Date : 2020-08-18 09:21:14

What are the advantages of having a round bed mattress?

A round bed might bring the image of luxury or might seem practical for everyday use. But the reality is the opposite, as although it does inspire the look and feel of a premium establishment, but it adds just as much value and compliments the interior designing of your home or establishment. Moreover, you can even choose to have any kind of mattress made into a round bed mattress. This not only adds aesthetic value but the round shape is perfect for so many more reasons. It is a reflection of extravagance and a truly luxurious lifestyle because it acts more as an aesthetic and ultra-comfortable feel to it.

Not only does it make your interior design much more appealing to look at, but also gives a comfortable and open feel. Lying on a circular bed gives you the subconscious trick to be more comfortable and at ease. With a round bed mattress not only do you tend to feel more playful but also feel much more freedom out of the confines of a rectangular mattress. More than anything, a round bed mattress serves an aesthetic function and makes for unique furniture and interior décor options.

Advantages of choosing a round bed mattress:
There is not much difference between a round bed and a rectangular bed mattress when it comes to quality. This is much more evident when you get the option of choosing a round bed or rectangular mattress for the same kind of foam. Here are the main advantages of having a round bed mattress:

1. Variety: Since a round bed mattress is perfect for customization and complementing your interior décor, there is much more variety to it. You can get more options to customize not only the mattress, bed style, but also the way everything is placed together. A circular shape allows for more freedom for customization and variety in the same. Hotels, homes, studios among other establishments can make use of a round bed mattress in different ways, for maximum usability and comfort. There are ample designs, styles and orientations along with highly stylized beds that you can make use of with round bed mattresses.

2. Price: While it is true that most of the round bed mattresses may end up in the high-end budget segment, but it is not always the experience. You can opt for good quality round bed mattresses in the same material or kind as a regular rectangular mattress. At King Koil, you can choose any regular rectangular mattress from the entire range, just in a round bed mattress shape. This not only makes round bed mattresses available for anyone but helps decorate your home in a way that attracts as much attention as gives you comfort. You can enjoy all the benefits of latex, PU Foam, innersprings mattress as well as any other kinds of mattress available.

3. Customization: In addition to the huge variety of options available, there is more to the customization of a round bed mattress than the kinds that you can get it in. This is because you can also choose to have them custom made in innumerous ways as per your interior design. Your bed and round shape bed mattress can be as minimalistic or extravagant as you choose. Ordering a custom shape mattress or any custom mattress is easy and as the custom mattresses are handcrafted you can be sure of high quality. You might not find different sizes or styles of a round bed mattress as per your vision of interior décor of your bedroom. But we can help with any kind of custom mattress order to help achieve your dream of a perfect sleeping room.

4. Comfort: The best thing about a round bed mattress is not just its shape aesthetics, but also the level of comfort the shape itself provides. This is because a round shape helps the mind see it as an unbound shape that subconsciously makes your body feel at ease. As a result, you would be able to sleep with ease, in addition making your entire bedroom seem cozy. The round shape doesn’t take much more space or any lesser space, but can be somewhat larger when it comes to the bed size. So, it offers you more room for sleeping on it, decorating your bedroom around it and freedom to walk in the room without sharp edges.
Moreover, a round bed mattress also makes you fall asleep much easier as it is a single mattress that gives you a unibody experience and is perfect for couples and bachelors alike. There are no sharp corners to be afraid of falling off from or running into when you’re awake. This also makes it perfect for children’s rooms, and can be a much better option than the traditional rectangular mattress if you like the design features. Most importantly, the round shape’s sense of comfort and relaxation has been proven by psychologists.

5. Room view: One of the best things about a round bed mattress, and round beds in general is the option to place them somewhat in the middle of the room for a complete view. You aren’t inclined to sleep towards either the headboard or near the foot end because there are no corners. You can however choose a round bed with a headboard and a bedroom bench if you would prefer a sense of traditional beds in a round bed. You can enjoy and have access to the entire room, and a round bed mattress doesn’t depress or incline towards one end with proper bedding.

Round bed mattress and bed sizes:
Same as regular mattresses, there are a lot of size options when it comes to round mattresses. Your room may be small, medium-sized, or large, but there would be a round shape bed mattress to help you with the perfect look. As you need to lie in the middle and fit on the inside, the bed has to be large enough across any diameter, and luckily they are. A round bed mattress usually starts at about 6.5 feet, so the majority of the people should not have any issues if they’re sleeping alone. However, if you are looking for a round bed mattress as a couple, you might need to go for larger sizes. Custom size mattress options are available at King Koil store and you can be sure that the range is among the best mattress in India.

The most important thing to keep in mind when you buy any round bed mattress 6.5 feet or above is that they take a lot of space. So, unless your bed is the only furniture you’d like in your room, the room has to be large or extra-large. Placing your bed in the center would help the most as a round bed mattress is already large and a bed may take up more space and you want a big enough room to accommodate the setup.

Factors to consider when buying a round bed mattress:

1. Body size and count:
While a rectangular mattress of any kind can accommodate 3-4 people considering an extra-large size, a round bed may not. If you’re going for a round bed mattress, considering the number of people sleeping on it is crucial. If there are two people sleeping on the bed a king size round shape bed mattress would be ideal. In case of more people, you should aim for even larger sizes. However, the best case to use a round bed mattress is for only up to 2-3 people. Body size wouldn’t matter much as the mattress stays in place, and doesn’t let anyone feel short of space throughout the diameter.

2. Foam and construction: You can get custom mattresses when it comes to a round shape bed mattress, and the next factor to consider is the construction. You can get one custom made for you in the size and material you prefer. If you want foam, latex, PU Foam, or even hybrid or innerspring you can get it at King Koil India, one of the main luxury mattress brand options. A memory foam mattress or any of the hybrid well-constructed mattresses would be perfect for your round bed. Moreover, all the material at King Koil is manufactured in-house and is sleep grade instead of generic/multipurpose. Maintaining a round shaped bed mattress is just as important and the right construction and quality material makes things easier and comfortable.

3. Body requirement: While you can choose the kind of material as per your requirement and get a nice sleeping experience, your sleep orientation is also a factor to consider. While a round bed mattress offers more than enough space that a single rectangular mattress wouldn’t it also affects your sleeping orientation. That is, if multiple people are sleeping on the same round-shaped bed mattress, in a fetal or lying on stomach position, you may disturb the other person much easier than on a rectangular mattress. In such a case, you may want to order an extra-large round bed mattress so that there’s enough space for you and your partner in any sleeping orientation.

4. Interior décor: With the main feature of a round shaped bed mattress is its aesthetics and a huge advantage when decorating your room, you may also want to line it up with your interior décor. You can order a custom size mattress and get them in any shape and size as well as get them in colors or textures/decorations as your interior décor. Your bed and mattress should feel in place instead of standing out as the only piece of furniture that stands out due to its size and décor.

5. Bed size and construction: While most round beds are well constructed and even offer storage options, round bed mattresses can be heavy. This is especially true if you’re going for a custom-made inner springs round shaped bed mattress for your bed. Moreover, your mattress should look as if it’s one with the bed with or without bedsheets. Usually, you can be sure of getting a custom mattress that matches the interior décor of your room and style according to your bed style and construction. Maintaining a round bed mattress and keeping it light is highly recommended in the long run.

How is a round shaped bed mattress beneficial to your body and sleep?
A round bed mattress is a great choice especially if you tend to move a lot during your sleep. Not only is it good for weak sleepers, but your body as well. You can get a round mattress in any material and size as per custom order, but there’s more to it affecting your sleep than the shape. That is, your body tends to feel physiologically safe and confined with a lot of space on either side which is not the case with a rectangular mattress. People who tend to sleep on their stomach or fetal position can feel comfortable and sleep better without much disruption. This also applies to both or more people sleeping on a round bed mattress, as there’s room to move around for your legs.

Another advantage is sleeping in any direction you like to feel the wind or less/more light in your room instead of fixed spots. A round bed with a high-quality smooth mattress gives your room a cozy look to help you feel relaxed and at home helping you in falling asleep quickly as well.

There are so many additional benefits to a round shaped bed mattress than just its aesthetic value. It helps you sleep quicker, offers more space to move in your sleep, and doesn’t let you disturb your partner’s sleep easily. Even an innerspring custom round bed mattress would move lesser than a rectangular option on a regular bed giving you more support. It is the perfect choice for a luxurious lifestyle that focuses just as much on your sleep as it does on the beauty of your room.