. Hybrid Mattress (Foam + Spring):
A hybrid mattress uses various layers with varying density and thickness. In short, it makes sure that it has the best properties of all the mattress layers combined to give it a broad or specialized luxurious experience. Hybrid mattresses are usually suited for people that want more than one function out of their mattresses.

The foam and spring combination works together to give you the best of both worlds. You get comfort and support in balance or tilting to either side as needed. Hybrid mattresses are an excellent choice for people aiming for a luxurious sleeping experience without limiting to one kind of mattress.
b. Hybrid mattresses tend to last longer because of multiple material layers working in tandem with each other. This helps emulate both mattresses without compromising comfort and support from either of the materials used in a hybrid mattress.
c. For example, using an innerspring pocket coil mattress with latex foam layers in support and comfort can give the medium-hard or soft (depending on latex foam density) and exceptional comfortable support. You get the best of the experience and natural bouncy feel of the latex and upper foam in the comfort layers and the support from the innerspring system below.
d. Hybrid mattresses are also suitable for orthopedic use, as the surface can also be customized to a firmer configuration for excellent back support. It is up to the manufacturer to create a tailored sleeping experience and up to you to choose from several options. We recommend using the SleepID algorithm to shortlist the best hybrid mattress options that would suit your body and preference.

Since plenty of research and development goes into making a hybrid mattress, it isn't always the case to tailor them further for a more customized experience. You can check into a bespoke or custom mattress, but altering a hybrid mattress or getting a hybrid mattress can be challenging to find. However, at King Koil, we strive to make the best out of the mattress sizing and customization options to give you the best sleeping experience you deserve.
b. Hybrid mattresses are usually innerspring mattresses, with either type of innerspring coils and different types of foam and density variations. As such, it can be challenging to lift hybrid mattresses because of the considerable weight. The best way to clean a hybrid mattress is to follow the instructions that come with it and frequently allow sunshine and ventilation in your room.

11. Dual Comfort Mattresses:
Dual comfort mattresses, unlike hybrid mattresses, aren't always made with innerspring mattresses. They're most commonly known as flippable or multipurpose mattresses. This is because one side can be softer than the other, and the same applies in terms of the firmness factor. You can go for different configurations. You can flip the mattress over for a better or different sleeping experience if you tend to get bored of either because of temporary issues or preference.

Dual comfort mattresses are economically and functionally better value than single-use mattresses. They're suitable for bachelors or people that face considerable changes in their lifestyle and want to use specific mattress firmness levels as required.
b. Suppose you're looking for an orthopedic mattress as per your doctor's prescription and have mild cases because of an injury requiring a particular orthopedic mattress. In that case, dual-comfort mattresses are the best choice.
c. Since dual-comfort mattresses are made to be flipped over, they have a high standard of fabric and edges to flip the mattress over as needed. A dual-comfort mattress's design and overall functionality are of a higher standard and can be easy to maintain and clean. They have a core support layer instead of one at the bottom, which gives the mattress a better life.
d. Dual-comfort mattresses are suitable for a wide range of people, and it only depends on your preference if you want either both or a single-use for dedicated comfort and support.

Dual-comfort mattresses are an excellent choice for people who want a mattress for the long-term and do not change it often. It offers long life, but you might have to compromise on the level of support and comfort when you compare them with individual use mattresses. For example, a dual-comfort mattress with one side medium-firm and another ultra-firm would be the right choice. However, a dedicated or hybrid memory foam mattress would yield better results for the medium-firm or plush sleeping experience.
b. Dual foam mattresses can be hotter if they have both sides soft and usually temperature neutral if both sides are firmer. This helps make the dual-comfort mattress the right choice for people who want to sleep without waking up in sweats or worrying about too much seasonal impact on your sleeping environmental temperature. Dual-comfort mattresses have no space or gaps in between, which makes them good insulators or temperature neutral.

12. Hotel-like Mattresses - usually on the softer side and always use a spring system in the core layer:
Hotel mattresses are widely known as the best sleeping experience that everyone wants a similar home-based luxury mattress. This is because hotel mattresses address many people's short-term needs, unlike the long-term needs of a luxury mattress based on home. Both are top quality mattresses; the way they function is different. Additionally, hotel mattresses also keep on the softer side and use a spring system in the core or bottom layer. To enhance guests' luxurious stay, hotel mattresses also aim to keep the mattress as superficially minimalistic and aesthetic while enhancing its plushness with a pillow top.

Hotel mattresses have exotic designs and look that make them appealing to a wide range of people and take care of their hotel stay experience. Also, hotel mattresses tend to be hybrid in nature with various layers that act to give the mattress suitability for a wide range of guests, irrespective of body weight.
b. Because of the presence of an innerspring core layer in all hotel mattresses, they last longer and give better results too. People who sleep on hotel mattresses enjoy the support and bounce of a well-placed innerspring mattress.
c. Since hotel mattresses are meant to last for several years and withstand the guest's use, they're built with the most rigid materials and fabrics in addition to reinforcements and fire-retardant materials. Hotel mattresses also offer excellent edge protection because of the presence of a rigid foam encasement around the mattress edges.
d. The pillow or box top layer in hotel mattresses is the reason why guests feel the experience of floating in the air sleep. This layer contours guests' tired bodies and relieves pressure, and the mattress works to support tailored support from the innerspring layer.

While hotel mattresses are excellent and a must experience for anyone staying in luxury hotel chains, they're not always the best option for homes. They cost more and offer a healthy level of comfort and support. But this also means they're suitable for the short term and not always the best choice for domestic use. You can use our SleepID algorithm for domestic luxury mattresses that suit one in the long-term. Plus, you can always keep a hotel mattress for the guest room!
b. Hotel mattresses are incredibly soft, and they need to be to relieve pressure from the tired bodies of guests who stay. Be it a business trip or vacation; Everyone loves to snuggle into a soft mattress at the end of the day. While they also have the right support level, it doesn't always mean that they're suitable for orthopedic use or people that prefer firmer mattresses.
c. Hotel mattresses are designed especially for the hospitality industry. People who love the experience too much are because of the extensive research hotels carry out to boost their mattress satisfaction level. While this may not be possible for homes if you prefer these mattresses over SleepID curated luxury mattresses, you can look at our pillow-top luxury mattresses.

1. Which mattress should I get for my parents? They're in their 60s:
- It is always good to take care of your parents' health and sleeping environment. Considering the age mentioned, it would be best to go for medium-firm orthopedic mattresses to help them sleep in either side and support their back. Unless they have particular diagnoses, you should use our SleepID algorithm or try out the different mattresses it shortlists for your parents. In older age, mostly 50 onwards, people tend to be less active and more sensitive to body pains.
For such issues, a medium-soft mattress or an orthopedic mattress that helps them sleep on the side and back-sleeping position is ideal. Moreover, the mattress and bed should also be firm and tall enough to allow them to jump in and out of bed without putting an excessive strain on the back. Weight, medical issues, and other factors are also reasons to look into, and our luxury or orthopedic mattresses can take care of your parents' sleep.

2. Should I go for a memory foam or HR foam mattress for my children?
Children prefer mattresses that are medium-soft and medium-firm. Also, it depends on your child's age- that is the mattress that would suit them better. You can choose a plush medium-soft mattress for teens and below, ideally HR Foam layer in support and memory foam or low-density HR foam in the comfort layer.
This is because the mattress would withstand their playfulness better and support and comfort them when it's time for bed. However, when they're older, it is best to let them experience if they want a medium-soft or medium-firm mattress.

3. I need to find a mattress that helps me sleep soundly despite the tossing and turning of wife/husband:
In such a case, you should first use our SleepID to shortlist compatible mattresses that help support and comfort both without any compromise. Additionally, you should go for hybrid pocket coil innerspring mattresses to isolate movement to one side. Even bonded foam is an excellent option; however, spring systems that stay silent act the best.

4. I'm looking for an orthopedic mattress that helps me take care of my body post a workout injury:
If you lead an active lifestyle and have a temporary or mild workout injury, you should visit your physician without delay. As per prescription, you should go for what your doctor prescribes and choose from our range of dual-comfort mattresses or Orthopedic Bonnell spring mattresses like the Chiropedic 5000 and Chiropedic 10000. It depends on your doctor's prescription, and you should aim for long term maintenance of the injured area.

5. Do memory foam mattresses last a short time?
Memory foam mattresses have a reputation for most brands to lose their form quickly and mostly within 2- 3 years. However, at King Koil, we use exceptionally dense material in our memory foam mattresses to help them stay as good as new without losing their form. The 90D+ level helps make the memory foam dense, plush, and last long, in addition to other benefits. However, if you want a similar experience, you can go for an HR foam mattress that sustains its form despite exerting pressure on top of it. Again, it depends on the density level and material used, but HR foam mattresses won't sag or lose their potency as quickly.