Date : 2020-06-16 11:44:11

What is The Point of a Mattress Topper? Should You Buy it or Skip it?

The rationale of having a high-quality mattress is equally important as having the right mattress topper. Therefore, anyone out there looking for some good sleep should never skip a mattress topper. As much as we may want to improve sleep, it is significant to understand the underlying issues based on our bed types; either bad or good. Health statistics show that sleep, exercise, and nutrition are among the core pillars of human well-being.

Even though sleep maybe least understood, the quantity and quality of sleep remain profound. One of the most common issues that affect sleep is the type of bed, whereby this entails the kind and quality of mattress one has. People who usually have back-related pains may complain of sleep disturbance often due to the wrong choice of their mattresses. With a number of clinical trials showing that a great amount of sleep can reduce the sensitivity to backpain, a good mattress will help to alleviate such aches through comfort.

Alright, you need some additive in your bed in order to complement your sleep – courtesy of mattress toppers. So, what is a mattress topper? In this piece, we shall look at the definition of a mattress topper in-depth, the types, advantages, firmness/softness, and a guide on how to choose the right one for your needs.

What is a Mattress Topper?
A mattress topper is basically an extra layer added on top of a mattress to increase its comfort and longevity. In other words, it is an extension of a mattress that offers an additional comfy by cushioning the mattress’s surface. The toppers come with a variety of features such as elastic straps on every corner for securing it to the bed such that the topper and the mattress remains firm even when you are sleeping.

Types of Mattress Toppers
For your own reason, you may have visited a mattress toppers online store or bedding and bath shop. Without confusing mattress toppers with other products such as mattress protectors or mattress pads, the mattress toppers vary depending on the material; from latex, memory foam, polyester, wool, to feathers. Nevertheless, let us look at the five major memory foam types;

Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattress Topper
This topper is made of PU foam that is well blended with another most sought after material, enhancing its capacity to absorb body temperature and weight. In addition, this topper is capable of conforming with your body, hence relieving pressure on the body.

Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper

With its ability to regulate your body temperature, this mattress topper is made of gel memory foam, which ensures your body stays cool throughout the night. Due to the nature of the material, it is capable of adapting to body contours, thus offering a pressure-relieve feel.

PU Foam Mattress Topper
This topper is specially made of soft PU foam, a gentle material suitable for a firm mattress. Due to its soft feature, the topper is suitable for reducing backache by increasing comfort and prolonged sleep.

HR Foam Mattress Topper
Manufactured using a high-resilience foam that balances thickness and softness, making it a certain investment for sleepers looking for a medium-firm feel. Moreover, this mattress topper is best for supporting back and ensuring minimal motion transfer on its surface.

Celliant Fibre Energy Mattress Topper
This is arguably the best option for sleepers looking for backpain relieving, muscle relaxation, and comfortable sleep. It is crafted using unique material fibre, which enhances body heat conversion into energy, then transferred to muscles for quicker pain deliverance.

Advantages of Mattress Toppers
It is worthwhile to note that your mattress topper must fit into your bed’s depth, and of course, into the width. Some stores match mattresses to their respective mattress toppers in order to lessen the searching task for the shoppers. However, you can as well buy separately and still add value to your existing mattress. All in all, a good topper can turn your great mattress into a fanciful one or elevate a poor bed to a more tolerable one. Apart from the traditionally simplified advantage of mattress toppers such as “increases mattress’s longevity and improves comfort”, there is more of a mattress topper as discussed below;

Additional Comfort
Traditionally, your body weight will compress a new mattress’s top soft layer within a few months or so when sleeping without a mattress topper. Also, sleeping without a topper may cause the top component to start losing its original tint due to body perspiration. These are some of the critical reasons to use a topper because the additional layer prevents the outermost part of the mattress from compressing due to bodyweight, thus giving more comfort with a layer that is easy to move and turn.

Increased Lifespan of Your Mattress
When it comes to the lifespan of your mattress, there are three pertinent things to focus on; body perspiration, dead skin and bacteria, and depressions. Body perspire throughout the night, and therefore the moisture released through the skin contains waste products excreted through the skin pores. Sleeping without a topper allows these waste fluids to settle on the top of the mattress. Therefore, the topper not only absorbs the perspiration, but also makes it easier to clean or even to replace than buying the whole mattress.

Makes Your Mattress as Good as New
The skin continuously sheds off while bacteria of different types stay attached on the surfaces. Therefore, the topper prevents these from reaching the innermost parts of the mattress. Also, hollows and depressions usually occur on a mattress over time if a topper is not used. When used, the layer shall take any form of the body but not the mattress. In case your body weight increases, you can opt to change the topper leaving your mattress untouched.

Budget Friendly Investment
The interesting advantage of using toppers, in the long term, your bed will remain comfortable as well as looking brand new. Given the unavoidable barrage activities during the night, it is also relatively cheaper to replace a topper than the entire mattress in the long run.

Firmness or Softness Level of a Mattress Topper
It is no doubt that the firmness or softness of a mattress topper will depend on one’s need. If you start a discussion about it, likely it will be a never-ending debate. Anyway, what do we refer to when we talk about firmness and softness of a mattress topper? This is simply the degree of turgidity of a topper; how it feels when your body lies on it.

For instance, firmness offers back support while the softness provides contouring effect to the body. Both are essential in addressing issues of backaches. However, people have different sleeping patterns and behaviors. Those that sleep on their back may require a firmer mattress as well as a firmer mattress topper. For side sleepers, a soft choice can give a great deal of sleep while stomach sleepers may need a medium choice. Interestingly, some of us have more than one sleeping style. Therefore, one’s personality can be the best guide when buying a new topper.

A special case may apply to an individual suffering from spinal disc or with a slipped disc. A firmer mattress topper is mandatory to help improve the sleeping posture and comfort. Some times you can pick a mattress topper with a similar turgidity level as your mattress as there is a wide range of them at play. It can also be a good idea to consult your medical doctor if you have a distinct health issue that needs to be complemented with the type of mattress topper.

How to Choose Which Mattress Topper is for You
Choosing a mattress topper specifically for you can be a perplexing mission, and thus the following are the key things to ponder before settling for a particular product;

The Thickness Level
Typically, the thickness of mattress toppers ranges from one inch to about four inches. However, the measurement of choice may be influenced by your individuality among other factors. Generally, a good mattress topper should be thick enough to cover up the entire bed. The cold nights can also compel you to buy a thicker topper for more warmth at night. Even though a relatively thicker mattress topper is always recommended, a thinner one can be suitable for those who have minor things to cover.

Material Used
Largely, common materials used for making mattress toppers include memory, latex, wool, and cotton among others. Even though the choice of material is greatly determined by a wide range of factors, the best toppers purposely for comfort are made of memory foam material. For those who suffer from allergy reactions, going for wool mattress toppers can offer ultimate solution. It is advisable to always check both the pros and cons of different materials before selecting a single one.

The Mattress Topper Density
You need to note that thickness and density are two different things; density means the material mass per cubic foot of a mattress topper. The higher the density, the more support. A person who want some low level of support can buy a topper with a density of two pounds. A density of four pounds is actually the highest, and offers more support for a serious pain relieve. In most cases, many people go for a medium density of 3 pounds.

The Brand
The only way to get a high-quality mattress topper in the crowded market is through shopping from a trustworthy brand. Even though many stores offer great products, it is time consuming to sift through the low-quality ones. You can get recommendations from friends or relatives, as well as read reviews on websites about different manufacturers and online dealers.

Gel Infused
Buying a mattress topper is a worthwhile investment, and that is why most of the modern ones contain gel as an alternative of polyurethane foam. These are pricier compared to the traditional ones, but they offer superior levels of coziness. Due to the airy feature of gel infused mattress toppers, they provide greater comfort by allowing airflow and thus enhancing cooler nights during warm seasons.

The Price
When it comes to mattress toppers, high cost may not reflect high-quality of the product. This means that the price is just one of the factors we need to consider while choosing. However, you need to understand your budget and look for your topper within that price. Usually, the price may be influenced largely by the brand name and the material used. You may find that toppers made from latex and memory foam are more expensive than those made from cotton and polyester. Note that, the King Koil is among the most sought-after memory foam mattress brands globally. So, what does it entail?

King Koil
The King Koil mattress brand dates back to early 1900s, and has gradually expanded over the years reaching over 100 countries globally. Many countries feel the impact of King Koil mattresses as the brand has created a possibility of getting the ultimate sleep. Sleeping is absolutely important in one’s lifetime, and therefore King Koil brings you different types of mattresses and mattress toppers online. These products are crafted carefully putting into consideration the style, personalities, comfort and overall health of all sleepers out there.

It is our sincere hope that you have grasped what the mattress toppers have to offer, as well as the factors to consider when looking for a new topper. There is lots of information out there, but here we have tailored towards King Koil brand as we understand the kind of products that satisfies most of the people. It is worth noting that in life we tend to get back the value of what we spend. As much as we recommend not to entirely be guided by the price, it is advisable to choose a discreetly priced product to avoid going back to the market to buy the same product in the near future.