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What is Sleep Deprivation and does it really affect our lives?

Sleep deprivation is that condition that lets you feel down and out of your spirits if your body does not get the optimum amount of sleep it needs for it to function properly. The deficiency in sleep that usually can make people sleep-deprived, varies from person to person. In general, older adults are able to handle the effects of sleep deprivation better than children and young adults.

It is true that sleep interruptions occasionally may not always be a big botheration. However, if this lack of sleep becomes regular it may often lead to excessive sleepiness during the daytime, obesity, anomaly in emotional handling, inefficient job performance, and a lowered quality of life as a whole.

The importance of restorative sleep is of utmost importance, and some attention is definitely necessary to manage as well as prevent sleep deprivation.
In all our day-to-day lives, the worst thing we do to ourselves is ignoring the importance of sleep for our body without even realizing the adverse impacts it can soon have on our lives. If you feel a constant spell of reduced daytime energy, emotional balance, productivity, and a sudden rise or fall in your weight, it will almost always be because of not getting enough sleep.

Importance of Sleep

Sleep is an important part of our health and life. When we sleep our body gets the time it needs to work on itself. Even while you sleep, your body remains active and does important work that is needed to keep the body in its best possible shape. While the brain is asleep, the muscles are relaxed, the various hormones and enzymes are working their part and the body is actively repairing any and all damage that the body has suffered. Even while you sleep the body doesn’t but it gets valuable time to work on itself. There are many more advantages of getting a good night’s sleep as it allows the various chemicals in our body to be actively regulated and help our body instead of harming it. Sleep allows us to nourish our mental as well as physical state. Our body repairs damaged areas, old and dead cells are replaced, the mind is relieved of its stress and the body in its entirety lets go of the tension it has accumulated.

Sleep helps in:

Boosting immunity
2. Managing your hunger and diet
3. Managing your mental health
4. Preventing diabetes
5. Increasing your sex drive
6. Prevents heart diseases
7. Increases fertility

What are sleep deprivation and its symptoms?

Sleep deprivation may be considered as a state of inadequacy in the quality and quantity of sleep and it includes sleeplessness, be it voluntary or involuntary. It also refers to the sleep disorders in the circadian rhythm.

Sleep is just as important to the human body as is food and water. But most of us do not pay as much attention to it as we should. Inadequate amount of sleep and disruptions in the sleep-wake cycle occurring from an irregular work schedule essentially have negative effects on our functioning during the daytime.
Daytime sleepiness coming from sleep deprivation can make a person accident-prone, tending to make unwise decisions and irritable. In fact, staying awake for about 24 hours at a stretch can be similar to your condition when you have a blood alcohol content of 0.1. Sleep deprivation is also often found to cause road accidents and work-related injuries.

Lack of sleep can also affect a child's school performance and could be linked to an increased risk of emotional problems such as depression. Sleep is one of the most primal instincts for humans. During our sleep, we want to feel safe and relaxed and any change in our sleeping environment can really throw our sleep cycle and body enzymes into disarray. Sleep deprivation damages our body and our mind in the long run and can result in the body and mind breaking down from the stress eventually.

Symptoms that you are sleep-deprived:

1. Yawning
2. Mood swings
3. Irritability
4. Fatigue
5. Feeling depressed
6. Reduced comprehension
7. Forgetfulness
8. Lack of concentration
9. Lack of motivation
10. Increased clumsiness
11. Increased appetite
12. Reduced sex drive

Causes of sleep deprivation

Here are some of the most common causes of sleep deprivation;

By choice: One of the most common causes, people tend to undermine the need for a good sleep and tend to keep doing activities and work that leaves less and less time for them to sleep and get rested. It is usually found in working adults who work long hours or indulge in after work or late night activities that severely cut down their sleep duration. While it may be for a short period of time for some during critical periods of time or schedule, prolonged ignorance of sufficient sleep can cause the body to burnout and cause much more damage than just sleep-deprivation.

Illness: Snoring, gagging, common cold, sleep apnoea, periodic limb movement, and other such diseases that can keep you awake at night or make you break your sleep in the middle of the night are another set of causes. Falling asleep again becomes harder in such cases and such sleep fragmentation leads to sleep deprivation. Such illness can keep you awake for extended periods of time and the body is not able to relax fully even when you are asleep which makes the resultant sleep-deprivation even more troublesome.

Work: Too much workload or people who work on a shift basis are primary victims of sleep deprivation as their sleep cycles are constantly changing which directly affects their body and their ability to recover from stress and fatigue. People who are frequently crossing time zones like aircraft pilots, crew, or businessmen also suffer from irregular sleep cycles and insufficient sleep. Work induced stress is one of the most reported causes for sleep-deprivation among working adults and has far-reaching consequences than just sleep deprivation.

Medicines: Medications for diseases such as ADHD or epilepsy are known to cause insomnia and prolonged usage cause irreversible damage to the sleep cycle and leads to sleep deprivation.  Medicines release special chemicals that interact with the body which is not a normal situation for the immune system of the body. This leads to the creation of a mixture of chemicals that can interfere with the sleep-inducing enzymes and your sleep cycle thus leading to sleep-deprivation.

Sleeping Conditions: Another thing that affects sleep is the conditions of your bedroom or the environment. The bedroom may be too hot or too cold or may not be the best mattress for health. A good mattress can help you fall asleep easily and keep you comfortable all night. Other factors may be loud noises from around you which can disturb your sleep. Noisy neighbors, loud sounds, bad insulation in your bedroom, or an uncomfortable mattress can really destroy the comfort of your sleep. With such abysmal sleeping conditions, sleep deprivation is a common reaction. If you have a tendency to sleep on your stomach, you can also select the best mattress for stomach sleepers online.

Bad habits: These include your lifestyle choices. Drinking coffee closer to your bedtime or smoking cigarettes can stimulate your nervous system making it harder to relax for the body and release sleep hormones which ultimately lead to sleep. Bad habits also include irregular eating patterns. Eating just before bed or exercising before going to bed can all lead to an abundance of other enzymes in the body which prohibit the sleep-inducing enzymes from working and thus making it harder to fall asleep.

How to prevent sleep deprivation?

Here is a list of tips you can use to avoid sleep deprivation;

1. Avoid drinking coffee near your bedtime.
2. Avoid smoking at night as the nicotine stimulates the nervous system making it harder to relax and sleep.
3. Keep your bedroom cozy, comfortable, and dark. Cool temperatures will help you sleep faster.
4. Avoid eating or drinking anything 3 hours before your sleep time and let the body wind down and relax.
5. Maintain a fixed bedtime. Sleeping and waking up at a fixed time will help your body condition itself into sleeping soundly.
6. Avoid exercising within 4 hours of bedtime.
7. Naps during the day should not exceed 30 minutes.
8. Read a book and try and relax in bed for a good night’s sleep.

The importance of having a good mattress

The importance of having a comfortable mattress to sleep on is often overlooked. We spend almost 8 hours, a third of our every day on our beds, and as such our mattress has to be something that suits us the best. Your choice of mattress should not be based on the top luxury mattress brands or the cheapest or the most expensive mattress you can buy. There are a number of mattresses with different designs available. All these are designed to meet certain needs of the consumer and your body. Your personal requirements vary from everyone else and hence choosing the most popular mattress is not going to do justice to you or your body. When you look to buy mattress online, the mattress manufacturing companies have brought for you multiple options like:

1. Memory foam mattress
2. Pillow top mattress
3. Bonnell Spring mattress
4. Luxury mattress
5. Pocket Spring mattress
6. Air bed mattress
7. Latex mattress
8. Orthopedic mattress online
9. Back Support Mattress

All these mattresses, along with the king-size mattresses in India and the queen size mattresses in India will leave you spoilt for choice in finding the best mattress that can prevent you from sleep deprivation. You can also buy custom size mattresses online.

How mattresses can help with sleep deprivation

A good mattress that is based on your personal requirements will help you relax your body to the best possible degree. In the never-ending argument regarding  Firm mattress vs Soft Mattress, whether you should have a soft mattress that depresses around your weight or a firm mattress that puts pressure on your joints is all dependent on the condition of your body. Orthopedic mattresses are made to relax joints while being firm enough to support your body for soft mattresses can lead problematic joints to ache all night long as they are not held in their natural place by external pressure. The perfect mattress will relax your joints, your muscles, relieve stress, and make you fall asleep faster and hence solve your issue of sleep deprivation.

Mattresses also need to be able to circulate air to allow for cooling otherwise the mattress can get too hot to sleep on and make you uncomfortable in your sleep. A good quality sleep almost always depends on the sleep environment that you have in your bedroom or whenever you intend to sleep at night. There are a number of factors which you have to keep in mind in order to bring improvements in the sleep environment. Keeping all kinds of loud noises down and your room cool and comfortable are the primary requirements and a good mattress can solve all this as mattresses are known to absorb sound.

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