Date : 2020-11-10 13:10:22

What Goes into Making a Premium Mattress and is it worth buying?

There is more to a mattress than assembling raw materials or layers of foam in some sequence. A high-quality mattress has to ensure not only the longevity of raw materials but how it can help you feel comfortable. A good night's sleep is vital for the well-being of you and your family, and mattresses are at the core of this experience. A high-quality mattress and a low-quality mattress differ not only in their construction and comfort but also in other factors. To understand what makes a high-quality premium mattress, you can look at the factors which make it so:

1. Company Presence:
One of the best markers of a good quality mattress can be superficial yet significant. The brand reputation represents the value that a mattress gives, and its success is an indicator of customer satisfaction. As a luxury mattress brand, King Koil has been around for over 120 years in the sleep industry. Bringing happiness to customers and sound sleep to people worldwide, our mattress quality and brand reputation speaks for itself. As the leading supplier to luxury hotels and people looking for good quality mattresses for their homes. A good quality mattress can stand the test of time in your home and the industry as well.

2. Testing and Enhancements:
Mattress testing and quality analysis are a big part of their overall experience. As a company, it is essential to ensure longevity and quality in a mattress. Assuring quality in raw materials, construction quality, stitching guarantees an excellent overall experience. That is why it is an essential part of a high-quality mattress manufacturing process to test everything. It can be testing in terms of physical stress. That is why King Koil mattresses go through rigorous testing and quality analysis to ensure mattress quality, comfort, and longevity.
Our mattresses then undergo enhancement and development based on extensive testing and quality evaluation results based on research. To ensure the best quality mattresses, we take testing and analysis seriously to help customers feel the comfort and relaxation they expect from our mattresses. Moreover, this process is also at the core of our research and development team to fix any potential or caught mattress longevity issues. Enhancing our mattresses' features, quality, and overall experience helps us develop better products, and customers experience high-quality sleep year after year.

4. International Certifications:
A good quality mattress has to be more than a sum of its layers arranged randomly. Sometimes physics and other factors can only give one as much data. When we design mattresses, we take real-world data from people who test our mattresses using biometric pressure point data sampling. This approach helps us get appropriate data quality to ensure that our mattresses exert pressure and conform where they need to on your body. To further help make this experience better for customers with body diagnosis, our mattresses are certified by international chiropractic organizations.
The better our data and testing are, the better the results are for people looking for medical relief from diagnoses from our mattresses. That is why our mattresses have certifications from ICA (International Chiropractic Association) and FCER (Foundation for Chiropractic Education and Research). So, if you have a doctor's prescription for a particular mattress type, our mattress can deliver the comfort and support you need to relieve any medical conditions. King Koil orthopedic mattresses take care of your body just as prescribed by doctors, and our SleepID helps pair you with the best results in addition to a doctor's prescription. In non-orthopedic luxury mattresses also, we ensure our medical certifications and consultations to help in long-term comfort and support for all body types.

5. Global Collaboration and Data Analysis:
In making a mattress that suits people worldwide, you need data from across the globe. That is why King Koil, as a worldwide luxury mattress brand, ensures quality standards with global collaboration. Our mattresses use a general assessment of the human body from across the globe and target specific demographics. So, you can be sure that King Koil mattresses uphold international standards by collaborating and using a global database for product improvement, quality, and satisfaction.
Furthermore, data analysis across the globe with how the body reacts and feels comfortable helps us design the best luxury mattresses. As we test more people and how our mattresses work with their bodies in different sleeping positions, weight, sleeping patterns, we learn more to improve and create mattresses. As a result, you get mattresses that work for specific body types and help deliver unparalleled comfort and quality. Moreover, King Koil mattresses can deliver these results and more, especially in the hospitality industry. This is because the hospitality industry needs more generalized mattresses that work for all the guests to deliver excellent results and last a long time. This data analytics approach helps us design and create products suited to people's requirements rather than focus on mattress quality alone.
Our data analytics approach also helps us pair people with their mattresses using a global or demographic focused algorithm we call SleepID. In line with our global collaboration and analytics research, the tool helps us pair you with the best mattress for your body. Using SleepID, you can get a range of mattresses that would be good for your body, and you can choose your mattress, knowing it has science and global data to back up guaranteed satisfaction.

6. Continuous Research and Development:
Without research and development efforts, one can only guess and estimate how to make a premium luxury mattress. That is why our research and development team work on mattresses, personal comfort, improving existing products, and making new ones with data to back up their efforts. Research and development help improve our mattresses' issues and roll out new features, mattresses, and ways to pair people with compatible mattresses.
Our research and development efforts also help make ultra-luxury mattresses and hospitality mattresses to suit a wide range of people. Assessing quality, body issues, how mattresses work with different bodies, and other factors help us roll out only the best products for you. As a premium mattress manufacturer, we take research and development seriously, helping us stand out and present unique products. These efforts help us and customers feel comfortable as mattress satisfaction levels stay high.

If you're looking for how a premium mattress is made, the research and development efforts are a good indicator of this factor. Moreover, research and development help improve existing products if there are any flaws or discomfort and introduce new features with updates. Much like any software product, our research and development treat mattresses as an essential lifestyle product to help with your sleep. This approach helps customers look forward to high-quality sleep night after night for years without any issues.
Research and development also help us stay ahead of the times and craft mattresses to help people globally. For example, our research and development team helps make mattresses better for people with a sedentary lifestyle in the current global pandemic. Premium mattresses differ from others in terms of quality of materials, construction, and the overall experience that they offer, and our research and development team help with this.

7. Premium materials:
The way materials are assembled, or the quality of raw materials gives an assessment of how your mattress feels and its longevity. Premium mattresses have a certain standard that you cannot find elsewhere. There are a variety of factors that influence the overall quality of materials in use in your mattress. One of the primary assessments is the density of the materials or the way they're manufactured.
That is why King Koil mattresses use in-house mattresses manufacturing units to avoid any irregularities in quality standards. Our in-house manufacturing helps us maintain the high standard we uphold as a brand and help avoid irregularities and low-quality raw materials or defects one can expect when sourcing from a third-party.
Talking of premium materials, our mattresses use high-density foam in all our mattresses. If you want a softer experience one expects from a memory foam mattress, we alter our construction and comfort layers, but the overall foam density stays on the higher side. This high-density approach helps uphold more benefits of any given material and ensures long life.
Apart from foam, we use this high-density approach in all materials like latex foam, memory foam, rebonded, and HR foam to ensure uniform quality in our mattresses. Moreover, our innerspring mattresses also use double heat-tempered springs to ensure that your mattress stays silent and free of creaky-noises. Using high-quality materials throughout from the bottom to the topmost layer gives an assured greater satisfaction and long life for our mattresses.

Another example of premium materials is present in our high-end mattresses, orthopedics, hospitality, and ultra-luxury mattresses. With the help of research and development team efforts, we can use these high-quality materials to deliver excellent results. Throwing together high-quality doesn't always work, and our R and D efforts help conceive luxury mattresses that suit a wide range of body types. From using high-quality luxury mattresses to ensuring proper construction, stitching, and overall raw material quality, our luxury mattresses help make sure that they elevate your sleeping standards.

Why choose premium King Koil mattresses?
In addition to the points mentioned above that ensure quality in King Koil mattresses, our customer satisfaction is at the core of our company values. Making sure that when customers buy a mattress, they get to experience in-person and choose from a range of compatible mattresses that helps us stand out. When you choose a mattress using our SleepID tool or in-store Kiosks, you can expect a 94% match with a mattress that suits your body. King Koil mattresses offer a ten year to 12 years warranty depending upon the product line and stay good as new for most of this duration.

If you're looking for luxury or premium mattresses and are tired of switching mattresses, our products assure a one-stop solution for your sleep requirements. From our research and development team to sleep technicians, everyone understands the value of a good night's sleep and a mattress's role in helping with the same. King Koil mattresses and the SleepID tool match your body with a mattress that works as per your preferences. The best way to ensure a high-quality sleeping experience is by making sure your lifestyle, sleeping habits, and environment have a calming and relaxing effect on your body.

If you find yourself tossing and turning excessively, or sleeping hot, facing motion disturbances, King Koil mattresses have different products for each requirement. We choose to take sleeping and well-being seriously, and the same reflects in our mattresses. If you see mattresses online, you can't expect a one-size-fits-all on a low budget. There are no personal care products that are one size fits-all. That is why we create mattresses for everyone differently, to help people be at peace when they go to sleep on a King Koil luxury mattress.

Premium mattresses can be expensive, but when you choose a mattress that doesn't take care of your body, you end up paying for it with health issues and discomfort. That is why our mattresses also use international medical certification consultations as a benchmark for the overall sleeping experience that King Koil mattresses can offer. Investing in a premium mattress is essential in this day and age as more people worldwide have to take care of their health and immunity.
Sleeping is at the core of your health, immunity, and overall well-being. That is why one should only go for premium mattresses that suit your body and boost or maintain your physiological and overall health. Premium mattresses take more than premium materials to assemble a high-quality product, and our customers can attest to the fact that our mattresses help them get a sleeping-in-the-air experience that revitalizes their body and mind. We do not compromise on any quality in our mattresses to help ensure high-quality sleep, and it can help if you're facing sleep issues or want a better mattress taking care of your sleep.