Date : 2020-12-05 14:41:46

What is Westin Heavenly Bed?

One of the finest mattresses that the hospitality industry has come out with, the Westin Heavenly Bed is pricelessly comfortable. Created with the help of the Westin group hotel research, the Westin Heavenly Bed offers ultra-soft comfort and a luxurious sleeping experience. Specially designed for a luxurious and plush sleeping experience, the Westing Heavenly Bed helps contour and support a wide variety of body frames and types. King Koil is the only brand in India authorized to manufacture Westin Heavenly Bed for hospitality purposes.

These beds are unique and very different from mattresses used in hotels. To bring this about, the Westin group of hotels conducted a worldwide survey and a thorough analysis of guest comfort and experience related to sleep. Rigorous testing and prototype analysis led to a great product you commonly know today as the Westin Heavenly Bed. By assessing the pressure mapping, analysis of various prototypes in the R & D, the various beta products led to the best mattress that is legendary in the hospitality industry.

Here is how the Westin Heavenly Bed analysis perfected the hospitality mattress and bed combination for their guests:
The worldwide survey also revealed that sleep is the most important factor when looking forward to staying in a luxury hotel. Be it a vacation or a business trip, most users responded that they'd prefer a good night's sleep over anything else during their stay. To understand how the Westin Heavenly Bed outperforms, here is a look at what makes it the best:

1. Fabric Density:
The immediate impression of a mattress or bed lies in the way it looks. Not only do hotel mattresses have to look sanitary, but they also last a long-time while providing soft comfort. This is why fabric density was an essential factor to perfect as the first impression of how the Westin Heavenly Bed and mattress look. Considering the number of guests that the Westin Heavenly Bed has to impress, the fabric covering and protecting the mattress has to be the best yet tough.
Ensuring the softness and sustaining the mattress needs a high-density fabric and overall materials and construction over the years. Higher fabric density (or GSM- grams per square meter) contributes towards both the softness and the longevity and luxurious experience. The fabric is both antibacterial and fire-retardant. By ensuring a high GSM fabric thread count and density, the Westin Heavenly Bed ensures an extraordinarily soft and tough overall quality.

2. Foam type and quality: Since most hotel guests prefer a softer mattress, the foam has to be comforting yet supportive. As per the results data, since guests prefer softer mattresses, the Westin Heavenly Bed has a high-density foam that helps give a comforting experience. Moreover, foam in the Westin Heavenly bed is quilted in an intricate pattern regulating body temperature.
The Westin Heavenly Bed doesn't have any latex foam, but the foam in place has a high density, ensuring longevity and a plush sleeping experience. Most of the comfort is a result of the box top and the supporting foam core. The mattress is 30 cm in height, which is the most comfortable height for self-preservation and the perfect height to support and comfort guests.

3. Innerspring system: The Westin Heavenly Bed mattress uses a specially designed pocket coil system for the perfect balance of support and contouring comfort. Because of the spring system's placement inside, there is ample space to regulate body temperature and keep the mattress sanitary in the long-term. Additionally, the individually threaded pocket coil system is durable and extra support in helping guests feel the support just where it's needed.
After an exhaustive day of traveling, the body needs more comfort, and the Westin Heavenly bed also offers custom support with the help of its uniquely crafted pocket coil system. Moreover, this uniquely crafted pocket coil system also helps isolate motion. So, in the case of kids, family, or people who tend to toss and turn, the Westin Heavenly mattress allows zero-disturbance to sleep.

4. Pocket coil count: The spring count depends on the mattress's size, but ensuring a high number of springs in the coil system helps ensure an excellent sleeping experience in the Westin bed. However, in the case of the most commonly available double-bed size, the Westin Heavenly Bed has a higher innerspring count. The higher the number of coils, the better the support and the individual comfort and support at any given point on the bed. The high spring count helps ensure that the mattress not only restricts the motion of any side but also makes sure that people with above-average body weight or issues can rest easy knowing they're well-supported and not sinking.

5. Mattress construction: The Westin Heavenly bed and mattress sport a luxurious look, and it lies in the construction and fabric combined. Since the Westin Heavenly Bed is a hospitality industry mattress before anything else, ensuring looks and outstanding quality helps make the first impression. The mattress has a box top construction with high-quality and high-density foam that is quilted to give a premium look. Moreover, the Westin Heavenly bed can also offer a superior sleeping and plush experience for a wide variety of body frames. The quilted box top mattress also helps ensure temperature regulation and exceptional contouring comfort without much issue of feeling hot or sinking. Here is how the Westin Heavenly Bed and mattress lead in terms of construction:
- Box Top: The box top construction not only helps protect the mattress but delivers unparalleled comfort to guests. The box top layer has high-density foam that helps comfort people and has superior construction across the surface. From stitching, fabric to the foam layer inside, the box top is a hallmark of hospitality industry comfort as icing on the cake.
- Edge support: The Westin Heavenly Bed also offers excellent edge support with a hard encasement to protect the innerspring system and guest belongings. The hard foam encasement helps keep the guests who move in bed stay from falling over and keep your belongings safe. The motion isolation is further boosted because of the edge support in the mattress. Moreover, this edge support is essential in ensuring the internal foam and innerspring system stay safe and sanitary throughout the years. The Westin Heavenly bed also stays cool in summers and can trap heat under a mattress or proper quilting in winters, and the edge enclosure helps with this passively.
Motion Isolation: This mattress comes with motion isolation technology that is the pocket coils laid out with a right mix of density and count so that when your partner moves you don’t get disturbed while sleeping.

How research led to the perfect hospitality mattress:
The Westin Heavenly bed and mattress are the perfect examples of how data analysis and surveys help get the perfect result. The research necessary for creating such a product is essential for both sides- the hoteliers and the guests. Here is how the Westin Heavenly Bed helps hoteliers and guests who experience the blissful sleeping experience:

- Enhancing the guest experience: The Westin Heavenly bed research and development helped the Westin Hotels group develop a one size fits all hospitality mattress. As per the user survey, a comfortable plush sleeping experience was a priority, and making the Heavenly bed soft, as a result, to help boost guests' staying experience.

- Repeat guests: If people love staying in their hotel room, they're more likely to return to the same hotel. Customizing the hotel stay experience for guests through different influencing factors is a great option to satisfy customers. The Westin Heavenly bed is reported to have over 80% satisfaction level. As a result, more people want the same experience when they stay at a hotel chain, be it a vacation or a business trip. Moreover, people happy with their hotel room stay are bound to look for similar if not exactly the same experience for their homes. Perfecting the mattress and other sleeping environment elements helps guarantee repeat guests who would love to come back and sleep on the Westin Heavenly Bed.

- Full body support and comfort: The Westin Heavenly Bed offers exceptional soft comfort through its soft box top and foam layers. Moreover, the pocket coil innerspring system helps make this more comfortable with individual coils that support where it is needed the most. From your neck, shoulders to your pelvic area, the bed and mattress offer fantastic comfort and support. Being a hospitality mattress, the Westin Heavenly bed is built to satisfy a wide range of people, as per surveys and bed construction that accommodates everyone.

- Temperature regulation: Because of the use of high-quality fabrics and foam, the mattress acts as both insulator and regulator as per season. Being an innerspring mattress, it has air gaps that allow it to regulate temperature from the upper box top and store air during the winters for insulation.
Moreover, the Westin Heavenly Bed's box top layer does most of the temperature regulation work and helps guests feel relaxed and comfortable. Superior by design, looks, and touch, the Westin Heavenly Bed and mattress are the best option for hospitality mattress options. The box top and small air gaps in between also help regulate air and keep the mattress free from any allergens, gas, dust, and other external disturbances.

Unlike home mattresses or most hospitality mattresses, the Westin Heavenly Bed was tailor-made for guests staying at Westin hotels worldwide. The mattress is excellent and luxurious for short term stay and helps guests go to sleep quickly. The mattress is perfect for luxury hotels that focus on the sleep and well-being of their guests.

However, the mattress may not be the best-suited option as a home mattress. This is because home mattresses should be suitable for long-term use and as per one's body, age, lifestyle, and other factors. You can use our SleepID to check a range of mattresses that deliver incredible comfort and sleep to help you sleep better in the long term. With that said, you can also check out our ultra-luxury mattresses if you liked the euro top configuration while sleeping on the Westin Heavenly Bed.