Date : 2021-07-06 10:32:50

What is a Plush Mattress and where you can buy one?

When we talk about sleep, we often want a comfort level associated with our home, unwinding with our bedtime habits, a soft pillow, and a comfortable mattress. Everyone needs some well-deserved deep sleep at the end of the day in the comfort of their home and a comfortable mattress. But 'comfort' in this discussion is often not understood as well as it should be. People start considering their mattress firmness or plushness level to quantify how well they're able to sleep.

Most people prefer to sleep on a plush, comfortable and softer mattress, which is logical until it's not, as not all bodies need the same type. Till the time someone starts experiencing body pains, or issues, they're often not aware of what's wrong, whether it is their lifestyle or soft mattress or both, and maybe additional issues. A plush mattress is excellent for sleep, but only a few may find the experience worth it in terms of long-term health.

What is a 'Plush Mattress'?
A soft or an ultra-soft mattress is often categorized as a 'plush mattress.' A soft mattress is soft in the way it feels throughout and not just the surface firmness level. Your mattress can be soft, and most mattresses may feel soft, but a plush mattress encompasses comfort like no other type of mattress.

But how is a plush mattress from your mattress or any other mattress you're buying? Since the top and comfort layers are mostly plush in most mattresses, the base layers are usually meant to support the body. But, in a plush mattress, the top comfort and support layers are soft, in addition to the base or core innerspring/foam layer being soft too. Here are the two main categories of a plush mattress:

  1. Plush innerspring mattress: A plush innerspring mattress has soft or ultra-soft upper layers like PU Foam, memory foam, and a supportive yet soft innerspring system. A pocket coil innerspring system in place inside a plush mattress does wonders for a contouring and plush sleeping experience. The innerspring pocket coil system in a plush innerspring mattress aims to contour your body's curves and enhance comfort. Although they're also supportive, the volume and size of such a system are smaller to prevent being too firm. In hospitality mattresses or ultra-luxury mattresses, an innerspring pocket system is often dual-layered, with both layers working in tandem to maximize comfort.
  2. Plush foam mattress: Unlike an innerspring plush mattress, a plush foam mattress usually has soft layers of foam throughout. Since there will be a lesser support requirement, a plush foam mattress would rely on the density of its core and support layers. Materials like latex foam, HR foam, or even memory foam take center stage in a plush foam mattress to maximize comfort and pressure relieving capabilities. Luxury plush foam mattresses also have multiple comfort layers with special construction features like a Euro top or pillow top quilting. These features are beneficial in both plus foam and plush innerspring mattresses and suitable for hospitality and domestic purposes.

Who should buy plush mattresses?
Plush mattresses have features that make them pleasurable for some but unhealthy for others. Since mattresses offer invaluable comfort and support to our bodies in the long term, they shape our lifestyle, posture, sleep quality, and quantity. If one doesn't go with a mattress as per their body type, it leads to sleep disorders in addition to physiological disorders like muscle and posture issues. Because plush mattresses do not offer the most support in general, not everyone would find them suitable. However, they're just as comfortable and healthy for some age/weight groups depending upon long or short-term use.

  1. Hotels: Hotels rely on plush mattresses, for the most part, to offer a comfortable sleeping experience for their exhausted guests. Be it a family or business trip, the sleep environment change becomes problematic if one finds their hotel room mattress firmer than they like. However, plush mattresses solve this problem by being generally more comforting for all body types. Hospitality mattresses can be plush innerspring mattresses with a Westin bed style construction or adopt a plush foam mattress approach depending upon their guests. Ultra-plush mattresses in hospitality ultra-luxury suites often use incredibly soft mattresses to make it feel like you're sleeping on a cloud.  
  2. People without weight or chronic pain issues: Since support factor is essential in any mattress you buy, people with overweight or obese bodies, older adults, and people with chronic or body pain should stay away from a plush mattress. Although you may prefer to sleep on a softer and more comfortable mattress, they're only good to experience in the short term in a hotel unless you have chronic body pain or discomfort. That is why people with the issues mentioned earlier should stick to luxury mattresses that offer support in the long term. Orthopedic or hybrid innerspring mattresses with a robust support system (either foam or innerspring) are ideal for people with weight, age, or body pain restrictions. However, you can still experience a softer and more comfortable plush mattress with a Euro top or pillow top design with a supportive ortho core or innerspring system inside the mattress. Such a mattress would offer the essence of a plush mattress but take out the inadequate support, which would stop you from getting a plush mattress online or any ultra-plush mattress.
  3. Young adults with a healthy body: A healthier body weight and BMI improves your life quality in all aspects, and a plush mattress is a big bonus. As rewarding and comforting it can be to sleep on plush or ultra-plush mattress, it is ideal only as long as you can stay in shape. Losing your perfect form to age, lifestyle, life events, injuries, and other factors can drive up your weight or weaken your muscles. Because of these factors, a plush mattress isn't a long-term sleeping solution but perfect as long as you can enjoy it. A healthier body doesn't need the level of support that everyday orthopedic or luxury innerspring mattresses offer and can do with the minimum. A plush mattress satisfies and overdoes your sleep requirements, but the only compromise or promise you have to keep is to stay in shape. A plush mattress is ideal for people up to 35 years of age, depending upon the Indian lifestyle, provided one has a generally active life.

Advantages of plush mattresses:
A plush mattress has impressive health benefits, in addition to its apparent comfortable sleep. If you're going for a plush mattress for your hotel or your home, these are the benefits it offers in both the short and long term:

  1. Enhanced Comfort: Comfort can be subjective, and people or hotels choosing a plush mattress can experience enhanced comfort. While an everyday use luxury mattress may be comfortable for you, a plush mattress goes a level ahead and enhances comfort by using dense and high-quality materials. A plush mattress may use lower density memory foam layers combined with latex or other materials with a higher density base for support. Additionally, the enhanced comfort may also result from construction features like Euro or pillow top, making the surface much plusher and pressure relieving. The contouring comfort in a plush or ultra-mattress is beneficial in enhancing your sleep environment comfortable and helps you go to sleep faster.
    Materials like latex or HR foam further help enhance comfort because of their bouncy yet comfortable feel that helps one stay afloat and cooler. Although materials like memory foam and PU foam may offer a warmer sleeping experience (mainly high-density configuration), latex foam and HR foam or gel memory foam help keep your body cooler.
  2. Muscle Relaxing: One of the main benefits of a plush or ultra-plush mattress is its adequate pressure-relieving capability. Although most supportive and orthopedic mattresses are ideal for pain-relieving requirements and rightly so, a plush mattress helps comfort by relieving pressure. It is our muscles that tend to be more painful because of being overweight, injured, strained, or suffering from chronic pain. As a requirement, ideally, a pain-relieving mattress should help with spinal and body posture alignment. However, a plush mattress helps by taking off the pent-up pressure in your muscles and nullifying the reactive pressure with a contouring experience. As a result, your body faces zero reactive pressure from the mattress, often giving a sleeping in the air experience, where you feel weightless.
    Moreover, a softer plush mattress is also beneficial for people who stand or work out excessively, as it helps alleviate the severe pain in one's muscles. So, as a relaxing muscle option, a plush mattress is beneficial for people who do not have body pain issues or age and weight factors.
  3. Wake up more rejuvenated: The negligible reactive pressure, overall enhanced comfort help you sleep better and quicker. Because of the enhanced comfort, you're more likely to sleep for long hours in a deep sleep and wake up feeling rejuvenated. All luxury resorts and hotel mattresses use plush or ultra-plush mattresses to make you feel better at night and in the morning when you wake up. This leads to well-rested sleep, and something you look forward to and different from your everyday luxury mattress. 
    Plush mattresses for hotels even use enhanced comfort constructions like a Euro, box, or pillow top to help you get rid of your travel weariness. If you can recollect your last luxury resort visit, you might remember feeling more relaxed and sleeping in a cloud experience, and that's all because of a luxury plush mattress. 
    This kind of experience makes one opt for a softer mattress in their home, but not everyone has the suitability to use it long term. That is why you should use SleepID to look into our mattresses for better satisfaction in the long term. And if you're still insistent on getting a luxury hotel-like mattress, our ultra-luxury mattress range is there for you to use long-term.

Disadvantages of a plush mattress:
A plush mattress is ideal for specific groups of people and not so good for others. But that doesn't mean that it's all flowers without the thorns for people that may want to go for a plush mattress. Here are some factors you should know about before you buy a plush mattress.

  1. Expensive: A quality plush mattresses use a combination of low and high-density foam options, where there's more chance of having several high-density layers. High-density layers are essential for contouring comfort while maintaining minimum support for your body. As a result, plush or ultra-plush mattresses or mattresses for hotels tend to be more expensive because of the material cost alone. Moreover, the pocket coil innerspring system inside a plush mattress is also usually Micro-springs and much higher in count than a luxury hybrid or orthopedic mattress.
    These factors and the enhanced density of the foam layers and innerspring systems drive up the cost of a plush mattress higher than everyday luxury mattresses. Bespoke mattresses or hospitality mattresses also need custom manufacturing and robust materials for long-term use, and high GSM fabrics and foams used are other factors for their higher cost. Ultra-luxury mattresses use high-density quilting and Euro or pillow top in addition to the best materials, and dual innerspring coils make these beds significantly more expensive and highly comfortable at the same time.
  2. Ideal for active people: Since overweight, older, or people with body injuries cannot use a plush mattress because of the support requirement, and a plush mattress usually suits an active person better. The muscles are fitter, and there is little fat to support, making them ideal mattresses for stomach sleepers and best mattresses for side sleepers too. Although an incompatible mattress can lead to decreased sleep quality and drive up your weight and other sleep issues, a plush mattress enhances sleep quality. However, over the years, life happens, people change, and your body may also show signs of aging, including weight gain. So, as long as you're able to maintain your lifestyle and keep bodyfat or injuries at bay, a plush mattress is ideal for you. If you're a young adult with an active lifestyle, a plush mattress is a safe investment. However, people inching closer to middle age or late 30s might want to stay away from a plush mattress because of lifestyle and aging issues.
  3. May lead to overheating: The high-density materials used in a plush mattress make your body sink and experience extreme comfort. Your body tends to sink in a softer mattress, no matter how healthier your bodyweight is (unless you have a latex or HR foam mattress). This sinking into the comfort layer made out of memory or PU foam may lead to a warm or hot sleeping experience in some people. If you're prone to sweat at night because of any reason, it is best to go for temperature neutral materials like a gel memory foam mattress to keep you cool or a latex foam mattress which is good all year round. Additionally, your partner may also choose to cuddle with you, and it may drive up the discomfort, especially in summers, which may be an issue to watch out for. You can keep these issues at bay by sleeping in an air-conditioned or well-ventilated room with a temperature neutral or cooler plush mattress.

Who & Why shouldn't one buy plush mattresses?
As mentioned earlier, one shouldn't buy a plush mattress thinking of their last hotel mattress experience, as it was comfortable for a day or a week. In the long run, you need a healthy balance of comfort and support from your mattress to maintain or improve your physiological health. If you choose the wrong plush mattress despite being incompatible for it, it can lead to sleep disorders and body pain issues. You should use SleepID to see if your body is compatible with a soft or ultra-soft mattress, making things easier for your body and ensuring maximum sleep quality in the long run. Here are some groups and reasons why one shouldn't buy a plush mattress:

  1. Overweight people: Overweight or obese people should opt for a more supportive and comforting mattress as a plush mattress would provide the ideal balance of comfort and support. A plush mattress has negligible or minor support; that's just enough to maintain the correct body posture in people with average body weights and a healthy BMI.
    As the best mattresses for side sleepers, orthopedic or innerspring supportive mattresses are something you should look into, especially if you're overweight. However, in case of overweight people, one needs more support for their spine and muscle pain relief in the long term. Moreover, orthopedic mattresses with medium-firm, firm or medium-soft configuration would be ideal for overweight people, but it all comes down to bodyweight and BMI. Innerspring plush mattresses or plush foam mattresses do not have a robust supportive innerspring or foam core to support a more considerable bodyweight and are there for comfort enhancement and contouring.
  2. People with back and spine problems: If you have back pain (any kind) or spinal disorders, a plush mattress for comfort or pain relief is the last thing you should be looking at. Spinal and back pains start because of injuries or sustained poor postures in lifestyle and need more support than comfort. A plush mattress lacks the necessary support system you would need to keep your spine in its natural S-shape in the back or side sleeping position. Moreover, soft mattresses can fit into the mattress category for stomach sleepers, and if you have back and spine issues, you should avoid stomach sleeping at all costs. A plush mattress would benefit people who do not have any existing or prone to back and spine issues, and younger adults with a healthy BMI and body weight can opt for it. However, suppose you have any kind of muscle or spine related issues that you have a diagnosis for, or a generally sedentary or overactive lifestyle. In that case, you should look into Dr recommended orthopedic mattresses.
  3. Older adults: In older age, our muscles and bones are more fragile, and as a result, not suited to a plush mattress that doesn't have a support system. While sleeping on an excessively firm mattress may not be ideal either for older people, a plush or ultra-plush mattress would be an unwise choice. However, sleeping on an orthopedic or hybrid innerspring system as per body weight, BMI, age, and existing issues is ideal for older people. It would help if you looked into our SleepID tool to see the mattresses that are suitable for older people.
    While age is just a number, your body starts showing signs of pains and an enhanced risk of injuries, making a plush or ultra-plush mattress a bad idea for older people. A medium-firm or firm mattress would be ideal for senior citizens as it helps keep the body in shape while making the sleeping experience more comfortable in more positions.

Best plush mattresses in India you can buy:

  1. The Palace Bed: The palace bed is one of the most expensive, extraordinarily comfortable, and ultra-soft mattresses you can find in India. The mattress offers a floating in the air experience that is possible thanks to its unique BodyFloat technology and a Euro top design. This mattress is ideal for people looking for the most luxurious soft mattress helpful for extremely comfortable sleep, and it's best to know when you experience it in person.
  2. Signature: The Signature mattress is a box-top ultra-soft mattress with multiple high-density pocket coil layers. The micro pocket springs inside, and the soft, high-density quilting in the box top enhance comfort like no other mattress. If you're looking for an ultra-plush mattress that feels more bouncy and soft, the Signature mattress is ideal for you.
  3. World Luxury: If your luxury hotel resort made you too comfortable with a hotel mattress, and it's been hard sleeping on your everyday mattress, the World Luxury mattress is your calling. This hotel-like mattress is ideally a hospitality mattress and suitable for your dream bedroom as one giant cloud you can float in. The pillow top construction and PressureSense foam enhance comfort and make you feel weightless and right at home.
  4. iMattress: If you tend to sleep hot, the iMattress is your go-to memory foam plush mattress. Multiple layers of varying memory foam density make the iMattress ideal for your back and body and one of the best mattresses for side sleepers. The high-density HR foam helps provide enhanced contouring comfort that is beneficial for your posture and sleeping comfort.
  5. Paradise - soft natural latex mattress: The Paradise mattress lives up to its name by offering a close-to-nature and plush sleeping experience thanks to its high-density 100% natural latex foam layer. The mattress uses a high-density HR foam layer to provide a bouncy and more supportive sleeping experience while enjoying the comfort and health benefits of latex foam. The BodySink comfort layer helps provide a more pressure-relieving sleeping experience essential for your body.

Plush mattresses offer so much, but not everyone can enjoy them due to body issues and budget issues. This makes their comfort more exclusive and similar to the forbidden fruit that everyone wants. Hotel mattresses show us how comforting it is to sleep on a luxury plush or ultra-plush mattress, and it can be not very pleasant to go back to your standard mattress. However, a plush mattress's long-term usability is a dynamic factor because of how life impacts our bodies. As a result, while you may prefer to sleep on a softer mattress, a plush mattress or an ultra-luxury plush mattress would find the fancy of a minority of people.

The softness of a plush mattress is a level above your regular mattress as the support factor isn't as dominant. However, this doesn't mean that you cannot enjoy a softer mattress or sleep in a more contouring plush mattress. If you find yourself out of budget or out of body shape to find the long-term usability of a plush mattress viable, there are plenty of other options. A medium-firm mattress or a medium-soft mattress with an innerspring pocket coil, high-density core, or ortho foam layer would be ideal.

There is also an additional factor of choosing the right mattress for your body which is even more essential if you're finalizing a plush mattress. If you're looking for a plush or ultra-plush mattress for domestic use, look into our SleepID tool to find the one that fits your body type and budget. Additionally, if you're looking for a custom mattress as per guest requirements or for your luxury suits, King Koil hospitality or bespoke mattresses would be the best addition to your hotel's comfort ratings. Get in touch with us for custom sizing and comfort level configuration for your domestic or hospitality mattress, and ensure a better, more comforting sleep for all your guests for years to come.